Ubuntu :: Clock 3 Hours Behind On Boot Up

Jun 10, 2010

Everytime I boot up my computer the clock is 3 hours behind. I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and had it on another computer and never had this problem before.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Clock Is Set Ahead By Five Hours When Boot Into Windows 7

Jul 17, 2010

My computer has two physical hard drives. Up till now, the first hard drive was for Windows XP and Windows 7, the second was used for file storage. I just installed Lucid Lynx on the second drive. The two problems are as follows.

<s>1. When I boot into Windows 7, the clock is set ahead by five hours, even as the time zone remains the same. </s> Terribly sorry. Found the answer in another thread. Should have searched.

2. I have kept the Windows 7 boot loader (choice of 7 or XP) on the first hard drive, and put Ubuntu and grub on the second hard drive. That way, if I want to load Ubuntu, I press F9 for the hp boot menu and select the second hard drive. From there, I would like this to boot straight into Ubuntu. How do I keep the grub boot menu from appearing? Should I just edit grub.cfg, so it has a timeout value of 0?

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Software :: Clock Jumps Hours Ahead After Boot

Nov 14, 2010

When I shut down the machine everything is as it should be. Time set from the net, hwclock synced. When I boot again, time is set several hours into the future. This is an additive process, when I don't set the correct time it drifts with every boot even days into the future (until boot is denied, because files are too far in the future). I tried to get rid of that behaviour by doing:

sntp -P no -r pool.ntp.org
hwclock --systohc
I renamed /etc/adjtime which looked like this:

22292.201093 1289670517 0.000000

Now it looks as follows:
0.000000 1289733620 0.000000

To no avail. What could cause that and how can I correct it?

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Fedora :: In Dual Boot, Clock Is Diff. By 4 Hours In Windows?

Jul 24, 2009

I have Fedora in dual boot with windows on a laptop. I have a weird clock problem. If I get the clock set correctly in Fedora, then it's 4 hours too fast in Windows. When I fix it in Windows and then restart into Fedora, it's 4 hours too slow in Fedora!Why are they competing with each other and how do I get them to both be correct?

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Ubuntu :: System Clock Automatically Advances 6 Hours

Jan 20, 2010


I've been frustrated with several problems I've been experiencing with Karmic Koala. The one I'll mention in this post is the fact that it randomly decides to adjust the system clock ahead 6 hours. I believe this began happening when I set the location for the system time that displays in the top panel. I'm guessing that the 6 hours is the fact that I'm in the US Central Time zone.

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CentOS 5 ::Why Clock Went Backwards By 19 Hours And 30 Minutes

Jun 2, 2010

I am running a LAMP system with CentOS 5.4.The clock just automatically shifted backwards by 19 hours and 30 minutes crippling some of my reports and probably damaging something else along the way.The router supplying IP to this server is a DD-WRT and shows proper time.By the way what does that mean? time drifted by that 33.667 ms?

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Fedora :: Having Es_ES Language And 12 Hours Format On Clock?

May 23, 2011

I noticed that the language es_ES (Spanish Spain), has a problem, you can't put the clock in 12 hours format, I was googling for a while and found that it should edit the file



Find these lines


am_pm "";""
t_fmt_ampm ""

and replace with


am_pm "<U0041><U004D>";"<U0050><U004D>"
t_fmt_ampm "<U0025><U0049><U003A><U0025><U004D><U003A><U0025><U0053>/

But I did it and still don't show me the option to change the clock to 12 hour format, I tried changing the es_NI language (Spanish Nicaragua) and gives me the option of 12 hours, but the languages ​​of programs like firefox, thunderbird, openoffice change to English.What can i do to have language es_ES and 12 hours format on my clock? or es_NI language with firefox, thunderbird etc. in spanish?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clock Messed Up 2 Hours Early Or Forward - Idk

Jun 14, 2010

i probably messed up the clock somehow... I think during install. Linux keeps messing up windows clock... And vice versa... When the clock in windows is correct (say, 2 PM), the clock in Linux when i reboot says 4 PM... And when i set up the clock in Linux to the correct time (in this case 2 PM) and boot into windows, windows clock says 12 PM...

