Ubuntu / Apple :: Save Dir In Ext3 Originally Written To Fat32?

Jan 1, 2011

I have 50 gigs worth of raw Digital Performer sd2 files originally saved on a fat32 external hd.

I don't have a spare fat32 laying around but I do have an ext3 disk (I run ubuntu 8.04 at home).

I have a feeling that saving these files to ext3 will render them unusable if they're ever transferred back to fat32.

I swear I've been burned by this before.

What would you do here?

Tar them first? A friggin dmg file?

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Ubuntu :: Convert External Drives From Fat32 To Ext3 Without Loss Of Data?

Feb 25, 2011

I have 2 external drives that I'm using for movies and they're both formatted to fat32. The problem I'm experiencing now is that some of the high quality mkv files are not able to be moved to the drive because of fat32's limitations.

I'd like to convert to ext3 (or 4) and I wanted to check to see if I can do it without having to reformat and without loss of data.

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Software :: Move A Tar File From My Ext3 Box Onto A FAT32 Usb Flash Drive But Keep Getting?

Jul 3, 2010

I'm trying to move a tar file from my ext3 linux box onto a FAT32 usb flash drive but keep getting

mv: failed to preserve ownership for `/dir/blah.tar.gz': Operation not permitted

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Programming :: Ext3 To FAT32 USB Drive Filename - Invalid Characters

Feb 13, 2011

I am using Debian Lenny 5.0.3 with a stock 2.6.26-2-amd64 kernel, and have a ~/Documents/HTMLS directory of 273.2MB (21590 files, 1063 sub-folders) which according to konqueror shows 1130 items - 572 files (60.8MB Total) - 558 folders, these were created by 'Save Page As' in Iceweasel 3.5.11. I am trying to copy the contents of this directory to a similar directory on a 2GB USB thumbdrive /dev/sdb1 which was partitioned and formatted as fat32 by Qparted. Problem is that the copying ceases after about 6 files transfer. I found that (as I am sure you know) the named.html files come with a matching named_files folder, and often there are what appear to be invalid characters such as '*','?',and ':' in the filenames in said named_files folders.

After exhaustive googling [I know we all say that] I found an instruction:
pax -rw -s '/[*?:]/_/gp' stuff /fat32/partition
that changes the name of the files, replacing said characters with '_', but whilst I can get pax from my repos, I really don't want to 'archive' the files - since I understand that pax was created to bridge a war between tar and cpio - because I want to be able to read the html files on an old (not connected to the Internet) WinXP tablet. So, I believe that I need to create a script, that scans all the filenames, greps and seds to replace said 'unacceptable' characters. I am assuming that Firefox on the Tablet PC will be able to open the htmls if I can get them onto the thumb drive. Are there any other known characters in filenames that M$ file systems can't handle?

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Hardware :: Change My External Hard Drive's File System From Ext3 To Fat32?

Feb 9, 2010

i needed to change my external hard drive's file system from ext3 to fat32, to use it in windows, which i did the simple way: i shrunk the ext3 partition, made a fat32 partition, copied the files over, removed the ext3 and made the fat32 bigger. unfortunately, while gparted was making the partition larger, my computer shut down. i lost all my files and the partition messed up immediately. i made a new fat32 partition, after deleting the old one, but noticed that gparted was showing 100 gigs already in use (???). so now i have a 300 gb hard drive with only 200 gb i can use; i ran df to make sure gparted wasn't messing up, but indeed it shows the partition as being only 200 gigs in size. i haven't tried making any other kind of partition yet, such as ext3, for fear of losing my files again, and because it wouldn't be permanent anyway, because i need those files in windows and stupid microsoft won't make their OS ext3 compatible.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Mac Hd Reformatted To Fat32?

