Ubuntu / Apple :: Display Brightness Can't Be Changed

Mar 25, 2010

I am running Karmic (9.10) on my macbook air (2,1) and although many things work fine (I wrote about it here:[URL]) one of the last things that doesn't work is setting the screen brightness. The FN-F11/F12 combo does bring up the brightness adjustment notification window (top right) and I can change the setting, but it has no effect UNTILL I reboot or suspend to RAM and reboot.

A related issue is that the brightness doesn't automatically adjust to the surrounding brightness.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Brightness Changed By Random Keystrokes?

Jun 30, 2010

whenever I type certain things (backspace when nothing left to delete, tab to autocomplete in terminal, etc.) the screen will randomly go dim and then go back after a few seconds. it also happens when I try to use the rain or write with fire options.(though this might be normal)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Control Brightness / Show Brightness Popup / Screen Brightness Don't Work

Mar 3, 2010

I Install Ubuntu 9.10 and I can't control Brightness, show brightness popup (Fn+F5F6) but screen brightness don't work, I install NVIDIA Driver Linux-x86_64 version 190.53, modiffed xorg.conf.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: MacBook Pro Brightness Does Not Work?

Dec 29, 2010

I've been using Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit on my MacBook Pro 5,5 for about a week now. And I've noticed that the screen brightness adjustment does not work. When I click the F1 and F2 buttons I get the notification that it's changing but it doesn't actually change it. So I added the brightness adjustment to the panel and it won't let me move the toggle thingy. Has anybody else had this problem? All my other F keys work fine.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Screen Brightness Permanently 100%?

May 11, 2011

I originally installed Maverick on my Macbook 5.1 using rEFIt to dual boot. For some reason, after installing Compiz my screen brightness functionality stopped working. It was permanently 100%. I thought that upgrading to Natty might work, but no luck. So far I've tried changing the brightness manually in terminal and in power-management, editing the grub file and also reinstalling compiz, all to no avail. Trying to alter brightness using the fn keys displays the brightness panel in the top right, and it decreases in value as it should, but the screen stays bright. The brightness settings work fine when I boot to Mac.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Brightness OSD Notifications Stopped Working?

Jan 14, 2010

I am having a weird issue where my brightness keys on my macbook v4.1 work, but for some reason the brightness notifications have stopped working. I can clearly press the buttons to reduce and increase the brightness, but no notifications. Network manger, sound, firefox, amarok notifications work, but not brightness. It did popup, but I am note sure when or what update broke the notifications.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook 7.1 - Get Brightness Controls To Work?

Jul 23, 2010

I looked through the wiki and for some reason I cannot get my brightness controls to work.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Gnome-power-manager Brightness Without Hal?

Sep 5, 2010

I'm running 2.6.35 on a macbook Air. Since Hal is being deprecated I got rid of it but now I cannot control brightness with the keyboard.Looking at the code on gnome-power-manager, if it doesn't find hal it defaults to xrandr, but I couldn't find a way of controlling brightness with xrandr. Also, I don't see any keybindings on XF86MonBrightness{Down,UP} with gnome-keybindings-properties.I'm loading mactel's nvidia_bl module which creates /sys/class/backlight/nvidia_backlight and from there I can just adjust brightness by editing the corresponding file.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Pommed And Brightness Control Not Working

Oct 10, 2010

I've installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my Macbook Pro 6,2 and try as I might can't change the brightness of my screen whatsoever. I cant use "echo 100> /sys/devices/virtual/backlight/nvidia_backlight/brightness" because the folder does not exist. Pommed, when run using "sudo pommed -d" complains with "Failed to access brightness node: No such file or directory".

I have the mbp-nvidia-bl driver installed *only* (removed nvidia-bli because I had seen in other threads that the two conflicted). I've tried searching the forums and the web but nothing is helping me so far. Biggest roadblock for me using ubuntu is having the headache of using a much to dim screen(or currently a much too bright screen)

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Brightness Control Doesn't Work?

Nov 23, 2010

According to the Community Documentation for a 6,2 running Maverick, the LCD brightness just "Works." I have mbp-nvidia-bl-dkms and pommed installed, but this has never worked for me.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Brightness Control Not Working - Displays At 100%

Apr 1, 2011

I have a white Macbook 7,1 and am running 11.04 beta 1. I have worked out almost everything, sound being the main thing that didn't work. The one thing I don't have working is my brightness control -- my laptop always displays at 100%. I tried installing pommed and the dkms package from the Mactel PPA, but nothing works yet. The wiki hasn't been updated to 7,1 for Maverick, let alone Natty.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: MacBookPro5,5 Random Loss Of Brightness Control?

Jan 31, 2010

My MacBookPro5,5 (also known as the June 2009 Unibody MBP) is having brightness problems. Usually, with OOTB Ubuntu, I can control the brightness flawlessly with the keyboard keys labeled F1 and F2 with no problems once I install the nvidia_bl driver. Pommed improves the experience, giving me keyboard brightness.

