Ubuntu :: Can Running E2fsck On Live System Cause Errors ?

Jun 29, 2011

We have an old server running, and I decided to run fsck.ext3 -n on the disk to check it (while it was running). Turns out it reports lots of errors - not a good thing.

The weird thing is that when booting up a rescue cd and running fsck.ext3 on it, it says there are no problems with it. The filesystem is marked clean. Forcing a check with -f turns up nothing.

Now, when booting it from disk, fsck complains about an unclean file system that has not been checked for like 50000 days (obviously an error). Running e2fsck -n /dev/sda2 turns up errors again - not necessarily the same ones as the last time.

This makes me wonder: Can running e2fsck on a mounted file system cause errors? I ran with -n which is not supposed to do anything, just doing a read-only check. On the other hand, I heard checking a live file system might throw erros since the files being checked might change while bign checked, thus causing false positives.

Can the old version of e2fstools (1.38, approx 2005) mean non-existing errors are shown? Both the rescue cd and the system use this version.

In any case - why would the file system report errors on boot-up when the rescue cd just said it was ok? It should have been marked clean by now.

For laughs, I shut down the system and booted Knoppix which has a quite recent version (1.41.12, May 2010) of e2fstools. It showed no errors on the file system.

What do you think - are there errors or not on the file system?

The system is actually running Suse, but this is not about Suse specific things - just general Linux tools. And I use Ubuntu personally.

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Programming :: E2fsck Reports - But Mount Warns Of Errors

Nov 25, 2010

In this case what is the return value of mount. I want to run e2fsck only when either mount fails or mount succeeded but with errors . Is there some way to detect this situatin "mounting fs with errors" in code/script .

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Red Hat :: Maximal Mount Count Reached - Running E2fsck Is Recommended

Dec 7, 2010

I have centos 5.2.....i get this error while booting...the total hard disk is about 1160 GB....This server is used for file share....it has lots of datas........is it recommended to run fsck.....i am afraid that i will lose datas....is there any way to sort this issue....logs and fstab details are as follows

error on boot


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CentOS 5 :: Create Live Cd From Running System?

Jun 9, 2011

is it possible to create a live cd or a cd/dvd installer from a running system.

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Ubuntu :: Identify Whether The Current System Is Running In Live Mode Or Not?

Aug 25, 2010

Is there any sure-fire way to identify whether the current Ubuntu system is running in Live mode or not? I want to distinguish between Live mode and running from installed HD, and do some processing in boot up script. FYI, in grml, the /etc/grml_cd file only exit in Live mode file system; no such file if running from installed HD.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Running 11.3 Live System On MacBook Air?

Jul 26, 2010

I am too stupid to run a live Linux on a Macbook air. I used both, an openSUSE 11.3-KDE Live-CD and a Live-USB key and tried several boot options.

(i) I held down "C" to boot from CD → didn't work. It's an Apple CD drive but came with an older Macbook air a few years ago.
(ii) Found the bootmenu by holding down the option (ALT) key. Neither Live-CD nor Live-USB were shown. You can only choose the harddrive (and available wireless networks).
(iii) "Command-Shift-Option-Delete" to boot from an external drive didn't work either. I assume my USB key is an external drive, right?

I don't want to install openSUSE on the mac I just want to run a live system from time to time. Therefore I want to bypass Boot Camp or rEFIt and that's probably why I am stuck here. I wonder, if I really have to setup one of them to boot into a live system? The wiki article "openSUSE on a Mac" is under review right now.

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Ubuntu :: What Are "multiply-claimed Block(s)" When Running E2fsck

Apr 3, 2011

what are "multiply-claimed block(s)" when running e2fsck?And should I reply yes to questionCode:Clone multiply-claimed blocks(s)<y>?

