Ubuntu :: Cannot Get Started With Conky

Nov 24, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu and I came across Conky.I was fascinated with this software and installed it using terminal codes. At first it rand with the default config file loaded. then i PC shutdown due to a power failure. now conky does not start and after searching over the net i found out that my conky config file is missing. I pasted the conky config fiel yet to no avail.

It gives me this error while running it in Terminal

Conky: /home/shazzy/.conkyrc: 30: no such configuration: 'on_bottom'
Conky: /home/shazzy/.conkyrc: 63: no such configuration: 'border_margin'
Conky: use_spacer should have an argument of left, right, or none. 'no' seems to be some form of 'false', so defaulting to none.


Here's the link to the site. I'm not sure how do i set this up as my conky config.

Link to ConkyConfig

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Ubuntu :: No Sound In KDE When Started By Startx While Working Fine When Started By Kdm/gdm

Dec 14, 2010

I recently installed KDE in my ubuntu 10.10. To access KDE, I want to use
startx /usr/bin/startkdeBut using it disables sound in KDE (Sound is working fine in GNOME). It doesn't sound for anything like login sound, totem, mplayer or any other playerBut when I press Alt+Ctrl+F1 to change to virtual console, the playback resumes from where it was in time and when coming back Alt+Ctrl+F7 and the time in totem (or any other player) doesn't move. While log out also it doesn't play logout sound and doesn't logout, so I have to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 so that logout sound play then it exits.When starting KDE by kdm or gdm, the sound works normally. But I don't want to login again using kdm or gdm and not to use root user to start kdm or gdm.I don't know what is the difference between when KDE is started by startx or by kdm/gdm where the same user login in kdm/gdm as that for startx

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Ubuntu :: Conky Quirk - How To Get Conky To Start Normally Without Having To Do Manual Restart Everytime Login

Jun 26, 2011

I have conky installed and set up as a startup application, however everytime I log out and back in conky creates itself as a new window:

How can I get conky to start normally without having to do a manual restart everytime I login?

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Debian :: Conky - Full Screen Config / 2 Conky Configs?

Jun 13, 2011

Said that all the config i find put all the info in one place of the screen, in this example on the right side:


or like conky colors where you can put in either side, or other complex examples that use folders with images..that at least i need one day to study all the variables it has...

What i want is something simple, in my black background i dont want images and effects, only white simple text.

My problem is: i want for instance my specs above, my log info in the middle, my music info bellow (above my clock) and in conky config i'm hitting my head in the wall....

For instance if i use my facebook script to appear in the midle how the hell can i put my music info bellow without ruined the facebook in the midle...do i need 2 conky configs?

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Ubuntu :: When Type "conky" In Terminal It Returns With Conky: Invalid Configuration File

Feb 1, 2011

when I type "conky" in terminal it returns with Conky: invalid configuration file '/home/user/.conkyrc' Conky: missing text block in configuration; exiting ***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** : This program is calling the Imlib call: imlib_context_free(); With the parameter: context being NULL. Please fix your program. I've tried completely uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling, still same error?

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OpenSUSE :: Failed: Conky Hardcore "Conky Transparency With KDE (3 And 4)"

Jun 19, 2010

I have a problem with conky. It draws a black background instead of using pseudo-transparency. I ofc tried to achieve this with feh but to no avail. All the instructions here failed: Conky Hardcore! Conky transparency with KDE (3 and 4)


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Ubuntu / Apple :: Can't Get Started On Macbook Air?

Feb 20, 2010

I've got a Macbook Air and a verified 9.10 liveCD in the external superdrive. I can successfully boot to the CD, but when I choose "try ubuntu without installing", all I get is a blinking cursor in the upper-left of the screen forever. Any idea why it won't start? CD works fine on my Dell, that's why I say it's verified.

