Ubuntu :: HP Printer Officejet Pro 8000 Not Load Paper Properly

Aug 16, 2010

I have a HP Officejct Pro 8000 Printer hooked to UBUNTU 9.10 on a system 76 box. The printer is not loading paper properly. I see references to this issue on various websites and I saw at least one reference to new drivers but alas they were all for windows. I checked the repository and I have the latest and greatest HPLIP. Does this mean I have all of the latest drivers?

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Ubuntu :: No Color With HP Officejet 6500 Printer?

Jul 24, 2010

I have a HP Officejet 6500 E709a printer, everything works fine except that I cannot print with color. I go to admin, open the config for printer, and print the test page but I get no color. Also, in the properties of the printer I cannot see the level of the ink. It says this info is not provided by the printer.

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Networking :: HP Officejet Printer Sharing

Oct 20, 2010

I just installed an HP Officejet 6200 on a Slackware 12.1 machine. It uses a USB interface. If I am on the machine, I can print to it with no problem. When I am on my Debian or Centos machines, I cannot. I have midified the cupsd.conf file to allow everyone to connect to it but so far have not had any success. Port 631 is open on all machines. I have explicitly added a hosts allow line in several portions of the conf file with no luck. If I use the cups interface on any of the machines using localhost:631 as the address, I can not only see the printer I can print to it, but I noticed, I am actually attached to the Slackware machine where the printer is located. Can someone suggest a debugging method to help?

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Fedora :: Get HP Officejet 6500 Printer Driver?

Sep 15, 2009

Anyone know where I can get a driver for that printer? I checked HP website and they don't make a driver for Fedora -- only MS-Windows and MAC. So how do I send something to that printer which is connected via USB cabel ?

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Hardware :: Wine - Can't Print Properly To Legal Sized Paper

Jul 6, 2011

I'm trying to set up a customer who has two printers attached to their computer one is some sort of okidata color laser printer, which seems to work fine the other one is a brother HL-4040CDN, which prints fine from a Linux based application such as open office.

When i try to print from a program in wine, however, I can't for the life of me get it to print properly to legal sized paper, it doesn't complain about paper size or anything, it simply crops the print size to that of letter sized paper even though I tell it the paper size is Legal.

I have tried setting the default paper size on the printer's firmware settings, I have tried setting the paper size in cups both through the printer preferences applet and the web interface, i have tried telling the program to print to legal paper and the only thing i can affect is which end of the paper it prints to, i have even tried different drivers for CUPS, i'm not sure if the problem is wine, the program, the printer, or how wine talks to the specific printer via cups (the other printer prints fine) i am using ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10.

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General :: Officejet 4500 : Configuring The Button Of The Printer?

Mar 30, 2011

I would like to configure the button of my printer officejet 4500. However I do not manage to use scanbuttond daemon. How to test key pressing? It seems that nothing is seen by scanbuttond ... when I manually press a key on the printer.

$ dpkg -l | grep scan
ii gawk 1:3.1.7.dfsg-5 GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing language
ii libsane 1.0.21-9 API library for scanners


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: HPLIP With 11.2 64-bit - OfficeJet Pro L7680 - Don't Get The Printer To Work

Dec 5, 2009

after an update to 11.2 (from 11.1), 64 bit, I don't get the printer to work. I reinstalled the driver and checked in cups: it says that the printer is available and waiting for a job. When I send something to the printer, nothing happens. The priont job will be stopped immediately. The printer is properly connected: xsane finds the scanner, that is part of the printer, without a problem. The printer is also ok: I can copy documents, it just works fine.


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Slackware :: Load The Paper Then Stop And Not Print

Mar 12, 2010

I swore I wouldn't do it again, but I did it anyway and installed 'current,' but I'm using Xfce not KDE. Everything was working very well, until I tried to print this morning. From Okular it would load the paper then stop and not print. From OpenOffice it would load and print, but the output was garbage.

Finally, I moved copies of what needed to be printed to the Xp partition, booted to Xp, and documents printed out just fine. As noted I'm running Slackware64 'current' with the latest versions of Cups and Hplip. The printer is a HP 940c. Hplip reports everything is fine, as does CUPS when running it in a browser (localhost:631).

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Hardware :: Setting - Printer Pulls In Paper But Prints No Image

Nov 1, 2009

I've encountered some problem in setting my printer HP D1560; the printer pulls in paper but prints no image. how to set it running under WinXP?

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Ubuntu :: Lpr Command- And Man -t (bash Command - Print Both Sides Of The Paper Using A Printer?

Mar 29, 2010

I just recently learned about the wonderful little lpr command- and using man -t (bash command) to beautifully print man pages for reference- but is there a way to print both sides of the paper using a printer so equipped?

