Ubuntu :: Getting A Mac Virus Scanner?

Aug 1, 2010

I have a mac, but I have a lot of files on my Ubuntu machine, that i'd like to transfer over, but I would like to make sure they are clean.

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Ubuntu :: Virus Scanner Does Not Support Linux Anymore?

Feb 21, 2011

So right now I am dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu.Today, my landlord asked me for help because his machine is filled with virues. So first thing I did was throw it onto one of my spare sata drives and tried to clean it in windows. Got a torjan that for some reason, MS essentials wasnt able to remove. So I am now in Ubuntu trying to remove it with KlamAV, however, KlamAV doesn't seem to spot the same file right now.

So my question is, is there another good virus scanner that works? I tried AVG but it seems they don't support linux anymore, just linux server.

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Ubuntu Security :: Virus Scanner That Will Support To Detect Windows Viruses

Mar 30, 2011

I have been told that some virus scanners for linux (including but not limited to AVG, Antivira, clamAV, others) are available to ubuntu. My question is which of these still CURRENTLY support detection of WINDOWS viruses in addition to linux viruses. I would like to boot the Ubuntu live jump drive I have to scan windows machines and at least detect viruses, dont really need to repair. who knows which virus scanners compatible with ubuntu that will detect windows viruses as well

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Ubuntu Security :: Virus Scanner To Scan Some Removable Media (USB Drives, Mp3 Players, Etc)?

Jan 19, 2010

I'm looking for a virus scanner to scan some removable media (USB drives, mp3 players, etc). Since there's so many choices to choose from, can anyone recommend any?

I've heard a lot of people recommending clam av, but everything I've read suggests that clam av is better used for scanning e-mail servers and not home desktop application...

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Fedora :: Download Free Pen Drive Virus Scanner - Make Computer Safe?

May 1, 2010

How can i download free pen drive virus scanner? I need good one? Most of computer gets attacked by viruses through flash drives or usb drives or pendrives. If we can scan and delete it before using it we can make our computer safe.

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Ubuntu :: Installing To External HDD For Portable Personal OS / External Virus Scanner?

Oct 14, 2010

I work at a local computer shop as a computer technician and we get many computer in daily that require external virus scans (having to take out the hard drives, sticking it in another machine) just to scan (if we're lucky we can sometimes just do it in safe mode).Now what I want to know is...

1. Is it possible to install Ubuntu to an external HDD and use it virtually anywhere I plug it in? Will it pick up the network card, graphics card, etc so I can just plug and go? (Of course there are drivers for some computers).

2. Is it possible to run a Windows oriented virus scanner on Ubuntu? I know I can use WINE to run Windows applications, but will it prove to be compliant with virus scanners as well?

3. The main reason why I want it to be able to pick up on hardware and just work is because I plan on using it for schooling / travelling as well, have all my documents etc saved on it for easy access.

I've used Ubuntu in the past on an old laptop that didn't have much memory, small HDD, and a crap processor but that was 5-6 years ago (I still have the disk they sent me for free ).

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Ubuntu :: Canon MX320 Scanner Not Able To Get The XSane Image Scanner To Recognize Scanner?

Jul 11, 2010

I just received a Canon Pixma MX320 as a gift.

I am currently running the Ubuntu 10.04 OS

I was able to get the printer up and running by downloading the printer driver for debian linux (3.1) from the Canon site without any problems.

Unfortunately I am not having the same luck with the scanner.

I tried downloading ScanGear MP for Linux (deb) (1.3) from the same Canon site but have not yet been able to get the XSane Image Scanner to recognize this scanner driver for my Canon.

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Ubuntu Security :: Virus Resides In The MBR And "rebuild" The MBR To Actually Remove The Virus?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a dual boot computer. The WindowsXP "side" has been infected with a rootkit virus. So far UBUNTU has not been affected to my knowledge. I have not yet removed the virus from the WindowsXP "side". I am thinking of deleting the NTFS partition and have the computer fully dedicated to UBUNTU. Now for my question. Is there a possibility that the virus resides in the MBR and that I need to "rebuild" the MBR to actually remove the virus?