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General :: External Drive Read Only - WARNING! Running E2fsck On A Mounted Filesystem May Cause SEVERE Filesystem Damage

Mar 24, 2010

I've had a look at some similar threads but as I'm very new to linux they're already a bit technical for me. Sorry, this calls for someone with patience. I gather from other threads that disconnecting an external drive without unmounting is a no-no, and this seems to be the likely cause. Now the disk is read only and I'm unable to change any settings through the usual control panel on ubuntu. I'm just not familiar with the terminal instructions. I tried to cut and past a few command lines from other threads but I got some warnings that proceding could damage data. Like this one: WARNING! Running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause SEVERE filesystem damage.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Filesystem Check After Power Outage - WARNING: "Running E2fsck On A Mounted Filesystem May Cause SEVERE Filesystem Damage"

May 18, 2011

I am very new to linux, and I have a question regarding the filesystem check (fsck). The power recently went out and when I tried to restart linux the following error appears:

*/dev/sda1 contains file system w/errors, check forced it then goes on to say..

*An error occured during the file system check. Dropping you to a shell; the system will reboot when you leave the shell. Give root password for maintenance (or type Control-D to continue) I wasn't sure what to do, but checked some other online forums and they suggested running fsck manually - so I typed in the root password - and used the command, "fsck -A -V ; echo == $? ==" it then gave the following message

*WARNING!!! Running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause SEVERE filesystem damage
*Would you like to continue (y/n)

Again, I wasn't sure what to do so i just checked no. I then manually turned off the computer and was prompted at the beginning to press Alt-3. I was brought to another screen and it informed me one of the drives was degraded and suggested rebuilding the array. I tried doing this, but it still brings me back to the original error of, "/dev/sda1 contains file system w/errors, check forced," and the process continues.

Also, when I tried to rebuild the array, I didn't backup any of the data on our home directory before doing this (which was probably a big mistake). After being prompted to type the root password, I was able to give the ls command and look at all the directories...the home directory where our data was stored was empty and I am afraid I may have lost some information. Is there a possibility that data was lost when I was trying to rebuild using the old drives?

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General :: Types Of Fsck Errors - Fsck Errors Are Found On A System?

Jul 22, 2010

Can anybody tell me what kind of fsck errors are found on a system?

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Ubuntu :: Errors After Running An Update?

Aug 29, 2010

I ran an update recently. It was about a 300Mb download and with it was the current kernel and others. I restarted to find an error. Compiz is no longer starting and there is this red minus icon on my bar saying there is a package error. It said to run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" but when I ran that I got: dpkg: failed to open package info file `/var/lib/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory"

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Debian :: Iceweasel Content Encoding Errors (Mate 8.3 Live)

Jan 31, 2016

Background :
Debian Mate Live 8.2 + Iceweasel 38.6 = no problem
Debian Mate Live 8.3 + Iceweasel 38.6 = problems as explained below

Details :
I have used Debian Live versions for a while now without any major problem. After switching from Mate Live 8.2 to Mate Live 8.3, I am almost unable to use Iceweasel due to the following problems :

- much slower browsing overall with regular timeouts (the page's layout or some ads often fail to load)
- random content encoding errors (the grey page similar to SSL related errors)
- random non-latin characters or strange strings (like ""q5"&2>html34") appearing along a page's content

Reloading the same page may (or not) fix the issue : it is random, sometimes it displays correctly (but still very slow) other times it gets worse.

Even when many encoding errors are displayed, if I check the page's source code then it appears to be clean.

I have not changed my usual settings and both the OS and Iceweasel are in vanilla state without any 3rd party add-on or package installed.

I doubt it is hardware related since switching back to 8.2 immediatly solves the issue. The 8.3 support seems ok too because I verified the md5 of all files with success.

Screenshots :
[URL] ....
[URL] ....

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OpenSUSE Install :: Live Usb Stick Doesn't Work - I/O Errors

Apr 21, 2011

I've been trying to figure out how to run/install openSUSE from a usb stick for several days. I downloaded the 11.4 .iso from distrowatch & used the following command in Linux Mint to put it on the usb stick.

sudo dd if=openSUSE-11.4-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdc

It gets to the loading screen and get stuck. It has a small bar going across, that never finishes. I've hit escape to try and get some info, but don't know what I'm looking for and it's too much to write down. I did notice there were several I/O errors. I did check the usb for defects and it returned ok, and the md5sum was correct.