Jul 6, 2010

I installed Ubuntu on my intel-based 5,5 macbook pro 13'', with rEFIt installed on the mac hd, everything worked fine and I've been using Ubuntu for a while now, as in a month or more, but you see I only partitioned my 150GB mac hd to 7gb to install ubuntu on, but after downloading all the software and media, of course that space is starting to look a little bit small, anyway I didn't notice that until actually Ubuntu started to act up, as in it's being too slow and unresponsive , well that's what I should expect when I'm severely running out of space right.

anyway the space I had left was only a few megabytes, so what I thought would solve this, is actually using the Mac HD, since I have 50gb or 90gb of free space, but actually I can't write on my mac hd, so after research I found out that Ubuntu can only read hfs+ but can't write unless it's fat32 or linuxswap or other formats, so to my unexperienced decision, I happily decided to simply reformat my mac HD from hfs+ to fat32 using Gparted, BIG MISTAKE, once I did it, which happened in 4 seconds mind you, I restarted my macbook, and to my unpredicted surprise, where rEFIt should load, nothing did, not even my MAC OS, just a blue screen was there...

of course I panicked, I mean nothing loaded, how am I going to be able to even fix this if nothing as in not even Bios is there...but after a while Ubuntu or Grub just loaded, so I thought good, at least I have an OS to post my problem using, I tried deleting some media to free up space so I could at lease open a web page.

so my problem is, is there a way to return my Mac HD after reformatting it to fat32, I tried to format it back to hfs+ but for some reason Gparted can't do that, and now I can't access anything on my Mac, I find it hard to believe that around 100gb of data could be deleted in a mere 4 seconds, but if it did, at least I want my mac and OS back.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Carmen By Livio Radio - Save Internet Radio To The Device Is Written In Java

Jun 30, 2011

I am wondering if any in the Ubuntu community owns a Carmen Car Radio player by Livio Radio. The program to save internet radio to the device is written in Java, however I am not able to run it either using WINE or using Open JDK.

The Carmen Player does work well with Banshee, it is the internet radio that is not working.

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Ubuntu :: Way To Unlock More Settings That What It Originally Starts With

Jul 6, 2010

Is there some way to unlock more settings that what it originally starts with. Im trying to watch this ..... tutorial, and the ubuntu in the video has many more options.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Make A DVD-Rip Same Viable Quality Like Originally DVD?

Jun 14, 2010

How can I make DVDrip movie look almost like in original DVD?

And can you recommend me a software for this? This is first time for me to do this in Linux.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Music Which Was Originally On ITunes Into Banshee

Aug 25, 2011

I am trying to get music which was originally on iTunes into banshee, such that I can transfer "ownership" from a Mac onto Ubuntu, and still sync with my iPhone 3GS. Every piece of this music came from CDs which I still own and have collected since CDs were something most people hadn't heard of, but I seriously do not want to sit there and scan in hundreds of CDs again when I already have them in digital form.

I've tried several things, including dragging and dropping from a USB stick. So I've been getting duplicates, and in the process I deleted an album in order to start over. Now I can't get that album back no matter what. It's like it's black listed or something. I can try to load it from the USB stick, I can copy the containing folder from the USB stick to some place on my hard drive, anything. It knows I deleted it once upon a time and it refuses to touch it.

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Ubuntu :: When Originally Tried Out (wubi Test Drive) Desktop 10.10 The Default Desktop Interface?

Dec 16, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu Server, I'd like to try out other desktops interfaces.When I originally tried out (wubi test drive) Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 the default desktop interface was very nice and clean...plus it seemed to render screen fonts very well I currently have Kubuntu Plasma interface installed.Can I use that Ubuntu Desktop on Ubuntu Server?If so, how would I go about installing it?

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General :: Recovering 1Tb Ext3 With Fsck.ext3?

May 20, 2011

I Tarred and GZipped most of the data on one 1Tb partition and stuck the archives on a second 1Tb partition on a separate disk. I then proceeded to format the first partition with NTFS (from Linux.) The only problem is that I completely forgot that I had a CD drive and formatted sdc1 instead of sdd1! I began doing a full NTFS format and after a minute or two I cancelled it and decided to do a quick format. I then realized my mistake. I managed to find a copy of the superblock and began trying to recover the disk. fsck -t ext3 recognized the partition as NTFS but I luckily didn't have fsck.ntfs installed so it didn't touch it. I managed to get it working with fsck.ext3 (with -b,-B and -y) fsck.ext3 didn't mind that it was an NTFS partition.

