Ubuntu :: Change To Single Mouse Click / Make Icons Tinier Than Default / Change Icons

Mar 12, 2009

In Ubuntu 810.. how do you set the mouse for one click to open an item..?What is that software that sets Trash's empty feature at the bottom of the right click on trash..? I had it, but I can't find it for this new install.Is there a way to default the cursor to half its minimum size, and customize its color to blues..?Is there a way to force the desktop toolbar icons to half of their minimum default size..Is thee a way to change the "Ubuntu Icon + Applications/Place/System" to just three different colored tiny spheres, without the Ubuntu icon..?

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OpenSUSE :: Mouse Model Does Not Support To Change The Single Click Into A Double Click In 11.1

Jan 14, 2009

where can I change the single click into a double click (because I'm a windows user (sorry!))? The mouse model does not support this.

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Mouse Icons

May 27, 2011

Where i can find mouse icons to my lubuntun?

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Ubuntu :: Change Default Size Of Pdf Icons?

Aug 7, 2010

I'm wondering if it's possible to change the default size of pdf and image icons on my whole filesystem because it doesn't look proportional to the other icons like the folders and text files and I really don't want to stretch each one of them everytime.

Here's an example:

The other way the size could be fixed is by going to edit > preferences > preview and just do never for each drop down but I don't want to lose the preview effect.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Icons - Change The Default Size?

Jul 3, 2010

I cannot figure out how to make my desktop icons smaller. I know I can right click and "stretch icon", but that only resizes them individually. If I can change the size of them individually,Im thinking I can also, somehow change the default size, of all of them at once.I am currently working on some graphics projects for the observatory and it's easiest to save them to my desktop for now.but they are so big ,that before i know it, they are overlapping each other. stretching them to a smaller size one by one is a time killer.Usually I dont keep icons on my desktop, only the icons for my external drives and the like.

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Ubuntu :: Change The Default File Browser View From Icons To List?

Jul 13, 2009

Is there a way to change the default File Browser View from Icons to List?

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Ubuntu :: Make The Mouse Single Click Instead Of Double Click?

Feb 4, 2011

mouse menu different in 10.10, is there a way to make the mouse single click instead of double click?

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Software :: Desktop Icons Are Hidden And Mouse Right Click Is Not Working?

Mar 20, 2011

i found a strange problem in my redhat linux 5 enterprise edition. I use it in VMware. The issue in my desktop is icons are hidden and mouse right click menu is not displayed. i hope this issue not with mouse.unable to explore the data and no network access in graphical mode. kindly solve this issue please. it was working fine before.

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CentOS 5 Server :: Missing Desktop Icons And Right Click Of Mouse Not Working

Aug 29, 2011

iam using centos 5.4 and configured samba server and nfs server for fileserver.my problem is that when i login into root and saw desktop doesnot show any icon like computer ,trash , root home, and many others file which i saved in desktop.And also right click of mouse does not pop up menu.At the panel in side places there is "desktop" menu.but when i clicked on it , it gives error , files not found in its path. how to recover gnome desktop.or how can i get my desktop icon back...

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Icons

May 8, 2010

I am trying to change the icons for some applications (calculator and gkrellm). I have tried the following:

-For the calculator I navigate to usr/share/applications , then right click the icon that i want to change, then select properties , then click on the icon and browse for the new icon. Once I do that the icon changes only in the properties window, i.e. if i go to applications/accessories the old icon is still there. Also the old icon is still shown in gnome-do's docky.

-For gkrellm, I have done the same thing and nothing happens either.

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Ubuntu :: Change Icons In Docky?

Feb 24, 2010

Is there a way to change the icon images for my applications in Docky?

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Program Icons

Mar 7, 2010

I have been playing around with AWN. I can't figure out how to change the icons. Namely, the icon for Firefox. I was able to drag Thunderbird from the top panel and the icon showed up but Firefox is a different story. All I get is the blue diamond with the gears.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Change The Folder Icons

May 18, 2010

Can't change the folder icons.

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Ubuntu :: Change Icons For Places?

