Ubuntu :: Can't Access Encrypted Home Folder?

Feb 16, 2011

I had issues on my last install , I couldn't boot into it cause I accidentally uninstalled python 2.6 and everything it was attached to. So I reinstalled on a separate hard drive, I can see my other file system from the media folder but the only thing in my home dir isthese 2 files 1 read methatsaysPHPCode:THIS DIRECTORY HAS BEEN UNMOUNTED TO PROTECT YOUR DATA.From the graphical desktop, click on: "AccessYour Private Data"orFrom the command line, run: ecryptfs-mount-private and then this file Access-Your-Private-Data.desktopbut when I click it and try to run it I get thisrrorPHPCode:Untrusted application launcherThe application launcher "Access-Your-.desktop" has not been marked as trusted. If you do not know the source of this file, launching it may bensafe.

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Ubuntu :: Doing A Re-install: How To Keep Access To Encrypted Home Folder

Oct 10, 2010

I'm still running 9.10, but now would like to install 10.10. Now I'm wondering about how to keep access to my encrypted home folder.

Usually, I don't do an 'upgrade', but a fresh re-install. I have a separate /home partition, so normally this works just fine. However, my home directory is encrypted (a feature that was introduced with 9.10, I believe).

So, if I whack the system partition and do a fresh reinstall there, will the new install still be able to read my home directory? Or do I need to save a key file from somewhere?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Access Account / Encrypted Home Folder

Nov 25, 2010

I've done something a bit stupid. I've already encrypted my home folder and just set it to log in without requesting my password. When i do log in now, no startup sound plays, several error messages appear but no desktop. I think it's because I now don't have an opportunity to enter my home folder password, and it doesn't work at all. Is there any way to edit account settings from 'root' or anything because this really has crippled my computer.

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Ubuntu Security :: Access Encrypted Home Folder From Recover Mode?

Nov 26, 2010

I logged in to Recover Mode ("Drop to root shell prompt") this morning to do something. Naturally, I wanted access to my encrypted home folder.

The README file says to run ecryptfs-mount-private. However, that command returns an error:
"ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly."

This cannot be correct, because if I log in normally, I get my home folder without any problem.

How can I access my encrypted home folder when I boot via Recover Mode?

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Ubuntu :: How To Know Home Folder Is Encrypted

Jul 13, 2010

I can't remember if i choose encrypt my home folder when i first install ubuntu.

is there a way to know if it's encrypted?

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Ubuntu :: Undo Encrypted Home Folder?

Feb 10, 2010

I recently did a clean install of Ubuntu 9.10 and when I did I chose to have /home on it's own partition and have it encrypted. The more I think about it the more I regret this decision. What if I want to switch distros down the road? What if I have to boot from a live cd to back up files? Is there a way to "undo" the encrypted home folder permanently? I don't mind having it on it's own partition, it's just the encryption that makes me worry.

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Ubuntu :: Backing Up Encrypted Home Folder?

Feb 13, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu Karmic on my netbook (I tried netbook remix but preferred the look of the regular desktop edition). When during installation, the option to encrypt the home folder appeared, and being mildly paranoid I thought, "sure, why not?" (I must warn you that I am a new user with little technical knowledge other than what I have managed to gather in a semi-passive manner over the past couple of months). The problem is, I (try to) backup my data weekly, and so today I gave it a shot (I got the desktop edition a week ago). I have encountered the following problem.

I backup my system following (approximately) the instructions at [URL] for Backup The exact command I enter at backup is:

sudo tar -cvpjf 2010.02.13.tar.bz2 --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/sys --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/media --exclude=/home/dan/music /

(I exclude my music folder as it is huge and I already have it all in several other locations) When I executed this command all ran smoothly for a while, however it soon began backing up the directory /home/.ecryptfs/dan/.Private At this point, it started backing up the huge number of files in this directory. I assume these are encryption keys? Forgive my ignorance... Anyway, it took several hours going through this folder, and finally bzip gave up, complaining of excessive file size:

bzip2: I/O or other error, bailing out. Possible reason follows.
bzip2: File too large
Input file = (stdin), output file = (stdout)

I assume that excluding the encryption keys and such from the backup would be a bad idea: I guess that if I did not restore the relevant directories along with my home folder, it would be inaccessible? Is there a way to avoid backing up such a large amount of data?

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Ubuntu :: Decrypt Encrypted Home Folder?

Nov 15, 2010

How to decrypt encrypted home folder?Which is already encrypted ?

