Ubuntu :: Drop Down Menus Only Appear After Repeated Attempts?

Mar 25, 2011

I noticed with the recent version of Ubuntu, 10.10 that the drop down menus, when selected the sub menus doi not appear straight away. I have to repeatedly go up and down the menu until they appear. They often open a blank box and sometime once selected leave the menu on the screen. This happens on all my machines.

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Debian :: Log And Drop Outgoing Connection Attempts

Sep 11, 2015

I would like to log and drop outgoing connection attempts, but the log is not showing the destination IPs.I have the following Iptable rules for my browser:

Code: Select alliptables -N LOGGING
iptables -A OUTPUT -j LOGGING
iptables -A LOGGING -j LOG --log-prefix "browser connections: " --log-level 6
iptables -A LOGGING -j DROP

Only after removing the DROP line it works.

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Ubuntu :: Customizing The System Drop-down Menus?

May 6, 2010

I just upgraded to 10.04, and now I can't figure out how to customize the color of the system drop-down menus (Applications > Accessories, etc.). After I made a change to the appearance, the colors became all washed out (as in the screenshot), and now I can't figure out how to darken the drop-down menus. Anybody have any tips? My ultimate goal is a darkened version of the new Ambiance theme (think XFCE Dusk colors with Ambiance buttons and layout).If it helps, I just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04, and I've had KDE, XFCE, and GNOME all installed (and most of each set is still there, as I'm experimenting with each one).Also, the system tray is no longer home to a sound volume button, is it supposed to be that way? How to I get one back up there?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Menus & Drop Downs Not Working?

Jan 13, 2010

The Update Manager told me to update my Firefox. Now the menus do not appear when I click on "File", "Edit" etc. They do not appear with the short-cut keys (Alt-F etc). Nor do the list boxes unroll for the address bar or to select different search engines.

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Ubuntu :: Drop-down Menus On DeviantArt (screenshot Included)?

Aug 25, 2010

There is a strange gray bar under the search bar (top left corner) and the Login and Shop drop-down menus won't work for some reason.

I'm using Lucid lynx and the default FireFox browser that comes with it.

I guess I should note that I don't have problems with drop down menus on other websites.

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Ubuntu :: Viewing Photobucket - Distorted Drop-down Menus

Jun 27, 2011

I am running Lucid Lynx and find that when I look at a page on photobucket that I get different views on chromium 12.0.742.91 and firefox 3.6.18.

The bad effect is at [url] The normal appearance is at [url]

Has anyone seen anything like this? I assume that photobucket is using Flash - I have shockwave flash 10.3 r181 from the distro.

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Fedora :: Drop-down Menus Change Colors Across Applications?

Jul 21, 2011

I'm using Fedora 15, Gnome Shell. Standard window decoration (Adwaita).

Some applications use one set of colors for drop-down menus; other applications use another set of colors.

Nautilus, e.g., uses a white / bright blue combination. Quodlibet and Firefox both use a greyish blue. see attached screenshots.

Are your Gnome applications also doing this sort of thing in Fedora 15 and Gnome Shell?

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox Drop-down Menus Vanish When Scrolling Onto Them?

Aug 7, 2011

This is a problem I had in Ubuntu some years ago that just seemed to go away; sporadically I will want to select a website by positioning the cursor over the drop-down arrow to the right side of the url box- after the list is displayed it will vanish immediately when I attempt to position the cursor over it to make a selection. Minimizing then maximizing Firefox resolves it.

A minor problem yes - but it would be nice to not have to deal with it.

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Ubuntu :: Adobe Reader Invisible Menus - Unreadable Gray Drop Down

Aug 9, 2011

I've just scrubbed Windows 7 starter edition and installed Ubuntu 10.10 (netbook?) on an Asus EEE PC 1008HA. When I installed Adobe Reader(9.4.1-1_i486), I do not see any of the menus. It seems to work fine apart from that, but the main reason I want to use it is the "read aloud" functionality. The menus are visible at the top of the screen, "File Edit View Document Window Help" but as soon as I click any of these I just get a grey drop down, with grey writing, so I obviously can't read any of the menus.

I'm happy to use something other than Adobe Reader, but I've tried xpdf (very old) and kpdf (not maintained) and ePDFViewer, but none of these seem to have the "read aloud" functionality. As it happens, currently the read aloud doesn't even work with Adobe Reader, because when I right click and choose Page Display Preferences, all the options for read aloud are greyed out... but I'll probably be able to figure that one out myself if I can get the menus to appear.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Totem - Video Stays On Top Of Drop Down Menus And Video Remains When Change Windows?

May 30, 2011

this happens with both VLC and Totem, when in either of those programs playing a video, if I click on one of the top menus, say View in Totem, the video stays on top of the drop down options. In order to see the options I have to hover over them with the mouse at which point they become momentarily visible. I read a post somewhere where someone had a similar problem and it was solved by reinstalling Compiz, but I've tried uninstalling it entirely, reinstalling it, etc. and none of it works. It doesn't happen with flash videos in firefox, it does happen with visualisations in Totem, and it only started happening since I upgraded to 11.04.

