Ubuntu :: Create A Partition Without Losing Data?

Apr 7, 2010

I have a 160gb hard drive with no partitions. Ubuntu runs on the entire disc. I want to cut off 60gb from my file system as a storage drive without losing the data that i already have on it.

I don't want to reinstall Ubuntu and cannot afford to lose all my data. Is it possible to do so, without having to reinstall the OS.

I downloaded Gparted, whats next?

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Fedora :: RAID 1 - How To Create New Array Without Losing Data

Jan 1, 2010

I have a software RAID array using mdraid that consists of two 1.5TB drives that I use for storage, the array is mounted at /Storage. I am running out of space in the array so I ordered two more 1.5TB drives to create a 4 drive RAID 1+0 array which will be 3TB big. My question is how do I create the new array and not lose any data?

The drives and partitions are sdc1, sdd1, and soon to be sde1, sdf1. I currently have 4 RAID arrays (md0,md1,md2,md3). I think I can create the RAID 1+0 array with the two new drives, copy the data from my current array to the new one, remove the old array, then add the two original drives to the new array. But I wanted to ask on here first to make sure my data doesn't go poof.

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Ubuntu :: Partition Of Drive Without Losing The Data?

Apr 7, 2010

How can I do partition of my drive without losing the data?

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Ubuntu :: Partition Ext3 Without Losing Data?

May 26, 2010

because what i was looking for was complicated, i am going to edit post

I have laptop with ubuntu on it. I have one ext3 partition with ~220GB.

I want to delete ubuntu and create two ntfs partitions (50+170GB) so i can install windows 7 later.

how to do that using GParted Live CD?

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Ubuntu :: Shrink A Partition Without Losing Data

Jun 24, 2010

I am completely ubuntu right now, and I need to create a partition for XP without losing all the work I have on ubuntu. How can I shrink ubuntu's partition to make a 15 gb partition for XP without losing data?According to Gparted:

sda = ubuntu
sda2 = swap
sda3 = extended

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OpenSUSE Install :: Resizing Partition Without Losing Data

Jan 18, 2011

I would like to resize my /home ( /dev/sdb6 ) partition - without losing data - to make room to create a swap partition (at the moment, I don't have any swap. Is it dangerous ?) IIRC, it was possible to change partition sizes from the install disk in repair mode (?) But I cannot find that repair mode on the 11.3 install disk. Has it been removed or is it somewhere deeper in the install or update process ?


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Server Platforms :: Partition Table Deleted - Get My Data Back Safe Without Losing It ?

Mar 6, 2010

I've initialize a virtual disk and deleted the partition table didn't notice that i've done that to the wrong one, data still on the physical hard disks but....how I'll get my data back safe without losing it?

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General :: USB NTFS Disk Suddenly Won't Mount - Partition Gone / Repair It And MBR Without Losing Data?

Sep 12, 2009

Just ran into an uncomfortable problem. I usually never save any documents on my machine, and keep all my stuff on an external USB hard disk. (an 80GB TrekStor DS microdisk q.u)
Well yesterday this disk just would not mount.
Read through related posts but nothing seemed to work. Even tried it on a Windows machine.

Tried TestDisk utility. Found nothing wrong with the drive, but still could not repair the MBR.log code...

Palimpsest Utility recognized the drive, but just will not let me do anything with it except format it.

How can i repair the partitions and MBR without losing all my data?

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Ubuntu :: 3TB HD (with Data) Expanding To 3x3TB RAID (without Losing Data)?

Jul 27, 2011

Right now I have a 320GB system drive and 3TB data drive. I want to add two more 3TB drives and do a software RAID5 3x3TB. Is that possible without losing the data that is already on the data drive?Just want to make sure before I bought the 2 two drives. Not looking for instructions on how to do it,but if you want to include some that would be great too Just making sure it will work.

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Fedora Hardware :: Trying To Mount Drive - Create An Ext4 Partition To Move The Data

Jun 12, 2010

I just installed F13 x86_64 on a system that used to be running Windows 7.

The boot drive is a SATA drive attached to the motherboard which is working fine.

However, my data drive is an NTFS partition filling a 3.6TB SATA raid.

It's GPT--Gparted sees 3 unknown partitions, and gdisk shows:


How do I mount this in Fedora 13? I had intended to shrink the NTFS partition so that I can create an ext4 partition to move the data to. Will this be possible?

I've got a LOT of valuable data on this drive, and nothing else big enough to store it.

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Ubuntu :: Anyway To Update Without Losing Data?

Sep 19, 2010

I currently have 10.10 32 install but would like to use the 64 bit. Is there anyway for me to update without losing my data? My home directory isn't on a separate partition.

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Ubuntu :: Upgrading Version Without Losing Data

Mar 20, 2010

Currently i am using Ubuntu 9.04(Jaunty),i have downloaded iso image of Ubuntu 9.10 and i have burned it in a CD..So how to upgrade my ubuntu version to 9.10 without losing existing data.

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Ubuntu :: Repairing Installation Without Losing Data?

