Ubuntu :: How To Use / Apply Launchpad Patch

May 18, 2010

I'm trying to implement a patch to notify-osd and I don't know how. Is there any straight forward way of doing this? [URL]

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General :: Apply Kernel Patch - Couldn't Find File To Patch

Apr 8, 2011

I just want to upgrade my Slackware 13.1 kernel ( to the latest stable kernel from kernel.org ( I have never done anything like this and I am a Linux newbie, so I would appreciate a "Kernel Patching for Dummies" version if possible. I did do a search on this forum and most of what I read was over my head. I found an FAQ on kernelnewbies.org on "How To Apply A Patch" but when I attempted what they suggested, it said it couldn't find the file to patch at line 5 and asked me which file to patch. So I CTRL-Z'd out of there and came here. Here's what I tried:


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General :: Remove Patch From Kernel / Apply A Squashfs-lzma Patch (squashfs 4.1cvs)?

Sep 11, 2010

is there a way to remove a patch from a kernel?

I need to apply a squashfs-lzma patch (squashfs 4.1cvs) to the liquorix kernel source which is already patched with squashfs 4.0.

how would I do that?I tried googling got this. url

but I dont know the command used to apply the patch the patch is called


but that patch includes more than squashfs,etc

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Ubuntu :: Apply A Patch For XServer?

Mar 11, 2010

I have compiz fusion and an ATI card (FGLRX driver) installed. This means that my windows are painfully slow to resize/min/max. This has bugged me for awhile, but apparently someone found a fix, as specified in: 107_fedora_dont_backfill_bg_none.patch

[Basically, they commented out most of a function].

how do I apply this patch? It causes problems for people using KDE on intel cards, but that won't bother me since I'm AMD on gnome.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Apply A VLC Patch

Nov 30, 2010

VLC is my favorite multimedia player, but when I tray to play any video show with RMVB extension it doesn't work so good ! I mean not as much as if I used any other software ( like for Example: Totem! ) . so I've made a search on the internet and found a patch that can solve the problem ( from here & here ).


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General :: Apply Patch To Gnome On Ubuntu?

Jun 20, 2010

My system has been crashing, and I think it may have something to do with Gnome since the crashes only occur when I'm using it. I checked the log file after a crash and it reported...

Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_accel_map_unlock_path: assertion `entry != NULL && entry->lock_count > 0' failed

so I went to the Ubuntu launchpad and searched for it, and here it is. Someone has already submitted a patch and the bug status has been changed to "fix released."From reading the comments, I've learned the fix is only in Gnome 2.30, and Ubuntu 10.04 uses 2.28 (I think, maybe 2.26) (If it is possible to update to a new version of Gnome, please let me know). Luckily, someone also submitted a patch on the bug report as a temporary fix. Unfortunately, I don't know how to apply the patch. I couldn't find much information regarding it online, and the only stuff I did find applied to using Gnome's git hub.

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General :: Ubuntu 10.04 - Apply A Patch To Kernel?

Aug 18, 2011

I am trying to compile the iscsi-target software SCST. It wants me to apply a patch to my Linux kernel in order to allow for certain performance gains. The problem is I still new to Linux development. Where do I begin? How do I apply the patch? Do I need to recompile the kernel? I am running Ubuntu 10.04.3 amd64

Kernel version 2.6.32-28-server

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Debian :: Apply A Driver Patch?

May 20, 2011

explain step by step howto apply this driver patch:

diff --git a/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem.c b/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem.c
index f1fcc97..0dcf761 100644
--- a/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem.c
+++ b/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem.c
@@ -3530,6 +3530,9 @@ i915_dispatch_gem_execbuffer(struct drm_device *dev,

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Ubuntu :: Install Kernel Patch / Apply The Patches?

Oct 13, 2010

I need to install mainline kernel to make my notebook working and I have downloaded the kernel and patches from this link url

The kernel is in deb format so that is no problem on installing. But how to apply the patches? I need assistance because this is my first time meet kernel patch.

