Ubuntu :: Customize Karmic Boot Process?

Jan 5, 2010

I would like to customize my bootprocess on Karmic Koala.on <= jaunty i have been using the bootupmanager but on karmic it does not list all the processes and their state properly. so i think the internal changes within the karmic bootprocess have made bum inoperable. which is not that bad since karmic boots much faster but still i would like to make some changes to karmics boot.

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Ubuntu :: Customize File Folders In Karmic?

May 27, 2010

Is there a way that I can download either a new folder management system for Ubuntu Karmic or at least customize the current one so it works better? I don't like when I'm trying to find a certain file such as a .mp3 and I can't sort it by the name of the artist or the name of the show? I know that the actual MP3 file as the meta data embedded into the file but with Ubuntu Karmic I can't seem to set it so it will display in the List Columns. When I tried to go to List columns to change the preferences it only gives me limited options of what I can display and most of them our useless such as MIME type, Octal Permissions, SELinux context, etc.. I want to have columns such as Name, artist, author, album, etc...

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot Karmic And Xp (karmic Installed)?

Jan 21, 2010

What's the right direction or give me step by step on how to do this?

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Server :: Kickstart Customize Boot Menu Creation?

Aug 3, 2011

create the menu and submenu in isolinux.cfgWe do have a lot sites,ach sites using different Linux OS customization. So i need to create menu and submenu to select the appropriate OS image for the respective sites to do the installation through kickstart

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub2 - Dual Boot Karmic / Unable To Boot Into Archlinux Partition

Feb 15, 2010

After installing karmic with Grub2 I am unable to boot into Archlinux partition. Grub2 has removed the last line of the Archlinux boot stanza! It used to read:-


Following the Grub2 tutorials I have tried editing /etc/grub.d/40_custom as follows:-


But no luck. Only way into Archlinux is to get into the edit shell and manually add the missing line and remove other stuff not needed. I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue and I am fairly p----d off

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Ubuntu :: Boot From The Disk - Boot Failure - Never Continues With Any Process

Jan 16, 2010

when i try to boot from the disk i burned, the screen show to lines of code, then pauses and never continues with any process.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic 9.1 Never Completes Boot?

Mar 16, 2010

System has been working fine until recently bootups started taking longer and longer. Finally the other day after waiting 15 minutes or so I gave up.

I was able to log in with the xfce option (small command line with no windowing support). From this I observed that I could run all my programs (but without windowing support) and that the system seemed generally healthy (as did the hard drive).

I found /etc/Xsession and ran

sudo ./Xsession

This successfully loaded X (is that it?) rather quickly, but everything was
running as root. That's what I'm in on now.

So it seems that there's some kind of problem with an init script failing to load X at some point. Or it could be more complex.

Specifically, the computer presented the login option for the gui and I logged in as my non-root user. Then I got the swirling lights with the bird in flight background (dark blue). It never progresses beyond this, and the hard drive is whirring consistently until I shut the computer off.

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Ubuntu :: Error 22. Karmic Will Not Boot?

Apr 25, 2010

I have karmic 9.10 on a 250GB HDD and my 'STORAGE DRIVE' on a 1TB HDDThere is no dual boot - just karmic. Both HDDs are in Caddies.All has been well for many months. Suddenly Karmic will only boot if the STORAGE DRIVE is dis-connected.Karmic will boot if it is the only drive in the machine.The error message when both drives are in is:- Grub Loading Stage 1.5Please waitError 22blinking cursor and nothing else.....I have searched Google but despite many posts on this error message, I cannot find a similar issue where the machine won't boot.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic Koala Won't Boot?

Feb 17, 2011

am running Ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop via USB external HDD.Currently it will not boot.I get the logo followed be an immediate filesystem check.At 90% complete it check crashes followed by the following:

init: mountall main process (500) terminated with status 3
Mount of filesystem failed.
A maintenance shell will now be stated.
CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and re-try.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Boot Live Karmic CD?

Apr 25, 2010

When I insert the Live karmic CD,t will load up to the point of starting X then the monitor shuts down into "out of range". I hear the loading music in the back round but no X or display. Now, I can load a live Knoppix CD just fine. It starts up and I have a display. I'm using an ATI-9600 graphics card

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Ubuntu Installation :: Karmic Freezes During Boot?

Jan 11, 2010

I have been getting squashfs errors in the live usb created by various means(unetbootin,usbcreater,pendrive linux software).

