Ubuntu :: Computer Lagging - Cursor Will Disappear And No Letters Will Appear - CPU Spikes

Jan 9, 2010

For the last several days my laptop has been "lagging". When typing (such as now) the cursor will disappear and no letters will appear for a second or I get doubling letters. Example: the word "laptop" will come out as "laaptoppp". When I hover the cursor over a link it will sometimes not highlight it right away. When I scroll up or down in Fire Fox or in my folders the screen will move a little, freeze, and then shoot down (or up) very quickly. Often Ctrl-c simply won't work. Plus several other things that all add up to being very frustrating.

I have the system monitor applet on a panel and I've noticed my CPU spiking periodically to 100%. When it happens it's rythmic, like this: A....A....A....A....A.... and then stops after a while. I've watched the processes and I'm fairly sure it's xorg doing it. My wife complained to me about her desktop doing similar things about a day before I saw that my laptop is doing this. I am fairly computer literate (no expert but no novice either) and I am totally stumped. Back in my Windows days (long, long ago in a...etc. etc.) I'd have said virus but here? Not so sure.

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Debian :: CPU Spikes To About 40% When Moving Cursor / Why Is This?

May 29, 2010

I was looking around in Xfce4 Taskmanager to see what's taking up some memory/processor power, and I noticed when I move the cursor around in cirlces, the CPU spikes from about 5%-10% clear up to about 40%. I also have Audacious2, Chromium, and a file manager open as well.

Why is this? My system is an Eee PC with a 1.6GHz Atom processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM.

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Software :: Keyboard In Slackware-13.0 - Getting Double Letters All Over The Place - Cursor Blink Has Slowed Too Near Zero

Jun 1, 2010

I have XFCE and xorg-server-1.7.7 in slackware64-13.0. I have my keyboard set up in xorg.conf. X ignores that and takes info from hal. So I have a US keyboard, when I have a UK/IE keyboard actually. When I added openoffice, i found I was getting double letters am getting double letters all over the place, and the cursor blink has slowed too near zero. So when I want to remove them again, the mouse will not land the cursor in the middle of a word to delete the extras. An average of 3 double letters are happening each line. Mouse sometimes works to remove them, usually not. I have set 'repeat delay' at maximum, 'repeat speed' & 'blink delay' at minimum. No effect. Disabled key repeat - still happens.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Moving Mouse Cursor To Right Edge Of Screen Makes It Disappear?

Apr 1, 2010

I have two monitors set up on my Asus N61J laptop, but have a weird problem:When I move the mouse to right-hand edge of the Left (Primary) screen, it disappears. To get it back, I have to either keep moving it to the next screen, or move it over something that will cause it to change shape.It also happens if I move it to the left-hand edge the Right (Secondary) screen. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix this? It's a little annoying, as it makes it hard to select the Logout/Shutdown/Status menu

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Fedora Hardware :: FC13 Mouse Cursor Disappear After Resume From Sleep

Jul 24, 2010

Running FC13 on Dell E6410. Everything was great until I ran the latest update about a week back. I started to see (or actually not see) that after resume from sleep the mouse cursor will disappear. It is there, just not work showing. If i click on left click on the desktop I get the menu, I can also "see" going over windows from time to time as I move it. I'm currently running I think previously it was /vmlinuz- Nvidia driver is 195.36.31

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Ubuntu :: Computer All Desktop Icons Disappear

Dec 22, 2010

Downloaded and played latest Ubuntu (10.10) to get an idea of how it works (without actually installing it). Currently i use windows 7. When I restarted my computer all my desktop icons had disappeared. I still have the programs in my documents file or wherever but my desktop is clear. Is there any way i can restore them without doing it one by one? i.e. get back to my previous state.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 - Dropbox - Icon In The Notification Bar Will Disappear After Restart The Computer

May 3, 2011

i just installed ubuntu 11.04 on my brand new eMachine desktop but after install the dropbox desktop application, its icon in the notification bar (beside clock and network connection) will disappear after restart the computer. i tried to reinstall dropbox application but the icon will disappear again after reinstall.