Even more extreme, should I totally re-install UBUNTU in the name of safety and precaution.

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Hardware :: Scanner Not Recognized In Ubuntu Epson Stylus NX510 Printer/scanner?

Aug 15, 2010

I was able to get my Epson Stylus NX510 printer up and running (after much issue), but I can't get the scanner working. I'm on a laptop, and the printer/scanner is wifi enabled and broadcasts with its own IP address. I can print with no problem, but xsane and simple scan don't recognize the scanner. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

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Ubuntu :: Canon FB 630P Scanner Driver / Can't Get System To Recognise The Scanner?

Dec 14, 2010

How to get this scanner to work with Ubuntu 10.10

It's connected and printer is working through the scanner.But i can't get the system to recognise the scanner.

I'm all new to Ubuntu, and i thought it was easy and terminal is a totally new thing to me.

Is there a workaround to get this scanner to work through graphical interface install, or is terminal wisdom needed...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Device Busy Using Image Scan - Reports Could Not Send Command To Scanner Check The Scanner Status

Apr 9, 2010

Have Karmic 9.10 ,Changed from Epson RX595 all in 1 (uses a ton of ink)Got the Lexmark Pro 805 3 in 1 because it says it supports Linux and the ink cartridge only cost $5 downloaded drivers and printer works but using Xsane Image Scanner error reports

'Lexmark_1_0_0:libsub/001/009': Device busy Using Image Scan - reports Could not send command to scanner Check the scanner status. The RX595's scanner drivers had to been manually instatlled,, in the Printer box the Lexmark shows available..

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Ubuntu :: XSane Image Scanner Won't Recognize Scanner?

Sep 7, 2010

I've installed XSane Image Scanner. When I first opened it, it searched for my scanner and didn't give any error messages, and it had my scanner model in the heading of the scan window. But when I hit the scan button, it gave me saying, "Failed to start scanner: error during device I/O.I closed everything, and opened XSane again. This time it said there was no scanner available. The scanner is plugged into the USB port and uses that for both power and data. It's a Canoscan Model N650U.

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Fedora Security :: Anti-Virus Used To Protect Fedora From Spyware And Virus?

Aug 22, 2009

if there is any free software there used to protect Fedora from spyware and virus?

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Hardware :: Using Iscan By Epson CX9300F - Could Not Send Command To Scanner - Check Scanner's Status

Mar 17, 2010

After downloading and installing iscan and run it i see this message:

Could not send command to scanner. Check scanner's status.

After command sane-find-scanner:

And this message is result of scanimage command:

No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different, check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the sane-find-scanner tool (if appropriate). Please read the documentation which came with this software (README, FAQ, manpages).

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Hardware :: Getting Canon 8800F Scanner Working / No Other Scanner Found?

Sep 23, 2010

Recently got a Canon Canoscan 8800F after looking it up on the SANE site and said it was completely supported for Linux.

I have downloaded the pixma drivers and have compiled the command line program, but it can't find the scanner.

lsusb returns a Canon scanner Bus 001 Device 005: ID 04a9:1901 Canon, Inc.

and sane-find-scanner returns:found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 [Canon], product=0x1901 [CanoScan]) at libusb:001:005

but scanimage -L (under my user login or sudo) returns only the webcam. No other scanner found.

My system is running Linux Mint 7, ia64 kernel 2.6.28-11-generic

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Debian Hardware :: Scanner HP M1319f MFP / Cant Use The Scanner?