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Ubuntu :: Repeated Crashes, How To Determine The Cause

Sep 23, 2010

Ubuntu is repeatedly crashing on me. It seems to be Xorg crashing, but apport only reports that various apps are crashing.The screen will go blank with a blinking dash cursor in the upper left. Then a dialog box will popup and say that xorg is running in low resolution mode. I can click ok and everything comes back up fine, but any running apps are gone.

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Ubuntu :: Tool For Automating Repeated Tasks?

Feb 10, 2010

I want a tool, which can record my actions on the gnome desktop and play it again. I must be able to edit the recorded script.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache Process Is Repeated?

May 17, 2010

I am using ubuntu 8.10 server for running my sugar crm. because of some reason I can see multiple instances of apache2 running when I issue top command. can I further know about the problem that is occuring.

I know this is more of sugarcrm or php or apache problem but I would like to track the problem.

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Ubuntu One :: Repeated Sync Of Nonexistent File

Sep 1, 2011

U1 is trying to sync a file which doesn't exist on any of the devices attached to the account nor in the cloud folder. I've tried using U1sdtool to stop it, including the following commands:

I've also tried actually creating a file of the same name that it keeps trying to sync in the hopes that it will latch onto that one instead, but no go. I tried deleting that file, but no go. It constantly loops through the same nonexistent file, over and over and over and over and over...

It also only does this on one device. It does not do that on the other devices.

And, yes, I've done u1sdtool --waiting, and there is the nonexistent file, on the list, with all of the real files that actually do need to be synced backed up behind it.

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Ubuntu :: Repeated, Changing Boot In Lucid?

Sep 23, 2010

after having some boot issues not so long ago, i was pointed in the direction of rescatux, which solved my problem at the time. now im having a number of other issues. i am dual booting isodora mint and lucid ubuntu.when my lucid distro is working, it often becomes totally unresponsive during everyday tasks and when i go to restart (or any of the other options) from the shut down menu, i get the window appearing blank.upon rebooting (by pressing ENTER, which works even though there are no buttons within the window), it tells me to either insert boot media or there is a grub failure. this happens almost every session on the computer.

on the times when it says 'insert boot media', generally speaking turning it off for an extended period tends to work. the times when a grub failure occurs, going through rescatux's rescap leads to no other partitions being identified at least 90% of the time.is this something that anyone recognizes the signs for and can offer me a solution? or does this sound like an intermittent hardware problem?

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General :: How To Schedule For A Repeated Task

May 2, 2010

I need to schedule for a repeated task on my Linux, as the followings:

-) Telnet to a remote node
-) Issue a command
-) Capture the output in a log
-) Logout from Telnet
-) Wait for a prescribed time interval
-) Then redo , but append the subsequent output in just on file

know which options do we have to write such a task?

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Fedora :: Fix For WPA2 TKIP Repeated Asking For Password?

Sep 24, 2009

I just wanted to get this out:

I have had this problem (entering the correct password and having Fedora repeatedly ask me for the password again) for a long time (since FC9) and have recently found what I believe to be a solution.

I know, you'll probably think it's extremely simple, but I just wanted to help any newbies to Fedora who might have the same problem as me.


Right click on the Network Manager icon, and select "Edit Connections"

Go to the Wireless tab, and delete the entry for your wireless!Then manually re enter all of the settings.

This worked for me with a WPA2 TKIP connection, but it might work with a WPA2 AES also.

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General :: Define A String Of Repeated Characters?

Feb 5, 2011

this seems like it should be a simple thing, but I can't find it. Is there a bash shell command that allows you to create a string of repeated characters? Like a string of 100 '*'?

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Programming :: Bash Calculate The Repeated Lines?

Jan 28, 2010

i have a sorted file with many repeated lines like this:



i need to calculated haw many times each line is repeated, for ex

1ujw 2
1ul1 1
1us7 5

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CentOS 5 :: Repeated Falls Interface Eth1?

Jul 30, 2010

Looking at my logs note that the eth1 interface falls and rises many times.

Jul 30 04:29:42 localhost kernel: e1000e: eth1 NIC Link is Down
Jul 30 04:29:44 localhost kernel: e1000e: eth1 NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: None


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Ubuntu Networking :: Accessing Windows Share, Repeated Request For Authentication?

Jul 31, 2010

I am using Kubuntu 10.04, but I am posting here because the Kubuntu forums seems to be user agnostic. I just couldn't get past the verificaiton process. This should be a general networking problem that Ubuntu users can answer. On my home network, I have a Windows machine whose shared folders I can access from one machine running Ubuntu 9.04. I've had to do no network configuration on Ubuntu, it just works out of the box. On Windows I do not have a password that I use to login. Ubuntu does not ask for it either.

But on Kubuntu, when I browse the network samba shares, I can see my Windows share, open it, navigate it, but every time I cd into another level in the share or click on a file (say a music file to play), the authentication window pops up asking for a user name and password. What login information should I use here? I tried my Windows user name and a blank password,

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Ubuntu Installation :: Kubuntu 11.04 32bit Fails To Boot After Repeated Installs?