There seems to be no error in my media or my hw. I have tried both 32 and 64 bit versions and the md5 sums of both match with the hashes given online. I havent yet tested with a compact disk, but i am sure the hw is working fine (it just booted 9.04 from usb..)

I have tried a few boot options [URL] to no avail. Also by turning off the quiet mode during boot, I see that the a few errors are "Unable to read from /dev/sdb" which should be the usb drive itself.

I will try a CD now, but my cd drive is not working. I hope to get a usb drive and boot from it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Win XP And Karmic?

Jan 17, 2010

I like ubuntu and want to start using it more, but because of a work website that I need to access (developed for IE and only IE or Firefox running IETAB has full functionality) , I still need to use XP. Is it better to install Ubuntu on a partition or install within Windows and use Windows loader?? I see the two choices when using the Ubuntu CD I made. I already have XP Pro SP3 installed on my thinkpad T60 with dual core CPU and 3G RAM What are the advantages or disadvantages?

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General :: Can't Boot Karmic

Apr 22, 2010

Anytime I turn my computer on, I get to the GRUB loading screen, select anything and then it shuts down again. I don't think I've really done anything that might have caused this? I only (re)installed it yesterday and the only things I've touched since then are ndiswrapper and wicd to get my internet working. Last night, I just let it idle out and now this. There are no dvds/cds inserted, nor any flashdrives.

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Ubuntu :: Boot: Karmic Won't Start, Dropping Into Initramfs?

Jan 23, 2010

I'm running Karmic on an AMD 64 on Efficient PC (Re-badged Asus Anubis), with Nvidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio card.In recent days my system has been freezing, although this has generally been solved with a reboot.Now, however, GRUB is failing to start Karmic, and is dropping me into initramfs.I have tried a systemrescue cd (see here http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page), which when I switch on slows down at

ATA1 port is slow to respond
forcing hard reset
comreset failed errno=-16


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Ubuntu :: Improper Shutdown And I Can Not Boot Karmic / Make It Possible?

Jan 25, 2010

Now, this is the case:

Yesterday, i tried to boot up my laptop but the battery was uncharged and it was unable to boot ubuntu karmic 64 bit. so i tried to plug the charger as soon as possible but when i looked at the screen, there was a huge black blank screen. so i had to restart it manually by pressing the power button. Now, i can see the grub screen, i can choose one of three kernels and the Windows. But only Windows can boot but the others doesn't. And also, grub timer does not work not. It does not count down to zero and autoboot the default os. I tried to reinstall grub but everytime , i got problems. Here is what i tried to do. In another try here, i failed again. In chroot, i could not "apt-get install" as it said i wasn't connected to internet (but i was), and in another try, it could not find p/rmonct /mnt/etc/resolv.conf.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic Freezes On Boot Up During Splash Screen?

Feb 14, 2010

I set up a dual boot on my laptop a few days ago, between Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10 (installed from Live CD). All the hardware is working fine.

Anyway, SOMEtimes, during the splash screen , the screen turns off (physically turns off) and the hard disk seems to stop. I cant do anything appart from force it to power down.

Yet sometimes, it boots up fine.

I want Ubuntu to work first time EVERY time.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic 64bit Boot Hangs With 4GB In Machine?

Feb 19, 2010

I have Karmic 64 bit installed, originally with 2GB of memory. The motherboard will take up to 16GB, and I decided to double to 4GB. When I put in the 4 memory sticks (1GB each) and reboot, it gets past grub2, to the ubuntu "circle" symbol, the screen blacks out and that is it. No desktop, no further action that I can tell from the box, just a black screen. The video feed to the monitor, from what I get with the power light is gone and no activity on the drive.

If I take out one of the memory sticks, it boots happily up with 3GB and runs fine. Put the 4th back in, same behavior. I tried swapping out the old memory, putting in the 2 new sticks, everything works fine. Add in the other two (the old ones), the problem shows again. I thought I might be the last memory slot, so I removed the one from the 3rd slot, works fine. All in all, it works fine with 3GB, but hangs on boot with the 4GB.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 Karmic Koala - Lvm And Grub2 Boot?

Feb 21, 2010

I am having problem in grub2 fails to boot the system. I get the error:

Booting from local disk...
GRUB loading.
error: no such disk
System setup:

It's a Dell XPS400 PC with 160 GB HDD. I have a non-LVM, primary partition for the boot file system (/boot) of 200 MB. I also have seven logical volumes (LVM partitions): six for each of the /(root), swap, /home, /usr, /var and /tmp, and one vbox_win_xp_base as a raw disk for running Win XP in the Virtualbox. I went on to configure all these without rebooting the system in between. Later I also updated to the kernel version 2.6.31._20. Next day I decided to reboot my system. But then the bootloader (GRUB2 in my case) won't able to boot it and gives the error mentioned above.