Of course, when i correct it in windows, linux clock gets messed up again... 2 hours early or forward, idk... I'm not sure what i did to make this happen... Maybe has something to do with hardware clock... I don't wanna constantly correct time whenever i change systems...

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CentOS 5 :: Find Search Initiated At Boot That Takes Several Hours

Dec 18, 2009

I noticed that every, say, 5 times I boot CentOS 5.4, a find search is initiated that takes several hours.
For example:
find . -name rd=rmdir -print
I'm not sure if it's related, but, I do have a "alias rd=rmdir" in my .aliases. Would changing it to "alias rd=/bin/rmdir" avoid this problem? I'm using zsh. Is this search necessary?

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Ubuntu :: Conky Clock And Top Panel Clock Not In Sync

May 27, 2011

I'm using a very simple conky script to diplay the date and time on my desktop. I've noticed that he conky clock is a few seconds early compared to the time displayed in the right hand side of the top panel (Natty). I guess both displays are based on the same "internal" time, so I'm left wondering how this could happen, and how to sync back the clocks.

It seems that Conky is in sync with the system date, while the panel clock is 2 seconds late (on my system). Checked with while true; do date; sleep 0.1; done

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Have Clock In Center Of Task Bar Centered Clock In U11.04?

Aug 2, 2011

Just curious as to if it is possible to have the clock in the center of the task bar centered clock in Ubuntu 11.04?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: 24 Hours Format To 12 Hours Format Lovelock?

Jul 27, 2011

I have a problem,I want to change the hour format from 24 hours to 12 hours, I cant find the way to do this,

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Ubuntu :: Clock Wrong On Dual Boot System?

Apr 20, 2011

I've set-up dual boot on my laptop. Ubuntu installed first, then Windows 7 so it uses Grub2 to control the booting on start-up. I've noticed that my system clock goes out by an hour on both OS's, I change the clock to correct time & on reboot the time is usually (not always straight away) an hour behind. Has anyone else had this problem & know how to fix it?

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Hardware :: Interface To A Quartz Clock That Can Be Used For A TOD Clock?

May 2, 2011

Does anyone know of an interface to a quartz clock that can be used for a TOD clock?? I want to interface it to an Arduino board. Can be GPIO or USB.

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CentOS 5 :: Get Rid Of Virtual Clock And Use Physical Clock?

Sep 2, 2011

I had cloned a centos 5.6 installation from virtualbox virtual machine to physical box. Everything work fine. However, the time showing in os using date command differs from bios time by roughly 4 hours. I am running ntp services which sync the time with another centos server on the network. It appears that some services are using virtual clock and some use physical clock. How do I get rid of virtual clock and only use physical clock?

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Debian :: Sync Clock - NTPD Not Starting On Boot

Jul 19, 2011

I'm trying to sync my clock. I think I would like to do this by the "ntpd" daemon running. I think it should start up on boot, but it doesn't.

I have the following in my /var/log/syslog:
Jul 18 23:44:14 neo ntpd[1780]: ntpd 4.2.6p2@1.2194-o Sun Oct 17 13:45:13 UTC 2010 (1)
Jul 18 23:44:14 neo ntpd[1781]: proto: precision = 0.634 usec
Jul 18 23:44:14 neo ntpd[1781]: unable to bind to wildcard address - another process may be running - EXITING
Jul 18 23:44:14 neo ntpdate[1194]: step time server offset -0.505108 sec

Other posts say if ntpd and ntpdate run too close together, they cause one to think the other is locking a resource. It works to type "ntpdate pool.ntp.org" to manually update the clock. My Debian version is squeeze (6.0.2)

It works to start the ntpd daemon manually:
... sudo /etc/init.d/ntp start
... Starting NTP server: ntpd.