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Ubuntu Security :: Encrypted Home Folder And DropBox

Mar 9, 2010

I just installed 9.10 on my laptop and selected the option for home folder encryption. I am running DropBox and placed the DropBox folder on my desktop (meaning it should be encrypted when I am logged out.) So I have two questions:
1) Shouldn't this setup cause my DropBox files on the server to be encrypted? Apparently they are not because they appear as unencrypted text using the DropBox Web interface.
2) If they were encrypted on the server (which doesn't appear to be the case right now), how would it be possible to share them with another client unless the encryption on both clients were set up identically?

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Ubuntu Security :: Recovering Encrypted Home Folder?

Jul 19, 2010

Let's begin from the top. I have a relatively new laptop that I've been running Ubuntu on (along with a little-used Windows boot). Picked it up in November or so, installed the current "latest" version of Ubuntu at the time (9.10). I have been doing incremental upgrades, and it's been progressively breaking down more and more. Yes, this includes 10.04.

After GRUB stopped working, I decided it was time to try a reinstall from the top. I told it to leave all the other operating systems alone and do a full reinstall.

Fortunately, I had managed to stuff most of my current work in duplicate locations during this whole debacle, somehow. Don't ask me how I managed to do that when GRUB wasn't working. However, when I installed, I conscientiously said "Oh, yes, Ubuntu, encrypt my home folder! I love privacy!" As a result, about... 30 gigabytes of useful (but ultimately re-downloadable) material is rather inaccessible at the moment. When I try to boot the old system using the newly fixed GRUB, it goes into kernel panic. This seems like a no-go.

I have a saved hojillion-character long passphrase for decryption from my install back in November. Conscientiously saved in the case of just such an emergency.

I read this how-to and followed it to the letter as far as I could tell, trying to mount with ecrytfs to recover my data.

[USERNAME] here is a proxy for my actual username. Yes, the location of my old home folder may seem a little bizarre.

sudo mount -t ecryptfs /media/c82ca9fe-2b15-4aca-a98d-6482b1d80a32/home/[USERNAME]/ /home/[USERNAME]/oldhome
Select cipher:
1) aes: blocksize = 16; min keysize = 16; max keysize = 32 (not loaded)


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Ubuntu :: How To Change The UID Of A User With An Encrypted Home Folder

Sep 18, 2010

Just did a new netbook install of Lucid. Went through the setup, putting in my usual username etc. But I thought as it's a portable, I'd better select the encrypted home folder option. All went OK.

I have a home network with a NAS and I needed to change the UID to 1004 to match the rest of the network.

That's when it all when wrong. If I do that, I end up with no permissions on the user folder. A bit of a paradox, you can't change UID if logged in, but unless you're logged in, can't access the files.

My attempts to get around it by changing UID's back chowning, changing back etc. have screwed things up completely.

I have managed to open the encrypted folder and chown, but after a reboot it's all back to the original UIDs, but now I can't get in at all.

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Ubuntu :: Open Encrypted Home Folder While Booting From Usb?

Nov 17, 2010

My laptop running on ubuntu has been having some issues and it's giving error reports on logging in. Because I want to retrieve my files above all else, I installed ubuntu to a usb-stick and booted it directly from there. I can asses /media/myharddrive/home and there's a folder called lennard, which is the user account on my laptop. I can't open it however, because I don't have the necessary permissions. I'm afraid I encrypted it with an option that was standard to ubuntu. I have a 23-digit code right in front of me but I'm not asked to enter it so I don't know what to do with it right now.

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Ubuntu :: Encrypted Home Folder No Longer Required?

Dec 9, 2010

During the installation of 10.04 I opted to have my home folder encrypted. I no longer want my home folder to be encrypted. How may I achieve this ?

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Ubuntu :: Lost Password With Encrypted Home Folder?

Feb 6, 2011

I installed 10.10nbr on my wife's eee 901. Now she cannot remember her password. I've tried booting to recovery to use the passwd command, but that does not work. I believe I encrypted the home folder when I installed. Normally if I don't encrypt home, then I enable auto-login.

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Ubuntu :: Recover Files From Encrypted Home Folder

May 16, 2011

I upgraded from ubuntu 9.10 to 11.04. During installation (Natty) I chosen the option to encrypt the home folder. After a day the system crashed. It was showing that disk is having health problems. If I boot from live cd then i cant access the home folder. When I tried to mount the home folder, it says "Reading directory: input/output error"

Because I used Karmic without problem I reinstalled the Karmic, then I can mount the home folder, but cant access it as it was encrypted.Now Karmic is installed. I tried to boot from Live CD of Natty and tried to mount /home folder, it says some super-block issues.How to access the files in the home folder?