Since installing yesterday, the brightness control randomly stopped working. Xev reports that the brightness up and down keys return a keycode (whereas F7 - F12, the playback and volume keys do not; both sets control their respective stuff natively)... this shouldn't happen. nvidia_bl is loading properly according to dmesg; so this problem is baffling.

The Gnome brightness applet does not work, nor does auto dimming. The applet displays a helpfully-apt red circle-with-slash mark. "echo x | sudo tee -a /sys/class/backlight/nvidia_backlight/brightness" still works to change the brightness manually. I can get the Gnome brightness working by manually changing the brightness, killing gnome-power-daemon, and then restarting it via the terminal in no-daemon mode.

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Ubuntu :: Increase The Brightness Of Display In 9.1?

Dec 26, 2010

i have a desktop computer with a fresh install of ubuntu 9.1. the display is too dark to see pictures and several websites as well. is there a gui tool for color and brightness correction, or do i need to do something special?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Adjust Display Brightness

May 28, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 lucid with gnome-power-manager installed on a HP elitebook 8530p. FN keys and desktop display applet will not adjust the display. when I first boot my display is pretty bright with either it plugged into ac or not until i either plug or unplug for the first time then the display dims some, but will not get bright again plugged or unplugged, also /proc/acpi/video/DGFX/LCD/brightness shows it set to 100% at all times it never changes. I'm using the ati driver tried running aticonfig --acpi-services off, but it made no difference. It worked fine in karmic and ibex. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this one. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what to try next?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Screen Brightness On Aluminum 24 Inch Intel IMac

Sep 1, 2010

Screen brightness on aluminium 24 inch Intel iMac

I was just about to re-install Ubuntu to dual boot with OS X on my 24 inch aluminium Intel iMac. Then I remembered the reason I got rid of Ubuntu the last time... screen brightness.

It is a known fault of these machines - the default brightness is set far too high. Sometimes it hurts the eyes. There is an application I have to use with OS X called 'shades'.

If I instal Ubuntu in VirtualBox I can still use 'shades', but when I run it natively as a dual-boot os, I do not have access to the 'shades' app so the screen is far too bright to use for any reasonable length of time.

Is there a workaround for this, without having to do something on every log-in?

(I am using the 64 bit AMD version of Ubuntu.)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Display Brightness Changes Randomly / Get Rid Of This?

Jan 28, 2010

After updating to 9.10 NBR on my MSI U90 it behaves like pressing the function keys "increase brightness" and "decrease brightness" continuously, including show the appropriate pop up.

I guess it is related to power management because it mainly happens while on battery.

How can I get rid of this problem?

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General :: Stop From Re-setting The Display Brightness?

Mar 16, 2010

After manually setting the display brightness on my laptop, the system re-sets the value. If the laptop is plugged in, the value is set to full brightness; if it is not plugged in, it is set to dimmer. How do I stop that behavior?

Note that I am not talking about what it does in response to the event of plugging in or unplugging my system. It changes on it's own - usually several minutes after I change the brightness value. I have observed this behavior on different systems, different distributions, and different desktop environments.

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Debian Hardware :: Changing Display Brightness Causes Laptop To Restart

Jul 15, 2015

Today I installed debian-8.1.0-amd64 on my older Samsung Laptop (Model r560). The installation without a desktop environment worked fine and the system booted without any problems into the virtual console. There was however one problem: when I was away from keyboard for some time, the screen turned black and when I came back and hit a button to wake the system up, the laptop immediately restarted. Later I installed the gnome desktop environment. This also worked fine.

But whenever I try to change the screen brightness in the gnome-shell, my system immediately restarts and successive attempts to boot debian fail. Some time later and after countless attempts to boot debian, it finally does boot again. By "debian fails to boot" i mean the following: The initial ram disk is loaded and fschk runs. Usually the system suddenly reboots at this point. SOmetimes, however, the video mode changes, the console font is changed and some services are getting started, but then at some point the system also restarts. I don't reach the point where a login prompt appears, or the graphical environment starts up.

Assuming, it has something to do with buggy acpi implementation of my hardware, I tried the following:

I tried to disable acpi completely by using the kernel parameter "acpi=off". This doesn't work and causes the kernel to hang

I tried to start debian without using a GUI using the single parameter. This also didn't work.

acpi_backlight=vendor also did not fix the problem.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Cannot Install Updates - Root User Changed

Apr 16, 2010

Ubunto 8.4, running on 2nd partition on Apple Intel iMac. Several months ago, following a routine update, I found I could no longer install routine updates. Investigating further, I find
"You don't have permissions to..."
then sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by gid 1002, should be 0.
That's not me! I am the owner and root user of this computer. How could this get changed? How can I change it back to me? The Linux platform of the computer has not been exposed to the net except for Ubuntu forums and updates. No one else has used this computer.

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Fedora Hardware :: Can't Adjust Brightness Of Display On Buttery Power Mode

Feb 9, 2010

Can't adjust brightness of display on buttery power mode Have no controller, such as in the tab "On AC Power"

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Natty Install Changed Partition Scheme (MacbookPro 8,1)?

