Ubuntu :: GDM Starts But No Login Screen Available?

Sep 14, 2010

just uninstalled and reinstalled the alsa-base linux-sound and alsa-utils packages and reinstalled gdm and ubuntu desktop after uninstalling the packages to try and get sound working again. Now unfortunately GDM is starting but there is no login on the screen. How can I solve this problem without losing all settings/data?

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Ubuntu :: Load Up And Login Screen Starts On Secondary Display In Twinview?

Aug 22, 2011

I'm running Ubuntu 11.04, using an nVidia graphics card. I have my TV hooked up to my computer and acting as a second monitor, using the Twinview option with the gpu. My monitor is set as the primary display, with the TV as secondary.

The problem I'm having is that when I turn my computer on, the main display is black, and all the load up information is output to the second display. Then, when I get to the log in screen, it is also on the second display.

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General :: Network Starts Then Drops When CLI Login Screen Appears?

May 17, 2010

I've restarted a server a couple times, and during the boot process pings respond when it brings up eth0, but then when i get to the command line login screen, the pings die. once i log in and do a ./network start the pings respond again, so i'm guessing its dying or not set to start automatically maybe? What should I check?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: After The Login, When Kde Starts, The Screen Gets Inverted, Rotating 180 Grades?

Jun 5, 2011

I'm having a problem with my screen in opensuse 11.4.Everything is ok until the login screen. After the login, when kde starts, the screen gets inverted, rotating 180 grades. The system performance is very slow when this happens. I tried to disable the KMS to use the default system driver, what worked. But with this option, I don't have the performance and resolution available with KMS.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Starts In Console Tyy1 Login Then Goes To Normal Login

Dec 24, 2010

I don't what happened but yesterday I was working normally and then I shutdown the computer, today when I opened ubuntu it took me to tyy1 login screen, I entered my username and password then it took me to the normal login screen with the login drums sound and it wrote on my account (logged in) so I clicked it and I entered my password again and then I got to my ubuntu so what went wrong and how to fix it also I noticed that a new terminal in system tools occurred called Kernel (I didn't add it)

I'm using ubuntu 10.10 on Dell inspiron 1520 with Nvidia 8600GT and 3GB RAM

Important: this happened after update to generic-headers-24

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Fedora :: FC9: Forgot - Partition Doesn't Work - Can't Login At The LUKS Login After Grub Starts

Feb 15, 2010

My computer was working this morning and both hard drives were working fine, then all of a sudden for about two hours I was stuck with this "problem", then after fumbling and moving and stablizing things, then Windows works? See below for details. I've finally reinstalled both hard drives, but the one with the Linux partition doesn't work: it says nothing is discovered on the disk. I can't login at the LUKS login after grub starts, therefore I can't get into Linux, but Windows works?! I used to be able to go directly into Grub when the computer starts, I forgot how to do that but it doesn't matter. If you need details I'd be glad to provide them. I just wondered why Linux doesn't work, but Windows does. I have Linux & Windows on two different separate hard drives

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Ubuntu :: GDM Login Starts And Then Goes Back To Login

Feb 7, 2011

I just upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 this morning and after the upgrade I can't log in via GDM. If I log in it seems to work and the screen goes black, but then it goes right back to the login screen.I can't figure out what is throwing the signal, but the interesting thing is that if I stop GDM and log in on the console, I can run startx and my session runs fine (I'm typing this message from firefox). Any ideas on how to determine what is throwing the signal? I tried poking around in /var/log but I can't find anything that seems relevant.

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Ubuntu :: GDM Starts - No Login Box - Can't Login

May 1, 2010

I was helping a friend of mine upgrade his system from 9.10 to 10.04. The upgrade went okay and he was able to use Lucid last night.

He has a dual boot with Windows 7, which was broken during the upgrade. I was able to help him fix that, using the instructions at [URL]

So the Grub issue is not the problem. However, after fixing his Grub install, he now cannot log into Ubuntu.

He selects the current kernel from the Grub menu, and the system starts up as expected. The splash screen that generally has the login box on it comes up - but no login box with user names and prompt for password never displays.

He can press CTRL-ALT-F2 and login from a terminal, but has no option to log into GDM.