Jun 24, 2010

So I recently installed Ubuntu. I am dual booting with Windows 7. I created a 3rd partition that contains all my music, pictures and videos. So in the Places dropdown menu, as well as in the explorer, I replaced the usual Music, Documents, Videos etc folders with the ones in the Storage partition. However when I did this it made the icons the simple orange folder icons. Is there a way to change them back to the original icons that has the different emblems according to what kind of folder it is?

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Ubuntu :: Change The Color Of Icons?

Jan 30, 2011

Looking to maybe make the icons by the clock maybe red or green(like theower one), is this something easy to do?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Change Top Bar Color And Icons

Jun 3, 2011

Just installed Ubuntu 11.04 where by default the top bar, where the ubuntu log and the time hangs out, is this nice dark humanity theme that fits in wonderfully with ambiance. I am not all sure what happened... as far as I know all I did was update the system and now the top has much more of a kde/clear looks theme too it. I want the old look back. I looked through the appearance app and cssm and couldn't seem to find the settings I need. What do I need to do to change it back? Also, as a completely unrelated question, I would love it if I could change the order of the apps in the unity bar in addition to which apps have icons there.

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Ubuntu :: Folder Icons Won't Change / What To Fix It?

Jul 17, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu Studio 10.10 and I was installing some programs the other night. After I had finished installing the programs, the folder icons (and their respective windows) changed to this god-awful beige colour. I'm using the "UbuntuStudio" theme which has these nice glossy blue folders by default, but they've changed as I said to this ugly colour that, quite frankly, sickens me.
I've gone into the Appearance Preferences and tried to work it out there, but no matter what I do, the folders never change.
If any of you know how I can fix this.

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Slackware :: How To Change Icons In Kde 4

Mar 5, 2010

One of the things that I don't like about Windoze is the apparent assumption on the part of the program designers that they know what is best for the user. Thus, it is either very difficult or just impossible to do some things in Windoze. (try setting it up with zero security some time!). On the other hand, my experience with Linux has been that if there is something that I want to do there has generally been a way to do it and there have been very few, if any, roadblocks. Not so now with kde 4. In the past I have been able to set up an oft-used app on the desktop and change its icon to whatever I want. This I cannot seem to do now. As far as I can see it is either impossible or extremely well hidden. Has this very simple and useful thing been removed and if so, why? For your info, I'm using Slack 13.0 with the stock kde 4.2. Tried upgrading kde twice but the upgrades buggered the machine each time.

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Slackware :: Configure Mouse Click Interval Since A Single Click Is Recognized As Double Click?

Apr 29, 2010

I try to configure mouse click interval since a single click is recognized as double click by doing it from KDE mouse configuration in system settings; but my attempt doesn't work even (I set the click interval to 2 sec, but doesn't change anything). What is the best way to do this in slackware?

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Ubuntu :: Change Size Of Gnome Icons?

Jun 29, 2010

I'm sorry if this is a trivial question.
I want to know how the size of the gnome icons in toolbars (see pic) is specified. Those icons for 'new', 'open', 'save', ... that are used in Nautilus or Gedit.
I just played around with the gtkrc of my theme, but I couldn't find any option there. Aren't the icons scaleable? Are there smaller icon sets available?

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Ubuntu :: Way To Change Icons On Music Applet

Sep 21, 2010

I was wondering if there is any way i can change the icons on the music applet(in ubuntu lucid), the thing is the banshee icons that comes with it dosent work with the theme im using is there any way to do it?

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Ubuntu :: Some Icons Change To Defult On There Own (screenshot)

Sep 23, 2010

i installed ubuntu 10.04 via usb on a WD external HD ,i started my computer today and some icons had changed ,i installed a windows 7 theme pack a week ago and today as you can see from the screen shots in the upper left the icons to computer,recycle bin and a folder and fire fox buttons have changed to default and the line of folders you see(cairo dock) at the bottom mid screen but you can see in the gnome panel top right that it still has the win7 theme to it as the media player,notes and wireless icons are ok and in the other shot you can see at the bottom left window all icons are default except one and the center start menu is cairo dock is fine but the gnome start menu has default icons yet maintained the windows style menu and the microsoft emblem.

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Ubuntu :: Change Icons That Appear In The Gnome-panel?