I've also tried safe settings which takes me to a blueish/black screen and stays there. No ACPI starts to load and then drops to a shell.

how to get this accomplished? I've installed many Linux OS's and I've never had this much trouble.

ps. I"ve read the "please read" pre installation page on here, and things just don't make a whole lot of sense to me.

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Ubuntu :: Get Errors Even When Running Nautilus Under Gksudo?

Sep 12, 2010

On Linux Mint, there is this theme called WildMint, looks somewhat like an older Ubuntu Studio theme. Anyway, I have been trying to find how to get it to work on Ubuntu instead of Mint. It is nowhere to be found on Gnome-Look and I've tried to search everywhere for it. Also, I've tried just copying the folder from /usr/share/themes but I just get errors even when running Nautilus under gksudo.

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Ubuntu :: Two Errors When Running Gnome-terminal?

Jan 19, 2011

Code:bash: /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/8841/tasks: No such file or directorybash:/dev/cgroup/cpu/user/8841/notify_on_release: No such file or directoryAfter these two lines I get a normal working bash prompt.Could be related: Installed Xubuntu, then installed ubuntu-desktop and removed xubuntu-desktop&all xfce stuff.

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Fedora :: Open Office On Live CD Install - Dependency Resolution Errors

Feb 7, 2011

I just installed Fedora 14 via live CD on my netbook. I am trying to install open office and it's saying I have conflicting files but Open Office is not installed. Yes, this is a nooby question and I'm usually quite good with Linux but this has just baffled me.


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Ubuntu :: Running In Low-graphics Mode After Checking Drive For Errors

Oct 12, 2010

I have been running 10.4 with no problems for some time now. Today when I booted up it started checking the drive for errors, and I just left it to do its thing. I came back to this warning screen: Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode.Your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly.
I've tried all of these with no luck. When I select to run to low graphics mode, it says "Stand by one minute while the display restarts...OK".I select OK and then it gets stuck checking for battery state.I try to reconfigure the graphics, and nothing happens when I select any of the options on the next screen.

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Debian :: Squeeze: Errors Running Upgrade

Nov 20, 2010

I've just tried running an upgrade and I'm getting lots of errors. Anyone having the same problem or know a fix/workaround

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Ubuntu Installation :: Mythbuntu System Hangs After Regular System Update: "out Of Memory" Errors

Aug 4, 2010

I have Mythbuntu 10.04 installed on an exclusive HTPC and working great... until tonight. After letting the system update some packages (161 packages if I remember right), I suddenly have an issue where the graphical system won't start. After researching I found three error messages that might be causing that.

1. At the start of splash screen I see "UUID=xxxxxxxCD7 not ready yet or not present" I checked in /etc/fstab and found that this is the swap partition. I don't remember seeing this before so this could be the culprit.

2. I'm not at the computer in question right now but I saw a Plymouth error about "mountall" and then the message "plymouth command failed". Not sure if this could be the main error.

3. after a while (usually ca. 1-2 min) I receive thousands of errors of the kind "out of memory"... "kill process XXXX" (process vary wildly e.g. dbus-daemon, mysql, etc)... "process killed"..."respawning"

After error 3, I'm not able to switch to graphical console (ctrl-alt-F7). If I was in the graphical console at this moment, I simply can't switch to the CLI console. I'm always afraid of updating my system since I've seen lots of things breaking afterwards (usually the proprietary graphic drivers) but this is really strange.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Live CD Failure - Goes To The "Log In" Page And Not The Live CD Page On Running

Aug 22, 2010

Just got back to attempting to play with 10.04 using its Live CD. It consistently goes to the "Log In" page and not the Live CD page on running. I saw a Post specifying a F key to be pressed on boot-up to get to the desired starting point some time ago, but did not write it down. Some advice did say press Any Key but this does not seem to do the job. Tried to use the search function here but no joy. Can anyone remember which F key? Note that as a check, I tried to use 9.10 Live CD and this worked fine, so it is not a machine problem.

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Slackware :: Getting (1)various Errors Spat Out On STDOUT While Running X And (2)a Hard Fault In Openoffice?

Nov 12, 2010

I'm getting (1)various errors spat out on STDOUT while running X and (2)a hard fault in Openoffice.

