Ubuntu :: Firefox / Web Browser Can't Open Downloaded Imasges

Jan 8, 2010

Firefox / Web Browser Can't ipen downloaded images.I have been using Firefox 3.0 with good success, and recently switched to Firefox 3.5 (unbranded version,called A Web Browser).I was looking around in Google images and downloading a few images in Web Browser 3.5, when my problems began.Firefox and Web Browser run off the same profile, and neither browser will open image files correctly.I call Web Browser WB for short.All of a sudden I cannot open jpg images.I saved image as and when the download was complete, I tried to open it.WB needed an application to open with, so I selected to open the containing folder instead. WB needed an application to open with again.

Not knowing the name of the Ubuntu image viewer, (which is eog for Eye of Gnome) I went over to /usr/bin and selected the document viewer, evince, to open the jpg image, which didn't work, so I selected nautilus as the application to open the folder with.Now I can open the folder all right, and from there, I can open the jpg picture from within that folder, but I am now told in the WB and Firefox download window that /path/ to/picture.jpg is not a folder in response to my trying to open the downloaded image.I performed some other checks:I can successfully download and open a pdf document;I cannot open a png or gif image, for they are not folders.

A check of Preferences and Applications tab shows no listing for jpg, gif or png or the word image under content type. There is no provision there to create a new entry, either.I checked and compared Firefox Preferences Applications tab with that of Web Browser. They appear to be identical in content.What do I do next? I will log out of 9.04 and back in again, and if that doesn't work, I will restart the computer after I finish my post. Then I will come back with the findings.

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Ubuntu :: Open Downloaded PDFs In Firefox In Viewer

Jan 5, 2010

I'd like to be able to change the program that downloaded PDFs open with in Firefox. I'm using Gnome. Currently, when I double click on a PDF in the downloaded file list, it opens up in Adobe Reader, even though evince is currently the default in nautilus. How I can change it so that downloaded files are opened with evince?

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Ubuntu :: Gmail Will Not Open In Any Browser Except Firefox

Aug 22, 2010

For more than a week now, and Gmail is not opening. I was using Chromium, then tried Epiphany, Google chrome, even Midori; but it only opens with Firefox!! Am I the only one?

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Ubuntu :: Chromium - Firefox Wouid Readily Open Pdf Files Within The Browser Window Itself

Aug 8, 2010

After finding firefox too slow, i recently shifted full time to chromium. and now i know why it has such a fan following ! its seriously fast, especially as compared to firefox - which at least in my case would appear to have got bogged down because of numerous add-ons etc.

However, there are 2 things that disturb the basic functional of chromium.

- Whenever i click on the browser icon, the window that opens up is never in "maximized" size. so every time i need to double click on the title border to maximize the window. is there some way in which the browser window will open in maximized mode the first time i click the icon ?

- Firefox wouid readily open pdf files within the browser window itself. however, chromium asks me to first save the file at some location, and then only can i open it !

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General :: Flash-player - Firefox Crashes On Open - Adobe 64 Bits Plugin Simply Doesn't Work On Any Browser

Sep 18, 2010

I use slack 13.1 64 bits on my intel i7 machine. That is I can't find a flash-player plugin that works on all browsers. The firefox crashes on open. The release of adobe 64 bits plugin simply doesn't work on any browser. I use slack 13.1 64 plus kde. Anyone knows some that works?

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OpenSUSE :: PHP File Gets Downloaded When Browse In Any Of Browser?

Jul 3, 2011

I followed the following step given on an openSuSE site but I am still encountering the same problem i.e. a phpinfo.php file gets downloaded when I browse it in my browser.In case the browser wants to save your php files instead of displaying the content, you should enable php support in the /etc/apache2/mod_userdir.conf file. Add the following line to it, just after the <Directory /home/*/public_html> line and restart the server.Include /etc/apache2/conf.d/php5.conf



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Ubuntu :: Upgraded Firefox - Error "Your Browser Is No Longer Supported. Please Upgrade To A Modern Browser."

Aug 2, 2010

i just updated from karmic 9.10 to lucid 10.04 using the online upgrade option. so far everything is working great. the only issues i am having seem to involve firefox. when i visit videos i get the message "your browser is no longer supported. please upgrade to a modern browser." i am running 3.6 "canonical" so it is "modern". i am able to watch videos after i close the message. it's just an annoyance to get this message every time i view a video.

next, is on some websites (like this one) it will not supply my login info. but on a few sites (like ebay) it does supply my login info. not sure why some sites work while others don't. the info is there when i look under my saved passwords....

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Ubuntu Servers :: Can View A Php Page Only With Links Browser (a Text Browser) - Firefox Error "Content Encoding Error"

Jun 15, 2011

I can view a php page only with links browser (a text browser) But when i use firefox i got an error "Content encoding error"

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General :: Can't Open Downloaded Rhapsody Software On Ubuntu 10.10?