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OpenSUSE :: Typing Greek Letters Instead Of English Letters

Dec 12, 2010

Recently I faced a problem in typing in English in OpenSuse 11.3.When I try to type in English it shows me Greek letter and worse than that I think it is really Greek (not only in font) because when I enter my passwords or try to type a command in terminal I get error,I tested with UK and USA and all other English languages and I still have this problem. I even do reset in my keyboard layout setting and in KDE setting but it didn't help.

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Ubuntu :: Computer Not Booting To GUI - Get Blank Screen With Cursor?

Jul 5, 2011

several months ago I installed Maverick and it worked well, but eventually I lost the GUI. I fiddled with it to no avail. So I decided to do the Natty upgrade and it ended up not fixing the problem though I am able to boot to graphics safe mode.

I popped on this forum and a couple others but got little response and ran out of fiddle time. SO now I have a little time to mess with this, and I REALLY want to move back over to Ubuntu so if any one is familiar with that could be the issue

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Ubuntu :: Unity Leaves Computer With Purple Background And Large X For Mouse Cursor

May 13, 2010

I added the unity ppa and installed unity to check it out thinking I could just switch back with


dpkg-reconfigure gdm

Unity left me with just the purple familiar backdrop and a large black X as the mouse cursor. In running the above statement I'm left with the background and cursor only. how to get unity working and/or how to get back to gnome?

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Ubuntu :: Lag Spikes Every 60 Seconds

Sep 1, 2011

So basically, when I was using windows I got 25 second lag spikes 60 seconds inbetween eachother. Obviously this is a huge issue as I'm constantly doing things on the internet and I play a lot of games.

I used to use a program called WLAN Optimizer to kill these lag spikes, and it worked fine! However when I switched to Linux (Ubutu Natty Narwhal), I searched for hours and could find NOTHING on the subject. I tried using Playonlinux to get the program to load, but no such luck. I assume that's because it deals with advanced processes to eliminate the 25 second lag spikes. If anybody could help me get WLAN optimizer working, or simply find a work around that allows me to fix the lag, I would very VERY greatly appreciate it.

Otherwise I'm going to have switch back to vista, and I REALLY don't want to do that. I thought my comp was fried until I installed this OS because of Vista.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: CPU Spikes Normal (Usually Around 50 Percent)

May 9, 2010

I've recently installed ubuntu on a 5,3 edition Macbook pro. It works amazingly and I love ubuntu but I have a small concern. Is it normal for the cpu usage to spike between 10% and sometimes over 70% but usually around 50%? I've ran the top command and its usually xorg, firefox or synaptic package manager causing the spikes. Is this cause for concern? Here is a screen of the cpu usage. When this screenshot was taken I had firefox open while upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu. [URL]. However when I run OS X I'd have to be running many many programs, including CPU and plugin intensive programs such as Logic Pro with renoise slaved to it. Even with all of this CPU usage rarely goes past 40%.

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Ubuntu :: Xorg Periodically Spikes In CPU Usage?

Jun 23, 2010

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 LTS, and my system seems to have developed a weird problem. Every few minutes, especially when I'm using chrome, VLC, or the screensaver is running, Xorg will start to spike in its CPU usage - spikes occur several times per second, and generally go up to 50-100%. Spikes seem to be composed of half "System" and half "User" according to my System Monitor applet thing.

Weirder than the problem is the thing which seems to stop this behavior - going to a terminal which is running top and hitting enter a few times seems to invariably return the CPU usage to usual (within seconds). There does seem to be a ~10 second period where the system monitor shows a few % "System" activity. Xorg starts up again with the same spikes within minutes, however.

EDIT: It looks like almost any keyboard input to any terminal also stops the Xorg CPU use - things which change the state of the other terminal, e.g. hitting the spacebar, typing a letter, will work, while hitting CTRL or SHIFT does not suffice to return the CPU use to normal.

I'm using an NVIDIA proprietary driver (which system->administration->hardware drivers says is (version current) and Recommended). My graphics card is a GeForce 9400 GT. I'm using Kernel 2.6.32-22-generic, and x86_64 Ubuntu. Here's my xorg.conf file:

# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
# nvidia-settings: version 1.0 (buildd@crested) Sun Feb 1 20:25:37 UTC 2009
# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig
# nvidia-xconfig: version 1.0 (buildmeister@builder62) Tue Mar 24 06:15:32 PST 2009


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Ubuntu Servers :: 10.04 LTS Memory And CPU Utilization Spikes?