Feb 9, 2011

I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed on my computer (no other OS) and it wont boot up. I don't want to lose the files in my documents. I tried accessing them using a live CD and then copying them from the harddrive (home folder then 'richard' then documents then tried to open the folder but I dont have permission to and there seems to be no way of changing this.

The files are definitely on my harddrive but I dont seem to have a way of accessing them!

Is there anyway of either accessing them and copying them to a usb etc or repairing my installation of ubuntu without erasing the files in my documents? Opening in recovery mode etc wont work.

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Ubuntu :: Open Office Documents Losing Data?

Apr 11, 2011

I am facing a severe problem on many Desktop PC's, whenever an employee is working in Gnome-Open-Office.org document (i.e. Wordprocessor, SpreadSheet, or any other Gnome-office application) and due to power outage after restarting, the previously open document either does not open or it shows a recovery dialogue after clicking on recovery button or clicking on cancel in either case document contain nothing (empty). The file size of the document is either 0kb or within few Kbs range.

Any one have any idea about it ? what to do ?? or any other alternative which is already tested in such environment (i.e. electricity failure )? or any options to be turned on/changed?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Moving From Another Raid1 W/o Losing Data?

May 15, 2011

I would like to move a samba fileserver from ClearOS5 to Ubuntu. It has raid1 (software) and I would like to save one partition from it, md3. The other partitions could be used for Ubuntu. How would I go about this so that I don't erase data from md3 and is it even possible?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Reiinstalling Without Losing My Data ?

Aug 25, 2011

I need to reinstall OpenSUSE 11.4 with KDE Desktop on my HP Pavilion Desktop and I was wondering if it is possible to do so without losing my data, and no backups? I can't back up my data for reasons I'm not going to go into so I need to know if I'll lose my files...there isn't anything truly important...just stuff that'd be mildly irritating to lose...

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Ubuntu :: COMPLETELY Fudged Up System: Can Reinstall Without Losing Data

Aug 9, 2010

My filesystem (software RAID 0):

Filesystem...... Size....... Used....... Avail....... Use%....... Mounted on
/dev/md1........ 9.7G....... 2.8G....... 6.5G....... 31%....... /


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Ubuntu Installation :: Recover Drive Without Losing Precious Data?

Dec 29, 2010

I had six partitions in my HDD, but due to some fatal error or virus, one has vanished itself. how to recover that drive without losing my precious data?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Losing Valuable Internal HD Data

Apr 1, 2011

to start: I am a 100% linux virgin. I have yet to boot once. I have a 1TB external HD bought today (), which I formatted to 32GB Fat32 and the rest NTFS. (The 32GB partition is the second in order) I tried installing 11.4 with the full release DVD, and managed to get through the 'partition' part of the setup without raging about losing valuable internal HD data. I changed / to the 32GB partition, and figured a native format was safer: formatted it in setup as Ext4, and installed after ignoring the under 128GB warning (the machine is only a few months old).

The installation seemed to go well. The loadup was unsuccessful. There were plenty of "fails". I was given a command screen with "Login:" and after, "Password:". It seemed to take the Login, however the correct password echoed back a "Login module failed" or something similar. Interestingly, an incorrect password yielded a "Incorrect Login". What I may need to do (?):

1. I did not specify a /home or swap during install
2. ?
3. ?

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Hardware :: Format External Hdd As Ext4 Without Losing Data?

Jan 10, 2010

I have a 300 external usb drive which I have got when using windows and so is using a fat32 filesystem. I have since moved to linux only and am mounting the drive as vfat however I think I may as well convert it to ext4 if possible for (amongst others) performance and security reasons. The problem is I don't have a separate drive which would hold the 250gb of data temporarily whilst I changed the filesystem of the drive so I am hoping there is a way to format as ext4 whilst retaining the files?I know partition magic on windows allowed you to change between filesystems whilst keeping the data but does anything similar (and free! ) exist for linux?

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General :: Ext4 Journalling Mode And Data Losing?

Jan 31, 2011

Can any data be lost on ext4 with full journalling mode when electricity crashes? I know it's possible on filesystems like JFS and XFS because they don't journal data (only metadata). When ext4 in "journal" mode journalles both - data and metadata. Does it give 100% guarantee that no data can ever be lost in case of problems with electricity?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Ubuntu In Dualboot Without Losing Any Data On Hard Disk?

Jul 2, 2010

How to install openSUSE with Ubuntu in dualboot? I have Ubuntu 10.04 and i want to install openSUSE 11.2 without losing any data on hard disk.

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Ubuntu :: Revert To Previous Versions Without Losing Data And Install Thunderbird 3.0 ?

Jan 1, 2010

I updated to Thunderbird 3 by following instructions from http:[url]....Everything updated nicely, but in menu I don't have Thunderbird anymore - there is Shredder instead.Also Firefox was automatically updated - with change of name to Shiretoko with different icon. Wanted to make sure I added safe repositories, and why these changes?

ps. i checked some websites and seems like it is installing alpha/beta versions. so since it is not working now - how do i revert to previous versions without losing data, and how do i install thunderbird 3.0 then.

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Ubuntu Security :: Move To Encrypted Home Directory Not Losing Data?