Roughly how long will this take? It's running from Knoppix within a virtual machine to a USB hard drive which is 100% full. Days? Being that for a few minutes I attempted a full format am I going to end up with a bunch of corrupted archives? If I do end up with file corruption can anyone recommend a way of recovering the data / sorting it out? Is it likely to be just a few old files that are corrupt (It's my understanding that filesystems like to keep files in the same area on the disk to minimize the amount of head travel.) This might just be wishful thinking but as the filesystem fills up will ext3 put the newer files towards the end of the disk? If so then I'm hoping that a full NTFS format starts at the beginning of the disk.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox - Unable To Save Files By Right Clicking And Save As

Jan 13, 2010

I have Ubuntu 9.10 dual booting with Windows7.My ext3 /home is mounted as F: in windows.I share a firefox profile between them so that when i am in Windows my firefox uses the same profile as it does when in Ubuntu.It all worked great until recently. I am unable to save files by right clicking and save as. In the config i am unable to set a directory to save to. It neer asks me where to save to. Just nothing happens. some off my book marks are all messed up as well, my rss feeds have the same post on some random website every time i log on and i have to manually refresh to get the correct feeds back. I am unable to delete the random bookmark.

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Ubuntu :: Xrandr Doesn't Save Changes - How To Make It To Save Changes

Jun 16, 2010

my mediacenter is attached to an beamer with the optimal resolution of 1280*720 ubuntu 10.04 doesnt offer me this revolution (on my intel 915 graphis controller). this means i have to add this resolution to the possible resolutions. first i used cvt


cvt 1280 720 60

and got this result:


# 1280x720 59.86 Hz (CVT 0.92M9) hsync: 44.77 kHz; pclk: 74.50 MHz
Modeline "1280x720_60.00" 74.50 1280 1344 1472 1664 720 723 728 748 -hsync +vsync

then i added this to xrandr


xrandr --verbose --newmode "1280x720" 74.50 1280 1344 1472 1664 720 723 728 748 -hsync +vsync



xrandr --verbose --addmode VGA1 1280x720

now i can select and use the new resolution - until next reboot. after an reboot 1280x720 is again not available. even if i work with sudo - the resolution isnt there....

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Software :: Iptables-save Can't Save Settings?

Jan 29, 2009

Config a CentOS iptables.I issued some iptables rules.the rules were effective at once.Then, I came with a "iptables-save", but the "/etc/sysconfig/iptables" file hasn't been updated, it still loads the defaults rules with CentOS after reboot.

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Ubuntu :: Nothing Written In Fstab ?

Jan 31, 2011

I've been having a lot of problems solving my HDD mounting problems and renaming. It finally worked, but I had to delete everything from fstab. As crazy as it sounds, it worked, when I turn my computer on, they automatically mount. They are all working fine. I will attach screen shots too. As you can see my fstab is blank, I was just wondering, is this a problem? Or is it totally normal?

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Ubuntu :: Run A Program I've Written In C++?

Apr 7, 2011

How do I run a program I've written in C++? I'm new found some tutorials to study from but didn't find anything on how to run it. I'm using text editor too write it and saved it as .cpp but everytime i open it it just shows what i wrote it doesn't run it.

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Ubuntu :: Welcome Message Written Twice - Frozen / Old

Jun 7, 2011

I've a problem with the welcome message. As you can see the welcome message with landscape-sysinfo is written twice. The second welcome message is the older one which is something like frozen:

login as: oliver
oliver@xx.de's password:
Linux xx 2.6.32-32-server #62-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 20 22:07:43 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS

Welcome to the Ubuntu Server!
Documentation: [URL]
System information as of Wed Jun 8 01:40:26 CEST 2011

35 packages can be updated.
0 updates are security updates.
Last login: Wed Jun 8 01:30:28 2011 from xx.de

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Gettting Apple Keyboard Function Keys To Work

May 7, 2011

Neither Ubuntu's Unity or KDE respond to the function keys on a regular Apple USB keyboard. I can plug in a non-Apple keyboard and they work just fine. What needs to be changed or configure so that F1 and company on the Apple keyboard work as on other keyboards?

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Ubuntu :: Apache - Website Maintenance Written In ASP

Apr 29, 2010

I was asked to take over maintenance for a web-site written in .asp. Can Appache handle it installed on linux, as a local test-server?

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Ubuntu :: CD Written Wont Open In Windows XP?

Oct 13, 2010

I have written a cd with photos and dvd in Linux and then I tried opening in windows xp but it didn't. It says that it is unable to read it.what can I do?