Jan 2, 2011

The file for their software downloads and then when I try to open it with the Archive Manager, it gives me this error:

End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on the last disk(s) of this archive.zipinfo: cannot find zipfile directory in one of /home/jeff/Downloads/RhapsodyReal.EXE or /home/jeff/Downloads/RhapsodyReal.EXE.zip, and cannot find /home/jeff/Downloads RhapsodyReal.EXE.ZIP, period.

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General :: How To Install New Downloaded Version Of Firefox

Jan 12, 2011

I download new versions of Firefox, extract them but don't know how to install them.

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General :: Open A File Downloaded In Chromium?

May 11, 2010

For some reason when I open a file downloaded in Chromium, it opens it in Firefox!

Similarly GNOME Do opens files in Firefox.

Why is that?

How to make it use the proper program?

Where are the associations stored?

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Software :: Open Manual Downloaded From OpenSUSE YAST?

Dec 28, 2010

I have downloaded a couple of manual from YAST of openSUSE. Just to name 1 of it:

1. opensuse-gnomequick_en.pdf

Well, after the whole YAST process finished, it simply says "Installation successful!", now where can I locate the .pdf file that I just downloaded? Is there a default folder where all the download goes to?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Nfs Locking Files - Cannot Open For Editing, Or Open Firefox / Thunderbird?

Dec 12, 2010

Server - Ubuntu 10.04.1 lts
Client - Kubuntu 10.10

When I try to open any nfs-mounted file using OpenOffice, I get a pop-up window titled "Document in Use". The text of the message is:

"Document file 'abcde.odt' is locked for editing by:

Unknown User

Open document read-only or open a copy of the document for editing." I then have three options - <Open Read-Only>, <Open Copy>, & <Cancel> If I cp any of these files from the mounted directory to my home dir (not mounted), I can open them without problem.Also, my firefox & thunderbird date are in this mounted directory as well (sym links to ~dan/.mozilla & ~dan/.thunderbird). Both of these apps hang when trying to open, leaving two processes behind that need to be manually killed. Again, cp'ing the data out of the nfs-mounted dir onto a local dir resolves the issue, so I am 100% confident there is nothing missing or corrupted in the firefox &/or thunderbird data...

relevant entry in /etc/fstab:
server:/nfs/dan/Documents /home/dan/Documents nfs defaults 0 0
relevant entry in server's /etc/exports:
/nfs/dan/Documents client(rw)

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Ubuntu :: Installed The Add-on Greasemonkey For Firefox And Since Then Firefox Won't Open

Nov 29, 2010

I installed the add-on Greasemonkey for Firefox and since then firefox won't open. If I try to open it on safe mode nothing comes up, it I try it a secont time it tells me that Firefox is already running and if I try to open it normally it shows it on the bottom as if it was opening and then it dissapears.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Set Firefox As Default Browser?

Jun 3, 2010

I have Chromium and Firefox installed on Karmic. HTML files by default open with Chromium. I try to set Firefox as the default application through the "Other application..." dialog, but it opens the file through Firefox once, then after it goes back to Chromium

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 - Firefox Browser Very Slow

Aug 7, 2010

I was using Freespire but the version of Firefox was old and I read that Freespire was an old and obsolete OS, so I installed Ubuntu 10.4. I like everything about it so far but Firefox browser is very slow. It can take up to 30 seconds sometimes to load a web page. Just surfing the web is difficult. I do have high speed internet service and a router, I have an XP and a Vista system both are fine and even this system when it had Freespire was fine. It just started when I installed Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Get Firefox As The Default Browser

Dec 28, 2010

I tried Chrome, but I still like Firefox better. I can't figure out how to get Firefox back as the default browser. When I go to Preferences --> Prefered Applications, web browser is set to Firefox.

I found this post...[url]

They said to run this command...


Tried that and it didn't help either. When clicking on link icons on my desktop, they open up in Chrome. Chrome says something to the extent "chrome is not your default browser to open links with. Do you want to make it?" I selected No and checked the box to not show it again. (That's why the above is not exactly what it said.) Kind of funny it said that yet it still opened up with Chrome and not Firefox.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Set Firefox To Be Default Browser In 10.10

Mar 27, 2011

I cannot set Firefox to be my default browser in Ubuntu 10.10. It used to be the default until I installed Chromium last year. Since then, Ubuntu Software Center, LibreOffice, EverNote (through Wine) and probably other apps open links in Chromium instead of Firefox.

I tried several solutions to no avail :

- System > Preferences > Preferred Applications : Web Browser = Firefox I tried with the custom command too : "firefox %s" => still opens Chromium.