I've gone through the usual dpkg-reconfigure gdm and had him reboot. Still no luck.

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Ubuntu :: Login To Xfce The Screen Goes Black - Flickers A Few Times Then It Brings Back To The Login Screen

Apr 12, 2011

My last setup (years ago) ran fluxbox so because it was familiar I installed it as a secondary to xfce right off the bat. I download a lot of different stuff because I like to try out all the apps I can find but somewhere I broke something. I can still run fluxbox fine, but nither the Xubuntu nor Xfce sessions will run now. Last thing I remember changing was pulse audio(removed it for an experiment I was trying with jack audio), not sure if it is connected but when I try to login to xfce the screen goes black, flickers a few times then it brings me back to the login screen.

I tried failsafe but everytime I do my monitor gives me a "frequency out of range" error. I tried purging and reinstalling xubuntu desktop and xfce settings but I am thinking its my xorg config. My laptop is a Toshiba satellite M305D-s4830 with ATI Radeon 3100 mobile graphics card and I am running Xubuntu 10.10. Unfortunately I also broke the screen, so right now I am stuck with an external monitor till I get a new one.

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Fedora :: Cannot Login Into X Window(screen Turn To Black Before Login Screen)?

Feb 25, 2011

The problem come after i kill the Xorg using the kill command,and the screen turns to black without anything so that i can do nothing. The problem goes on after reboot

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OpenSUSE Install :: Login Screen Keeps Bouncing Back To Login Screen

Sep 17, 2010

I have installed VirtualBox and setup a Windows Vista host, initially with a .vdi of 10gb. That filled up quickly, so I added another 20gb secondary partition, after first trying to allocate a .vdi to a SCSI controller. Configured the drive in Windows (Computer Management), and all seemed ok. I shutdown VB, and rebooted my Linux host (openSuse 11.3). Now I keep bouncing back to the login screen, and can't login to Linux KDE, but can login to a console.I do have the following info:

/dev/dis/by-id/ata-ST9250410ASG_5VG0B5VS-part5 swap swap defaults 0 0
/dev/dis/by-id/ata-ST9250410ASG_5VG0B5VS-part6 / ext4 acl,user_xattr 1 1


I did see a message before, that I don't see anymore, that said it could not start NFS services due to missing entry in fstab. Another I'm seeing now is it couldn't start the avahi-daemon, no space left on device. This is odd, since I have a 200GB drive, with half of it left, only max 30GB set to VB. Here's my df -k output:

/dev/sda6 Use% is 100%
devtmpfs Use% is 1%
tmpfs Use% is 1%
/dev/sda7 Use% is 46%

So root "/" is mounted on /dev/sda6, which looks like it could be a problem, but why would this suddenly be a problem after working with VirtualBox? Could this be a matter of just freeing up space on /dev/sda6? Like the /tmp folder that's under "/"?

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Debian :: Console Login Displayed Before DM Starts

Aug 4, 2015

New to Linux in the last year, used Debian Wheezy off and on for a time - trying to build a system up from a minimum net-install, just to learn more about it.

I have a niggling little problem - either of understanding or configuration. I started with the min install and installed X using apt-get or aptitude. Then installed JWM, which I would start from the console via startx. I really liked this setup, since it was simple and I knew what was going on. This was all on Wheezy.

After the upgrade to Jessie (via dist-upgrade), I would get messages popping up "on top of" the console login when I booted. Stuff like "b43-loading firmware …" would pop up on screen while I was typing my login/password. This was kind of disconcerting (seemed like something must be misconfigured) but didn't effect functionality at all.

Eventually I decided to try a display manager, since that would (I thought) avoid the whole console login process and thus the weird overlapping messages. I installed LightDM through aptitude and it works great, but the console login is still displayed first (briefly, maybe 3-4 seconds) before the LightDM greeter takes over the screen.

It is there just long enough to confuse the unwary, who start typing their login name only to have the screen replaced by the LightDM login screen and have to start over. Obviously this isn't a big deal (everything works fine), but since the whole point of this project was to understand, I'm very curious if this is normal behavior (videos I've seen of folks installing Debian seem to show boot messages jumping straight to the DM without showing:

Debian GNU/Linux … tty1
debian login:

or if I've neglected to configure something that would allow boot directly into LightDM or hide the text console while LightDM loads or … something.

