Ubuntu :: How To Change A Nautilus Icon (an Nautilus Action)

May 16, 2010

I've added a new Nautilus action and I'd like to use another icon that those provided in the nautilus item con list (see attachment).

But whatever image I try (some PNG or even SVG files) I can't get them to be displayed. It seems there is a very special format, size, type to match the Gnome/GTK+/Nautilus icon requirements...

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Ubuntu :: Change Nautilus Icon ?

Sep 30, 2010

When i was using the mac4lin the nautilus icon was fine, but when i decided to use the normal ubuntu theme it was a really ugly shell thing.

So now i have 2 questions:

1- How do i change the icon.

2- Do you have any good ideas for a icon.

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Ubuntu :: Change Icon Size In Nautilus List View?

Mar 16, 2010

Just wondering if it's possible to change the size of icons when Nautilus is in List View. I tried playing around with gtk-icon-sizes in the gtkrc file of my theme, but there doesn't seem to be a setting for it there. I could just zoom in/out, but when I have the icons the size I want them to be, the text is too small (see attachment).

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Action Configuration Not Running ?

Mar 30, 2010

I recently installed nautilus-actions for adding things to the right click menu this shows the Nautilus Actions Configuration in system->preferences but when i click it nothing happens.

I then try to run it from the terminal by running the "nautilus-actions-config-tool " command it returns


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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Nautilus Will Not Remember Default Action

May 28, 2010

I did a fresh install of 10.04 a couple of weeks ago, and all seemed well, but lately when I double-click on, say, an OpenOffice (.odt) file in Nautilus, I get the following message:The file '/home/zerubbabel/Documents/Teachings/Queue/2010.05.15-A02.odt' is not marked as executable. If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run. For more details, read about the executable bit.(The pop-up window title reads: "Blocked: wine start /unix"). I've repeatedly set the "Open with..." and checked "Remember this application...", but it doesn't "stick".

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Action To Find Files In Directories

Aug 27, 2010

When I am in Nautilus, I want to be able to select a directory, then right click (or some other action) to do a file find on that directory. The gnome-search-tool would be a good candidate for this, if it could be an action in Nautilus. I know I can do a file find through other means, but Nautilus seems to be where I am when I want to search directories.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Nautilus Freeze While SHIFT+DELETE Action?

Jan 7, 2011

I use Ubuntu 10.04 (64bit) version, after I update system yesterday from 2.6.32-27-generic, suddenly my Nautilus freeze everytime I want to permanently delete files (SHIFT+DELETE).

Remove file to Trash will run OK, but when I empty trash, Nautilus will be freeze and I need to "Force Quit" it.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Proces Hangs On Any File Action In Nautilus?

Jun 12, 2011

When I try to to do something like creating a new folder in nautilus the screen freezes. i'm still able to move my mouse but clicking has no effect. it also happens when renaming a file or deleting a file or folder. I can access the commandline when the screen is frozen and i found out that the compiz process was taking 100% of my cpu, after killing the process the system works fine again. I also noticed that the file action wich coused the freeze was done, so i try to create a folder the system freezes i stop the compiz process and the folder is there. The problem doesn't occour When is start the session using ubuntu classic with no effects. I tried reistalling compiz and the video driver but whitout any luck. I would really appreciate it if someone has a solution for this because its very frustrating.

Ubuntu 11.04 64bit (clean install)
HP Touchsmart TX2
AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor ZM-86 (2.4 GHz)
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics with 64MB Display Cache Memory
4GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)

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Ubuntu :: Shortcut To Access Sudo Nautilus (gksudo Nautilus) From The Current Window

Feb 11, 2011

Is it possible to change my current nautilus window to have sudo capabilities,? e.g. to delete locked files. It may be lazy but if it takes a lot of navigation then it would be handy to somehow activate sudo from the open window without the terminal command (gksudo nautilus) which always begins at root.

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Not Work Correctly After Install Nautilus Elementary From PPA?

Jun 20, 2010

I attempted to install Nautilus Elementary...the results were not what I expected however. First of all, it doesn't seem to even have installed correctly, but thats not the main issue...after installing, Nautilus looks like this...

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Fedora :: Nautilus-2.32.0-1.fc14 Reason: Process/usr/bin/nautilus Was Killed By Signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

Apr 28, 2011

I was transferring data from one computer to my laptop and crash error came up on my laptop...

Error 1:

Nautilus-2.32.0-1.fc14 Reason: Process/usr/bin/nautilus was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

Error 2:

Openoffice.Org-Brand Crash

Reason: Process/usr/lib/openoffice.org3/program/soffice.bin was killed by signal (SIGABRT)

What could be the problem? Is it serious issue? I have been having security issues with Windows and are those issues begun once again? I have been under targeted attack since 2005.

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Ubuntu :: Move Nautilus Location Bar In Nautilus Up By Toolbar?

Apr 11, 2010

Does anyone know how I can move the location bar in nautilus up by the toolbar, as shown by this pic:

I'd rather not have to download the source of nautilus and edit the code / compile it myself.