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Fedora :: Unable To Apply Kernel Patch

Dec 10, 2009

I'm having problems to install SCST in Fedora 11.I'm not able to apply the kernel patch because there isn't a file called drivers/scsi/scsi_lib.c in the /usr/src/kernels/ anybody have an idea on how to proceed?

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Fedora :: Apply A Patch To An Existing Install?

Oct 25, 2010

Just wondering if this is possible and if so, how? I want to be able to apply the following patch: [URL]

It is apparently a test fix for the touchpad on the newer Dell laptops. I want to test drive it a bit. Otherwise, if someone could point me in the right direction as to custom compile a Fedora 13 x64 disc including this patch, that would be great.

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Fedora :: Apply Patch, No Internet Access?

Nov 1, 2010


I have zero internet access on my laptop via wired or wireless connection, and need to apply this patch, but have pretty much no idea where to start.Running vanilla FC13 x86_64. Whats the easiest way to go about this, considering its hard work for me to download packages and their dependencies at college (where I am posting from now) and installing them at home, it could take days.

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General :: Patch Management - Acquire And Apply Patches On RHEL4.4?

Aug 17, 2010

I am running 6 servers on RHEL4.4 with oracle databases and application on HP ML370 hardware. Since initial installation, I have not applied any patch updates. I would like to start practising Patch Management and would like to know how to start and how to do it. For security reasons, I am not allowed to connect the servers to RHN or RHS hence will appreciate other options of acquiring patch updates in bundled form say on a monthly basis.

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Debian Configuration :: Apply Driver Diff Patch Into A Custom Kernel

May 21, 2011

I' d like to apply this patch into my squeeze: [URL] Can someone pls explain howto apply driver diff patch into a custom kernel?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Apply A "patch" To VLC

Nov 11, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit, and I'd like to apply the following "patch" to VLC:



diff -purN vlc.orig/modules/audio_filter/compressor.c vlc/modules/audio_filter/compressor.c
--- vlc.orig/modules/audio_filter/compressor.c 1969-12-31 18:00:00.000000000 -0600
+++ vlc/modules/audio_filter/compressor.c 2010-06-19 13:17:53.934683044 -0500


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OpenSUSE :: Install Patch - Error "vmware-7.1.3-2.6.37-rc5.patch' Not Found"

May 11, 2011

I'm trying to install a patch but when I copy it into terminal I get message " /home/john/patch-modules_v62-opensuse.sh 'vmware-7.1.3-2.6.37-rc5.patch' not found. copy it to the current '/home/john' directory. Exiting" But I have it in my home directory!

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Ubuntu :: Is Launchpad Down?

Nov 30, 2010

Anyone else having problems connecting to Launchpad?

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Ubuntu :: Add A OpenPGP Key For Launchpad?

Dec 1, 2010

I am trying to add a OpenPGP key for launchpad. It said to use this command.

gpg --fingerprint
When I use that command nothing shows.

Next I clicked on the the How to get the fingerprint. It said to go into Passwords and Encryption Keys. Then the My Personal Keys tab. I have nothing there. What should I do to get something there?

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Ubuntu :: Report A Bug On A Launchpad Ppa?

Jan 5, 2011

Is there a way to report a bug on a launchpad ppa? I see the Bugs section only has search, with no open bugs. Is there another way to report a bug on this system?

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Ubuntu :: Reporting A Bug At LaunchPad?

Sep 1, 2011

Is this seriously the ONLY way to report a bug? I can't just fill out a form somewhere without running software to do it? When I try to do it the way explained in the guide, it tells me that I'm using a stable version of Xubuntu, and that only people running dev versions (like 11.10) can report bugs.This seems absurd. Are they saying that all stable releases are perfect in every way? Surely one must be able to report a bug for them...

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Ubuntu :: Any Way To Post Bugs In Launchpad Outside 11.04?

Apr 21, 2011

I have a problem with installing ubuntu 11.04 I get this message:
Hspell: can't open /usr/share/hspell/Hebrew.wgz.sizes
It's get stuck with the updating time from internet servers process but I can't find a way to report it to launchpad.

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Register For Launchpad Net Bug Tracker?

