Ubuntu :: Everytime GRUB2 Updates, Lose The Ability To Boot?

May 7, 2010

Basically, I cannot load 10.04 without 'nomodeset' being set in the boot line. Is there a way to make GRUB2 append this to every entry automatically?

Can I change the entry I have now somehow? Not a fan of GRUB2 so far here.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 10.10 Will Have Grub2 And So The Ability To Boot On Efi System?

Sep 23, 2010

Looks like 10.10 will have grub2 and so the ability to boot on efi system. I have a macbook pro 6.2.Will maverick install on this machine as normal dual boot with no need of refit support?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Windows Clients Lose Ability To Resolve Local Domain Names

Dec 2, 2010

I have an internal domain (dev.lan) for which my Ubuntu server is authoritative. We have a number of subdomains under that domain (test.dev.lan, svn.dev.lan, etc.). The server also acts as the primary DNS server for my office. It was originally set up under Ubuntu 8 and worked great.

However, ever since we upgraded to Ubuntu 10, our Windows clients periodically lose the ability to resolve domains on the dev.lan domain. Internal IP addresses can still be pinged from the Windows machines so it does not appear to be a network-connectivity issue. External domain names continue to resolve without any problems. The only workaround is to restart networking on the Windows clients. It's frustrating because it happens several times a day.

bind9 logs no obvious error messages.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Booting - Restore Grub2 Preferably Without Having To Lose Any Files?

Sep 1, 2011

so i've just installed Burg loader in a PC which dual-booted Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04 with no problem using grub2 in the past. But after i installed burg it just boots up straight into the Windows OS and Ubuntu is nowhere to be found. Is there a way to restore grub2 preferably without having to lose any files?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub2 Lost Everytime Windows Boots?

Jun 10, 2010

I have a dual boot system with Lucid Lynx and a Windows 7 that came with the laptop (it's a Dell Studio with an i3 processor).

Grub2 boots into Win7 and Ubuntu just fine. The thing is that if I choose Win7, next time Grub doesn't show up. I can't boot anything and the screen turns black. I can reinstall grub2 with Ubuntu's live CD and the cycle starts all over again, it's very annoying.

These facts may or may not be important: I think that this started happening when I uninstalled wubi after being able to install ubuntu through another method When reinstalling grub there's an error that repeats through many lines of the terminal (I can't remember what it says, if you think it's important I can check). Anyway, it ends up saying the installation finished successfully.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub2 Can't Load Window 7 After Recovered Grub2 Using Live Cd To Boot Windows 7

Mar 7, 2010

i initilally installed ubuntu 9.10 then installed windows 7 ,then i recovered grub2 using livecd as told in the post [URL] i did "sudo update-grub" and got windows 7 menu entry but when i select that entry windows 7 does not load but the grub2 is reloaded again.
i cant boot to windows 7.

Windows 7 have 100 mb partition "System Reserved" the grub2 points to that partition but still windows 7 not loaded.

sudo fdisk -l
Disk /dev/sda: 320.1 GB, 320072933376 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 38913 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x3c3a81f5


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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub2 Dosn't Save Windows As Last Selected + Boot Into Cdrom From Grub2?

May 17, 2010

I went through so many post but I haven't found the proper answer yet hope you have an Idea1. Grub2 saves only Linux OS as last selected no Windows OS2.It is possible to boot into a cdrom (drive)?

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Ubuntu :: Crashes Everytime Boot?

Apr 13, 2010

first of all I would like to say that Im not a very advanced Ubuntu (8.04 Hardy Heron) user. I have used it a couple of months, and got a long with it fine.. Yet, suddenly everytime I boot the Laptop the screen is Black with white lines, (no the monitor is not broken). When it asks me to chose a O.S. I have tried different ones. I can get into recovery mode without problems. Yet, when I start any other version (Ive got different ones, .16,.17 (I dont know why)) it freezes at the login screen. I can move the mouse but the caps lock doesnt even work. Sometimes (1 in 20 times) I do get to login, but after about 2-5 minutes the computer freezes.. (again i can move the mouse but nothing else works). Thats why I wont be able to use Gparted or any other programs to completely delete Ubuntu! I dont have another pc, so I wont be able to download that either.