Oct 21, 2010

I have a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and about 40 ThinClients running LSTP in a school's computer lab. Everytime the users start to use applications, the server's memory utilization increases, while the swap memory is quite free. I have 12GB of memory on that server.

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Ubuntu :: Intel HD 3000 Minecraft Lag Spikes Every Second?

Aug 17, 2011

I wasn't sure weather to post here or on the minecraft forums.

OS: Ubuntu 11.04 x86
CPU: Intel core i5 sandy bridge 2410M
GPU: Intel HD 3000 (Integrated)
RAM: 8 gigs ddr3

So I got my new laptop a few days ago,loaded up ubuntu.After starting up minecraft to connect to my server I realised that the fps was going from 50 to 1 and back to 50 again EVERY SECOND so obviously this isn't normal.After a quick google search every one on windows seems to have no problem. There are no results for linux.

Edit: Yes I know why the are you using a x86 os on a computer with 8 gigs of ram? At the time of installation all I had was no internet access and a live cd from LUD with ubuntu on it

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Fix Lagging Audio In VLC?

Mar 15, 2010

I downloaded a video recently, and in the description, the person uploading the torrent said the audio lagged a little bit. Well I couldnt find another torrent of it, so I went ahead and downloaded it. The audio is off by like .1-.3 seconds. How can I fix this in VLC? I have V 2.28.1.I went through the repositories and redownloaded VLC, but I cant even get the advanced options open. Ive been using Ubuntu for a few months now. I remember when I had windows I could go into the advanced options and manually change the timing for the audio, but like I said, I cant even get into the advanced options on this one.

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Ubuntu :: Remix 9.10 - Online Videos Lagging

Feb 3, 2010

I have a Dell Mini 10v running Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 (with latest flash), and everything is fine with it, except for online videos. Whenever I try to watch one, CPU usage gets around 100% and the videos start lagging.

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Ubuntu :: Lagging GUI / Interface - Loading Process

May 12, 2010

I am noticing that my GUI is lagging when I log in. But after a while its back to being lightning fast as it should. I am sure its something to do with its loading process.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Watch Movies Without Lagging

May 27, 2011

i have tried 100 ways for being able to watch movies without lagging but nothing so im moving to windows

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Ubuntu :: Cut Random Text And When The Cursor Focus Jumps Back To The Location Of The Cursor On The Screen

Jul 1, 2010

Im running netbook remix on a eeepc 1005ha. It is my only OS and Im loving it except for one obnoxious quirk. It randomly cuts text and randomly pastes it. If there is something in the clipboard, it will usually paste that, but just as often it will cut random text and paste that. The pastes occur when the cursor focus jumps back to the location of the cursor on the screen. I dont know a better way to phrase that, but thats what it is doing. Say... I put the cursor over the word "pastes" in the paragraph above... even though Im typing in this paragraph, the focus will "jump" to the cursors physical locale (the word "pastes") and then paste whatever is in the clipboard. If the cursor is outside of the textbox, the page will jump to the bottom.

This behavior occurs across programs and in any place text can be entered. I can find no rhyme or reason for it... it just... happens. Sometimes even when Im away from my computer, so its not like Im hitting some key on accident. I have loved everything about this ubuntu distro, but this issue is just toany obnoxious. Writing psych papers on this thing is going to be near impossible if I dont get this fixed before I go back to school.

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Ubuntu :: System Lagging When Connecting External Monitor?

Dec 31, 2010

Just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS netbook edition and everything goes well except for one thing.

When I connect my lcd monitor to the vga port the system lags. If I listen to music and browse web pages at the same time, the sound skip and when the page stop loading, music is ok. Also, the mouse skip. If I do circle with it on the desktop without doing anything else, it will skip.

The strange thing if I remove the external monitor and reboot the system everything comes back to normal.

I had Intrepid Ibex for 2 years without any problems. I remember a post saying that powernowd should be disable, but can't find the process from the startup list anymore.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse And System Freezing/lagging/hanging?

May 7, 2011

since installing 11.04 on a computer that was running 10.04 perfectly, the system hangs for a split second every 10 seconds or so. If you make little circles with the mouse pointer you will see it jump position when the computer hangs briefly. If you are listening to audio or watching video then this also hangs for the same very short length of time.