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Fedora :: 14 - Printer HP Deskjet D1460 And - Paper As Was Clean So Clean And Remains

Dec 18, 2010

I have problem with my printer HP Deskjet D1460. My printer is configured and works. When I send a file on the print, the printer clings a sheet of paper and starts to print, but a paper as was clean so clean and remains, after printing.

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Ubuntu :: Theme Doesn't Load Properly

Apr 11, 2010

Sometimes when I log on, I find that the theme (specifically the window borders and icons) didn't load properly, and that I instead get a set of grayish window borders (Raleigh, I believe) and the gray GNOME icons. Sometimes the window borders corrects itself, but the icons stay the same. Reloading compiz doesn't help, and the only solution I found was to logoff/logon.

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Ubuntu :: Website Dosen't Load Properly

Mar 12, 2011

For some time now it's not loading properly, just get a big blue screen with a title bar. This is using 10.04 64bit with Firefox 3.6.15.I think it's since I upgraded to 10.04.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: F12 X64 Does Not Load NMB/SMB Properly?

Nov 19, 2009

F12 + Samba4, services smb and nmb set to run at levels 2345 - after reboot, I need to manually doservice nmb restartin order for all machines on the network to "see" the shared folders. It appears that service nmb does NOT start properly, as when above command is entered it shows "FAIL" as message for stopping the service.

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Failsafe Login - Desktop Not Load Properly

Jan 28, 2011

Recently I changes settings on Ubuntu Desktop and I choose gnome failsafe login, hence everything loads nice except when the user accounts is load it only appears the background and the terminal. Is there anyway to have the desktop back the way it was with the complete gui interface?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Graphical With 11.04 - Desktop Wasn't Able To Load Properly

Apr 30, 2011

I had just upgraded when after the first reboot I noticed that the black Ubuntu screen (with the little red/white dots) is actually white and buggy. It's unreadable and looks trashed.

After the first login, the desktop wasn't able to load properly, leaving me with a blinking, unresponsive icons and no menubars.

The only way to use the desktop environment is to choose Ubuntu Classic (both with and without effects) and Ubuntu Safe Mode.

I do have nvidia drivers installed (173).

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Fedora Installation :: F12 - USB / DVD Copy Program Fails To Load Properly

Feb 3, 2010

I downloaded the Fedora Live USB creator and the program consistently fails to load properly onto the flash drive. I have also downloaded the DVD iso program from this site and get only errors when trying to boot with an ISO burner? I am attempting to load the program on Sun Virtual Box, which is like VMare's Workstation, and the prompt consistently reads error when attempting to install. Also the progress bar on the Live USB loader never stops even after it the cmd prompt says it is complete.

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Ubuntu :: Changes Listed In Post #5 Inspiron 8000?

Jun 11, 2010

I'm trying to make the changes listed in post #5 here to my Inspiron 8000: There's no xorg.conf in Xubuntu 10.04. But I figured out how to create one, and I edited it as suggested. But there's no menu.lst in Xubuntu 10.04 either. That is, the file called "menu.lst" is located in


and it has no "defoptions" line. So how can I make the poster's suggested changes (i.e., do something functionally equivalent, assuming that's possible) to my newer system?

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Software :: Vuze Is Not Working Properly / Unable To Load Graphics Library

Dec 12, 2008

I'm using RedHat 9. I've already installed java and azureus/vuze too but when i run azureus there is a problem.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Run Printer Or Load Gramps Files

Sep 1, 2011

Installed Natty on a Windows machine via a dual boot. Two issues arising:
1 Brother HL-2040 printer just spits out all the paper without printing anything. I checked the printer application. It correctly identified the printer as HL-2040 but loaded the "recommended" HL-2060 driver. I noticed from my searches that others have had this problem but I don't understand whether (or how) they fixed it.

2 Loaded Gramps onto the "new" install (via Synaptic). Exported my Gramps file from another machine onto an external drive and tried to import the file to the new install. Tried opening Gramps to see if it would attempt to import the file, but there didn't seem to be a selection to recover the backup nor did it seem to be visible to the program. Also tried selecting the backup file and "Open with Gramps" - didn't work either. Also unloaded and reloaded Gramps via Synaptic but no change.

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Fedora :: Can't Load Printer Driver Into 12 Box

Mar 21, 2010

I have a Samsung ML-1430 laser printer connected to my Fedora 12 box. I downloaded the appropriate Linux driver tar file from the Samsung website. After extracting the tar file into a directory called image, the following took place:

This generates a "Linux Printer Package Setup" pop-up screen.

The following error messages occur after I process the pop-up screen which specifies a default install path [/usr/local/linuxprinter] and asks me to check an "Install CUPS 1.1" box and a "Begin Install" box.