What I have tried is reinstalling Ubuntu, yet it just kept the other Ubuntu versions no the computer. What I would like to know from you guys, how can I delete everything that is on my harddrive, so I can use the Ubuntu CD to reinstall?And yet another question, what problems could there be with my computer? I don't have windows, could it still be a virus? What parts of the laptop could cause this problem?I know that I have been quite repetitive throughout this post, I just want to cover everything.

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Ubuntu :: Everytime Boot Up - IceAuthority File ?

Apr 12, 2010

Everytime I boot up, I get this error about my ICEauthority file thing not working.

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Ubuntu :: Installed XP-SP3 On Second HD, Lost Ability To Boot?

Sep 6, 2010

I've been running Jaunty on my drive D: with XP Professional on a separate partition. Today I formatted a different drive, C:, which had previously shown up in GRUB as XP Home Edition, and placed a new XP Professional on it.

Now when both HDs are connected, C: boots without GRUB starting, and when I disconnect C:, the GRUB on D: starts, but cannot find the XP Professional NTDLR. I don't want to take up too much of anyone's time here with this; I'm mostly just curious as to what may have happened?

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Apple :: Lost Ability To Boot Into Ubuntu After Repartition / What To Do?

Jan 21, 2010

I wanted to update to the latest ubuntu but was short a couple of gigs in my linux partition. So i created a Gparted Live bootdisk and repartitioned my hard drive: i took 5 gigs from my mac os partition and moved it to the linux partition...

After that i could no longer see any boot option aside from Mac OS when starting the computer with the option key held down. So i thought maybe rEFIt might be the solution (i have no idea what i'm doing really) and installed refit. I'm not sure what that achieved - i can still only see one boot option (mac os - although it's now named 'refit'...)

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Fedora Installation :: Lost Ability To Boot Into Ubuntu On Another Partition

Nov 10, 2010

I wanted to experiment with Fedora 14.

The machine has Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10.

Before today when I turned the machine on there was a black screen with many Linux kernels to choose from and Windows.

I created another for Fedora and installed it on there - the Ubuntu root partition is still there.

When I boot now, there is a blue Fedora screen with just it and Windows.

To make matters worse Fedora doesn't work with my graphics card (Matrox). I would like to get Fedora working but still want to have the ability to use Ubuntu again.

What do I need to change to be able to boot into Ubuntu again and how do I do it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Triple OS - Ability To Selectively Boot Into All 3

Jan 17, 2010

I think I've got myself into a bit of a situation. I've got 3 operating systems across 2 hard drives, and i need to get them loading properly.

I have my primary ubuntu 8.10 install @

I have a new Windows XP install @

And I have a new install of Ubuntu 9.10 @

I'd like to be able to selectively boot into all 3 until I can return my current 8.10 install. Can someone show me how to get my /boot/grub/menu.lst file in order?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Boot - Grub Rescue Prompt And No Ability To Load Into Either Old 10.10 Or New Failed 11.04

Apr 17, 2011

I have a laptop with Windows 7, and about a week ago I installed Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit via LiLi USB creator. Worked beautifully, but I was having some issues with the brightness controls so I decided to get cute and upgrade to 11.04. So I downloaded the beta2 and used LiLi to make the USB (unsupported for that version of course) which used the same parameters as 10.10. I then tried to do a fresh install over the partition I had set aside for Ubuntu and had 10.10 installed on (~80 GB).

So in the installation itself, something got majorly screwed, and the entire system froze. Next thing I knew, I was rebooting and got the Grub Rescue prompt and no ability to load into either my old Ubuntu 10.10 or my new failed 11.04, or of course my Windows 7 partition either. The partition is obviously there, and as I only have one PC in my house, with no Windows 7 recovery discs, I currently cannot fix the mbr to just get my Windows back. I can of course get this in a couple days, but I'd like to be able to fix this without going to my parents.