May 1, 2011

I made a post in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10753227 but I guess it's closed.I'm having the same issue. I've installed Kubuntu 11.04 32bit twice now. Both times it doesn't do anything when it reboots.No output to the screen.When I boot to the LiveCD and chroot or simply mount the /dev/sda device and run sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdaIt says grub installs successfully, but it doesn't fix the problem.

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General :: Checking If Table Name Is Repeated In File And If Yes - Remove It ?

Jan 20, 2011

I have an output file that looks like this:


Now if you see the first line:



This should appear just once as :


The same goes for last line.

For further information the ACCOUNT_MISSING_FRM_RCIS_LINK is a table name and it row count is taken from a log and then Database checked for the rowcount to see if it is a match,mismatch,or the table does not exist!

I am getting the desird output just that i need to do something to this output file.

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General :: Directory Hierarchy Getting Repeated In Mvfs File System

Feb 9, 2011

I have a mvfs file system mounted.


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Ubuntu :: Give Access To A Server In Order To Make Repeated Trials Of Traceroute To Different Hosts

Feb 15, 2011

I want to give access to a student to a server in order to make repeated trials of traceroute to different hosts. We have realized that it is preferable to use the -T option, as it sends TCP packets that are less commonly blocked by firewalls. However, this option is only available to superusers, and I don't want to grant the student such privileges.

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Networking :: Turned On Query Logging On Our Name Server And Immediately Saw Repeated Queries For?

May 14, 2010

I recently turned on query logging on our name server and immediately saw repeated queries for . (dot). I've not seen this before. It looks like a really sloppy DOS. What would this return if my NS was misconfigured?

May 13 18:11:41.710 queries: info: client query: . IN NS
May 13 18:11:42.083 queries: info: client query: . IN NS
May 13 18:11:42.788 queries: info: client query: . IN NS


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General :: New Install Of Debian Of PPC G4 Not Booting With Repeated Message - Drive Not Ready

Mar 17, 2010

I just installed Debian onto a PowerPC G4 Tower with two hard drives. I left OS X on one of the drives and reformatted and installed Debian on the other, using the installer from the 60Mb ISO from the Debian website.

The installation had no issues and it starts yaboot and Debian no problem.

After about 2 minutes of the booting up process, it starts to output this, every five seconds:

While this happens, other things still continue load and it outputs occasional messages and even gets to "Debian Login:" where if you type really quickly and hit enter, it takes it and prompts for "Password:" right after the next round of the above messages.

I have not been able to completely log in yet.

I can start up into the shell as root with "Linux single" with no problems.

I think this might have something to do with the second Mac OS Formatted Hard drive. I have considered unplugging that drive and testing it that way, but I am looking for a solution to turn off whatever script is running that every five seconds and failing, regardless of what it is trying to do.

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Ubuntu :: Stop Mouse Clicks Being Repeated - Minimum Delay For Double Click / Debounce Setting?

Jul 7, 2010

When I click once with my bluetooth mouse (Logitech M550b), about one time in three ubuntu receives two clicks.I'm not sure if this is a problem with the mouse or a bug in the OS, but even if it is a problem with the mouse these two clicks arrive at the same time, way too quickly to be a genuine double click.I have searched everywhere (including all the options in gconf-editor) and cannot find where the debounce delay is set for mice. Debounce should ensure that two clicks occurring in rapid succession are interpreted as a single click and thereby solve my problem.

The mouse settings window and gconf-editor both have a setting for 'maximum double click delay', but nothing for 'minimum double click delay' (AKA debounce delay). Does anyone know how I can change the setting so that two simultaneous clicks from the same mouse will be interpreted as a single click?Alternatively, does anyone know of an ubuntu bug which might be causing a single click to be interpreted as two simultaneous clicks? I suspect that the mouse is not the source of problem but have not had a chance to test it on another machine to confirm.I've searched the forum history and found lots of other people having the same problem of phantom double clicks, but nobody has found a solution in any of the previous threads.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04: How To Limit SSH Login Attempts

Apr 25, 2011

How do I limit the max login attempts in the sshd_config file? I found a way to do it on Google some time back but I can't find it now. I have Denyhost already, but I really wanna do the "MAx Login Attempts" what ever it was that I was able to do in the config file.

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Ubuntu :: Sudo: 3 Incorrect Password Attempts

Feb 7, 2010

My root filesystem recently filled up. I finally established why - that my /media directory had filled up due to the USB-attached device having been unmounted for whatever reason, and SimpleBackup tried backing up without the mount in place - thereby filling up the filesystem.

I discovered that the root directory was full when the machine tried to get updates, and couldn't. So, I went into /media and tried to delete the backup directory and file(s) that were in that directory, but it tells me that permission is denied. So I try to SUDO the same command, and it tells me 3 times in a row, "Sorry, try again", followed by "sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts".

So, how to I get root privileges back again?

name@machine:/media$ sudo rm -R FreeAgent
Sorry, try again.
Sorry, try again.
Sorry, try again.


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