Ubuntu :: HTML Editor That Is Similar To Dreamweaver?

Jan 19, 2010

I am looking for a good HTML editor that is similar to dreamweaver but for ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Html And Php Editor

Apr 9, 2011

I am learning to do some html, php and css. I read that a normal word processor will not do. Here is what I am suppsed to use... Before you settle on a text editor, make sure it has the following features: Supports syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. you to code and debug faster by visually separating the different elements of the file. For example, such a text editor might highlight PHP code in blue and HTML code in red. Automatic error highlighting for HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. you catch errors in your programs while you are writing your code before these errors are detected when you run your program in Zen Cart. For example, if you fail to specify a closing tag for your HTML code, the editor uses a red underline to highlight the offending HTML tag.

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Software :: Good Editor For Latex Similar To The Winedt Or Led For Windows

Apr 15, 2011

How to find a good editor for latex similar to the Winedt or Led for windows.

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Ubuntu :: Split - View Html Editor?

Jul 21, 2010

What's a good split-view html/css editor for ubuntu? I'd like the option to have both design and code view simultaneously, much like Dreamweaver.

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OpenSUSE :: Installing A Php, Html And Css Editor?

Apr 19, 2010

i'm running Linux Suse 11.2 with Gnome 2.28 and i want to install a php, html and css editor but i don't know which one to use or how to go about installing it on linux Is there any tutuorials or guides on installing software on linux suse 11.2 and which editor would you recommend?

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OpenSUSE :: Finding A Open Source Music Composition Editor Similar To Sibelius

Jan 19, 2009

Looking for a Open Source music composition editor similar to Sibelius. I found and settled on Rosegarden. Sound card is Creative Audigy 2 Platinum EX. I also have a midi keyboard which I would like to use with rosegarden. After downloading rosegarden, I found out in order to use the MIDI sequencer, I have to compile and install a real time kernel.

I finally got my kernel configured and installed, recompiled all the video/Ethernet drivers etc (after about a dozen tries ) Now on to the issue... As root, I can run the JACK audio server with realtime priority (as it is needed by Rosegarden) with the command

jackd -R -dalsa &

it starts up and seems to run. Then as a regular user, I try to connect to the JACK audio server using the qjackctl application. Qjackctl loads, but cannot seem to connect to the jack server, giving me the message "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER AS CLIENT"

HOWEVER, using the same procedure above as root, I can connect to the jack audio server with qjackctl. Rosegarden will start as a regular user but will also not connect to the JACK audio server (therefore: no sound or midi sequencer) Ive tried running Rosegarden as root (I didnt like having to do that), but get a similar error.

Through some googling, I�ve found that JACK clients (qjackctl, rosegarden etc.) must be executed by the same user who launched the JACK server. -- no problem...Except I cannot run a realtime application as a regular user. I read online that regular users can start realtime applications using the LSM module (whatever that is, I couldn�t find all that much).

how do I start the jack audio server in realtime mode as a regular user? if that is not possible...Is there a way to configure JACK so that it is started by root, but allows clients launched by regular users to connect?

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Software :: Quanta Plus Editor - To Edit Html And Php Files ?

Aug 2, 2011

My system is fedora 15 and i have been using quanta plus as my editor to edit html and php files... I need windows based quanta plus .. though I googled a lot for windows platform I may not be able to get ..

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Ubuntu Installation :: WYSIWUG HTML Editor - Ignores Used Fonts Unless Re-edit And Ignores Css On Links

Aug 17, 2011

However - is there such a thing as a decent HTML editor like dreamweaver? Komposer is buggy as hell - useless! Bluegriffon, well umm - screen fonts are bizarre, especially in viewing source code - brake down, multicoloured obviously a bug - no deb either, looks like a windows program install (?). This does look really good, but is unusable as I cant see in souce code view without getting a headache! Also, ignores css on links.

Seamonkey - you have to open browser then editor, then open your file. Ignores css totally. Amaya - ignores used fonts unless you re-edit - and ignores css on links. Weird way to select things as well, such as images. There must be at least one decent editor?

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Software :: Html And Php Editor That Supports Both The Design View And Code View As Like In Dreamviewer?

May 30, 2011

I have been working in macromedia dreamviewer for editing html and php files, Just now I moved to linux system by installing xampp , my question is that I need a best html and php editor that supports both the design view and code view as like in dreamviewer.

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General :: Html - Code Editor That Has Auto-indent AND Auto-outdent?

