Ubuntu :: Can't Get Win7 To Load?

Jul 2, 2010

I can be somewhat long-winded at times and I'd rather give a full account of the problem I've always used windows as an OS but have been curious about Linux for a while now, so after looking around online I decided to try ubuntu. I have an Asus EEE PC netbook that came with win7 already installed on it. Last night I downloaded the netbook edition of ubuntu via their website, burned the .iso to a disc via my external dvd drive and then ran the demo. I couldn't get it to boot off the disc when I rebooted, so I had to pick the third option which I think installed some files to the computer in order for me to be able, to run the demo. When it finished that and I rebooted, the dual boot menu came up with both win7 and ubuntu on it. I messed around with ubuntu for a few hours before deciding I wanted to keep it on my computer, so I ran the full installation and selected the side-by-side installation. I remember when the installer asked about the partitions. I wasn't sure what to do as I wanted to keep both windows and ubuntu. There were three options: 1. Install them side-by-side choosing at startup 2. Erase and use entire disk 3. Specify partions manually (advanced). I wasn't sure how much space to allocate ubuntu, so I chose the first option thinking that it would just give me a default amount and would probably be plenty to effectively use the OS. After installation, it asked if I wanted to continue testing ubuntu or reboot and start using the full version. I rebooted, and it gave me no option for windows 7. In addition to this, the update manager came up and told me there were some 200 or so updates available. This is always common with windows when you use it for the first time, so I tried to update, and an error came up telling me that I needed at least +500mb free space for the update and only had 400mb or so. I'm a bit confused, and I've since tried rebooting several times, but windows is still unavailable.

I guess what I'd like to know is why win7 isn't listed in the GNU Grub at startup, and how I can fix that. I would also like to know how I could go about getting more disk space allocated to ubuntu. I thought about just uninstalling it, and then reinstalling it and giving myself 10-20gb of space when asked about the partitions again, but I obviously can't do that right now. The only other thing that I could think of was doing a factory restore for my netbook to get windows back, and then reinstalling ubuntu once again. I wasn't sure that would work though and didn't want to take the chance without getting the advice of somebody much smarter than me.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Reinstalled Win7 And Cannot Load Grub

Aug 21, 2011

I just finished my Windows 7 reinstall, and I go to reboot into Linux, and there's not grub loader. I go into a live CD and get into the grub prompt. Here's what I got:
sudo grub
grub> root (hd0,0)
grub> setup (hd0)
Error 17: Cannot mound selected partition

As for additional information, my fstab is listed below:
aufs / aufs rw 0 0
tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,nodev 0 0
/dev/sda6 swap swap defaults 0 0

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Won't Load Win7 After Update To Beta 1

Mar 25, 2010

Just update ubuntu to beta 1. When I try to load win7 it just all a get is the blinking underscore in the top left corner. What did i do wrong?


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Ubuntu Installation :: Installed Winxp Alongside Win7 And Then 10.10, Can't Load Win 7?

Apr 13, 2011

When I load into winXP I can see the files for winXP and win7. When I load into ubuntu I can only see winXP. i did a sudo update-grub and got the windows loader, which then shows me winXP and ubuntu. what i would love is one boot page that has listed winXP, win7, and ubuntu. FWIW this is an acer netbook, winXP is on D:/ and win7 is on F:/, i used the windows installer wubi for ubuntu 10.10.

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Ubuntu :: Shutdown During Loading And Fails To Load From Win7 Boot Loader

Feb 17, 2010

I have installed the ubuntu 9.10 and the pc already have 2 win 7 OS and 1 win xp I installed the ubuntu from win xp every thing go just fine but in win 7 boat loader it detects the 2 win 7 OS , previous windows ( the xp )and the ubuntu which fails to load from win7 boot loader ( the first problem ) but it is present also in win xp boat loader so when choosing older windows the win xp bootloader let me choose between windows xp and ubuntu which works fine when choosing it the ubuntu bootloader appears with ubuntuubuntu safe modewin7 bootloader

the second problems that choosing win 7 after restarting the pc from ubuntu fail to open it begin loading with the windows logo and then just shutdown the whole pc as if i have unplugged it! the only way to let it open is to choose older windows>>> ubuntu >>>> ubuntu bootloader >>> where there is win 7 bootloader option it returns me again to win 7 bootloader but this time the windows load complete ( mostly but may shut down also!)