> Warning: Duplicate shape name ""
> Using last definition


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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Getting Errors When Running Mdadm In Grow Mode Failed

Jun 24, 2009

Is growing raid 6 in 5.3 centos possible? I'm getting errors when i run mdadm in --grow mode failed : 'mdadm --grow /dev/md0 -n 5 2>&1' -> mdadm: Cannot set device size/shape for /dev/md0: Invalid argument Do i have to create a custom kernel for centos?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Running An App From Live CD/USB?

Jan 15, 2011

I'm going to create either a live CD or USB to demo Ubuntu on my Intel Mac Mini. I'd be doing this only to test one piece of software under Linux.

Is it possible to run the software from my live CD or USB just as I would running Linux (thus, without the need for the software to be installed on a HD)? If so, where do I need to save the software file(s) when creating my live CD or USB?

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Software :: Install Faac Codecs On Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic.after Running Configure And Make Commands- Errors

May 11, 2010

I am trying to install faac codecs on ubuntu 9.10 karmic.after running the configure and make commands i get this errors:

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General :: Libtool Has Syntax Errors When Running After GLib-2 Cross Compile For PPC Using LTIB?

Jun 10, 2010

First, I'm trying to cross compile mono 2.6.4 so that it will run on Freescale Embedded Linux for a PowerPC CPU. My host machine is running Fedora 13 on an x86. Freescale provides a copy of the Linux Target Image Builder (LTIB) that has been pre-configured for the particular board I'm using, and LTIB seems to be able to help with the cross compilation of other stuff--you can add in your own packages to be built and included in your newly-built Linux image.

Mono depends on pkg-config and glib-2, so I have selected them in the LTIB package selection config. I've also added a new package for mono that builds mono-2.6.4 from the source tar (after the other deps have also been built).

I'm having a problem getting the glib-2.24.0 package libraries created. Basically they appear to build and link ok, but then libtool runs and errors out claiming it has a syntax error! (numerous wths followed...)

Here is LTIB's temporary build script for only the glib2 package:


Here is the output when building the glib2 package (configure + make):


Build path taken because: directory build, build key set, no prebuilt rpm,

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Ubuntu :: LIVE CD For Running Hardware Diagnostics?

Mar 26, 2010

What's the best LIVE CD for running hardware diagnostics?

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General :: Running Ubuntu Live Cd On Vista

Oct 7, 2009

HSo basically i'm trying to run the ubuntu live cd from vista and it doesn't boot up when i restart my computer like it says it should. So i tried finding it in the boot list before windows starts and i only find windows there, no CD. I then tried installing the software that comes on the disk to help if the cd won't boot, and that fails when nearly done giving me some "invalid argument" notice..

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Ubuntu :: Internal Disk In A Running System Usb-booted System Does Not Result In The System Detecting The Disk

Feb 27, 2011

My system decided to crash on me, hard. It was humming along happily for about 2 months and now doesn't boot. If I boot from hard-disk, I get grub. Launching the first kernel choice hangs. I thought maybe the install was corrupt, so I booted from usb install disk. The usb hdd didn't boot; something about an error trying to access /dev/sda . Unplugging the internal disk and plugging in the usb install disk does result in the system booting. Plugging in the internal disk in a running system usb-booted system does not result in the system detecting the disk.

How do I know if the disk is physically broken? This seems unlikely since it does manage to launch grub consistently. Or is this still possible? How can I try to mount whatever is left? The usb install disk doesn't even list the /dev/sd*. Any pointers on how to reformat the drive if it's not being mounted?

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General :: Running Live Cd

Dec 5, 2009

I have burned the Linux Mint 8 "Helena" iso image to a CD no problem but when i try to run the "Live CD" a login box appears and no matter what i do i keep getting "Authentication Failure"?So i can't proceed running the "Live CD".Could someone help me out here please and tell me what i am doing wrong. I just want to run the "Live CD" before i decide whether to install the OS to the hard drive.

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Ubuntu :: Mount Windows Drive When Running Live CD?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a friend of mines computer that is hosed and gets the BSOD. He has pictures of his grandson on there that her really needs before I fix it. Is there a way to mount the main windows partition while running the Live CD? I have tried it and get an error but I am not able to get it working.

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