Those are my partitions. /dev/sda3 is my Windows Partition, which I want to boot from. Only problem is, I'm not really sure where the computer is looking to find the boot record. I think it's from my fubarred /dev/sda4 partition which means it's basically looking nowhere. So I can't modify it to point to my Windows so I can just get back there.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub2 - Turning A Dual Boot Into Single Boot?

Feb 10, 2010

I recently got a netbook and setup as dual boot between win7 starter and 9.10 (64bit). Win 7 starter is not impressive so i want to nuke it and give the space all to my /USR partion. I am comfortable working with Gparted and assume that i can launch using my gparted live usb and delete the windows partion and then resize the /usr partion.

what changes do i need to make w/ Grub2? I would prefer not to see the Grub menu at all and have it load right the main kernel if possible. Also, if this is possible is there a way to get to the Grub menu during boot should i need to select a different kernel?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub2 - Dual Boot Karmic / Unable To Boot Into Archlinux Partition

Feb 15, 2010

After installing karmic with Grub2 I am unable to boot into Archlinux partition. Grub2 has removed the last line of the Archlinux boot stanza! It used to read:-


Following the Grub2 tutorials I have tried editing /etc/grub.d/40_custom as follows:-


But no luck. Only way into Archlinux is to get into the edit shell and manually add the missing line and remove other stuff not needed. I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue and I am fairly p----d off

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Ubuntu :: Boot From A Grub2 Prompt When There Are Separate /boot And / Partitions?

Mar 6, 2011

I was yesterday evening experimenting inserting a script into /boot/grub/grub.cfg. Well I broke grub.cfg and had to try to boot from a grub2 prompt.I have separate /boot and / partitions on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 respectively.Working out the correct syntax for the boot to work was a little complicated, so I thought it would be useful to post the correct procedure here, in case anyone else has the same set up that I do (separate /boot and / partitions)At the grub prompt code:

grub> set prefix=(hd0,1)/grub
grub> insmod linux
grub> set root=(hd0,2)


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Ubuntu :: Grub2 Boot After Deleting Non-boot Partition?

Aug 14, 2010

I'm as big a fan of Linux as Linus Torvalds himself but it's things like this that help to keep Linux from becoming mainstream. I mean, how would I ever explain the need for the following procedure to a non-techie type, recent or prospective Ubuntu convert? The following is not a question, as I have finally resolved the issue but is more of a rant, I guess you could say. The reasons that I decided to post it are:

1) To hopefully help someone else experiencing this issue.

2) To point out the need for significant improvement in the area of editing partitions under Ubuntu Linux.
3) To vent my spleen.


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General :: Get Grub2 To Boot OS X With Graphics Mode Boot Option?

Apr 14, 2010

I've set up a triple boot system (Ubuntu Karmic, Windows Vista and OSX86 -- a patched OS X which works on a PC) on a Dell 9200 (C2D 2.13 GHz, 4GB RAM, nVidia G210). I sue Grub2 as the bootloader and update-grub picks up OS X and it boots without any problem.

However, although when booting OS X using its own Darwin bootloader, I can apply the boot option "Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32" to ensure that I get the screen resolution that I want, when OS X boots from Grub2, the only resolution available is 1024x768 which is disappointing. I have tried adding gfxmode=1650x1050x32 to the OS X section of /boot/grub/grub.cfg in Ubuntu but this does nothing.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Newer Kernel Updates AFTER 2.6.32-17 Has A Randomness At Boot Time Whether The System Will Completely Boot Or Not?

Jul 26, 2010

I've been having a problem on my AMD based machine, 4cpu, gigabyte ga-ma78gm-s2h Mobo, 8GB mem, two 2 terabyte Sata HDs.One thing I've found is that any kernel after 2.6.32-17 has a randomness at boot time whether the system will completely boot or not.