Oct 22, 2010

my scanner used to work in lenny, now im using squeeze fresh install.

i intall hplip with synaptic in order to setup my scanner, printer is working, i dont need the fax, but the scanner is not working with xsane.

normal user and sudo see the scanner with

$ scanimage -L
device `hpaio:/usb/HP_LaserJet_M1319f_MFP?serial=N830003' is a Hewlett-Packard HP_LaserJet_M1319f_MFP all-in-one
$ sudo scanimage -L
device `hpaio:/usb/HP_LaserJet_M1319f_MFP?serial=N830003' is a Hewlett-Packard HP_LaserJet_M1319f_MFP all-in-one

i know my user is in group lp and scanner root cant use the scannner either.

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Ubuntu :: Autorun.inf Virus On Mp3

Jun 24, 2010

i have a virus in my mp3 that i don't know how to get rid of. the virus is called 'autorun.inf'. even though it doesn't affect Linux (i think) when i mount the mp3, the icon appears as if it was an empty folder. it use to let me delete/copy files into the mp3 but now it doesn't anymore. i cant delete the autorun.inf file or any file!

Ive had this problem before on the same mp3 and what i did was format the mp3 in windows but the thing keeps coming again and again . ive seen a couple 'windows solutions' for this but i dont have windows anymore so...

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Ubuntu :: Virus Protection ?

Nov 14, 2010

Being used to the pc i have always used resource draining virus protection programs. now that i have switched to ubuntu 10.10 i wanna kno is there rly any need for virus protection on my linux?

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Ubuntu :: What Is Best Protection Program Against Virus

Jan 3, 2010

What is the best protection program against viruses and how they can be revealed on the device

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Ubuntu :: Windows Testing Without Virus?

Sep 12, 2010

Since I am having troubles with sharing folders with win xp in virtualbox, I would like to know whether the following sort of idea is feasible: I want a windows xp system on which I can test my softwares with crack files - and crack files are mostly unlikely not to have viruses. Can it be used nearly full featured kind of virtually, so that this immunity to viruses can be achieved? But usual windows system usually are vulnerable to viruses; hence this question.

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General :: Should Pitch Ubuntu To Virus Victims?

Jan 19, 2010

I've noticed that on a regular basis I see facebook statuses complaining about viruses (e.g. "sorry I haven't been on in a few days... my comp got socked by a virus and I had to reinstall everything")

Lately I've taken to commenting on these with a link to Ubuntu with a short testimonial about how I've been using Ubuntu exclusively for years and have not had any virus problems since (nor have I installed any anti-virus software).

On the flipside, I know that Ubuntu is not the savior to all computer problems, and that it has its own issues, but I just want to let people know that there is a choice out there, and they can choose if they would rather deal with Windows' issues or Ubuntu's issues. For many users, Ubuntu would make a lot of sense.

But I rarely get any response to these comments, and I wonder if I should stop bothering. Do you think this does any good? Maybe it just aggravates people? Maybe they have no idea what I'm talking about and the link I post makes no sense to them?

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Ubuntu Security :: Virus Found During Scan?

Jul 4, 2010

I'm quite new to Ubuntu and I am running Ubuntu Studio 10.04 . I have just installed Klam AV and had it scan my computer . I was surprised to find that it had found two 'viruses' . I don't know if anyone can help me in finding out if they are real or only false positives . The following is the output that I received .

Name of File
/usr/src/fglrx-8.723.1/libfglrx_ip.a.GCC3 and GCC4
Name of Problem

Does anyone know if this is a problem.

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Ubuntu Security :: USB Flash Drive With A Virus

Jul 31, 2010

A while back I had been using ubuntu on a live cd after my windows partition had been taken over by a virus, which at the time I thought had been removed by my anti virus (and then took out winlogon) and I did a system repair instead of a complete reformat because I didn't want to lose all of my files. After repairing, I noticed some things like what looked like fake "this page has been blocked based on your security preferences" on major sites like ....., myspace and facebook. I ran another virus scan with a different AV and strangely it detected a behavioural software keylogger, which after looking it up seemed to be something that could only be installed with physical access to the system, which confused me. Anyway, this is when I started to use the live CD to copy some of my music, videos, pictures etc. onto my flash drive. From what I can remember, I used this USB on my main computer without problems, but the last time I used it (few months ago) I ran a virus scan afterwards, just to feel safe and it came up with a couple java exploit trojans. This was probably just coincidence and I hadn't ran a scan in a day or two, possibly even a false positive as I noticed no decrease to system performance or any odd happenings.