May 5, 2011

i was experiencing slow start ups since i installed ubuntu 11.04. it took about 20-30sec for the apple logo to come up (or rEFIt). today apple released EFI firmware updates which doesn't seem to install. reason is that the partition scheme is not compatible. EFI Firmware updates only install from GUID partition schemes.
DiskUtility tells me i have MBR. So it seems like Ubuntu changed the Partition Scheme.

Can any body confirm that? how can i make sure ubuntu installs into existing GUID? i will re-partition later today and give you an update if the EFI firmware update installs and boot time is faster.

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Ubuntu :: Volume Notification Display Changed?

Jan 31, 2011

When I first installed Maverick on my Dell Laptop, I had a slick-looking notification display when I changed the volume via the media buttons.However, I made some changes to get the media buttons to control the PCM volume channel, and it now seems I'm stuck with this ugly notification that I cannot figure out how to get rid of:I'm not entirely sure this is what borked my original volume notification, but it was around this time I noticed the change.

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Ubuntu Security :: Display A List Of All The Files Changed During Current Session?

Jan 25, 2011

is there a way to display a list of all the files changed during current session?

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General :: Display Only Folders That Have Changed Inside Of Two Different Directories?

Mar 2, 2011

How can I display only the folders that have changed inside of two different directories?

PHP Code...

Will this suffice?

I am trying to see what new directories were added between my working build and a new onefor a project that I working on.

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Server :: Changed Apache Port, Now Pages Won't Display?

May 16, 2011

I just tried changed the port that apache runs on from 80 to 8080 (I need port 80 for a difference service so I am changing the apache port). After doing this I load in a browser and get a 404 error generated by apache, if I change it back to 80 it works fine.

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Hardware :: Change Display Resolution So It Stays Changed In Suse 11.3?

Nov 2, 2010

(Video card is a nothing special Nvidia)

I want to change the default resolution of 1280x1024 to 1024x768. Setting at boot using the space bar or the KDE display (personal settings) does not survive the next boot. In yast or yast2, hardware, there is no monitor selection (something wrong here?).

Using root, run level 3, the command sax2 --vesa 1024x768 does nothing.
or sax2 -m 0=fbdev does nothing.

I had no problem with previous suse releases. What am I missing?

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Debian Multimedia :: Icedove Updates Changed Display Accounts And Folders

Dec 31, 2015

Running Jessie 8.2 and Icedove 38.4.0. I just applied some updates and now Icedove only displays the number of unread messages in the folders.

Previously, it displayed the number of unread and the total number of messages in neat columns. Now it is a single number of unread in parens.

Is there any way I can get the display back to the previous format of unread# and total#?

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Debian Hardware :: Getting Lenny Working On Macbook / Can't Use Brightness Keys To Change Screen Brightness?

Feb 9, 2010

I'd been trying to get into Linux before I bought it so I figured that I would try to get it onto my new Mac so that I could use it wherever I am. I decided to try Debian Lenny 5.0.3 a whirl after reading about all the different distros available. I've successfully installed it and I can get to it with rEFIt, and I have quite a few things working such as the video drivers and wifi. However, I've had trouble getting it to a level where it'd be usable away from home. Here are the main problems I'm worried about:

1) I installed pommed but I still can't use the brightness keys to change the screen brightness. I'm not sure if there's some other workaround for this?

2) I tried some recommended power management packages (gnome-power-manager) but it doesn't seem to be accessible or functional right now. I don't have any way to control it or get to it that is obvious to me. Is an icon or anything supposed to appear on the task bar when you install or what? Getting some sort of power management on here is important because it gets really lousy battery life otherwise.

3) Being a Macbook, there's no right-click button. Multitouch would be really nice (two-finger scrolling!) but I'd be OK with ANY way to right-click with the touchpad. I have a wireless USB keyboard/mouse combo that works at home at least . . . right out of the box too!

4) I've seen some packages called the Mactel PPA, but they are made for Ubuntu. Since Debian and Ubuntu are so similar, is there any way to make those work on Lenny? I think that if I got those to work, I could fix some of the problems above. Or do I have to install Ubuntu?

5) I just noticed that the sound doesn't seem to work yet either.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Low Display On G3 Running 10.04

Jul 9, 2010

I have been reading others experiences of similar Low-Display 800x600 minimal color issues on G4 and other PPC computers, Thought I had it close but still can't get it really gworking as it should, I believe it is all to do with the framebuffers (that don't exist and I don't know how to make these files and keep them on reboot. mine is a really old G3 with the Slot Load R128 Rage ATI graphics, 40 GB HDD, 256 MB RAM,740/750 processor.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Brightness Isn't Working \ Log In The Brightness Gets Obnoxiously Low?

Mar 22, 2011

I'm having a really strange problem, when I turn on openSUSE, the brightness is fine.owever, as soon as I log in the brightness gets obnoxiously low. I have a MacBook Pro 7.1 with openSUSE 11.4 KDE

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