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Ubuntu :: Cant Login Into Hardy...Screen Hangs Up At Login Screen?

Dec 22, 2008

I have a desktop running Hardy and till friday it was running good. Today is monday and I guess it has got monday blues like I get every monday at work.Today I tried to start it as usual but it just refused to go further than login screen. I just can not login. It just hangs it there. I do not know what has gone wrong. I did not change anything since friday and no one else uses it. Theres nothing in logs that could give any idea. It just hangs without any reason and is still on the login screen for ever. It does ask my username and password but then it does not go further.But to my surprise I tried logging in with root and it gave me expected error that system administrator is not allowed to login from gnome.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 - Starts With Log Screen After 10 Minutes

Jun 21, 2010

I am trying to install ubuntu 10.04 on notebook, after choosing install, ubuntu starts after about 10 minutes with log screen, but I don't know logging parameters. Also the same with ubuntu 9.10. Hardware problem?

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Ubuntu :: Hangs At Load Screen - Never Starts Up

Oct 31, 2010

Now I'm trying to run Ubuntu again. The problem started when I put Ubuntu to sleep, but instead it turned the screen black and hung without going into sleep (this is common for me). I had to cut its power, but afterwards it wouldn't boot.

I tried booting off old kernel and "recovery" ones, but that gives me an error and loads "ash" shell, which doesn't let me browse any of my files (no /home director to speak of).

I'm really at a loss. Is my only option to delete everything and reinstall? If I back-up my home directory, can I just copy/paste the contents into it once I install a new Ubuntu and have things more or less in working order?

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Ubuntu :: All Applications Starts In Full Screen?

Nov 30, 2010

I have Release 10.04.1 on a T40 Thinkpad.Since the first time I installed it all application even the terminal start in full screen. I have to do alt-f10 if I want to see the maximize-minimize-close buttons on the left-top side of the window.I would like my application to start at the same size they were when I closed them last time.

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Ubuntu :: When KDE Starts, Get Stuck In A Blank Screen?

Feb 6, 2011

Today my system has started exhibiting a weird behavior. When KDE starts, I get stuck in a blank screen. Sometimes, KDE starts and shows the logon page, but then it gets stuck during logon: the disk icon is completely loaded, but the others are still blurred. I can dual-boot into windows on the same machine, and it also has problems. I have remote access to the machine, and I can even start X remotely, although it's sluggish. I have an nVidia 9600 card, which had been working just fine until today. I have tried updating to the last nVidia drivers from the PPA, but it didn't help.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Get A Black Screen When The System Starts Up?

May 1, 2011

i have tried to install Ubuntu 11.04 but everytime i try i get a black screen when the system starts up. i have tried to install via cd and the upgrade option.I am currently using Ubuntu 10.04 and this has no problems.I have also tried the esc key when i insert the disc and this brings the option to install but after this i get a black screen again.

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General :: Ubuntu 10.10 - Screen Starts Up In Double Vision

Jan 16, 2011

I have just installed ubuntu 10.10 on a separate partition on my hardrive and when the screen starts up its in double vision and shaky. Have you had any such probs with ur installs. If so whats the cure. It clears after awhile and never had any probs with the old ubuntu OS.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10 - 64 Bit - Starts To Load But Then The Screen Quits - No Signal

May 8, 2010

I just downloade and burned it. I booted off of it. It starts to load, but then the screen quits (no signal). Does Ubuntu not support S-Video? Then I tried another computer with a normal monitor connection (blue monitor plug). And it got further than the other computer. But then it hung up eventually too. My burn was successful. Is anyone else having problems with Ubuntu 64 bit edition? (installation)

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Screen Goes Black / Computer Starts Beeping

Sep 1, 2011

I turned on my computer and selected Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.38-8-generic and press enter, the screen goes black and my computer starts beeping

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Record A Video With Gtk Screen Recorder It Starts Lagging?

Feb 15, 2010

whenever i try to record a video with gtk screen recorder it starts lagging and when the video is over and you wanna watch it there is a major sound and video lag and nothing is as it should be (could the desktop effects be the issue)?