So, my questions are: Is it even possible for a virus from a windows partition to copy itself to a USB flash drive on an ubuntu live cd; and is it possible (if the virus was even capable of this) if I insert the flash drive into my ubuntu computer, it could do anything like transfer across my WLAN to my windows computer, or even copy its files onto ubuntu but be unable to do anything? Which brings me to another question: if I visit a website that may contain drive-by malware or a virus of any type, is it capable of acting at all, such as even trying to transfer itself into my home folder, or does it not even recognize ubuntu at all and do nothing?

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Ubuntu Security :: How To Get Rid Of Virus Found In Email

Aug 19, 2010

Unable to send mail thus adjust protocol port and it worked. Things moving slow on computer. Thus ran clamtk virus scanner. It found a virus. Tried to quarantine it but not successful. Have GUI version 4.15 Antivirus engine .95.3. Virus is located at
/home/kim/.mozilla-thunderbird/zrlm4cOj.default/Mail/LocalFolders/Inbox Phishing.Heristics.Email.SpoofedDomain
What do I do to get rid of it?

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Ubuntu Security :: WINDOWS - Iexplore.exe Virus

Sep 24, 2010

My machine that is running Windows XP got a virus a few months ago. Keep in mind I have NEVER used Internet Explorer.

Symptoms when CONNECTED to the internet: My volume is turned down on start-up. When the volume is on the internet explorer "clicking" noise plays frequently. In task manager there are two "iexplore.exe" processes running. As soon as I kill them they will start up again. They aren't taking up copious amounts of memory, but they are still very present. If left on for long enough pop-ups will start appearing.

Symptoms when NOT CONNECTED to the internet: None.

What I've done: I've ran a handful of the free Anti-Virus programs, e.g., AVG, ComboFix, avast!, and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

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Ubuntu Security :: Install Anti-virus On 10.04?

Oct 9, 2010

i have dual boot windows xp and Ubuntu 10.04 so i was wondering if it is necessary to install an anti-virus software?

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Ubuntu Security :: Scan 'only' USB Stick For Virus In 10.10

Dec 7, 2010

I have Avast Antivirus installed in Ubuntu 10.10. There are options to select folders to scan from 1. Home Directory 2. Entire system and 3. Selected folders. What are the options available to scan only selected drive. OR How to scan only USB stick.

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Ubuntu :: Ensuring Everything Is Clean After Virus Infection?

Jan 15, 2011

Not sure if this is in the right place, but last night I fell victim to a Java exploit in my W7 partition and then had to clean up a very messy virus. It was the "system tool" virus for those of you who are curious. Upon infection I immediately disabled my internet connection and then moved to my Ubuntu partition and from there cleaned up the infection. However, I did not notice it for a little while so it might have had some time to do some damage so I am a little concerned that something might have been hurt.

Since then I have scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials, ClamAV, AVG bootable USB, and MBAM and found one Trojan, which was successfully cleaned up (that Trojan was in my Java temporary files). Does anybody have any suggestions about other measures I can take to ensure that my computer is safe for use?

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Ubuntu Security :: Executing A Virus With Wine?

Mar 1, 2011

if I executed a Windows Virus in the program "Wine" in Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Build An Anti-Virus (for Use With Other Computers)?

Aug 13, 2011

I want to make a anti-virus Linux to put on a USB drive for use with other computers that have viruses. The only problem is I have no idea how to do this. CLI-only should be fine (if there are any CLI anti-virus programs). So is there something I can get that's already made for this or should I get a regular distro and remove everything I don't want and install what I do? What tools should I get.? Also, a link to instructions on installing on a USB drive would be helpful (I also plan on putting some LiveUSB's on the same drive,

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