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Ubuntu :: Unable To Boot Toshiba Running Karmic?

Feb 25, 2010

Have been using Karmic kaola for a few months on my toshiba tecra laptop..as of yesterday unable to boot up..all I get is a black screen on start up with no further activity..no bios menu etc..the led lights up for the power source and occasionally lights up on the hard drive which seems to make some noise as if trying to function...did connect it up to an external monitor which displayed the start up toshiba logo but then came up with the message error: "invalid enviroment block" unable to load default boot entries.am wondering if 1. there is a fault with the grub set up?2. Something more serious as my laptop screen refuses to function?3. Will I be able to retrieve my hard drive data using ubuntu live cd connected to an external monitor?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading From FC To Karmic On Triple Boot Mac

Mar 14, 2010

I have a Core 2 Duo iMac that I had set up for triple boot using Fedora Core (probably FC8 )and GRUB, Windows XP Pro, and Mac OS X v10.5. Some time ago, I had to blow out and reinstall my Windows installation because it had developed errors, but this also blew out my GRUB, leaving the Fedora install non-bootable. Since I never really used FC on this machine much, I didn't worry.

Lately, I've acquired an hp Mini 110, on which I'm running Linux Mint 8 (Helena), and I'd like to upgrade my FC partition on the iMac to Karmic, but when I run the installer, it won't let me use all of the existing Linux partition, instead wanting to resize it to accommodate both FC and Ubuntu.

How do I make the installer simply replace FC with Karmic, using the entire existing partition? I'm sure earlier versions of Linux that I've used had a simple "erase all Linux partitions and install" option, and the "Manual" option doesn't appear to read the existing partition information (I was too afraid to go any further).

I ended up quitting the installer, which put me into the Live CD environment, where I used the File Browser to "Format..." the Linux partition, but when I went back to the installer, I ran into the same problem, and it didn't seem to matter if I unmounted the existing partitions or not.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Karmic Cd Won't Boot With Wd15ears Hdd Connected?

Apr 2, 2010

I'm trying to install ubuntu on a wd15ears hdd. Booting from the CD works fine when I don't have any drives connected, or some other drives connected, but if my new wd15ears 1.5TB hdd is connected, after the boot menu the pulsating ubuntu logo will pulsate for a while, and then I'll only see the blinking cursor in the top left corner of my screen. The hdd light is constantly on and nothing happens. Can anyone help me please? Is there a way to put the boot in verbose mode so I can see what fails, instead of seeing the ubuntu logo?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot After Karmic To Lucid Upgrade?

May 3, 2010

I made the mistake of trying to upgrade my Karmic (server) installation to Lucid earlier today, after which I've been unable to boot into my server. The server is on OVH, so I can't watch it boot, but I am able to access all of the data from the filesystems via rescue mode. I ran fsck and that came back clean. I also ran the boot info script, the results of which are below.

I know my best bet is to backup what I can and do a fresh install, but I won't be able to back everything up so trying to get this working would certainly be more convenient. I'm sure I'm leaving out useful information, so let me know and I'll post it.

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
Boot Info Summary:
=> Lilo is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda
File system: ext3


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OpenSUSE Install :: Boot From USB Connected External Hard Take Long Time From Loading INITRD Image To Start Boot Process?

Jul 18, 2011

I have installed "open-SUSE 11.4" on a "500GB Free Agent External Hard Drive". I didn't have any problem in booting since last week that I booted it from my laptop. Also I did it before several times from then when I try to boot it e.g. from an "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz" PC the time between loading INITRD and starting boot sequence messages lasts nearly 30 minutes!(i didn't actually measure it but it take a long time in the same order). after starting boot sequence which is showed on monitor everything looks normal. e.g copy of files would be done by speeds between 2MB/s to 30 MB/s depending on the targets.I used to use the external hard derive to boot from different laptops and PC's from start but I didn't have such a problem anytime.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 2nd Hard Drive Won't Boot (karmic Koala)?