Jul 20, 2011

I am running ubuntu 11.04 I'd like to encrypt my home folder. - how can it be done, without creating new user/starting from scratch. -I'd like to keep all the files and desktop settings - the only change should be that the folder is encrypted now.

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Fedora Installation :: Update F11 Without Risk Of Losing Data Info

Nov 24, 2010

I 've some problems with my current version 11 that probably has been fixed in the last version (14). I've updated other non-critical systems through the yum services but from 13 to 14. I've a productive workstation working on ver.11. Is there any possibility to update through yum or other methods through without risks of losses data information?... It's really complicated to backing up Mysql databases, web services and other hundreds things installed. I know, it's convenient carry out a backup but is it a higher risk to dump from 11 to 14 trying to keeping the information inside?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Replace 11.1 Version With Last 11.3 Without Losing Data And Setting In Other Partitions

Nov 16, 2010

In my hard disk I have win xp, opensuse 11.1 and ubuntu 10.4. I'd like to replace 11.1 version of opensuse with the last one 11.3 without losing data and setting in other partitions. this is my hd:


I think (but I'm not totally sure) I installed opensuse in dev/sda6 and dev/sda7...what is the right thing to do?? should I have to delete /dev/sda5 /dev/sda6 and /dev/sda7 partitions and then install opensuse 11.3 in the new free space??

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Ubuntu :: Partition Without Losing Recovery?

Jul 25, 2011

This is my first post on Ubuntu, ive been testing/and dual booted then reverted back to windows this past year, and now have gone back to school for computer networking...so im SUPER interested,So - i want to install Ubuntu on my little Toshiba netbook that i drag everywhere with me, but im afraid to screw with it's partitions. I dont want to spend $$$ to get a larger than 8GB flash drive to create a recovery from the HDD partition that is installed on their, and they dont come with the backup/recovery disks, so i want to either leave that partition alone (in case i need to switch it back to windows down the road to sell it), or whatever.

I know i could just download windows to my PC, transfer the files to a flash drive, and put it on that way, but the recovery comes complete with drivers, etc which makes it a smoother and faster process. Oh, i cant make the recovery of windows b/c i need 7.xx GB of space, and my biggest flash drive is an 8GB which doesnt quite make it.SOOOOO - IF i install Ubuntu, will that recovery partition DEFINITELY be left alone? Or is there an easy way someone could suggest copying that partition without a 16GB drive? OR is there any way to use an external hard drive to copy that recovery partition on to?

I have only installed ubuntu once, maybe twice, but didnt care about partitions and wiped everything as requested by the install. (i reverted back because i couldnt navigate quickly installing and updating programs, but now have a windows laptop and want to be forced to learn linux on my netbook).any help is MUCH appreciated! I have an Ubuntu scratch that im dying to itch, but dont want to lose my windows recovery

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General :: Cause Any Harm To Use Dual Operating Systems Like Windows In Terms Of Losing Data?

Aug 12, 2011

I have Windows 7 working on my laptop. I have 20GB space unpartitioned. I want to install a flavor of Linux like Fedora or Ubuntu in that space, but I have heard that keeping a dual OS configuration sometimes results in losing data stored on the hard disk. I've also heard that it may sometimes cause unrecoverable problem because when Linux is loaded on hard disk it will take over the boot loader from Windows.

Is this correct? Moreover, I have 6 partitions in Windows, but if I use a Live CD for Ubuntu or Fedora to boot, then it is not showing some partitions -- sometimes it shows only 4 or 5 partitions. What might be the problem, and how to resolve it without formatting the whole hard disk and repartitioning it?

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Ubuntu :: Deleted OS Partition - How To Reinstall Without Losing Information

Jan 16, 2011

My gateway netbook was dual booted with windows 7 and ubuntu netwbook.,I was attempting free up some space on my netbook and decided that the ubuntu partition was expendable.I deleted it and sufficient to say I now can't boot boot up, I just get an error message, can't remember exactly what it is.I am getting a new computer and would kind of like to be able to recover the files on the computer.I have a USB netbook boot drive and am wondering how I would be able to install ubuntu without loosing the files.I have the usb key plugged in am now at the partition stage of the installation.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Reinstall Without Losing Home Partition?

Feb 11, 2011

I tried to install rawhide by enabling the rawhide repo and doing a yum update. Lets just say it didn't go so well. My system wont start the GUI when I start the computer. It just shows the Fedora boot animation and stays there. So anyway I need to reinstall Fedora 14. I wanted to reinstall Fedora without having to backup and restore all my data (my home directory). So I did some Googleing and found that if I had my home directory on a separate partition that I was set to go. All I had to do was format "/" and just tell it to use the "/home" partition I already had and not to format it and I that was it. So I went to try it myself and found that it was not as straight forward as it seemed. Well at least for me.

I clicked on "lv_root" assuming that was supposed to have "/" as its mount point. I clicked the edit button. I selected "/" as its mount point and told it to format it as ext4.Then I clicked on lv_home and clicked on the edit button. I made its mount point "/home" and clicked "ok".I clicked "Next" and I get this error "Bootable partitions cannot be on a logical volume". What do I need to do to fix this? I assume this has to do with the "lv_" at the beginning of the partition names.

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