- Firefox internal preferences : firefox = default

- Chromium internal preferences : chromium is NOT the default

- stuff like "sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser" set to firefox => another fail

- uninstalling Chromium : that works, Firefox opens all the links. Obviously it is not the desired solution as I want to use Chromium too.

- in Gnome Configuration Editor, there are no mention of chromium and /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/command = firefox %s


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Ubuntu :: No Address Bar On Firefox Web Browser

May 4, 2011

Just installed latest version ubuntu. I have no address bar on firefox web browser.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Browser Is Slow

Mar 15, 2011

Very new to computers and Linux. Running Ubuntu 10.10, I5 2.67 Mhz, 6GB RAM and 70GB SSD. Problem: web page load time in Chrome browser =1-2 seconds; page load time in latest edition of Firefox = 2-3 minutes.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Open / Browser The Folders

May 1, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10, and I can't open any folders. Nor can I put any files onto my desktop. I read on another thread that you should try reinstalling Nautilus, so I did that, and nothing changed. I also tried to open a folder in the Terminal, in this case the downloads folder, and I got this.

(nautilus:2172): Eel-CRITICAL **: eel_preferences_get_boolean: assertion `preferences_is_initialized ()' failed
Initializing nautilus-gdu extension
** (nautilus:2172): WARNING **: No marshaller for signature of signal 'UploadFinished'
** (nautilus:2172): WARNING **: No marshaller for signature of signal 'DownloadFinished'


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Ubuntu Security :: Replacing Firefox With Another Browser?

Jan 12, 2010

im using firefox 3.5.7 with ubuntu 9.10 but firefox since 3.5.6 and 3.5.7 keeps crashing a lot-just now it crashed my entire system-the whole screen went black. So to that end is use of opera or chrome secure for ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Installing Flashplayer For Firefox Browser?

Jan 24, 2010

I have ubuntu version 4.10 with Mozilla Firefox as a browser. I have downloaded Adobe Flash Player plugin but I do not know how to get the plugin installed. I can navigate through the terminal a little but still learning. I do not know how to save the (.tar.gz) download to the desktop so it can be unpackaged and then copied to the usr/lib/mozilla/plugins folder. I am hoping the same procedure to install this plugin will be the same for the rest of the browser plugins.

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Ubuntu :: Install Mozilla Firefox From The Browser?

May 20, 2011

first of all I need to know how to install Mozilla Firefox from the browser. It should be easy, but it has this weird tar.bz thing. Why can't Mozilla be normal? It is extremely hard to get the latest builds. I don't even know what I had to wrestle through to get to 4.0.1, which is what I am on now. Tell me the super easy way. Mozilla is awful. Also, how can I get the new beta and aurora channel switcher? I believe I can only get it if I update to a newer version which is what I am trying to do now. It says to go to about and then click "change" which is not there. So Linux really shouldn't be this complicated and frustrating.

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Ubuntu :: How To Install PDF Firefox Browser Plugin

Jul 1, 2011

When I try to display a PDF file from within the Firefox browser, I get a screen that says "Click here to download plugin." When I click there, the plugin finder service runs and displays a message that says: "No suitable plugins were found".

How do I find and install the Firefox browser plugin that lets me display PDF files?

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Ubuntu :: Whenever Go To 4OD In Firefox - Occasionally The Browser Crashes

Jul 11, 2011

Using 11.04 / firefox 5 / chromium 12 whenever i go to 4OD in firefox, i get this dialogue box pop up (see attached) and occasionally the browser crashes. whatever choice i make in the box, the website is sluggish. same sluggishness in chromium, but no pop up box problem only occurs on this website whats happening / how to stop it ?

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Ubuntu :: Browser Not Completing Open URL Page?

Apr 16, 2010

Freeze browser wait for end of loading URL datausing Namoroka firefox 3.6.4pre Ubuntu/9.10 karmicproblem started app 2-3 weeks ago, same time working on JAVA update.JAVA test OK .most download locations seems to freeze or not complete loadingonly forced close/reset af browser is helping.how to find the change causing this?

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Ubuntu :: Open A File Browser Through Terminal?

Sep 16, 2010

In Gnome, How do I open a file browser in the current directory? I assume its [command] . Whats the command?

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Fedora :: Cannot Open PDF's In Firefox - Unable To Open Document

Aug 9, 2010

As of this morning I cannot open pdf's by clicking on them in firefox. I can download them and open them from the download window or even from the folder they are saved to, but not from the browser. Evince opens and says: Unable to open document Error opening file: No such file or directory.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Does Not Work On Firefox Browser?

Jan 9, 2010

umm while using firefox it becomes unresponsive alot expecailly when watching video. i cant even watch anything because it freezes and goes super slow. i dont understand anything about computers >.<

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