Ubuntu :: Can't Go Full Screen On Some Streaming Videos

Jan 24, 2010

I've started to have problems getting some streaming videos to either go full screen or go full screen properly.

On [url] when I want to watch a South Park episode full screen it pops up a little box that says "Error Full Screen Not Allowed" and if I hover my mouse over the video connection icon is says

"current video stream 750 kbps* Max video stream 800kbps Avalible in HDGo to Fullscreen *limited by this computer"

The current avaible bandwith speed averages 2500kbps and I have a 7000kbps connection with Speedboost.

When I use Windows XP I can go to full screen with South Park Videos, only in Ubuntu can I not go full screen.

With Hulu it will go into full screen but not always the porpper way. Sometimes it will go full screen but other times it will go full screen but I have to minimize the browser window and then maximize it again and the video will play full screen but apear to be playing on the desktop as wallpaper. I don't get this problem in XP.

This seems to have just started after the last time I did a recomended automatic secuirity update with updae maager. My Video Card is a ATI Radeon 9000 at 1280x1024 true color.

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General :: Viewing Full Screen Streaming Video

Apr 12, 2010

I have been trying to view streaming video ([URL]) on my LCD TV (Sony KDL-40V5100). The video is dropping frames when I view in full screen mode. I am currently running with Ubuntu 9.10 and have installed both the Adobe plug-ins.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Online Video Streaming Freezes On Full Screen

Nov 25, 2010

I am using ubuntu 10.10 on Dell Inspiron 1525 dual boot with vista. My concern is streaming online videos through websites such as BBC iplayer, sky news, ....., NDTV news channel, etc. Videos are streaming perfectly fine as long as they are not running on full screen but if I try to run them on full screen video freezes (after a few minutes, say 5). Interestingly, sound does not stop. I can still hear the latest news updates but the video does not correspond. Same videos are running fine whether full screen or not in vista.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Picture Is Messed When Full Screen While Streaming

Sep 27, 2010

When i stream on sites like ....., megaupload etc. it's fine However when i try to put it into full screen the picture is all funny looking I just installed suse on my others computers and one of them seem to be only having this problem.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Full-Screen Video Streaming Lock-up

Oct 15, 2010

When I play a video web stream full-screen, the image randomly freezes. I can still move the mouse and hear the audio, but I can't click on anything, and I can't get out of full-screen. No keyboard commands that I know work, and so I end up having to hold down the power button to kill the machine.

This didn't happen in Ubuntu, so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue. And I changed the power management settings to do nothing, but it still happens. So, I don't know what the deal is. Should I try a different flash player (I have the adobe player as default)?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Videos Won't Go In Full Screen

Oct 31, 2010

I'm just on ..... and half of the videos I try to put in full screen work and the rest just freeze the frame but the audio still plays and the video continues in the background.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: DVD, And Internet Videos In Full Screen?

Nov 12, 2010

I have installed ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop (a thinkpad L412). It works, except for video problems : - when I want to read a DVD, I can very well see and use the menu (where it is proposed to watch the movie or choose a scene), but when I launch the movie, theplayer stops. It happens with both VLC and Movie Player (I have not yet tried other player). - If I watch a video on ..... (or other websites), it is OK when I watch it embedded in the page. But if I want to put it full screen, the sound is still OK, but the image is frozen.

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Ubuntu :: Flash Videos Going Blank In Full Screen?

Dec 10, 2010

I've recently begun to have the problem of whenever a flash video in Firefox 4.0 goes in full screen mode, the screen goes black and my laptop is unresponsive. However, the video's sound will keep playing.

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Ubuntu :: Flash Videos Slow - Gets Choppy When In Full Screen

Mar 24, 2010

Running ubuntu 9.10 on an hp pavilion 2000 laptop, with 2.5GB of ram and a dual core (i think). Works at perfect speed with everything, except when I'm tyring to watch a flash video which slows everything down and gets choppy, especially when in full screen. From looking around online I see some people blaming adobe and some people blaming NVidia drivers. Get the impression the problem is a bit of both.

Funny thing is it worked a lot better with the drivers that installed automatically with the ubuntu install, soon as I put the updated nvidia drivers on it started screwing up. how I go back to those default drivers? Tried unchecking the drivers listed in Hardware Drivers, but when I restarted was stuck in very low resolution, so I'm guessing that's not the same as the drivers used after installing the OS.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Keep Flash Videos In Full Screen On Dual Monitors?

