Ubuntu / Apple :: How To Disable Lucid Upgrade

May 22, 2010

I've just installed Kubuntu 9.10 on a friends powerbook g4 and it's running wonderfully. I don't want to upgrade to Lucid, I tried it and it ran not so good on this computer. How can I tell it to stop offering to upgrade to the next release? (I only want the automatic upgrade notification to appear for normal upgrades and not include Lucid, or have Lucid option to appear at all).

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Upgrade From Karmic To Lucid Via Upgrade Manager?

May 4, 2010

How did it work out? What model machine are you using?

Just wanted to get some idea of stability/functionality.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: MBP 5,3: Upgrade From Karmic To Lucid?

Jun 21, 2010

I searched through a lot of threads on whether its safe to upgrade from a working Karmic install to Lucid via the upgrade manager. I found a few threads from around 1 month ago where some said it worked, others said they had problems with grub etc.

Does anyone know the current status of this? I would like to upgrade to Lucid but I don't know if its safe. Would it be better to use an install CD instead of the upgrade manager? Do I need to manually install grub rather than let the install program do it? (I think the upgrade manager doesn't give an option it just installs grub after the upgrade)

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Kubuntu Lucid Upgrade Breaks Video?

Jan 13, 2011

So I've got this old Apple with an nVidia chipset. Don't know much about Apples, but from random searches on google I think it's an imac g5.

Anyway when I install Kubuntu 10.04 it works until I update it, then the video dies. It looks as though the nouveau driver is being killed and nv put back in it's place, anyone have any remedies I might try?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid Upgrade Broken LIRC (MacBook Remote)

May 4, 2010

After upgrading to lucid, the remote that accompanied my macbook 4.1 appears to do nothing. (Testing with irw and xev). The howto at [URL] avoids any reference to the remote. I had it working properly in karmic. The howto at [URL] fails to help -- and is pretty much what I'd successfully done under kamic. The following launchpad post accurately describes my experience: [URL]. Has anyone resolved, found a workaround for, or otherwise had success getting lirc to work on a macbook with lucid?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: How To Permanently Disable Fn Key

Feb 20, 2011

I've tried all three options here to permanently disable the fn key (so that when I press F1 it'll bring up help and when I press fn+F1, it'll dim the screen, etc.).

These methods work upon reboot, but once the computer is put to sleep (i.e. I close my lid), the settings are reverted back to default and I must use fn+ for everything again.

How can I keep the fn key disabled?

And on another note, why use gksudo instead of just sudo?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Disable Touchpad While Typing

Apr 4, 2011

I'm having a few problems with my touchpad on my MBP 5,5. First off, even though I have selected "disable touchpad while typing" I still randomly click with my palms when I'm trying to type. Am I missing something here? Also is there any fix for the click and drag issues? Most of what I've read on the forum here is old and the apt-get for the packages mentioned gives me a "file unavailable" error. It's okay when I'm at home but I don't normally bring my bluetooth mouse with me everywhere. If only apple had left the mouse button on here...

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Disable Tapping On Macbook Pro 5.5?

Aug 2, 2011

I followed guide on [URL] but I cannot disable tapping no matter how I do it.

I tried System > Preferences > Pointing devices (also Mouse one) and both unchecking "Enable mouse clicks with touchpad" and checking "Disable tapping"...doesn't work

I think that wiki needs and update cause there is way too many things are is not correct.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid Keeps Freezing - Fix It?

Apr 30, 2010

I am running a web server on my old iMac5,1, which is also my main computer, but I'm having troubles. I upgraded to Lucid because Hardy kept dropping my Internet, so my server would not work. However, I have a different problem now. Everytime I log into Ubuntu, it eventually lags in the GUI. Sometimes, it even freezes entirely. On my newer Macbook Pro5,3, running from a Live CD, it freezes there to. It never froze in Ubuntu Hardy or Ubuntu Jaunty. What is causing this constant freezing?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: How To Install Lucid On MacBook Pro 5.3

Apr 30, 2010

I have created a partition through Boot Camp, downloaded the 64 bit Intel installer for PC and Mac, verified the checksum, burned a CD from its image (on the second try), but when I try to boot up from that CD, rEFIt refuses because of a "legacy" problem. I assumed it would be a live CD, from which I could do the installation; am I wrong, is there another way to install from it? My MacBook Pro 5,3 is the one exception to having its own installation page.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid - How To Access OS X Partition

May 4, 2010

I have installed 10.04 on my MacBook Pro 6,2, and am trying to access some files stored in my User directory on the OS X partition of the laptop. I get a permission-denied error, but I figured this was a similar issue to the one mentioned in the stickied "How to Install Ubuntu 9.04 on Intel-Based Macs" thread.However, the suggest fix,Code:sudo usermod -u 501 -g 20 richarddoesn't exactly work for me. I tried this, but found myself suddenly logged out of my main account. On the log-in screen, only my second account showed up. Luckily, I was able to log into that, and re-usermod my main account back to it's original userid number.I am guessing that my strange error had to do with the abnormal (for ubuntu, at least) userid?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: NetATalk Not Working In Lucid?