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Ubuntu :: Games Started But Getting No Sound At All

Feb 24, 2010

I switched to Linux but I was, and still am a gamer, and I have been trying to get some of my favorites to run on Linux as well as find Linux native games. While this hasn't been hard, I have run into a sort of Brick wall. I'll get games to start, but there will be no sound at all. The game runs fine though. When I try to close the game, it crashes/freezes.

This has puzzled me because some games that display this bug now did not previously, and at first this only occurred on one game. Now it occurs on all games. I've checked around, found a few similar bugs, but the closest people seem to get to fixing it is "just uninstall pulseaudio and use something else". It only happens in games, music and other sound works fine.

As for specs, I must say I'm fairly ignorant of some things, but getting better, here is what I do know.
Mint 8
Nvidia graphics card (can't recall what model)
Gnome Desktop

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Ubuntu Servers :: /dev/md/0 Has Been Started With 3 Drives (out Of 4)

Jun 16, 2010

I installed mdadm and created an array of 4 drives in RAID 5

the problem I'm having is after I rebooted my machine and tried to mount my array it forget's to add 1 drive to the array

[nrooy@sniper-wolf ~]sudo mdadm --assemble --scan --verbose

mdadm: looking for devices for further assembly
mdadm: cannot open device /dev/block/251:1: Device or resource busy
mdadm: cannot open device /dev/root: Device or resource busy
mdadm: no RAID superblock on /dev/sde


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Ubuntu :: Some Processes Not Started On Reboot

Jul 18, 2010

I've a laptop running 10.04 LTS 64 bit. (Upgraded from 9.04 64bit). Some times (1 over 3) certain processes are not started at boot time : bluetooth, vboxdrv, hddtemp, cups.... (I may miss some other ones). If I use sudo and the service command I can start them by hand and if I reboot they usually start automatically. I've tried to start the laptop without the "quiet splash" options to the kernel command line but I did not see any error messages nor anything more explaining this behavior. So I wonder where I can find where the glitch is, how I can fix it, and what is the startup sequence of an Ubuntu machine (there is no /etc/inittab, and the /etc/rcN behavior does not seem to be standard)

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Ubuntu :: Resume Screen From Ssh That Was Started Without Ssh?

Jul 18, 2010

Like the subject says, I was at my server and logged in directly and started screen. I then started a command and detached the screen.I then logged in remotely through ssh thinking I could resume the screen but when I try "screen -r", it says not screens to resume. I see the screen process still running and when I do go back to the server directly (no ssh) I can resume the screen and things are running just fine.Anyone know how to resume a screen remotely that wasn't started remotely?

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Ubuntu :: Server Or Desktop Getting Started?

Sep 19, 2010

Is the Server or Desktop version of Ubuntu a better choice for a home file (and possibly a media) server?

To explain a little, I currently have a WinXP Pro pc that provides file storage for the users in our home (spouse, kids, self). On this pc I have a windows program ACRONIS running to perform automatic backup of every ones stuff. This has saved me many hours of headaches when someone has a HDD or PC failure. Everyone in the household directs all of their downloading activities to a download partition where I have an anti-virus & anti-malware program monitoring all new entries. This too seems to have been a good decision over the years. I'm trying to sort out which version of Ubuntu will be the most logical entry point.

I expect the questions I am seeking insight for are the normal getting started stuff. Using several different search criteria, I did not hit upon existing threads for the topic If there is a more appropriate forum / sub-forum, please let me know and I will take this question (thread) there.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Crashes When Started?

Feb 9, 2011

When I start Tomboy the applet comes up on the task bar and then it crashes.

I have tried re-installing Tomboy and Mono but it still happens.