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Networking :: Put A Bandwidth Limit On The 8000 Port

May 20, 2010

I want to put a bandwidth limit on the 8000 port. The limit not have to be global! It must be per connection! For example if i put a 20kB/s limit on the 8000 port and I have 3 clients connected to the port, i want that each have the 20kB/s. How can I do that? I readed something about TC, but i don`t know how to use it... I`m a little noobie Sorry for my bad english

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Debian Installation :: Unable To Connect To 'localhost:8000?

Mar 11, 2011

I have installed Xen on Debian. I am trying to create a virtual machine with "virtual machine manager" And it shows the following message: "Virtual machine manager Localhost (XEN) - not connected" And when i try to create a machine from command line i get the same error message:

root@debian:~# virt-install
ERROR unable to connect to 'localhost:8000': Connection refused
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/virt-install", line 1033, in <module>


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Err:ole:create_server Class {00000514-0000-0010-8000-00aa006d2ea4} Not Registered

Sep 28, 2010

I get this access violation message when I try to run The Godfather in Wine.The Godfather is an audio file tagging and organization program. he message reads:

Exception EAccessViolation in module TheGodFather.exe at 00000000.
Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000.

The header says "Application Error" and my only option is an OK button which terminates the program. This is the output I get in the command line:


wine TheGodFather.exe
err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {00000514-0000-0010-8000-00aa006d2ea4} not registered
err:ole:create_server class {00000514-0000-0010-8000-00aa006d2ea4} not registered
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {00000514-0000-0010-8000-00aa006d2ea4} could be created for context 0x5


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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot 64-bit Alternate Install Cd - Error 8000 Reading Sector 2855

Aug 6, 2011

when i try to boot the 11.04 64-bit alternate.iso i get the following message, after it says that isolinux blabla is loaded: EDD: Error 8000 reading sector 2855 and when i remove the cd it says: gfx.c32: not a COM32R imageand then there is a grub-shell.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Make Firewall Accept A Range Of Ports (say 8000:9000) Because Im Using Mpd ?

Mar 6, 2011

i have two questions and thought that anyone here could have the answers.first things first,i want to make firewall accept a range of ports (say 8000:9000) because im using mpd process manager to make some parallel processing, does anyone know the command that satisfy this?

the second thing is, when i open a range of ports like that, it would put my system at risk if some bad guys somehow identifies this range, is there is anything that solves that matter(i.e. makes the firewall monitor the packet, if its an mpd accept if not drop)

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Breaks HP OfficeJet Again?

Apr 30, 2010

we were able to get my officejet g55 and others' g85s working with karmic. the old tricks are not working for me.

i have lucid 64-bit.

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Ubuntu :: Printing With HP Officejet 6500A Plus ?

Aug 5, 2011

I have three computers with wireless and wired connections to a HP Officejet 6500A Plus all-in-one that I purchased a few months ago. Two of the three are running Ubuntu (versions 8.04 and 9.10). By Christmas, I'll be getting a new computer and upgrading to an Ubuntu v. 10.xx or 11.xx. In the first few weeks after I got the 6500, I had no trouble printing (although in 8 years using Linux, I've never been able to scan ...). For the last couple of weeks, however, I've been unable to print. I keep getting messages saying that the printer is not connected. I have re-installed the printer drivers and run hp-setup several times but to no avail. Its latest trick is to start spitting out paper with a line or more of ASCII symbols at a very rapid rate. The third computer is a Windoze 7 box that my son connects to wirelessly but he can no longer print as well.

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Ubuntu :: HP OfficeJet 6310 All In One Printing Stops In Midway?

Jan 1, 2010

I have had good success with the HP OfficeJet 6310 printing and Karmic. However, recently when printing, the print job stops after a certain amount of pages ( when printing a multiple page document ). The first page almost always prints immediately. This issue occurs with PDFs, OO Writer documents and OO Spreadsheet documents. The printer status window on the printer shows "printing" and the print manager in Gnome shows printing. Sometimes the printing completes after several minutes. Other times I end up killing the job and powering down the printer.

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Debian Installation :: When Connect The Printer, Doesn't Recognize Printer As The Photosmart B109 Printer For Unknown Reason?

Jan 3, 2011

I've bought a HP Photosmart printer, HP Photosmart wireless e-All-in-One printer - B110a and i've got a problem installing it properly. I'm using Debian 6.0 Squeeze. When i connect the printer, Debian doesn't recognize my printer as the Photosmart B109 printer for unknown reason. When i go to the site of HP and search for a driver, it directs me to this site:I've downloaded that latest hplip file as a .run file and installed it. My printer is recognized proparly, but when i try to print a colored image, it comes out black/white. Something is not crrect. Does anyone recognize this problem with this type HP printer?

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