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Fedora :: Clock - Boot Into To 12 Time Is Wrong But Not In Windows

Oct 29, 2009

I'm running windows 7 and the F12 Beta (although the same issue existed in my f11 distro) on an asus g71 bb. When ever I boot into windows my time is correct. If I boot into to F12 my time is wrong. Usually by 4 hours. If I change it in Linux when I boot into windows I end up switching the time on my windows partition. I tried searching the forum (rather casual I'll admit) and couldn't find any solutions.

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Debian :: Clock/Time Mismatch With Windows Dual-boot?

Jul 30, 2010

I had to boot into my Windows 7 install on my laptop for the first time in a few months and I noticed that the Windows clock was 4 hours ahead. Windows sync'd its time with the internet, then I booted back into Debian (Lenny) and my clock was now 4 hours behind. Both OS's are set to the same time zone (EDT). The minutes were correct in both systems. Could the fact that EDT is UTC-0400 be relevant?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.0 Boot Freezes At "Setting Up Hardware Clock"?

Dec 21, 2010

I've got an OpenSUSE 11.0 machine that's been working fine for quite some time. Today it wasn't responding at all to HTTP or SSH requests, so I power-cycled it. Now it's freezing up during boot at "Setting up hardware clock". I can't get past it in the boot-up, whether I use the default or the failsafe boot options.

I'm able to fire it up with a 11.3 install DVD and enter the rescue mode. From there, though, I'm not sure what to do next.

I can't use YAST -- can't boot that far. Most of the threads I've found on this topic via Google recommend doing something in YAST, so I thought I'd nip that in the bud.

I did check the BIOS clock, and it was about a month slow. I reset it manually -- hopefully I haven't screwed myself completely.

Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. This box is running as a server for a few websites, and the users would like them back.

AFAIK this is OpenSUSE 11.0, 32-bit, but I could be mistaken. It might be 64-bit. Where would I check that prior to attempting to boot?

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General :: Skip Init Scripts - Boot Freezes At "setting System Clock"?

Aug 2, 2010

I have a debian system that's freezing in the boot sequence at "Setting system clock".Several sites I looked at recommended changing the init scripts to disallow hardware access to the clock. But, I can't boot! Is there a parameter I can pass to the kernel at boot so that it will skip init scripts?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wi-fi Disconnect Every Few Hours?

Sep 25, 2010

Periodically, about 3 to 5 hours, Ubuntu disconnects from my wi-fi network and doesn't reconnect until I restart the router.This is an Ubuntu specific issue, since it doesn't happen when I boot into my Windows partition, and it doesn't happen to other computers on the network.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade To 10.4 Over 12 Hours?

Oct 8, 2010

I was liking 10.4 in Virtual Box so much that I installed it to my laptop and then, after a very good experience, upgraded my other two Ubuntu machines. One went well, but this other one - the oldest - that has been on Ubuntu for years, is having trouble. The upgrade dialog is predicting another 12 hours and it's been at least 12 hours already. The log is moving swiftly and shows no sign of trouble.

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Ubuntu :: Machine Cannot Go 24 Hours Without Freezing

Nov 23, 2010

I have been battling with my machine for a while now, it cannot go 24 hours without freezing, I leave it on at night and in the morning it is frozen. I want to use it as a content server to my mobile devices but I have to be home to use it because it always needs a reset. I did a memtest and there were many errors, I realized that my ram voltages were under the min req. I boosted the voltage and ran memtest for 48 hours, no errors. This machine used to be stable for over two years, same hardware, I switched the case and now it wont last a day.

I am running 10.10 64bit, I would post log files but I dont know which one would be useful. I believe it becomes unstable when the screensaver activates. Also sometimes it wont fully boot but will go to the command line and other times it will give random error messages when grub is trying to load. Every week I solve one problem and then something else goes wrong. I have been using ubuntu since hardy on this machine and only lately (10.04 & 10.10) have the problems been occurring.