I ran Tomboy --debug in the terminal and this is the output:

at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>
at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>
at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>
at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>


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Ubuntu :: Getting Started With Dual Boot

May 11, 2011

I have never touched Linux. Always been intrigued, but never toyed around with it until now. So please bear with me. I normally run Windows 7 Pro but would like to dual boot Ubuntu. I have installed Ubuntu 11.4 with Wubi 4-5 times, and it starts out fine, and then stops working on me. I tried recreating it to see what was causing the problem, but with no avail. The problem it has is as soon as I pick Ubuntu from the GRUB it boots to some sort of bootup (non GUI) and gets to a point where it says something about a system audit, and never loads from there. The only way to fix it is to uninstall Ubuntu (through Add/Remove Programs) and reinstall.

I am not in a place where I can partition drives or anything like that. I do not care so much about using Wubi, but either that, or help booting from a USB would work fine for my needs.

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Ubuntu :: Machine Started To Run Slow?

Jul 28, 2010

Linux cj454lt 2.6.32-24-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 5 09:22:14 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/LinuxI noticed in top java was at the top of the queue.The machine runs very slow and takes forever to load mozilla pages etc. NOTHINGse is actively running on the box. No application this is happening at login time. Just start Mozilla. So I killed the java process and it seems to get better. Nothing looks out of the ordinary on the box

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General :: Windows - Know/read/do To Get Started With (Ubuntu)?

Apr 16, 2011

I am a Windows user. I work as a web developer. I would like to start using Linux, slowly perhaps as my main OS. I would like to know more abt Linux, like what Anti-Virus/Firewalls are recommended (if needed?) abit more abt the shell commands. And in general, how do what I do in Windows map to Linux

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Ubuntu Installation :: After Few Updates - Started Crashing

Jan 19, 2010

First said is the fact that I used Ubuntu 8.04 for over a year, alone on my PC, and there were no problems.
Few days ago I formated my PC, installed Win xp and immediately after I installed Ubuntu 8.04 from CD side by side with Win xp.

For few days everything worked more or less fine, but after few updates Ubuntu started crashing. The only way that I can work with Ubuntu is by choosing in the login menu something that is called Failsafe Gnome startup. If I choose this option everything works fine. I must add that I made no changes to my hardware except the fact that now I have Win xp installed with my Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Crash Immediately When Started?

Jan 22, 2010

that basically says it I am running aiglx with compiz everytime i start compiz my x crashes. then i have to do a hard reboot. I'm running xubuntu 9.10 dell inspiron 4150 ati radeon 7500 with SGI

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Ubuntu Servers :: Get Started On Controlling Hardware?

Jan 24, 2010

I have been a website designer for sometime now and i was wondering about tring out some of the hardware world. (dont get me wrong im no n00b, i can build a pc from scratch) What is the best way to get started on Controlling Hardware? i mean controling a small electric motor to spin a wheel when a button is pressed on the computer or somthing like that? And can this be done with PHP so i wont have to worry about leaning another programming language? Is it very difficalt? Where should i start?

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Ubuntu :: See A Peak Of Memory Used By A Started Process?

Feb 28, 2010

I would like to find something like `time' command:$ magic_command ./executable...memory peak: 100kb

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Ubuntu :: Monitoring Process Started Remotely?

Mar 21, 2010

I started a 'dd copy´┐Żng' of one disk drive to another. Both disks are hooked to a remote machine and I initiated the dd command by ssh_ing into it.I have to shut down the box from which i initiated the ssh session.Is there any way I can keep monitoring the status (shell script)of the copy process, ie know when the dd command terminates and whether it terminated successfully .I could then ssh into the macine from another box and still know the status.

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Ubuntu :: All Windows Minimise When Started - UNR Unusable

May 2, 2010

I've been using UNR since the 9.04 release on my Eee 1000HE and have been generally happy with it as a solution since then. Tonight I've upgraded to 10.04 using the package manager and everything starts correctly but when I start any application it minimises itself straight away making the system unusable. If I click on the application to bring it to focus, I get about 1/2 a second of typing before it minimises itself again. Using that method I've been able to get around the problem with a sudo apt-get remove netbook-launcher - but I like the netbook launcher and I'd like to keep using it.