Jan 7, 2010

I am running 9.10 on a laptop with an external monitor. when i run a flash video in full screen on the external monitor and click anything on the workspace of the laptop screen, the flash video on the external monitor will revert back from full screen.

this did not happen a couple of weeks back. i have not used it for 3 weeks. maybe one of the updates in between changed some setting?

does anyone now how to fix the problem?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Play Imported Videos In OO Impress In Full Screen

Oct 22, 2010

Am supposed to hand my lord and master an ubuntu laptop tomorrow morning with a presentation on it that includes two short movie clips. Impress will import the movies, they play in the edit mode but when I actually show the presentation in full screen mode the video doesn't start, it just sits on the first frame and I can't for the life of me figure out how to make it play rather than switch to the next slide.

I'm using maverick meerkat on a dell mini 1012 and oo 3.2

edit: this works (specific movies and version of OO) on my Macbook running Lucid

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Software :: Full Screen Mode Makes Its Videos Stop / Sort It?

May 31, 2011

I've this problem since I started to play videos through the internet. Whenever the videos is on full screen, it makes not only to stop the video but sometimes it becomes choppy. Also, when I try to play a video and another one is still buffering.. The video I attempt to play is still loading until I close the another that's buffering.

I'm frequently using Google Chrome.

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Hardware :: Fedora 10 Crashes (and Reboots) On Playing Videos In Full Screen Mode / Fix It?

Mar 17, 2010

I am facing a strange problem since few days.

My system Immediately crashes and reboots automatically whenever a video currently being played in minimal mode is switched to full screen mode "IN Any Media Player".
I have googled but did not find anything relevant. code...

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Obnoxious Bar In Smplayer - Full Screen Isn't Full Screen And There Are Black Edges On Both Sides Of The Screen

Jan 25, 2011

This obnoxious bar has just appeared in Smplayer at the top of the screen. It stays there even when I go full screen. Now full screen isn't full screen and there are black edges on both sides of the screen. I have not be able to figure out how to hide it. I do not need or want this onscreen display. How can I configure Smplayer to make this go away? How can I get my 16:9 full screen aspect ratio back? I have done nothing to mplayer or smplayer as far as editing any or changing any configuration files. I tried several videos and it displays on all of them. It was not there last time I used Smplayer.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound On Streaming Videos?

Mar 19, 2010

If I try playing ..... or other streaming video I have no sound. It used to work and then my dumbA$$ tinkered with it and now I have restored Flash, which was working flawlessly, don't know where my head was at but it was dark and smelly.

EDIT: I have Ubuntu 9.10 and my sound card is an nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2). I tried to follow along with the instructions in the sticky regarding the


Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

but when it gave me the instruction to select my sound card manufacturer from the drop down menu, I never found it.

FWIW, my speaker are on and they play music, system sounds etc, just no sound for streaming video. Pandora works fine etc. Also, this is isolated to Firefox, as it works fine in Opera.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Saving Streaming Videos In /tmp?

Jun 9, 2011

A while I back I read that one can find copies of streaming videos in /tmp, but there was a sequence to follow of closing browsers, videos and directories.Could someone tell me what that is?I've tried watching some ..... videos, then going to /tmp only to find nothing.

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Ubuntu :: Streaming Videos Choppy With High Resolution

Mar 16, 2010

Pentium 4, 512MB RAM, GeForce2 MX/MX 400
When my machine ran Windows XP, I was able to watch full screen videos on Hulu, etc. with no problem. Now my machine is running Ubuntu (Koala). I'm using Firefox with the most recent Adobe Plugin (and I've made sure there are no other flash players installed). Streaming video (at low to medium resolution) is pretty choppy but still watchable most of the time. It is not watchable when played full screen or with high resolution. When I download the .flv file and play it through VLC, everything is smooth. Are there any tricks I can try to get the video running more smoothly, like it did before? (Disabling desktop effects made no difference.) Should I just get some more RAM? (I realize my RAM is low, but it didn't seem to effect my video watching before.)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash For 6.6 For Videos And Internet Radio Streaming?

Mar 13, 2010

I have Ubuntu on both my machines but my older machine is a Duron with 128 mb of ram. Because of that, I have Xubuntu 6.06 on it. It runs very well. So well, I wondered if I could use it to stream internet radio or even videos. Problem is, I can't find flash for it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Videos Only Play Correctly Some Of The Time?

Aug 31, 2010

Over the past week or two I've been noticing that I've been having more and more problems with playing streaming videos. I haven't been able to find anything consistent about when the videos don't play correctly. Theres been videos where I've just had to wait a day or two to see even though I know from other people that theyre working. Sometimes I get nothing, sometimes its just sound and sometimes its just video. It doesn't seem to depend on the websites either, earlier today I was able to get one video on a webpage to play correctly but the other one on that page would only give me sound for a couple of seconds and then stop like it was buffering even though the status bar showed it had loaded the entire video. I don't think its just a firefox problem either because I was having the same problems at the same websites running opera as well.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Capture TRICKY Streaming Videos From The Internet

Mar 6, 2011

There is an internet page that displays streaming videos (TV shows) that are not detected by most Windows and Linux downloading software: Orbit, Replay Media Catcher (Windows) or Video Downloader, Downloadhelper, etc in Linux (ubuntu)

In Windows the only program that I managed to do the job with is "Stream Transport", and got .mp4 files that I could watch later.But I don't have windows anymore, it is corrupted. In ubuntu, however, the many firefox add-ons, stand alone programs that I tested, don't see the video file. In the source of the page I don't understand anything, everything is concealed under javascript text... The video is not saved in the firefox cache.