I had the exact same problem when I tired going to 10.10 and so had to go back to 10.04. I was hoping it may just be an issue with that version but it seems not. The computer is: 1.6GHz Intel Core Solo, 1GB Memory, the motherboard is a Jetway Mini ITX board with integrated Intel graphics. It has no problem running the 3D stuff in Unity (or any of the old gnome desktops). Changing to 2D or turning off desktop effects in 10.10 does nothing to solve the problem. 10.04 seems to be the last time Ubuntu worked properly with the computer.

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Fedora Networking :: Internet Keeps Keeps Lagging

Feb 1, 2009

My internet keeps keeps lagging. Sometimes it's good but most of the other time it lags. I am using Broadcom BCM4306 wireless drivers. My signal is always atleast 80% or higher.

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Software :: How Do I Troubleshoot Lagging System

Jul 29, 2011

I have a laptop with SL6 installed on it.If I run 'top' i can see that the whole system just sticks/freezes for a moment here and there. The mouse becomes unresponsive during this time, *everything* freezes for a moment.I've put 'top' on with an interval of .1, and there isn't a particular program hitting the top of this list when it happens.

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Fedora :: Xorg's CPU Usage Spikes When Using Scroll Wheel / Sort It?

Jan 29, 2010

When I "middle click" the scroll wheel to enable smooth scrolling in Firefox, the entire machine basically locks up until it scrolls to the bottom of the page. On a long web page, this can take almost a full minute as it scrolls very slowly.

Also, just using the scroll wheel to scroll normally. If I scroll up then back down quickly, it takes quite some time, and the CPU usage spikes under those conditions too.

As a test, I went ahead and loaded Top in a terminal window, set side-by-side with my browser. Once I start the smooth scrolling, I can't stop it. It has to get to the bottom of the web page to quit. Xorg's CPU usage spikes during that time and I can hear the fans starting to speed up.

I just quickly made a long text document in Gedit and tried scrolling through it. Same thing. So it's not limited to any one application.

Anyone experiencing anything like this? It started happening after my last major update.

I'm using Fedora 12 with Gnome.

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OpenSUSE :: Regular Xorg And Plasma-desktop CPU Usage Spikes

Nov 1, 2010

I have this problem that Xorg CPU usage spikes to between %20-%40, a little more than once every second - constantly. When this happens, everything on the system slows down, video, scrolling through pages, etc. plasma-desktop does the same, at the same time as Xorg, though uses less CPU. Switching off Desktop effects makes no difference. The spikes starts just after KDE is up and running after boot. I'm running 11.3, KDE 4.4.4 release 3, 64bit on a desktop and 32bit on a laptop, both have the same problem. I have searched the internet, but cannot find anything related to this, please help!

My 64bit desktop details is:

hwinfo --short
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+, 1000 MHz
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+, 1000 MHz


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OpenSUSE :: LibreOffice - When Opening Document Cpu Spikes And Is Unusable For 8 Seconds

Mar 31, 2011

Running 3.3.2 of LibreOffice under 64bit 11.3. When I open a document (.doc) it opens right away, then the cpu spikes for about 8 seconds during which the app is not usable then all is fine. Renamed .libreoffice and made no difference. Tried with both .doc and .odf document types and the same. If I open a empty doc then the spike is a second or 2.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cursor Is Always Busy Cursor After Upgrade To 10.04

May 1, 2010

Am running Ubuntu NBR as the sole OS on my Dell Mini 9. Switched over in March to 9.10 NBR. Everything worked fine.Upgraded to 10.04 when it was released. It's awesome EXCEPT for this busy cursor thing.As soon as I log in, all the time my cursor is the spinning wheel of busyness.... It works just as a normal cursor would - my computer also does not seem to be slower due to any operations.If I open an application, the cursor will behave as usual within the window but if I more my cursor to the title bar or switch out of the application, the "busy cursor" resumes.

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Ubuntu :: Media Player To Play 1080 P Movies Without Lagging?

Feb 7, 2011

what is the best media player to play 1080 p movies without lagging in ubuntu

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Record A Video With Gtk Screen Recorder It Starts Lagging?

Feb 15, 2010

whenever i try to record a video with gtk screen recorder it starts lagging and when the video is over and you wanna watch it there is a major sound and video lag and nothing is as it should be (could the desktop effects be the issue)?

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