Ubuntu :: Execute Tasks List Before Shutdown

Aug 10, 2010

When I shut down my computer I want to show some pending tasks that I have to do before leaving the office... I did a local application to manage those tasks, so basically I just want to run a command, and shut down after I kill the app executed. I have already tried with these options:

* /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default --> this works only when I select LogOut option instead Shutdown.

* /etc/rc0.d/K01mycustomscript --> execute script after X is killed

* $HOME/.bash_logout --> This looks like does nothing.

* ./app-to-run && sudo shutdown -h now --> Don't like it for 2 reasons, prompts for sudo password, and can't use my laptop shutdown button.

How could I modify Shutdown dialog ? should I recompile Gnome ? Options? I am using Ubuntu 10.04

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Ubuntu Installation :: Pimlico Tasks List Lost During Upgrade To 11.04

Aug 21, 2011

I was using Pimlico Tasks manager with Ubuntu 10.10 [URL]. Yesterday I did an Ubuntu upgrade and all seemed to go OK, but today when I opened Tasks... my list was all empty! All tasks gathered for many months all lost! How could this happened? Isn't Ubuntu supposed to mantain all configs and personal data? And more important - is there any way I can recover my task list?

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Ubuntu :: Execute A Script On X Shutdown?

Mar 27, 2010

I would like to be able to execute a script every time X is shut down (e.g., by Ctrl+Alt+Backspace), namely, logout. Is this possible? If it is, in what file do I put the command/script?

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Ubuntu :: Execute Python Code Before Shutdown

Dec 2, 2010

I have written a backup script backing up the data I have worked during the day with rsync and sends me a log in my email. now it works perfect but i want to execute it each time i shutdown my computer in the evening not during reboot or logout.It seems that i can not run it by putting it in init.d and softlinking in rc0.d as K00backup. I think it is because script uses many services like python or smtplib, gnome-keyrings that in that time might have been already shutdown.

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Red Hat :: Shutdown - System Goes Down Before My Rc Script Execute

Apr 1, 2010

Tested on RedHat entreprise 5.5, 5.4, 5.3 I would like to stop my db (not oracle) when the system shutdown or reboot. I have wrote my script for init.d

Here is the head :

The problem is : shutdown -r stop the system before my K script execute. I have not my "blabla" in /tmp/mystop.log

In fact the scritp is for database startup and database shutdown manually it works I mean : /etc/init.d/mystop stop ; /etc/init.d/mystop start So I truncated the scritp until I only get echo "blabla"

This work idealy under HPUX, AIX, and I think I'm missing something "special" for Redhat. I'm quite sure it was ok with redhat 8 and ES 3.0.

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CentOS 5 :: Where To Put Commands To Execute Just Before Shutdown / Logoff?

Mar 3, 2010

Where can I put commands which should be executed just before

- logoff

- shutdown

I think there must be somewhere an opposite script to


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General :: Using The Expect And Send To Execute List Of Commands Inside A File?

Feb 2, 2011

i am working on some kind of PBX and i have list of telephone numbers inside a file, i have to insert these numbers into the correct command and then telnet to a remote server and execute these commands. i can read the telephone numbers and insert them into the command with no problem, but when i try to insert these commands into the send i face problem. here is the basic code

read msisdn < input


i can make external loop inside the Bash which read the input file and issue the command and then telnet and execute, but this will make the script connects and disconnects again for each line which cause high load on that server and hardwar problem. i am wondering if there is an option inside the expect interperter which makes the send read directly from a file... somthing like this:

expect "<"
send "input-filename
expect "<"
expect eof

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Server :: Shutdown The Nodes From The Master Terminal Using "shutdown -h Now" Get Shutdown?

Dec 10, 2010

I have installed a cluster computer with 10 nodes . The manufacturer is HP . All nodes and the master node have redhat enterprise linux installed in them . When I shutdown the nodes from the master terminal using "shutdown -h now" they get shutdown . But they dont get completely turned off . This issue bothers me when the power supply is given , all nodes boot up simultaneously generating a huge heat .

Thing to note : When we shutdown our PC they get completely turned off . When the power supply is given , a press on the Power On button is required to boot the system. But , why does it not happpen in the case of cluster? Is there any other way of completely turning off the nodes from the master terminal ?

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CentOS 5 :: Can't Execute Things In /tmp Now But Is There A Way To Execute Only One File And No More?

Feb 17, 2011

i created a /tmp partition amd mounted it like this:" mount -o loop,noexec,nosuid,rw /usr/tmpDSK /tmp"
I know i can't execute things in /tmp now but is there a way to execute only one file and no more???