Apr 22, 2011

I code primarily in jQuery/JavaScript, and I'm looking for a text editor for Linux that has auto-indent and auto-outdent (seems to be tough to find that). Any suggestions? I've checked Gedit, Cream, vim, Bluefish.None of them seem to have this feature.

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Ubuntu :: Use Dreamweaver With Wine Or Alternative?

Mar 23, 2010

I've read through others posts about installing Dreamweaver with WINE, but want to know what everyone here recommends. I see Quanta and Bluefish are pretty popular but haven't tried either one. Is it better to just use Dreamweaver or one of the alternatives?

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Ubuntu :: Comparable To Dreamweaver Website Software In System?

Aug 21, 2010

Any recommendations, got project to start a website coming up.

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Software :: FOSS Alternative To Adobe Dreamweaver?

Dec 11, 2010

I know GIMP and OpenOffice Draw can both easily supplant Adobe Photoshop, but what about Dreamweaver? Is there any FOSS alternative that is at least as full-featured as GIMP?

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Ubuntu :: Build Index.html Into A Full Html Page

Mar 9, 2010

I used wget -r to get all the web pages that were linked from index.html. The pages listed in index.html are all chapters. After using wget -r, all the chapters are now in the same folder on my local hard drive. Is there a way to build the chapters in their proper order into a "long"/"full" web page, rather than simply having each chapter as a link/next link on a previous page?

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Ubuntu :: Text Editor Column Editor And Regex Search/replace, Incrementing Number Insert?

Jul 25, 2011

On windows I really only used Notepad++ as my text editor, it had two features that I loved.What I need to accomplish is what I would do with Notepad++ column editor.I could have like 100 lines, and place the cursor at a column, and goto edit>column editor, and I could insert an incrementing number. (I could also pad the incrementing number with 0s, this was GREAT for making batch files among other things.)So each line at that column had a number higher than the previous line.The other feature that I used sometimes was a search/replace with regex patterns.Does anyone know of an editor that has those features for linux? I am mostly after the column editor insert feature but if you know of one with both features that would rock.

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Programming :: Client Side To Include HTML Within HTML?

Sep 12, 2009

what is the best way (i.e standard way that is supported on all browsers and probably as well followed by web crawlers).... to include an html file either locally or externally in another ? Of course , i've done the research and i also know that there are server side includes (php , asp ...you name it) at the moment , i'm using this:


<script type="text/javascript" src="path to file/include-file.js"> </script>

however, i've been warned that this method may not show up in some browsers as some tend to ignore this tag and that crawlers like your favorite search engine wouldn't bother reading this. so , what is the best and safest way to do the job? and btw , the reason why i've ousted SSI's from the start is because of among other things:

1) the fact that the included file is static html and because the text is included pretty much everywhere

2) hoping to reduce load time as the code (if successfully recognized) would hopefully be treated like any other embedded external file (e.x like an image) , therefore it would be cached without the need to downloaded it over and over again for each new page on the site.

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General :: Default Editor Can Be Changed In Redhat To Different Editor?

Mar 10, 2011

How default editor can be changed in redhat linux to different editor.

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Ubuntu :: Dreamweaver CS4 / Fireworks CS3 - Use On Ubuntu 9.10?

Feb 19, 2010

How to install Dreamweaver CS4 and Fireworks CS3 on Ubuntu 9.10 It's the first post I make here. I completly switched to Ubuntu some weeks ago and I like it, the only problem untill some minutes ago was Fireworks (I work as web designer from time to time) something that cannot easly be replaced. I post here the solutions I've found and tried:

- Dreamweaver CS4
- Firefox CS3
- Flash....
- Virtual Machine (Get Windows on Ubuntu and then install Macromedia and everything else)

Install Dreamweaver CS4 I looked on Google and I've found this guide works perfectly:[URL]..on my Ubuntu 9.10 (with Dreamweaver CS4 , V10.0 , Built 4117) works very well. I just copy and paste the guide to make things easier Build world-class websites and applications with one of the industry's leading web authoring tools. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software is ideal for web designers, web developers, and visual designers. Manipulate pixel-level designs in Design view, or craft complex code in Code view while working in the real browser environment of Live View. There is no linux version for Dreamweaver, but there are many open source alternative for this product like Kompozer, bluefish


I discovered a nice feature of Virtual Box: you can save the virtual machine on an external harddrive. So now that I've got 1 Terabyte HD, I just moved all my macromedia software and officethe VBOX. For the installation just google "Vbox ubuntu" and you will get the instruction. Just an information: if your external harddrive is FAT 32 or something else I would format it with NTFS fylesystem, otherwise you will get problems with filesize limits!!!