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Started Hanging On MH Folder

Jun 20, 2010

I came home, having left Evolution running all day, to find it frozen and unresponsive. I killed it, opened it back up... and same thing. It opens, checks through my folders (I have one imap account, and one MH folder that Evolution dumps my pop mail into.) and freezes.

In the status bar, when it freezes, this is what it's doing:

Opening folder mh:///home/katia/mail;command=ssh%20-C%20-l%20%25u%20%25h%20exec%20/usr/sbin/imapd#inbox(...)

And then it just hangs.

If I disable my MH folder real quick, it doesn't hang and I can use my imap account fine. Re-enabling my MH folder quickly causes the hang again.

I tried opening the MH folder in clawsmail, but it hung also. Mutt was able to open it fine.

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Ubuntu :: Broken GUI In Application When Started From The Menu?

Nov 14, 2010

I have problem regarding when a application is started from the menu-line. If I for example start wxmaxima though Menu -> Science -> Wxmaxima, then the menu-bar is gone. I can access the menu-bar by pressing F10, but the menubar never shows up!

I have the same experience with emacs 23, where the menu-bar starts as it should, but whenever I change major (or minor) mode, the new menu-item appears, but I cannot access the menu-item (it is just blank). As before, whenever I go though F10 the menuitem shows up as it should.

Same goes for eclipse.

Instead of starting the applications though the Menu -> ..., I tried to start them in the terminal instead. Then the applications do not suffer from this menubar behaviour.

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Ubuntu :: Wubi Webpage - Started Downloading 10.04 Not 10.10

Nov 24, 2010

[URL] "Click the big orange button to download the latest version of Ubuntu." I ran the tool and it started downloading 10.04 not 10.10.

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Ubuntu :: OS Started Asking For 'password For Root' Rather Than Sudo

May 29, 2011

when I try to do admin tasks - e.g. setting my wireless connection to "available to all users" or updating a group's settings - it asks for "password for root" rather than asking for my password so it can sudo.I was forced to enable the root password, so I could do anything on my system ( sudo su; passwd; ) but I'd rather keep my root password locked and use sudo if possible.

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Ubuntu :: Auto Started Application Was Killed By OS?

Jun 27, 2011

I want to use myscript.sh to auto-start an application. I put myscript.sh into /etc/init.d/ and run "update-rc.d myscript.sh defaults". After reboot, I can see my application was started (its log file was updated), but I cannot see my application running if I do ps -ef. I suspect it is killed by the OS.

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Ubuntu :: AT_SPI_REGISTRY Was Not Started At Session Startup

Jun 30, 2011

I remember modifying some file. I really can't remember what it was now.... But ever since, when I run something from terminal, I get this:


(<unknown>:1797): atk-bridge-WARNING **: AT_SPI_REGISTRY was not started at session startup.
(<unknown>:1797): atk-bridge-WARNING **: IOR not set.

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Ubuntu :: Printer Job Started / Finished But No Prints

Feb 16, 2011

All seems well in Ubuntu printer setup and drivers. Cups, hpijs hplip etc., system finds printer and sets it up and from system/administration/printing the printer shows up with the right description Hp deskjet d2600 on local host. when I try to print I get message "started job" and another message "finished job" but nothing prints. The log Var/log/cups/error_log shows only one thing that I think is wrong "cupsd authorize:no authentication data provided". my user name john and one other Andy (I installed) show up in lp group. I could attach the whole error_log file if it would help. I am new to Linux but love it. I used Windows NT for years. I am the administrator on the box. Don't know what to try next.

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Ubuntu :: Netbook Installation Crashes Before It Even Gets Started

Feb 19, 2011

I'm trying to install Ubuntu Netbook installation on my Netbook using a USB stick. I boot the system from the USB drive and the page loads then says, "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will now be run so that you may investigate the problem or try installing again. Then it loads a desktop with nothing on the screen except the mouse cursor and the background.

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