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Ubuntu Security :: Move Home Folder To Encrypted Partition?

Apr 11, 2010

What are the steps I must take to move my existing home folder to a separate, encrypted partition? Can I create this partition without damaging my current partition? Where is a trusted location to download App Armor profiles? What else can I do to harden the security of Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create User With Encrypted Home Folder

Mar 8, 2011

I want to create a user with a encrypted home folder. I tried "sudo adduser --encrypt-home username" but I get following error "adduser: Could not find program named `ecryptfs-setup-private' in $PATH". I installed the cryptsetup package but without result.

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Ubuntu Security :: Cloning An USB Install With Encrypted Home Folder?

Mar 18, 2011

I would like to give a few students a preconfigured Ubuntu USB stick with certain apps. I also encrypted the home folder in case of loss.

With TrueCrypt, cloning an encrypted container would be a big no-no because any one could just backup their header with a known pw and use it to decrypt anyone else's container due to each container using the same master key. I assumes the same applies to home folder encryption, yes?

Is there a way, other than creating a new user with home folder encryption, of forcing a master key change?

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Ubuntu Security :: Constantly Having To Remount Encrypted Home Folder

Aug 16, 2011

while since I've been here. I'm having an issue with a fresh install of 11.04. Due to work requirements, I encrypted my home folder, which is fine, however, it seems to randomly lock itself down while I'm working, and it's getting really annoying.

Apps stop working, I can't open nautilus (something about not being able to create certain folders because home is locked), hell, even the terminal link on my desktop says failed to launch application (though the launcher on the top panel works). I just have to run ecryptfs-mount-private and enter my password to fix it, but it's doing this every 15 minutes or so. what might cause it to relock itself so frequently? I would expect to not have to deal with mounting my private data, that should happen at login and be good until log out.

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OpenSUSE Install :: How Does Encrypted Home Folder Work

Apr 11, 2011

I'm guessing that a file is created as a loopback device and encrypted (using LUKS?)

What is the mechanism used at user login to decrypt and mount the encrypted $HOME and to re-encrypt it at logout?

I confess an ulterior motive here - SWMBO has recently got her hands on an Acer Aspire one running Linpus Lite and there's absolutely no security on it

Personally I'd dump Linpus and put on openSUSE but it's her box and she likes the simple interface that Acer have supplied so maybe I can set up the encrypted $HOME as YaST does for openSUSE if I can find out what to do.

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Ubuntu :: No Access To Encrypted Home?

Jan 27, 2011

I have choosen to encrypt Ubuntu 10.10 during installation (no alternate installation). After some time of working properly I get following error message after I put in correct password :

"Could not update ICE authority file /home/surf1/.ICE authority"

When I click "ok" following error message is shown :

"there is a problem with the configurationserver (/usr/lib/libconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 finished with status 256)"

When I click this "ok" next error message appears :

"Nautilus could not create following necessary files : home/surf1/Desktop,/home/surf1/.nautilus"

After I click here ok nothing else happen anymore and I get not access to my account and so to my data.

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Ubuntu Security :: Home Folder - Reading Data Encrypted With Old Version

May 17, 2010

If I wanted to transfer a home folder that was encrypted to another ubuntu computer could I? If I had a separate home partition that was encrypted, but I wanted to upgrade ubuntu to the latest version by doing a clean install is there an easy way so that I can still read the data encrypted with the old version?

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Ubuntu Security :: Unable To Mount Home Folder Encrypted With ECyptfs

Jan 30, 2011

After buying an IBM/Lenovo USB fingerprint reader model FP06 and installing Fingerprint GUI, have problems to mount my home folder encrypted with eCyptfs. I was using it since the first time i install Ubuntu 10.10 64 bits. After login from GDM, there are some ways to make it work:

1) open a terminal window and type ecryptfs-mount-private. This decrypt the home folder, but need to logout and login again to my personal preferences can be reached (bookmarks in nautilus, in firefox, etc). Each time the PC is rebooted, the same process is needed to made again.

2) before login in GDM, change to a tty1 terminal (ctrl-alt-F1) and login from here. The personal folder decrypt then without problems. Then change to GDM (ctrl-alt-F, login an everything works fine. What could be the fault from GDM to not mount the encrypted folder?

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Ubuntu :: Does Encrypted /home Stop SSH Access On LAN?