Jul 19, 2010

I have been using netatalk to use my old LaserWriter PS 4/600 with Kubuntu.verything was fine until I upgraded to Lucid.Now, when I go to restart netatalk, I get

user@machine:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/netatalk restart
Restarting Netatalk Daemons (this will take a while)Stopping Netatalk Daemons: afpd cnid_metad papd timelord


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Ubuntu :: Disable IPv6 In Lucid?

May 4, 2010

Okay so on WebUpd8 website, (url), I found a way to disable IPv6 and I was hoping to get a little more of an understanding of if I should or not from comments there, but unfortunately I haven't gotten enough to say let's do that. So I figured I might get a better understanding on here.

I am not very familiar with IPv6, but to my understanding its a newer thing that's rarely found currently with ISPs, but can be a security issue now.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid - MBP 5,2 Doesn't Suspend With Lid Close?

May 1, 2010

When I close the lid on my Macbook Pro 5,2 running Ubuntu 10.04 nothing happens.. it doesn't turn off the screen, suspend, hibernate or anything. Everything that i've looked at says to change the setting in power management but there's no option there for what to do when the lid closes. I've also checked out gconf-editor and the setting appear to be right in that... so I don't know what the issue could be.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Replacing Karmic With Lucid On IMac 9.1?

May 14, 2010

I've got an iMac 9.1 perfectly triple booted with rEFIt with OSX, Windows 7 64x, and Ubuntu Karmic 64x. My Ubuntu side needs a refresh.

I want to redo the Karmic partition with Lucid, but I'm afraid grub2 will mess up my perfect rEFIt configuration.

I'm worried because when first doing this triple boot, I installed Karmic and rEFIt couldn't read the grub that it installed, so I installed Jaunty's grub and upgraded to Karmic. I guess it's a workaround...

Now, I'm worried Lucid will mess up the rEFIt config.

Couple of questions: Is a new install of Lucid going to mess up my rEFIt configuration? Is there a way to avoid rEFIt bugs? If a new Lucid install won't mess up rEFIt, do I simply install the grub bootloader inside the freshly installed Lucid partition?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Bluetooth Keyboard On Lucid/Mac Mini?

May 15, 2010

I'm using an Apple bluetooth keyboard, model A1016 the one with a white bottom inside clear plastic. The machine is a Mac Mini (2,1) and I also have an Apple bluetooth mouse. The mouse works fine on Ubuntu 10.04. The keyboard has issues.

When I add the keyboard using the bluetooth applet, I find that I can't assign a specified PIN. I have to use automatic PIN, and then type the random number presented. That works until I reboot the machine.

After reboot the bluetooth applet menu shows both the mouse (connected) and the keyboard (not connected). If I tell it to connect the keyboard, nothing happens. The only thing I can do is delete the keyboard, re-add it, with a new random PIN.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid Will Not Boot After Install (iMac G4)

May 22, 2010

I installed Lucid PPC on a G4 iMac (lamp-style, 800 mhz) using the netinstall mini cd. The install environment booted and installed a base system without any problems. However, when trying to boot into the installed system, I get about a second of text after the yaboot screen, then darkness, then a full screen of bright red. Note that X is not installed, so the red screen is not an xorg problem. I've tried booting with "Linux nosplash video=ofonly", and "Linux single" but the problem occurs in both cases. I can use rescue mode on the cd and chroot into my system on the hard drive, but I'm not sure what steps to take from that point. It does seem to be a functional system when I'm chrooted, I can use apt etc.I don't want to give up on this installation and install karmic yet,

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Ubuntu / Apple :: HOW To Install Lucid On An IBook G4 1.3 Ghz 12"

May 31, 2010

I was fiddling with trying to get KMS working for about a week till I realized that it was probably broken and decided to drop it and use userspace DRI. Lo and behold, it was faster than I think I've ever gotten out of this model before. I'm aware that KMS supposedly supports the Mobility Radeon chip in this machine, but until I can find an easy way to get it to work, I'm probably going to stick with UMS. That being said, if anybody can get KMS working, I'd LOVE to change the tutorial around a bit.That being said, I'd like to take a moment to address a few things. This is not a tutorial for all iBooks, or all PPC Macs for Lucid. I cannot stress enough that your mileage may vary, and you should not hold me responsible for your individual situation.

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Ubuntu :: Disable GDM/Graphical Login In Lucid?

May 8, 2010

It used to be that this was a service that could just be disabled in System>Preferences>Startup Services, but this is no longer the case it seems. I've tried tinkering with the runlevels in gdm.conf, but haven't had any success with it so far. I've tried commenting out the startup code in the gdm.conf as well. Also no luck.

Most of what I've found are older guides for Karmic and earlier, so if anyone has a more up-to-date solution for how to disable the gdm so I can auto-login to a terminal in Lucid

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Ubuntu :: Disable Sound When Lucid Boots Into X?