May 30, 2011

I've already encountered a couple bugs, and thought it would be nice to be able to report new ones there and/or comment on old ones. But their register button only leads to "Invalid OpenID transaction," and I think that's a bug, and I think I ought to report that over here since I obviously can't register or report it over there.

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Ubuntu :: Packages Version Name For Launchpad PPA

Jun 4, 2011

I finally figured out how to upload onto Launchpad into a PPA, but unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the version numbers worked out.

For instance, here is the original version of bleachbit-bonus:

And I can successfully break it down into the correct source binaries for Launchpad, but when I try a folder name such as this:

It uploads to the PPA just fine, but the versioning is bad. For some reason it breaks it down like this:
package name: bleachbit-bonus-0.8.2
version: 1~ppa1

Also, I really don't care what the version name is, I just want it working so I can mimic for several packages.

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Ubuntu :: Launchpad Down - Failed To Fetch Error

May 15, 2010

Is anyone else having trouble...I'm getting a ton of "Failed to fetch..." errors while updating.The site itself is working fine. No news here [URL]. Normally I wouldn't be concerned, however this happened right when I modified my sources so I'm hoping I didn't mess something up.

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Ubuntu Security :: How Actually Secure Launchpad Application

Aug 20, 2010

I always hear 'do NOT install anything from anywhere except the official repositories'. But I find a lot of great apps that are not included in repositories and would like to ask. How actually secure launchpad is? Are the codes reviewed by anyone? How do I make sure that a piece of software is not going to harm my Ubuntu? If I add a PPA for some program I won't going to check it's code every time it updates or am I being too cautious?

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Ubuntu :: No Place To Post Bugs In Launchpad?

Jul 28, 2011

I cannot find where to post bugs in the launchpad anymore? What happened to the launchpad? It's sort of goofy that there is no (report a bug) link anywhere. But if you search bugs then you can see a link to the right, but nothing anywhere else. And even then you can only post a bug regarding that same category and subject. So it would appear the launchpad has a bug, or I just can't figure out how to navigate to report a bug.

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Ubuntu :: Launchpad Login - Invalid OpenID Transaction

May 10, 2010

This morning when I try to login to the launchpad bug reporting page using konqueror I get an error:
Invalid OpenID transaction
Logging in from Firefox works OK.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Get The Coorect Path To Ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/ppa?

May 13, 2010

I am trying to update I get this errorFailed to fetch [URL]404 Not FoundSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

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Ubuntu :: Error: Http://ppa.launchpad.net Lucid Release

Jun 21, 2010

after i installed some linux mint packages, i get the following error. W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 55708F1EE06803C5

its not related to the mint packages because i installed the keyring for that and since the error i have unchecked the linux mint repo. i have tried reinstalling the ubuntu-keyring package with no luck.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Does Not Work Well With Sandisk USB Stick With U3 Launchpad

Apr 29, 2011

If you have problem using Ubuntu 11.04 from USB, remove the U3 launchpad if you do not need it at all. It may solve your problem.Link: [URL] I am not a Ubuntu/Linux user but I do keep a copy of Ubuntu LiveUSB in my Sandisk cruzer micro 8GB USB stick in case of system failure. It comes with the U3 lanuchpad that I never use.The USB stick was working happily with Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. However when I formatted the stick and put Ubuntu 11.04 (checksum is ok) into it, it failed to boot from the stick every single time. I was getting this error even though I have disabled all(one) my physical DVD-RWs in BIOS:


mounting /dev/sr0 on /cdrom. failed Device or resource busy.

I do not remember the wording...)The error message appeared when I saw the Ubuntu logo and the five animating dots. So I decided to remove U3 launchpad and voil´┐Ż! I could boot for the first time (and 6th time in a row without problem now).sidenote: My physical DVD-RW drive is still blocking the bootup half of the times even if there is no discs in it. Disabling the drive in BIOS solve the problem. The error occurs before I see the five animating dots. The screen stops at


[figure varying each time] scsi 0:0:0:0: CD-ROM PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111 1.29 PQ:0 ANSI:5

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