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Ubuntu :: Vpnc Disconnects After About 8 Hours

Feb 13, 2011

I've seen a problem staying connected to a Cisco VPN, this goes back a number of years.I was running 8.10 and it was fine.After I moved to 9.10, the problem started happening.My VPN connection to work would drop after 8 hours.I looked around for a while and ended up compiling the cisco provided client which works fine (but is a pain).I've been running 9.10 on my work laptop, and it experiences the same problem using vpnc, but I've been dealing with it because it's easier than using the Cisco client.

I installed 10.04 on my work desktop, my home desktop, and a personal laptop that was previously running 8.10, and all experience the same problem with vpnc.I even go so far as to keep one terminal open with a constant ping all day and it still drops after about 8 hours. A couple of others at work experience the same problem using vpnc. This is not a problem using the Cisco provided client, or running it on windows or os/x.Has anybody else seen this, or have any ideas on what I can start looking for to get this addressed?

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Ubuntu :: Computer Freezes After Several Hours?

May 29, 2011

I've a new Dell Precision T1500, Core i5, 8gb RAM, nvidia graphics card, that seems to freeze after some hours. I'm not sure how long exactly, more than two hours at least.

OS: Ubuntu 11.04
Cause: leave computer turned on, unattended for some time >2hrs.
Symptom: Screens are blank, no response to keyboard or mouse input, reboot is only way to rectify.

Things I've tried:Turn off screen saver

Disable "Sync to VBlank"
Disable screen power management, screen stays "on" always

So far none of these have corrected the issue. The screens are still on, but there is nothing displayed. Same thing did happen with Ubuntu 10.10, I'd hoped maybe 11.04 would fix it, alas, no.

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Ubuntu :: Log Files - Will Not Run More Than 24 Hours Without Locking Up ?

Sep 14, 2010

I have a new PC with 9.10 desktop . It's running Zoneminder. For some reason it will not run more than 24 hours with out locking up . It's set up stand alone with no screen or keyboard. I hacked the vga port with 3 resistors so remote desktop works. I did this on 2 other systems and it always works fine. I want to ask where can I look in the logs to try and find out why this beast dies after just before 24 hours of run time.

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Ubuntu :: Keeping Track Of Working Hours?

Sep 21, 2010

I would like to have a way to keep track of my working hours easily.

Insert arrival and finish times and have the difference in decimal. For example, if I start at 8:00 and finish at 9:30, 1.5 should be added.

I tried to do this with Calc but couldn't figure it out. I set one column to have entrance time, another one to have exit time and a third one with the difference("=B2-C2"). The result is in a timestamp format and not decimal. If I use another cell to say something like HOURS(D2) it rounds the number rather than give a decimal(would give 9 for 9:20:00).

EDIT: solved by doing =24*(B2-C2)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Auto Restart Every 12 Hours

Dec 6, 2010

I am a new user of linux platforms ( i have ubuntu 10.04) and i am totally satisfied from this platform .You can do everything you want without needing previous linux or programming experience.I have the following question.Is there any bash script that makes an auto restart to the computer every 12 hours without needing my credentials to enter to the OS?

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Ubuntu Security :: Allow Internet Between Certain Hours Using Iptables?

Jan 6, 2011

I typed this into the command line:sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -m time --timestart 12:00:00 --timestop 23:59:59 --days Sat, Sun -j ACCEPTI get this error:iptables v1.4.4: unknown option '--days'How do I do something similar above in which I allow the internet to start at 12 o clock on Saturdays and Sundays

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Ubuntu :: Fan Stops Running After A Couple Hours?

Apr 17, 2011

I am unsure if this is a hardware problem or a linux problem. My machine is only 3 months old so it is not the fan. I didn't have problems until recently, and after the latest kernel update it got worse - having to restart more frequently.

I do not experience the fan turning off in windows. I use thinkfan when I have to but it isn't a very good program for an every day basis. The fact I can force start the fan with thinkfan when it turns off leads me to believe it is a kernel issue.

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