By the way, a guy on Ubuntu Forums thought this was a mockup. It's not. It's the regular version of Nautilus, only I removed some toolbar buttons through the /usr/share/nautilus/ui xml files.

I just want the location bar next to the toolbar to conserve screen space, and be a bit more like Finder.

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Ubuntu :: Write Protect Without Nautilus Icon?

Feb 19, 2010

I want to "write protect" icons on the desktop of a public computer in order to prevent them from being deleted.

What I don't want is those "lock" icons showing up overtop to show that the files are write protected.

I guess I could write protect the desktop, but I want to allow people to use it as a place to temporarily store files, and if files are downloaded there it makes them easy to see.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Default Icon Size In Nautilus?

May 28, 2011

some reason I lost my default icon sizes in Nautilus. This only appears to affect any graphic files like .jpg, .png, etc. that I keep in my "Pictures" folder. I also have this issue with video files that I keep in my "Video" folder.Currently I am running Ubuntu Natty and using the Ambiance theme that is customized with Faenznt icons. Nautilus is customized with Nautilus Elementary. Changing themes has no effect. The folders all appear normal and other icon file types appear normal, it's just my graphic d video files that are appearing small.Running dconf editor shows my icon setting is set to normal. I am enclosing a pic so you can see the folders display at a normal size, but the graphic files do not.

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Ubuntu :: Difference Between Nautilus And Nautilus-Elementary?

Jul 28, 2010

what's the difference between Nautilus and Nautilus-Elementary?

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus: Manually Set Zoom Level In Icon View?

Aug 23, 2011

I've looked in gconf-editor but there is no entry for Nautilus.Can't find anything in documentation either.For certain folders I want nice big file icons but zoom increments are so large. At one point I have 3 icons across with extra space on the side. So I want to increase a little. One increase makes it so big only one icon fill fit across.Where can I find this setting and just pop in whatever zoom level I'd like?

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Fedora :: Missing Use Compact Layout In Nautilus Icon View?

Jul 10, 2011

In gnome 2 we had the option in gconf-editor to use a compact layout when displaying icons in nautilus, it was essential to browse pictures, otherwise the thumbnails are spaced way too wide for nothing and you can't get enough of them in a screen.the option is not there in dconf, can we set it somewhere else?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Open Audio CD With Rhythmbox When Left Clicking On Desktop Icon - Instead Of Nautilus

Mar 31, 2011

When I have an Audio CD inside my computer in the desktop there is an icon called "Sound disk". When I left click on it Nautilus opens. I would like Rhythmbox to open instead.

I've tried to change in /etc/gnome/defaults.list :

But the problem is still here.

NB: I only need to click once on the icons of the files to open them (I changed the preference of Nautilus).
NB2: I have no problem with "Open with" in the context menu when right clicking.
NB3: I have no problem when I insert an Audio CD: Rhythmbox opens automatically because I selected that option.

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CentOS 5 :: Call Nautilus File Browser With Root Permissions - "sudo Nautilus" Does Not Work

Feb 12, 2011

How to call Nautilus file browser with root permissions? "sudo nautilus" does not work. Under Ubuntu there is a command:

"gksu nautilus"

but this does not work in CentOS either.

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Ubuntu :: Access Nautilus And Change It?

Nov 12, 2010

I just recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my Acer Extensa 4200 laptop. At first all seemed well. My wifi worked for the first time since installing Linux on this machine when I purchased it a year ago. Now come the problems,and as a technically challenged 62 year old, I am at wits end! When I got to "Places" in the Gnome Panel, instead of going to a file folder. It opens Firefox! Where instead of folders and files, I see an index of files. If I click on one of them, once again Firefox opens another index of links to files. What gives? Is this something to to with Nautilus, which I don't know how to access? If it is, how do I access Nautilus and change it?

Then my Firefox has no image, video, map etc. search options. When I google something I get only WEB searches, nothing else. I google my address and I get whatever information is on the web, but nothing. No maps or images. The same for my doctors office. There is no way to get a map or directions. What gives. Are my settings all screwed up or what? I resort to buying a windows machine! I deleted windows on this machine shortly after purchase. I always had SOME problems with Ubuntu, but this is ridiculous. It seems that wireless is the only thing that works

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus - How To Change Colors Used On Scroll Bar

May 29, 2010

In 10.04 Lucid my Nautilus scroll bars are white. The scroll bar slider (the icon that can be moved up and down with the cursor to scroll the window) is the exact same shade of white and the slider outline is pale grey. The lack of color contrast makes the slider hard to see. Is there a preference item somewhere that lets me change this color scheme?

I expected to find it in System >> Preferences >> Appearance >> Theme but I don't think there's anything there about the scroll bars. I think my monitor might be more contrasty than most, which is probably exacerbating the problem, but this is what I have to work with. I would rather fix it by changing a system setting than replacing the monitor.

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Ubuntu :: Change The Font In All Applications Except For Nautilus?

Jun 17, 2011

I have recently decided on leaving the default Ubuntu font behind for something different.

Going to Main Menu > System > Preferences > Appearance and clicking on the Fonts tab I am able to change the Application font, Desktop font, and Windows title font from Ubuntu to my new choice of fonts.