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Out Of Sync During Boot And Shutdown (also Shutdown Hang)?

Jun 30, 2010

when my pc boots and shuts down my monitor goes into 'input out of range' mode for a bit between the gui and the text only phases of boot/shutdown.is there a way to fix this? or where to start troubleshooting?also, when it shuts down it hangs after coming back to the text only part

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Fedora :: Shutdown Policy Triggered By Vncserver - Computer Refuses To Shutdown Normally

Feb 5, 2011

Recently I installed vncserver (tigervnc) on my desktop. Ever since my computer refuses to shutdown normally. At shutdown the following message pops up: Quote: System policy prevents stopping the system when other users are logged in Then I have to enter the root password to shutdown. If I stop vncserver before, the computer shuts down normally.


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Ubuntu :: Can't Shutdown Without Running Sudo Shutdown

Jun 20, 2010

I cant shutdown without running sudo shutdown. When I try to use the default gnome shut down it takes me back to the logon screen. Fresh install today and I've had the same problem on other installs.

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Ubuntu :: Randomly Pop Up The Shutdown Menu And Then Shutdown?

Sep 7, 2010

Ubuntu will randomly pop up the shutdown menu and then shutdown.It seems to happen when im in firefox and typing and it has been difficult to replicate. I dont think it is a temp issue since watch sensors shows temmp of 40-50C. Someimtes it happens every minute someimtes i can go 10min without it happening.

Dell Inspiron 1525
ubuntu 10.04 (only os on system)

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Ubuntu :: Shutdown Command Like Shutdown Button?

Dec 10, 2010

looking for a command that shutdown/reboot my ubuntu just same as process that happened when I press shutdown buttonIn fact I need to close all programs that are running and then PC shutdown (that happened when I press shutdown button).

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General :: Locate Shutdown Log For Linux Shutdown (RHL 5.1-2.6.18-53.el5PAE)

Apr 22, 2010

I cannot locate shutdown log for Linux shutdown to check various activities carried out during shutdown. I can view Startup Log which is availble on console>Applications>System Tools>System Logs.

I have included Shutdown/Startup in dbora, so that Oracle 10gR2 Shutdown/Startup will be automated during OS Shutdown/Startup.

I want to check Shutdown log because Oracle Shutdown was not running, as from $ORACLE_HOME/shutdown.log contains no entries, where as startup log contains latest startup details.

That means here 2 issues are there. One, I want to locate OS Shutdown Log and the other being Why Oracle Shutdown not getting executed.

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Ubuntu :: Create A Script To Run Some Tasks?

Jan 6, 2011

I've been trying to create a script to run some tasks, for example: I have this script receita.sh, that needs the input of a time data to run. like: receita.sh <yyyymmdd> and I would like to get it running every 5 am with the computer time date..I have found the command date, that retrieves the system time date like:Thu Jan 6 17:39:39 WET 2011 Is there any way of getting the time date, and make it work in the script

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Ubuntu :: Free-BSD OS Benefit In Certain Tasks ?

Feb 11, 2011

I Had used Windows but fed-up of his Crashes and Viruses, Therefor i decided to Check out Linux for the 1st time, so i installed Ubuntu and as time Passed, i just love it now..I had also used KDE Environment but a lot of bugs+Little slow KDE Compelled me to stuck with Gnome,And am fine with it......I seen a lot of more OS's which are for special purposes like Backtrack , Free-BSD , Fedora etc....But i don't know their Purpose , So the post Objective is to find their Purpose and Benefits....

First of all i want to know about Free-BSD OS benefit in certain Tasks... & Why would Someone use Fedora , Backtrack..?

Moreover, I am Home-User, but i am interested to know about these OS's benefits, Where they are used and why...? Is these OS's are not for Home-Users....?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Locate The Evolution Tasks

Apr 14, 2011

Recently installed 10.10 netbook edition, and evolution is behaving strangely. Albeit I've never used it before, but having read the documentation and googled it a bit I'm still lost. I cannot create or manage task lists. It's as if their functionality has been completely cut out of ev calendar. When I try to go to File->New->Task List, the Task list option does not appear in the menu (not greyed out, nothing). Can't find the button that's supposed to be there either. I've also checked synaptic for evolution task packages, but no avail.

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Ubuntu :: How To Use Anacron (schedule Tasks)

May 10, 2011

Well I'm totally frustrated. I have been trying to figure out how to use anacron (schedule tasks). I Googled,Binged,Yahooed, and manpaged.I cannot find how to, at least, start anacron. To use 'cron' I use crontab -e. What do i use to start anacron?.