May 12, 2010

I would like to disable the start up sound when Lucid boots up and enters X. I have already unticked:

System, Administration, Login Screen: [ ] Play Login Sound

Yet I still get the login sound.

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Ubuntu :: How To Disable Touchpad In Lucid Lynx

Jun 13, 2010

I don't know how many has had this problem, but I understand I am not the only onehe problem is that after using synclient to disable the touchpad in 10.04 it would enable itself, seemingly, at random.Well, what I found was that unchecking the "Disable touchpad while typing" feature in "System->Preferences->Mouse->Touchpad" will fix the problem.Apparently the system does not recognize that the user has deliberately disabled the touchpad. And so it will reenable it when the user is "done typing".

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Ubuntu :: [Lucid] Disable Services In Upstart?

Jun 27, 2010

I recently discovered upstart is launching sshd on my machine even though I disabled it with `sudo update-rc.d -f ssh remove`. I tried to find a way to prevent upstart from launching ssh by default, but the best I can think of is removing /etc/init/ssh.conf (I just uninstalled openssh-server).I'd like to disable it without doing this, though. This would make it easier to enable sshd when I need it

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Ubuntu / Apple :: ATI Radeon HD 2600 Lucid Black Screen?

May 2, 2010

I recently upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and was having trouble getting 3D graphics enabled on my ATI card. I am running on an MacPro3,1I read through this guide as I was having errors regarding fglrx so I uninstalled it and as instructed issued the following:

sudo /usr/share/ati/fglrx-uninstall.sh # (if it exists)
sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx*


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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid Lynx Macbook Keyboard Not Working?

May 4, 2010

I upgraded to 10.04 on my Macbook and everything was working fine. Now, my keyboard isn't working at all. I didn't do any system tweaks or anything.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Intermittant Wifi Connections On MacBook Pro 3,1 Lucid 64 Bit?

May 8, 2010

I installed the bleeding edge drivers using a guide I was referred to from the wiki, when I was having intermittent wifi connections. It worked well for about two days, but now it's just as intermittent as before, and it works just fine in OSX and on other machines, so I'm thinking I need to change the driver.

How do I go about installing another driver? Which ones have you had luck with for a MacBook Pro Santa Rosa 3,1 running lucid under 64 bits?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Can't Boot Lucid Netinstall Image On Xserve G5?

May 25, 2010

I'm an admin for a large (768-node) cluster of Apple Xserve G5s. We've been running Fedora, but we'd like to switch to an LTS release of Ubuntu for various reasons. I can boot the Lucid netinstall kernel (32- or 64-bit) with yaboot, which appears to correctly transfer the kernel and initrd, but when the kernel tries to unzip the initrd, it fails with "EOF while reading compressed data". I'm using the same yaboot binary we've been using for Fedora; the Fedora netboot image works a little differently but the file sizes are comparable.

I attempted the Karmic image to compare, and it boots, loads the initrd, and goes happily on its way, modulo an unrelated mistake of mine. The relevant yaboot stanzas look like this:



Apart from our site changes (we're using the Kickstart support in d-i to smooth the transition), this is copied from the sample files on ports.ubuntu.com. Has anyone else seen similar problems?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: IMac G4 Blank Screen While Booting Into Lucid

Apr 26, 2011

I downloaded Ubuntu Lucid...something onto a cd and I booted into it on my iMac G4. It brought me to a screen saying things like live is default press tab for more options etc and when I just press enter, the screen turns white, loads a few things, then it turns blank and after awhile, I hear the Ubuntu startup sound but my screen remains blank.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Disable Ctrl-alt-del On Lucid Server?

May 11, 2010

I would like to disable the ctrl-alt-del feature for a Lucid Lynx server.
i found some info on how to enable this in desktop environments, however nothing explaining how to disable it for a server.

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Ubuntu :: Disable Frequent Disk Checks In Lucid?

May 11, 2010

Since upgrading (fresh install) to Lucid, I've been having to go through disk checks about once or twice a week on boot. I'm not sure why Lucid thinks it needs to check my disk so often. I looked into it a bit, and found a command that was supposed to stop disk checks happening so often.

Code: sudo tune2fs -i 2w `mount | awk '$3 == "/" {print $1}'` is supposed to set it to 2 weeks. I used "/home" too as I have home on a separate partition and didn't want that to be checked too. All was fine until I booted up to find another disk check today. It can sometimes take over half an hour to finish and C to cancel doesn't always work either.

I always shutdown cleanly, unless Ubuntu completely locks up, which happens maybe once every six months (although it did happen yesterday, but I have rebooted it a few times since then with no checks happening until just now). Is there a way to just disable checks completely? I wouldn't mind running them manually every now and then, I just don't want to do it as often as Lucid does.

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Ubuntu :: [Lucid-Lynx] Disable GNOME Autostart?

Jul 11, 2010

How can you disable GNOME autostart in lucid, so it can be started only when i need it?

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