For instance just today I downloaded and installed 2.6.32-24

It fails to boot (I've tried cold boot, warm boot).Running its repair also fails to completely boot.My experience is that if I keep trying it "may" eventually boot but I believe there was some change after 2.6.32-17-generic that's causing the problem.Because as with which also fails to complete bootup many times... eventually my guess is that will also boot "sometimes".But why does always boot for me? Something changed and its not my setup.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Boot XP From Grub2 Menu

May 6, 2010

I'm having an odd dual-boot problem. Briefly, I can't boot Windows XP from its entry on the GRUB2 menu. If I set the disk order in BIOS so that the machine boots off the drive with Windows XP, XP starts normally. However, if I boot off the Ubuntu drive, which brings up the GRUB2 menu, choosing the "Windows 7 loader" option (why it says Windows 7 when there's only Windows XP is another question!) just makes my system reboot.

It appears there's some problem with the way GRUB2 attempts to start Windows XP. I'm also wondering why GRUB2 thinks it sees the Windows 7 loader. There shouldn't be any Windows 7 anything anywhere. I once had a Windows 7 RC install on the same disk as Windows XP, but I wiped the Windows 7 system partition and reallocated its space as just another NTFS partition. FWIW, GRUB2 is installed on the MBR of the disk containing my Ubuntu install. Windows XP has a different drive all to itself.

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Ubuntu :: Grub2 Won't Boot Windows 7?

Oct 27, 2010

I upgraded a while back to Windows 7. I run two separate HDDs, with debian on sda and windows on sdb.Everything worked fine, up until i upgraded to windows 7. The installer forced me to unplug sda and make sdb primary. After installing I repositioned the HDDs and was stuck with a "NTLDR is Missing" messageAfter removing the search -fs--uuid tag from grub.cfg, Windows 7 booted for a good 0.5 sec and then rebooted. All that flashed was the "Starting Windows" page. I see similar bugs reported in the launchpad, but nothing that directly parallels this Here's my windows entry in grub.cfg:

menuentry "Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (on /dev/sdb1)" {
insmod ntfs


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Ubuntu :: Grub2 Won't Boot Windows 7 ?

Nov 18, 2010

I've installed Xubuntu 10.10 on a very new EeePC 1201HA. The netbook came preconfigured from the OEM with the disk split into two Windows partitions of about the same size, one with Windows 7 starter. I removed the second partition (Which was just empty) and have installed a series of different distros since then, to try and gauge their support for the 1201HA hardware. I finally settled on Xubuntu, which can support most of the laptop's features with some tweaks.

However, after this last install, and a Grub config change needed to make the framebuffer work on this hardware, I'm unable to boot Windows 7.Grub shows it on the menu normally, but when I select the Windows 7 entry, I get the message 'Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key,' which I understand isn't from the OS but rather a BIOS message which implies there is no loader.

I've tried using the Windows 7 system restore to do everything short of rewriting the Windows bootloader to the MBR (Which would, of course, remove Grub and thus not solve my problem, as I couldn't load Ubuntu from it). I attempted to fix the boot sector on the partition with the system restore tools, to no avail. And because this is a netbook with no optical drive, I'm unable to reinstall from a disk.

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB2 Cannot Boot?

Jan 15, 2011

GRUB2 won't boot. It hangs just after the 'Boot from CD' thing in my BIOS.I've had 1.97 working on my PC about 24 hours ago, but I decided to start afresh and go for Xubuntu 10.10.I'll post the PC specs in the morning, but in the meantime, does anyone know how to fix this?It's going to be a Xubuntu only system, and I've tried to repair the GRUB files via the Live CD and here.

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Ubuntu Installation :: USB Boot Via GRUB2?

Mar 26, 2011

So I have a really old (about 10 years) desktop PC manufactured by Packard Bell, and would like to get Lubuntu 10.10 running on it. I had previously burnt a CD with it, but boot time was incredibly slow on the machine and installation of Lubuntu crashed my system. As a result, I created a LiveUSB (as you do).