Feb 2, 2011

how do I go about changing the icons that appear in the gnome-panel? I'm insanely picky about that kind of thing Here is a screenshot of what I mean, I want the IPblock icon changed to something more in-keeping with my theme

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Ubuntu :: Change Icons In Lucid Lynx?

Mar 16, 2011

I tried for the better part of two hours to change the icons for my pdf files in ubuntu. For some odd reason, the icon for my pdf files is the same as the icon for the .odt and .doc files.

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Ubuntu :: Change Icons In Indicator Applet?

Apr 29, 2011

I'm referring to this up in the right, I think its name it's indicator applet (I'm not sure):What I want to do is to remove the chat and mail icon and enable a weather icon. I've googled but I didn't find any helpful answer.

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Icons For Desktop Shortcuts - 11.04

May 23, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 When I right-click a shortcut there is a selection to 'Resize Icon' but nothing to edit/change the icon. Going into properties, I cannot find anything there either. How is this done?

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Ubuntu :: Install Icons On Gnome 3 / Change Them?

Jun 2, 2011

I am new to ubuntu and gnome 3 and i can not find out how to change the icon theme, i downloaded the theme from debianart and it works great on mint and opensuse but i can not find where to change it on gnome 3, i have looked everywhere on the internet and can not find anything to help me. I tried installing it in gnome classic hoping that it carries over to gnome 3 but cant find the theme manager panel anymore.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 - Change ALL Shortcut Icons' Size?

Aug 3, 2011

I have read the 5, 10, 12 things to do after installing 11.04! I have installed Compiz Config Settings Manager and have played with the Launcher Icon Size slider.

That works well with "the Launcher" on the left but has no effect on the icons in the Shortcuts menu that appears when you hit the "Super" key. These are now so huge they run off the left of the screen (see attached screen capture). There is nothing obviously different from Compiz in the gconf Configuration Editor either.When you go into one of the sub-menus (e.g. More Apps) the icons are fine and fit to screen. PS, I like slightly bigger fonts and icons by default in everything and achieve this through a smaller Monitor resolution.

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Ubuntu :: Icons And Prefrences Change With Each Boot?

Aug 15, 2011

Sometimes when I boot I get the old school icons for my network manager, power settings, etc. Also I have released the Libre Suite from the launcher and they keep attaching on boot. This does not happen every time, it's a fairly random problem.Usually a quick reboot will solve the problem but I would like to fix this for good.I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 x64 on a SSD 110GB Drive. My kernel is 3.0.1 from Kernel.org. Built from sourceThis problem has also been confirmed by me on 32bit and with the stock kernel.

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OpenSUSE :: Unable To Change Icons In 11.4

Jul 11, 2011

I just completed a clean install of 11.4 -- using KDE 4.6. It's absolutely a love-hate relationship so far after upgrading from 11.1 and KDE 3.5.With 11.1 it was incredibly easy to change my icons whether they were on the desktop, or in a Konqueror folder, or on the bar at the bottom of the screen. I simply right clicked on the icon, up would pop a configuration screen, I browsed to where the icons were stored, selected one, clicked "apply" and it was done.

But not in 11.4... For the icons I've dragged onto the bottom bar (e.g., YaST, Personal Settings, Dolphin, GIMP) if I right click on any of them and then click "icon settings" I get a screen where I should be able to see and change the icon, but instead I see a grayed-out gear, and all of them seem to be controlled by root. Under 11.1 and KDE 3.5 I could change these icons, but not with 11.4.

Another example... Under System Settings>File Association>inode>directory. Here you see a plain blue folder icon.Upon left clicking that icon I can then browse to my icons, choose one, click it, and then "apply," and the icon **does** change here in the "inode/directory" screen. But the change does **not** carry over to anywhere else. Under KDE 3.5 and 11.1 it would change every folder everywhere in my home directory. I would do the same thing in "file associations" with some applications (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, and Excel which I run with Crossover Office), and by changing the icon under "file associations" it would change every similar document in my home directory. But not in 11.4. In the first case with icons on my desktop I am unable to change them (seemingly locked to root).In the second case with icons I see in "file associations" I can change them in that screen, but the changes do not then apply globally.

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