How can I capture it? Does anybody know how to deal with this kind of well-concealed video files?In theory, it should be possible to record everything that comes into the machine, but how?

P.S. By TRICKY I mean something non-standard (not ....., dailymotion, etc).

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Debian Configuration :: View Streaming Quicktime Videos?

Dec 1, 2010

I have to go to a website which has a wierd player thingy that streams live video (movies) in quicktime format. Since Quicktime isn't available for Debian, is there a way I can view this streaming video? I have libquicktime1, quicktime-utils, and quicktime-x11utils installed.

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OpenSUSE :: Finding A Software To Record Streaming Videos?

Jul 18, 2010

I am looking for software that will record streaming videos from places like Utube. I have one for Win but am interested to find a way in Opensuse.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Firefox Freezes When Streaming Divx Videos?

Mar 13, 2010

I'm having problems with streaming divx videos in Firefox 3.6 on openSUSE 11.2. Every time I try to load a divx video Firefox ends up freezing, ultimately leading to dialog box giving me the option to terminate Firefox. No matter what plugin I try to use it's the same problem. I've tried mplayerplug-in, which shows a gray background with the Mplayer logo where the video should be but it keeps buffering, once I press play it freezes. I tried the vlc browser plugin which doesn't seem to even recognize anything and I tried gecko-mplayer, which didn't even show the logo and buffering. I tired removing Firefox and all the plugins and tried installing them again to no avail.

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Software :: Develop A Simple Media Player App For Streaming Videos

Feb 27, 2010

I would like to develop a simple media player application in linux for streaming videos. My objective is to get a good understanding of a multimedia framework. Hence, wanted to start with such an example.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play Streaming Flash Videos Online - Sound Does Not Work

Apr 25, 2010

running kubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, and my sound settings -at first glance- seem to be in order... a strange thing is occurring, is my machine haunted? my sound works when:

a. the machine boots up
b. files are played in dragon player
c. the machine shuts down

my sound does not work when:

1. i try to play streaming flash videos online (e.g. videos videos show the image but no sound will play)
2. the same goes for vlc media player: images yes, sound no.
3. i use skype *edit: additional problem*

i made no changes, that i know of, to my machine before this started happening. one day everything was working fine and i turned off my machine to go to sleep. the next day, i turn on my machine, and surprise, the sound doesn't work in some instances.

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Ubuntu Installation :: ATI RADEON 9550 In Lucid / Watch Smooth Videos In Streaming?

Aug 13, 2010

I love Ubuntu so much but when my previous graphic card passed away a technicien installed on my desktop an Ati Radeon 9550, my question is what I have to do to watch smooth videos in streaming?

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Ubuntu :: View Full Veoh Videos?

Mar 22, 2010

Recently I came across a video I wanted to see from Veoh and you only get 5 minutes preview unless you install the veoh web player.. and guess what.. its for windows only! I heard its working under wine.

Anyway, after some looking around and trying different scripts and programs, the only thing that worked for me was a firefox extension (which unfortunately requires registration - which fortunately takes really 5 seconds. No e-mail confirmations etc. - and unfortunately has a website FULL of ads and pop ups! I hope they dont start asking for money soon). So, the extension is [URL] I dont know if you can install it from addons.mozilla.org . I logged in yet found no install button.. had to go to developers website.

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Ubuntu :: KTorrent Is Full Screen And Won't 'Un-Full-Screen'

May 2, 2010

In Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10, KTorrent worked just fine for me. However, this time whenever I launch it, it is for some reason full screen and I have no idea how to get out of full screen.it's of the entire screen when KTorrent is in focus (so no panels or other things were cut out of the image).URL...

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Debian Multimedia :: Iceweasel Browser Not Playing Videos Of Any Kind At Full Volume

Aug 2, 2015

I am running debian linux wheezy, and recently, all of a sudden, all videos in my iceweasel browser have been refusing to play videos of any kind at full volume. I am, however, able to download the video and play it at full volume on vlc player or sytem video player.Why iceweasel is acting this way?

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Ubuntu :: Automatic Disable Of Screen Saver During Full Screen Video?

Jul 4, 2011

is there anyway to automatically disable screen saver whenever I watch video in full screen?

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