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot With Win7 - Can't Load - "read Error"

Jun 30, 2011

I have an older pc now dedicated to ubuntu and run 11.04 32-bit no problem, and previous versions as well. I just got new hardware and assembled it and wanted to make it dual boot with win7. Found the information and got it working so I thought. Everything was peaches and cream until the install finished. A long long message appeared with read errors from some drive (i think it was my swap partition but its just a guess), appearing and disappearing to fast to read, so it don't know what it was trying to tell me aside from "read error". After the the message it said remove media and restart now. Which I did, booted to windows, modified the BSD to boot to Ubuntu or windows, Get the grub2 loader and select ubuntu. This is when everything goes awry, I dont get any loading screen just a singular purple screen, if I press any key, it starts to flash, and every subsequent key I press cause it to flash faster.

I can run the livecd (64-bit 11.04) no problems, As well as win7-64 (currently to post this message). But i cant get Ubuntu to load. I deleted and reformatted the partitions I'm using and reinstalled with the same problem.(/boot,swap,/(root) and /home) under windows management they are listed as healthy(ext4 -- except for swap,primary -- except for swap as logical and all set to beginning). So I guess the question is what could be cause this problem? My settings for install, my bios, or something else? My system specs are Asus mobo, amd phenom2 hexcore, 4gigs ram, 2 ati radeon crossfired, a 2 tb hd and a 40 gig ssd.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installed Alongside Win7 But GRUB Doesn't Appear; Just Boots Win7

Dec 31, 2010

Just installed Ubuntu 10.10 onto my new netbook from a USB stick. The laptop came with Win7 Starter, which I kept on a small partition. Installation was apparently successful, but when I start up the computer, it will go straight to Win7 and GRUB doesn't appear.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Win7 Bootloader Is Broken / Doesn't Seem To Detect The Win7?

May 2, 2011

I had vista installed, then I installed Win7 on a dif. partition. Then I installed Ubuntu 11.4 over the vista partition (formatted first), and now I can't get into Win7. I'm really at a loss. I've tried the Win7 disk, and it doesn't detect the Win7 installation. I've also tried sudo update-grub, and it doesn't seem to detect the win7 install either. I've tried making the Win7 partition bootable using gpart as well. I'd like to dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu, however I need to do that.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installed After Win7 Now Win7 Wont Boot?

Apr 23, 2011

i installed ubuntu after windows 7 but now i cant boot windows 7 i tried the start up repair and I've read through some questions answered on here and int figure out the problem i don't want to uninstall ubuntu unless it's my only option

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Ubuntu :: Cant Boot To Win7 From Grub / Win7 Partition Doesn't Appear?

Sep 1, 2011

i have ubuntu 10 and win 7 dual booting on one hdd, all of a sudden grub says error no such partition when i select windows at the boot menu. and i cant get to the win7 partition from ubuntu (to play music and stuff, this used to work, places, mount filesystem, 250 gigs whatever). i've tried the stuff in these links and nothing has worked so farpartition info

sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda
Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/sda1 1 29094 233697523+ 7 HPFS/NTFS
/dev/sda2 * 29095 30401 10498477+ 83 Linux

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Networking :: After Upgrading From Win7-32 To WIN7-64 Can't Mount Cifs Shares

Jul 21, 2010

This is the first time I have run into issues mounting windows shares but I really can't figure this out. Can someone put me out of my windows misery please.

First off, last week I rebuilt my work PC fromWIN7 32bit to WIN7 64bit since then I can no longer mount the window share on my ubuntu server:

I recreated my windows share called "Linux" and used the properties, advanced sharing and added everyone, full access and my domain account full access.

If I browse to \ipaddress I can see my share and access it. From a XP machine I can see the share and access it.

From linux I use the same mount point as before, /linux I use the same fstab and it fails


I try this manually now:


Next I try to mount it:


I looked at my firewall rules and they seem ok.

Next test was connecting to my 2nd pc on windows XP no probs mounted first time.

What is wrong with my new Win 7 setup?

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Ubuntu :: Connection - Load A Website Taking To Long To Respond And Sometimes Doesn't Load

Oct 2, 2010

When i open one of the web browsers i use and try to load a web site it's taking to long to respond and sometimes it doesnt load the website at all. I have tried with firefox,epiphany,opera with all the same results. I am sure that this is not a problem with my internet connection because i don't have these problems with windows.Also the network manager connection settings are correct

I also tried choosing the old kernel( to boot from but no success.The problem is the same as if i am using the kernel. The strange thing is that i can download packages from synaptic with full speed. Last think.I have recently downloaded the recommended updates from the update manager but i don't remember what are the things that where updated.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Would Not Load After Install / Will Load Via Live Cd

Feb 26, 2010

I'm trying to install Ubuntu (9.10) on my sisters computer. I have installed ubuntu 9.10, but when I try to boot it from hard drive, it would stop loading a bit after the logo appears. The screen would turn off while the system is still running. Live version of Ubuntu works after reports of errors. I tried to search for the problem all over the forum, and could not find a good lead to figure out the problem.