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Ubuntu :: Tasks Not Showing In Evolution?

Jun 9, 2011

I'm using Evolution in Gnome 3 and I'm having this rather annoying issue---whenever I make a new Task, it does NOT show up in the Tasks bar. Even if I try searching for it, the task doesn't show up (even making a new Task List doesn't show up), which makes me think it was never saved properly in the first place. I also tried seeing if there was any sort of error while running Evolution by opening it via the terminal, but I don't get anything. Does anyone else have this issue? Is this a known bug with Evolution

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Tasks Missing

Jun 20, 2011

Yesterday, I found that the majority of my tasks on Evolution (2.28.3) had just disappeared. I last did a backup of my system 2 weeks ago but in that time important data has been added to my tasks lists on Evolution. I've read around and found that the problem may be fixed by rebuilding evolution-data-server (see here). However, if this means re-compiling evolution-data-server from the package manager, well, I don't seem to keen on doing that unless I can get confirmation of how to implement it, i.e. how do I rebuild evolution-data-server?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Do Mac OS Finder Tasks

Jun 20, 2011

Tried to use Ubuntu 11.4 to assist in recovering a windows xp system. Ran from cd without installing. Failure. Could not find Windows hd. How do I list all storage media. Where is the Mac OS Finder/Windows explorer? Could not find Terminal. Ran search, but seems limited to just your user data. How do I do a search for the terminal applications. Did get some worthless display of all installed programs, but could not launch application. Is there a way of switching the old User Interface from the running from CD version?

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Ubuntu :: Run A Script With Scheduled Tasks?

Jun 27, 2011

i have made a search on this subject and i always find the cron to be the solution for me. But i am asking because i think what i want can be done differently. i have a command line to grab stream and save it. i want this command to be run at different time (hours) on specific days. i should use the "at", as far as i saw here on the forum. But are there other way to do it? can i have a simple script that i run the day of the event, before this occur?

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Ubuntu :: Tool For Automating Repeated Tasks?

Feb 10, 2010

I want a tool, which can record my actions on the gnome desktop and play it again. I must be able to edit the recorded script.

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Ubuntu :: Installed A Version With No Desktop, Best Way To Do These Tasks?

Mar 6, 2010

Ok so i have a IOn based PC that i use for only xbmc. I previously had a full ubuntu 9.11 install.

I had to reformat the drive but i could not get audio working. I gave the ION Optimized live CD a go and it worked with HDMI audio running perfectly. The thing is when i close xbmc i don't have a desktop, it just goes to command line.

I need to install lirc, copy some keymap files into my xbmc folder and then setup wireless. What would be the best way? Can it all be done through command line? Can i install a desktop environment?

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Ubuntu :: Add Two Separate Tasks/jobs To Cron?

Jul 13, 2010

I want to add two separate tasks/jobs to Cron that needs to run every 10 minutes, but I would like the second job to kick off only 5 minutes after the first job. Is there any way this could be done within Cron?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Purge Tasks In Evolution 2.30.3?

Jan 11, 2011

I'm running evolution 2.30.3 in ubuntu 10.10, with unity desktop, and I can't find the "purge" option for the tasks. As it disappeared or is it just me not finding it ? Also, while I'm here, I understand that unity is still in development. Where can I report the issues I notice while running it ?

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Fedora :: How To Prioritize Tasks?

Jul 14, 2011

Assume I`m a newbie and I want to run two CPU-consuming tasks but with different priorities - I mean one to get more CPU time that the other. How to achieve this in Fedora?

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Software :: Set Top Box With Scheduling Of Tasks On 2.6.12

Mar 10, 2010

We are seeing some strange behavior on a Set top Box with the scheduling of tasks. We use 2.6.12 kernel. The issue is when we create a Task, say task1 with a priority of 46.But,this task is not Scheduled to run by the scheduler right away. It gets chance to run only after sometime. What we see here is that I create many other tasks with lower priority than task1,but they are immediately scheduled. Ideally, the task1 should have got scheduled before certain other low priority tasks as it has higher priority. Any patch is available wrt this?

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Software :: Waiting For Other Tasks

May 26, 2010

for the past several months now, whenever the YUM-deamon goes to automatically update, it just says "waiting for other tasks" and after about 10 min it says "can't get yum lock, other program accessing yum" or something to that effect.i get the same message if i try to manually install programs using the graphical program in gNu.

is there another deamon that also could be using yum or the database for programs? i haven't had too much time to trouble shoot the past few months, so i can't give you better descriptions i'm afraid.

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