It looks great everywhere but Nautilus. It is pretty on the menu, taskbar, desktop, and everything else, but not in Nautilus. Too hard to read and type of the filenames and folders.

As such, I'm looking for a way to change it everywhere else, using the methods above, but not in Nautilus. Anybody know how?

Similar, I was able to find this posting, and using the method described below, it merely allows you to change the desktop icons, not the rest of Nautilus, which you could do using the method I mentioned above anyway.: [URL]


run gconf Applications->System Tools->Configuration Editor

go to apps->nautilus->preferences and look for the desktop_font entry change this to something else and see if that is what you want

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Ubuntu :: Change Sort Order In Nautilus?

Feb 12, 2011

How do you change the sort order in Nautilus? I want it to look like this code...

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Ubuntu :: Lucid - Change Gnome / Nautilus Keyboard Shortcuts?

May 5, 2010

Karmic there was a tab inside "System->Preferences->Appearance" called "Interface" which allowed me to modify the keyboard shortcuts. I had <Backspace> to move backwards in Nautilis and <Shift><Backspace> to move forward.

Without this tab can anyone tell me how I can modify the shortcuts to do this? I have spent some time looking at gconf-editor but nothing is jumping out at me, particularly with regards to the back and forward browsing.

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Ubuntu :: Change Fonts In NAUTILUS Without Affecting Other Apps / Desktop?

Jul 2, 2010

I am having one problem though; In changing the Applications font in Appearance preferences, it changes the font used in Nautilus, which i do not want, as the font I am using does not have capitals. I only want the font on my panel Menus and/or Desktop, but not in Nautilus.

So what I want to know is this: can I set the font individually for Nautilus (or any app, for that matter)? If not, can I set the Applications font to the one I want for Nautilus, and then set an individual font for my panel Menu headings/Menus?

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Ubuntu :: Change Default Permissions Of Removable Media Mounted Via Nautilus?

May 2, 2010

behavior in 9.04:plugged in a disk, mounted it and it as readable to the world.this is intended because it is shared via samba.behavior in 10.04:the disks have 700, meaning, they are not readable by samba.this is a problem.this is the best solution I've found so far:http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-u.../msg10951.htmlexcept, that the mentioned means to fix this are gone.(gconf-editor -> ..., storage and preferences -> removable media)after 3 hours of googleing and reading I'm rather upset about this bug.so please, if you are thinking of suggesting fixed entries in the fstab or anything else that will not work with every media that is plugged into this box, just close this tab.

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Ubuntu :: Change Nautilus Windows Size And Colors In Gnome-shell?

May 22, 2011

No Matter what I do and change in gnome-tweak-tool, the window title bar won't change to anything else, won't go smaller, even the downloaded themes won't change the bar, and I cant seem to find the needed codes in xml to change them. photo is attached to illustrate the things I need to changeI need to change their size in the first place, and maybe change them to like ambiance or whatever. i've seen many guides on the net, and It still don't find the neeeded solution

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Ubuntu :: New Launchers In Unity - Nautilus Icon - Group The Launchers?

May 2, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and this is my first experience with Unity. I have managed to create launchers in .local/share/applications and drag them to the launcher to add desired shortcuts. Here are two questions I have:

1) I am adding many shortcuts to various directories I frequently use; the shortcut's have commands like nautilus /home/user/some/dir. Despite the fact that I change their icons, when I drag them to the launcher they all use the Nautilus icon. Is there a way to fix this?

2) Is there a way to group the launchers? For example, having a group for office applications, and a group for directory launchers?

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Fedora :: Cannot Change Icons, Colours, Font Sizes In Nautilus

Dec 1, 2009

Still ironing out the kinks in a new install of Fedora 12.For some reason I am not able to change the icons, colours or font size used in the Nautilus file browser. While I am able to change these settings in System>Preferences>Appearance, changes just don't affect the Nautilus file browser, which continues to use the default Fedora icons in blue and 9 pt. Sans as its font no matter what I do. On the GNOME desktop I am able to adjust fonts and sizes, but when I change the icons, settings do not stick after a reboot.

I have tried deleting the ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus directory, downgrading nautilus, even removing and reinstalling it entirely, but to no avail. Tools like gnome-color-chooser affect the panel and desktop, but just don't have any effect on the Nautilus file browser. Why?This looks to me like a permissions issue possibly? The situation could be affected by the fact that the settings in /home were inherited from a previous installation of another linux distro.

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General :: Change Fonts In NAUTILUS Without Affecting Other Apps - Desktop ?

Jul 2, 2010

I have been doing some customisations, and so far, I have my desktop looking pretty sweet.

I am having one problem though; In changing the Applications font in Appearance preferences, it changes the font used in Nautilus, which i do not want, as the font I am using does not have capitals. I only want the font on my panel Menus and/or Desktop, but not in Nautilus.

So what I want to know is this: can I set the font individually for Nautilus (or any app, for that matter)? If not, can I set the Applications font to the one I want for Nautilus, and then set an individual font for my panel Menu headings/Menus?

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