So far to figure out the problem, I verified if cd is corrupted. No issues there. Googled the problem, and seems like other users were able to install 7.04 (old posts).
Its so weird though that live version works and the installed version does not.

Here are my specs:

I can post logs, but I'm not sure which one is useful as I'm relatively new to this process.

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Fedora Installation :: GRUB Doesn't Load - Make Load Again Upon Booting?

Feb 9, 2009

I had Fedora 7 and Windows Vista dual booting on my computer. I just installed Fedora 10. When the live CD asked me where to install it, I chose "Remove all Linux Partitions and create default layout" The installation went perfectly, but now when reboot my computer, it boots directly into Fedora; GRUB does not load to ask me which OS I want to load. I know I did not overwrite Vista because I can still view my Vista files through Fedora. Here is my grub.conf file:


What do I need to do to make GRUB load again upon booting?

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Fedora Installation :: Whenever Load The Url Http://localhost In Mozilla It Shows A Page Load Error?

Aug 8, 2010

I have found that APACHE or 'httpd' is installed in my machine. But the problem is I can start or stop the httpd but whenever I load the url http://localhost in Mozilla it shows a page load error.I have done this ,

$ /etc/init.d/httpd start
then this
$ /etc/init.d/httpd graceful


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Ubuntu :: Will Not Load After Load - Splash Screen

Jun 30, 2010

I noticed my Firefox loading rather slow (took around 5 - 7 seconds to load and navigate pages, even google, and it would sometimes become unresponsive), I thought it may have been a addon problem, so I opened up a new Firefox profile with no addons but the browser crashed upon loading the certain page I was trying to view, and I figured I'd look into it later and use Chromium for a while (I'll be open, I was trying to watch an pron tube site, and when your, you know, you don't really feel like stopping to go technical and try to fix it or whatever), but Chromium said that the flash player wasn't installed. I thought it was kinda odd, but then again I didn't want to go technical and thought maybe since mozilla firefoxs engine loaded the flash, I'd use Mozilla Seamonkey which uses the same gecko engine. The flash wasn't working either on there.

I tried looking up to see if there was a 64bit deb package for flash, but they didn't have it, and I seen someone mention that doing the 'apt-get upgrade' upgrades it, so I did that, and it also said it installed some extra packages when doing it, but I figured it was just that getlibs grabbing the extra dependencies and went along with installing them (after all there shouldnt be much to lose since its from the repository, right?)

I restarted the computer to give the updates a chance to take effect (it didn't mention to restart, but I thought I'd go ahead and do it anyways to ensure it updated okay).

This is where the booting problem comes in: When my laptop restarted, the loading was going across very slowly (I have ubuntu studio installed through regular ubuntu, so it was showing the text filling up), normally it would just fill a little bit of the first "U" in "Ubuntu Studio" and then be done quickly, but now it goes slowly all the way, and when it fills "Ubuntu Studio", it stills stays there, it doesn't load on.

I pressed the down button to see the terminal and it says this:

I have no clue what to do now, and I wanted to ask for help before I go trying myself editing the command line boot process.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Load Kickstart Config File - Refuses To Load File / Launches Generic Install

May 6, 2010

I created an Ubuntu 10.4 iso with the kickstart cfg on it, trying to boot it with the ks=/cdrom/pathtoconfig (tried even ks=cdrom:/path) parameter in VirtualBox but it refuses to load the file and just launches the generic install.

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Fedora :: 10 Internet - Websites Load Fails And Shows "Page Load Error"

Dec 10, 2009

I reinstalled fedora the other day, and it's been working just fine, apart from the internet. It shows that I have a full connection with the wireless network, but it's really difficult to actually load a page. 80% of the time it just fails and shows "Page Load Error". It's really frustrating because it is connected to the internet. In fact, the icon in the address bar even loads from the site I try to access, but websites just will not load.

I've tested my wireless internet with another laptop which is running vista, and it works perfectly on that. Also, I'm running Fedora 10 on an Acer Extensa laptop.

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Fedora :: Load Grub2 From Grub4dos / Load Directly Grub2 Core Without Passing By Bootstriping Code?

Jan 24, 2011

I want to load grub2 from grub4dos.I want to load directly the grub2 core. I know how to load first 512 bytes from some patition by chainloader and load grub2, but what I need is to load directly grub2 core without passing by bootstriping code (first 512 bytes).So, my first boot manager is grub4dos, then I can load grub2 and later I load Ubuntu. But I think I have to edit --set-root
What I dont know is how.