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Server :: FTP Into The Server Via Dreamweaver?

Oct 29, 2010

I started tinkering with a Linux server setup at home. Mainly just web serving and FTP for now. It's running apache2 and vsftpd. I signed up for a dyndns.org account so I can do web work while away from the house.

I would like to FTP into the server via Dreamweaver to upload files once done working with them. Then use a browser to http to the live page to see the outcome.

Well, I ran into a couple of issues:

1. Connection via FTP worked fine, but could not show the contents of /var/www in Dreamweaver. I did some research and sounded like a rights/permissions issue. So I made my account part of www-data group and made www-data owner of everything under /var/www. That allowed me to display the contents of /var/www in Dreamweaver, work with the files, uploade them, etc.

2. Then issue #2 came up: when I opened the browser and tried to display the page, I received a 403 Forbidden message from the server. So I changed the ownership of /var/www back to root. That allowed me to display the page in the browser, but now FTP is broken in Dreamweaver.

So I need to find "balance to the force" here. How can I configure /var/www so that it allows me to upload/update/erase/create files while still allowing a browser to display the page(s) of the site?

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Ubuntu :: Game Similar To WOW For 9.10?

Jan 12, 2010

Can anybody tell me if there is a game similar to WOW for ubuntu 9.10? if there is I would like the source code so i can download it from the terminal.

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Ubuntu :: Does Apt-get Have Something Similar To Portmaster In FreeBSD?

Feb 26, 2010

Just a quick question as I re-familiarize myself with apt-get again. So far, have had no luck finding what I am trying to do (back to the man page) Basically, after doing a 'apt-get update' command, was it possible to see what packages have newer versions and can be upgraded?

For example, I am working with a system that has BASE 1.4.3 installed, and I know there is a newer version out (1.4.4), but want to make sure that is in the repository. Does apt-get have something similar to portmaster in FreeBSD? Where it tells you what version you have installed, and what version is available to download?

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Ubuntu :: Compiler That Is Similar Like Bloodshed C++?

Jun 7, 2010

Is there any compiler that is similar like Bloodshed C++ for Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Translucent Menu Bar 11.04 Similar To That Of W7 Or Mac?

Jul 3, 2011

I have ccsm installed if that helps at all, and am running Ubuntu 11.04 x64.All I want in the menu bar (The whole top bar) to be translucent, similar to that of W7 or Mac.

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Ubuntu :: VPN - Any Package Similar To Hotspot Shield

Jan 21, 2010

Is there any package similar to 'HOTSPOT SHIELD' ? in ubuntu, I used Hotspot in windows to unblock some sites, now with Ubuntu I am badly missing those sites.

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Ubuntu :: Getting Nokia PC Suite Or Similar Alternative?

Jan 27, 2010

I would like the ability to sync my phone with my Ubuntu machine in a similar manner to that of the Nokia PC Suite in Windows. Anyone have any suggestions WRT Linux applications (more specifically Ubuntu, but I am not really that picky) that mimic the functionality of Nokia PC Suite (even partially)? It doesn't need to be specific to Nokia either, any brand of phone is fine as I haven't made my mind up as to what brand I am interested in.

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Ubuntu :: Good Sidebar - Similar To The Vista

Apr 2, 2010

whats a good sidebar(similar to the vista sidebar) for ubuntu? Not talking about panels here.

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Ubuntu :: Printer Drivers Similar To Ndiswrapper?

Oct 17, 2010

Is there some program out for linux that is similar to ndiswrapper, in the sense that it can use Windows drivers for printers? As of right now, printing has been one of those issues I've had in linux for years, but I was lucky enough to have a supported printer. On other machines, including family members, they are not so lucky enough to have a supported printer.

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Ubuntu :: BitTorrent Client Similar To UTorrent?

Dec 15, 2010

I want BitTorrent client, similar to uTorrent.

1. I do not want crapware like Deluge or Vuze, who creates unwanted/unselected files and after downloading I must delete all of them.

2. I do not want to use WINE.

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Ubuntu :: Bash: Compare 2 Wav's Files If Similar

Dec 20, 2010

I would like to compare them, in terms of amplitude, length, tempo, ... Which program could basically analyse them giving an sufficient output data

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Ubuntu :: Group Similar Windows In Task Bar?

Jan 29, 2011

I have a beginner question . I want group similar windows in task bar ( like in windows XP )

I am using Ubuntu desktop 10.04 (Gnome). Is there any way to do that.

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