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Ubuntu :: Running Aplicattions Written In Pearl

Dec 31, 2010

I'm trying to edit mobi files. To do so, I looked for a mobi2html program, which I found here:URL...I followed all the instructions mentioned in the READ_ME file that comes with the zipped source. I strongly believe, as no error messages appeared during the installation, everything went according to plan.My question is simple: having completed all the installation procedures, what should I do next? My general procedure is to look up for the new program name in the "applications" tab, but I know that won't always do the trick.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Auto-load Apple Wireless Keyboard?

Apr 22, 2010

This morning I bought an Apple wireless keyboard and I got it connected through Blueman. It works like a charm, but I have on problem;

When I log out I can log back in by typing in my password. However, when I restart the computer it seems that bluetooth is not loaded yet and I cannot enter my password. So I have to log in using my wired keyboard, and then disconnect & re-connect to my wireless keyboard using blueman before I am able to use the wireless keyboard.

Is there any way that I can already auto-load bluetooth and connect to my keyboard before I log in?

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General :: /var/log/messages Is Not Being Written To?

Nov 1, 2010

I was attempting to get crontab to kick off a daily job, but the job wont start. I opened /var/log/messages and noticed all the logs were from 6 months ago. I cleared the log and then did a tail -f so I could watch it for activity. I then hit my box with anunsuccessful log in attempt. Nothing happened to the log. The uptime of my box is 22 days and the logs that were in it before I cleared it were from months ago.Is there a daemon I can check or another file I can mod to get logs writing again?

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Programming :: Is Firefox Written In GTK Or QT

Apr 6, 2011

I wanted to develop a cross platform GUI application.So I thought I would research on Firefox.I havent been able to find out which GUI framework is FireFox using ?Is it GTK, QT, or what ?

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Ubuntu :: Create A Directory That Can Be Written To By Multiple Users

Feb 6, 2010

I have a small ubuntu server setup and I would like to create a directory that can be written to by a select number of users. I have a backup directory setup and I want to enable my account as well as three others to be able to read/write to that directory. So far I haven't had any luck.

The owner of the backups folder, a directory on a separate disk mounted under /srv/storage, was owned by root and under the root group. I added the group backups and then changed the backups directory group to backups. I then used chown to change the backups directory to 775 to enable group members to write to it. I then tried to touch a file in the backups folder but no such luck. I did notice that when I run groups, my user account isn't shown as belonging to backups but is shown under the /etc/group file. I even made sure the GID of backups is in fact below 1000.

Anyone have an idea on how to create a shared directory that everyone can create, modify and delete any file? I believe my problem is related to the fact that root is the owner of the backups directory.

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Ubuntu :: Written A C++ Program And Included #include <iostream>?

May 2, 2010

I've written a C++ program and included #include <iostream>.but when I compiled the program the terminla shows:No such file or directory

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Ubuntu :: Error While Installing Software Written In Python

Jul 1, 2010

For example, I want to install a texteditor called Editra, i done it like the following

First, I install the Editra
sudo apt-get install Editra - success ,its version is 0.5.30

Second, I run it in Terminal
Editra - it can work,but with the error infos "(python:1682): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_add_accelerator: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed"

Third, I used command line "dpkg -L Editra", and found that the Editra is installed under /usr/share/pyshared/Editra,so i created the .desktop like this
sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/Editra.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=the Best TextEditor

It showed, and I clicked it for running, but it told me error infos
Could not launch 'Editra'
Failed to execute child process "/usr/share/pyshared/Editra" (Permission denied)
Not just Editra, so many software that written in python have the same question, such as tortoisehg...

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Ubuntu :: Insert Written Comments Into Screen-casting

Aug 12, 2010

I went through recordMyDesktop and xvidcap and I didn't find any possibility how to insert written comments into recorded video.

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Ubuntu :: Data Could Not Be Written (Input/output Error)

Oct 18, 2010

i tried to rip a dvd last night and it got 98% done then said "Data could not be written (Input/output error)"here is the error log from brasero

Checking session consistency (brasero_burn_check_session_consistency brasero-burn.c:1744)
BraseroDvdcss called brasero_job_get_action
BraseroDvdcss called brasero_job_get_action


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