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Ubuntu :: Touchpad In Gateway NV53 - Mouse Starts Going All Over The Screen When Put More Than One Finger

Aug 9, 2010

when I put more than one finger on my touchpad, the mouse starts going all over the screen. There is a video on what it does: [URL] I have Gateway NV53 with 32 bit OS Wubi install 4GB Ram AMD Athlon II X2 M300 CPU (dual core) Multi-Touch Touchpad

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install 11.04 Starts Up To Blank Screen/initramfs Prompt?

Jun 17, 2011

I installed Umbuntu (MythBuntu 11.04 as backend system) and initially when starting it just went to a blank screen (no prompt, nothing). After going through safe mode I was able to get to a prompt and into the UI in low graphic mode.After updating the graphic drivers (nvidea) to the latest and changing some grub options (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi=off splash") when I restarted it went to the busybox initramfs prompt. I typed "exit" and the UI started up normally.

The next time I restarted it went through to a blank screen. I typed "exit" again and enter and the UI started up normally again (even though I couldn't see what I was typing at the time).While I was going through the recovery mode I do remember some messages about disk not found/mounted, when I googled it I found stuff about entering rootdelay=90 in menu.lst which doesn't exist anymore. Is there a similar option I can enter somewhere in 11.04?Also I'm new to Ubuntu (in fact any Linux distro as an admin), where would I find any log files that may help with finding the problem.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.2 Starts To Boot Then Blank Screen And Nothing?

Apr 18, 2010

I have tried two distros - Mandriva and OpenSuse. Both provide the same results, though Mandriva booted...but still the same problem, after installing blank screen comes up and nothing. Keyboard touch bad, mouse nothing happens. I would prefer openSuse but may have to switch.

Acer 7740 17" laptop
Intel i3-330M Chipset
4Gig DDR3 RAM 1066
Intel Integrated HD Video 128MB

Install Win7 64-Bit no issues, wiped and installed Linux and I cannot get past this blank screen. Installation works, no problem installed packages etc. When coming up on 1st boot, login - boom nothing? Searching the web and I suspect the Intel graphics are the problem but I'm not sure.

I bought this laptop to put Linux on it solely for a personal project of using Linux for a year. I'm an IT professional for 23 years and comfortable with CLI.

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General :: Black Screen Starts When Load Ubunu 9.10

Feb 3, 2010

When i open my pc and load ubuntu 9.10 a black screen opens and i should write my user and then my password i was doing something in the terminal last time but i don't remember what how can i fix it ? i don't care if i lost data

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Moonlight Grey Screen / No Sound But Clock Starts Running

Apr 30, 2011

I just installed Moonlight but except for the clock that starts running, buffering and connecting to the video server nothing else works.The screen stays grey and there is no sound. I thought it might work when I install Java applet, but also that doesn't fix.

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Starts, Shows BIOS Screen, Then Restarts In A Never Ending Loop?

Jun 8, 2010

I come bearing a question that I hope I can get some info on. Here's the situation: I installed Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix on my Acer Aspire One (didn't want it, but got it for free). I installed and am dual booting it with windows 7 basic. Both worked fine until this morning when the laptop ran out of battery and shut down.Now, on start up, the BIOS screen flashes, and its not the same BIOS screen, but I can't tell what it says, its moving too fast, the laptop then restarts. This problem may be bigger than the linux part of it

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Fedora :: F11 After Upgrade Black Screen / Gnome Doesn't Starts

Jun 10, 2009

I upgraded Fedora 10 to Fedora 11 via preupgrade. And now system succesfully boot, but Gnome doesn't starts (i think). There is only black screen and I can only write there.

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Ubuntu :: Natty Starts In Ubuntu Classic / Unity Available After Logout / Login

May 25, 2011

I upgraded to Natty at the beginning of May and Unity has been working fine until about 4 days ago. Around then, then I cold boot and log in, Ubuntu starts in "Ubuntu Classic" desktop. If I log out then back in, Unity starts as expected.In both cases of my logging in, Ubuntu Classic is not selected - Ubuntu is, which should start the UI under Unity.

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