Sep 22, 2010

I've upgraded to my old dell from Xubuntu 9.10 to Xubuntu 10.04 and set up separate /home partition. I chose to encrypt the /home folder when I installed. I'm wondering if that's the quick answer for why I can no longer sftp from my Ubuntu Jaunty laptop. Both machines are on my desk, and I've been happily using ssh to get files between them before this. The Xubuntu machine has openssh server and client installed, the Jaunty machine has only ever had only the ssh client. Now I get a popup saying "Could not open location ..." and the sftp address, and "Host key verification failed." I've not done much with this new install, so I don't mind just re-installing again. I don't need an ecrypted /home, but I do want very much to be able to continue to ssh into that machine. Is it my encrypted /home that's causing this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Access The Encrypted Home Directory

Apr 21, 2010

I tried upgrading to 10.04, and now when it boots it just goes into a grub2 terminal and doesn't display a boot menu. I tried re-installing grub2 from the live cd, but that didn't do anything. I figured if I've hosed the last install I'll install from scratch, but I can't even access my files from the live cd! I did a bit of searching and everyone seems to just encrypt ~/Private, whereas I've encrypted the whole home directory. So much for security... In the live cd, it has a readme.txt and says to type "ecryptfs-mount-private" to access the files, but it just gives the error "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly". What do I do?

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General :: Access An Encrypted OSX Folder?

Nov 1, 2010

How does someone access an encrypted OSX folder from Linux? I've mounted the OSX drive on Linux however some folders are not readable.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Access Encrypted /home From Rescue Shell

May 1, 2010

I have installed Kubuntu 10.04 x64 from scratch using the alternate installation CD and unfortunately I'm experiencing some serious troubles. Everything worked fine, installed packages, moved my backed-up data to my encrypted /home partition - until I rebooted. Usually I reboot the system right after the installation process to see if the boot process shows any errors, but what can I say, seems like I forgot to do it this time .

The problem is that the boot process just "hangs" right before the login window should disappear. By "hang" I mean dead: no switching to virtual terminals, no CTRL-ALT-DEL - the system just freezes.
I'm quite familiar with doing things shell-wise, so I started the "Rescue Mode" from the alternate CD and was able to mount my root partition.

Problem #1: No faulty log entries whatsoever: dmesg, boot.log, messages etc. all looking fine - except Xorg.0.log. I suspect the proprietary Nvidia drivers to be the culprit here, because what I'm getting is: "Caught signal 11 (Segmentation Fault). Server aborting"

Running "startx" as root from the rescue shell gives the same results: complete system freeze. "Looks like a reinstallation candidate, let's just backup my data" I thought, which brings us to

Problem #2: I can't mount my encrypted /home from the rescue shell. The exact steps involved are:

Mount my root partition and chroot to it. Issuing "ecryptfs-mount-private" gives the following error message: "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly" Becoming my user "su - faulty" and trying step 2 again yields the same results. I feel like I'm almost there: I'm executing commands in my root environment, just can't seem to access my data which I'd like to backup before doing a clean reinstall. Any thoughts?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade To 10.04 - Encrypted Home Directory Access Lost

Nov 7, 2010

Apparently after an upgrade, I lost access to my encrypted home directory. Looks like upgrade scripts changed the scripts that mounted my encrypted home directory. As I don't have my ecryptfs password handy, is there any way to revert the things back as they were? I have liked Ubuntu all the way but after this upgrade-mess-up, I might change my view.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Gain Access To Encrypted /home Directory?

Jun 6, 2011

I had errors pop up when I tried updating my 10.10 to 11.04 so I ended up having to do it from a Live USB which installs it over everything (fine by me).Unfortunately I forgot I had an encrypted /home directory. So various messages and stuff came up when I tried to log in.nfortunately I don't remember what my encryption passphrase is offhand, so I moved it to a slightly different folder name and had to have a new directory created for my username.It's still there, but how can I try to open it trying the various versions of the passphrase I think it may be? Can I double-click it and try?Also, in the future what is the best way to handle a "fresh" install that I want to connect to my encrypted /home directory?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lost Access To Encrypted Home After Upgrade?

Jul 28, 2011

I just tried reinstalling ubuntu 11.04 from the live disc, installation went well but afterwards I cannot get access to my home directory which is encrypted and I stupidly forgot to note the mount passphrase. is there anything I can do? where would the mount passphrase be stored from the previous installation and is there any chance of recoving it. Home and the root are on the same drive and the installation did not format the drive.

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