In hdd 0,7 (sda8) I have Ubuntu 10.10 and /boot/grub/core.img is in sda8 (hd0.7)

I tried this way:

title grub2
find --set-root /boot/grub/core.img
kernel /boot/grub/core.img

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Fedora Networking :: Connected To Router - Can't Load Sites - Can Load Sites In XP ?

Jan 14, 2011

I dual boot XP and FC14 and have 2 routers. I can connect and ping one of these routers when I'm in FC and I have an IP address I just can't load any websites. When I connect to the other router (my main router) it works fine. When I boot into XP and connect to the problem router I can load pages fine. It's only when I'm on FC14 and connect to the problem router that I can't load pages even though I have an IP and can ping around.

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Ubuntu :: Get Xubuntu To See A Win7 HDD?

Jan 14, 2010

I have Xubuntu 9.10 64bit and Win7 on the same HDD in a duel boot setup. How do I get Xubuntu to see and use the Win7 partition of the drive? I have some video files that I want to watch from my Win7 partition. Also, have they fixed the login screen issues with Ubuntu 9.10 yet? Mine will never log in and this time I simply got lucky and it worked.

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Ubuntu :: Use Win7's Xp Image And Run It?

May 22, 2011

im dual booting windows7 professional and 11.04. win7 has an XP virtual machine installed on itm but i'd like to be able to run an xp box in ubuntu as well. is it possible to use win7's xp image and run it in ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Virtualbox On Win7?

Jul 26, 2011

I am using ubuntu 11.04 through virtualbox on win7 with a gtx460 if i install nvidia-current to access the nvidia cp on reboot it locks up.

and there are no drivers in the list when using the additional drivers feature through ubuntu which is why i installed nvidia-current. i just want to see what this unity is about and have full scale resolution supported by virtualbox and my vcard as well as my monitor.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't See My 'nix From My Win7

Aug 14, 2011

After installing my first Linux machine, I've found that I can't even see my linux machine from my Win7 machine. How can I resolve this? My linux is currently installed on ext4 partitions.

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Ubuntu :: Triple Boot 9.10 / XP And Win7?

Jan 19, 2010

I've decided to triple boot on my system, but I want to make sure it's feasible. Here's my set-up: I've got two 500GB hard drives, and a good amount of power to handle the OS's. I want to set-up Ubuntu as my main OS on a single hard drive. Then, I want to put XP and 7 on the second hard drive, side-by-side. Obviously, I would then want a bootloader to display an option at system start to pick either one.

The reason I want all these is for gaming mainly, and Netflix. I've got old games that only work on XP, and some newer games are coming out that I'm sure will run better on Windows 7 (Starcraft 2 is going to be amazing!). I found this documentation: [URL]. It's obviously for dual booting Windows and Ubuntu. My question is, can I triple boot Ubuntu, Windows XP and Windows 7? If so (and I'm positive I can) are there any good resources for the process?

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 64 Bit And Win7 Crash On First Boot

Feb 11, 2010

I have an alienware m17x laptop with 2 hardrives, on primary is win7 and on secondary is ubuntu 9.10. The problem I have is if I boot (using Grub) into linux it crashes before the ubuntu logo pops up and locks up completely, needing a hard reset. If I boot linux again, all is fine. I can't copy the text that comes up when it crashes, is this logged anywhere so that I can post it? The same thing kind of happens in win7, on first boot (via Grub) I get the windows logo for about a second then BSOD and it reboots (so fast I can't see the error). If i boot again into win7 it boots fine.

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Ubuntu :: Win7 Crashes After 9.10 Install

Feb 24, 2010

I bought a new PC few months ago and tried Win7, no problems found. Then I installed Ubuntu 9.10 for x64 (I use Ubuntu since 6.06 but until PC upgrade I sticked to 8.10) and since then, every now and then bot win and buntu crash for no reason at random, often before loggin in. At firsth I tought it was some problems with the shared NTFS partition, so formatted it in FAT32 but this didn't helped. Now this's my fstab:

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier


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Ubuntu :: How To Dual Boot With Win7

Mar 1, 2010

I want to dual boot with windows 7. How would I go about making a partition etc.,. for windows? I know how to dual boot other OS's off of windows but not linux. I just want to dual boot with ubuntu and windows 7.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Use Win7 Bootloader

Mar 3, 2010

I installed Windows 7 First then give partition space of 25 GB for my Ubuntu. However, I prefer using Windows 7 BootLoader instead of using Ubuntu BootLoader.

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Ubuntu :: GRUB Not Loading Win7

Apr 30, 2010

I just upgraded to 10.04 from 9.10 and when I choose to boot to my Win7 Pro it just loops back to the grub menu. I did choose the partition that Windows is on when I was upgrading and it shows up in the menu.

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