Jan 3, 2010

i have 2 hard drives on my machine (1 with ubuntu & 1 with win xp) & would like to create a boot menu to select either at startup, but this isn't working. here is the order of how i setup my system:

1. installed win xp on drive1
2. disconnected drive 1 & installed ubuntu 9.10 on drive2
3. set ubuntu as master drive & win xp as slave drive

i've read about modifying menu.lst to get a boot menu, but as far as i can tell this is no longer valid in 9.10. i've also installed startup manager, which gives me a boot menu *but* when i select the win xp option at the boot menu, i get an error. i'm assuming this error is due to the fact that i am using 2 hard drives (instead of the more common 2 partition on 1 hard drive). Here is what my boot option says: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (on /dev/sdb1) Here is what commands run when I select this option:

drivemap -s (hd0) ${root}
chainloader +1
Here is the error that results:

is it possible to get a boot menu with 2 hard drives using 9.10? it's worth mentioning that i am a brand new user to linux. p.s. the reason i didn't go for a partition on 1 hard drive from the start is that the ubuntu partitioner did not recognize any free space on my win xp drive.

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Ubuntu :: Boot Up Crashes After Latest Xorg Update On Karmic

Jan 21, 2010

My system is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 with Radeon 5770. The system was rock solid and everything working fine until the latest update I applied 30 minutes ago. The system is stuck on the little circle icon before the login screen.

I'm not able to ssh or telnet to the machine to check the log files. I edited my grub.conf a while back and I don't seem to be able to call up the recovery kernel. I can read up on the grub options.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Karmic (wubi Install) Won't Boot After Dist-upgrade?

Jan 11, 2010

i have Karmic installed with Wubi inside a Vista NTFS filesystem. Yesterday i did an apt-get dist-upgrade and Karmic never booted again. It won't even show the grub kernel list, it just shows some really quick text that vanishes before i can even figure out what it is and then drops to some sort of grub shell and then i can't figure out what to do.

I could boot a livecd and mount my karmic install and everything seems fine, the filesystem is clean and all that. But how do i fix it so it can boot again?

Does anyone here know wtf happened? Was there a bad upgrade or something?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Vista / Dell XPS Won't Install Or Boot From Karmic Disc

Jan 17, 2010

I've never tried installing any other operating system on my desktop so I'm not sure if it's a 9.10 bug (probably not), but whenever I choose any of the options after the ubuntu cd has been loaded at startup it goes to a black screen with the underscore at the top, and promptly reboots. At this point in time I can just boot back into windows or get to the same selection screen off of the cd.I've tried burning 3 seperate cd's and at the moment and trying to boot them on my laptop (but not working... hrm). I'm thinking about redownloading the iso in a couple minutes.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Inspiron 1501 WinXP/Hardy/Karmic Unintentional Quintuple Boot?

Feb 23, 2010

I've just had to reinstall WinXP on a Dell Inspiron 1501. An ideal opportunity to try out Ubuntu. First I tried a WinXP/Hardy Heron dual boot - all seems okay. Next WinXP/Karmic dual boot - all seems okay. Then, why not, WinXP/Hardy/Karmic triple boot - all seems okay. Playing with each OS I noticed that Hardy had a couple of update notifications. So I opened Update Manager, went on-line, hit [Check] and was informed that there were 200+ Important Security Updates - I installed these. Better check Karmic too - similar story, installed 200+ updates. Everything still seems okay in WinXP, Hardy and Karmic. However, I've just noticed that the Grub2 boot menu now displays eight "Ubuntu" lines, as opposed to the four lines I had originally

Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-19-generic
Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-19-generic (recovery mode)
Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic
Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic (recovery mode)...


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Ubuntu :: New Boot Process Just Stops

Jun 5, 2010

I upgraded to 10.04 weeks ago and have been running it fine.Now when I start up my computer it gets to the GRUB loading stage (counts down to 0), then the monitor goes blank for a moment and then several thin scratchy lines about an inch wide in total appear across the top of the monitor and it just freezes there.The boot process just stops.I've had these lines appear ever since I upgraded, but they were always momentary and the boot process just continued. Where do I start in diagnosing and fixing this?

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Ubuntu :: Screwed Up Boot Process

Sep 1, 2011

So I (being an idiot) screwed up my boot process. While tinkering around with random things I was reading here and there, trying to get my Burg and Plymouth resolutions to look normal, I think I tried something, not realizing that it was intended for intel graphics (I am running ati). During boot I get a "FATAL; Error inserting i915 (/lib/modules/2.6.38-10-generic/kernel/drivers/gou/drm/i915/i915.ko): No such device

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