When I entered my CMOS, I discovered the BIOS on my machine isn't able to boot from USB, and I wasn't able to find a BIOS update for my AMIBIOS chip on the American Megatrends website. So I booted my GParted Live CD and created an ext4 partition at /dev/sda3, which I proceeded to install GRUB2 onto via the commands:

$ sudo su
# mkdir /mnt/grub/
# mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/grub/
# grub-isntall --no-floppy --root-directory=/mnt/grub /dev/sda

This, as planned, succeeded; I can now get into a GRUB2 prompt when my machine boots...! The only problem is, GRUB2 won't detect my USB...or any device other than my hard drive

So, is there any way I can get GRUB2 to find my USB?

P.S. The USB works fine on my laptop, which does support USB booting. I can also boot the USB on my laptop via its GRUB2 command line, using:

grub> set root='(hd1,1)'
grub> chainloader +1
grub> boot

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Ubuntu :: Grub2 - How To Change Default Boot OS

Jan 6, 2010

How to remove OS's from the GRUB boot menu, and also, how can I change the default booter from Ubuntu to a different OS and edit timeout?

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Ubuntu :: Getting GRUB2 To Recognize Moblin And Actually Boot Into It?

Jan 7, 2010

Right, I've made some progress in regards to this. Moblin is now on the GRUB2 boot menu thanks to a sudo update-grub. But for some strange reason, it comes up with this the scenario in the first image when I go into its entry.

I tried doing some stuff to the /etc/default/grub, but that didn't even help. The second image shows the contents of /etc/default/grub.

I would really like Moblin to work. I am so close to getting it to work, yet so far because I can't even boot into it

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Ubuntu :: System Hanging On The Grub2 Boot Up?

Mar 1, 2010

I've read the various Grub2 posts and even the guide, but unfortunately for me I can't seem to come up with an answer to my problem. I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a new hard drive on a friends laptop, but I have problems with the system hanging on the Grub2 bootup.I'll post the screen

if [ -n ${have_grubenv} ]; then save-env recordfail; fi
set quiet=1
insmod ext2
set root=(hd0,1)
search --no floppy --fs-uuid --set ac1b1d46-bac1-4140--953e-70a8a61be8b0
linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUI=ac1b1d46-bac1-4140-953e-70a8a61be8b0 ro quiet splash
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-14-generic

If I hold down the left shift and then press E to edit and remove the search --no floppy line entirely then press ctrl-x the system boots just fine. I then opened up a terminal and did sudo update-grub to try that but it didn't fix it. Is this a problem in my bios looking for a floppy, I tried with the boot from floppy enabled and disabled (but always as the 3rd boot option) the floppy is not installed. Is there anyway to edit the file and save it so it will boot up? I was trying to research that and could not come up with it.

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Ubuntu :: Endless Boot Cycle With Xp In Grub2

Mar 23, 2010

I have recently been unable to boot into windows xp, which is on a drive separate from my linux installation. When I select the windows installation, the computer starts back at the bios screen and returns to grub endlessly. I am running an updated 9.10. The linux will boot fine; however the most recent kernel does not show up on the list of available options, which may indicate something. I have searched the forum and found nothing that helps. There are plenty of posts asking if you have stopped using windows altogether and other non tech related posts though.

The results of sudo fdisk -l are below:

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Ubuntu :: Grub2 \ When Go Boot From A DVD It Says To Load The Kernel First?

Mar 25, 2010

On Grub legacy i used a menu entry to boot from a DVD since the bios on my pc doesn't recognize my DVD burner.... So before on the old grub i can just added this menu entry and it all worked...title DVDroot(hd0,0)kernel /boot/grub/memdisk.bininitrdboot/grub/sbootmgr.dskthen grub 2 came along and that all changed..on the 40_custom file i added this

menuentry "Boot DVD Drive" {
set root=(hd0,0)
linux /boot/grub/memdisk.bin


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