Ubuntu :: Accessing NTFS Raid0 In Kubuntu

Jul 15, 2010

I just encountered a huge problem with my PC. It's a Sony VAIO VGC-RC210G with the first two HDDs in a RAID0 configuration. Windows Vista is installed on the RAID and Kubuntu on another HDD.We had a power outage yesterday and the PC was powered on. Vista wouldn't boot, something which I traced to crcdisk.sys (stupid f***ing CRC check)

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Fedora :: Accessing A NTFS Drive ?

Aug 14, 2009

I know it is not advisable to write to a NTFS drive with linux. Though I'm using Knoppix and Fedora 11, is it safe to access my video and music files from linux, while I am working under them or would it be best to use external media to get them.

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OpenSUSE :: Accessing NTFS On Win 7 Partition?

Jun 18, 2010

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am trying to find out how I can modify forms on my Windows partion. I am running a dual boot with Win 7 and Open Suse 11.2. I can access and read the NTFS files but can not change them or add to the Win 7 Partion. How do I change ownership and permissions so that I can work on them from Open Suse 11.2

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OpenSUSE :: Accessing NTFS Partitions With 11.3

Jul 24, 2010

I have just managed to install OpenSuSE 11.3.When I try to access a NTFS partition (holding my .MP3s) I get the error message.There is no application installed that can open files of the type block device (inode/blockdevice).Do you want to install one? Attempting to install one doesn't seem to lead anywhere othe than the same sequence. I used to be able to read NTFS partitions with 11.2 - what has changed?

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Crash When Accessing NTFS Portition

Feb 8, 2010

I currently have 3 drives. 1 is running nothing more than Ubuntu, 2 drives are NTFS drives that I have from Windows days...I need them that way case they are big and at some point I may need to go back to windows (don't want to though).About 3 days ago I was un-raring some files on my big portition (500 G...the files were about 24 rar files with total after extract +/- 600 megs)I also had FireFox open and I was checking email....something happen and my computer become unresponsive...no mouse, no keyboard.So I flip the switch (after about 5 minutes waiting).I can start Ubuntu not a problem but as soon as i try to mount my drive that was mounted at the time of "re-boot" nautilus is crashing, my desktop is gone.I can see the file on that drive in terminal, I can view/modify some of the files...I can see and work with the files using GNOME Commander.I try testdisk, fsck, ntfsfix and I also try XP chkdsk (that one took long to run).

Now does any one know how to fix this? If i can fix this I can move some of the file to other drives and maybe format that drive to ext3.This drive also has my VMPlayer XP files so I do need that (not able to connect to Sonic Wall VPN with x64 linux so need to use XP).

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Ubuntu Security :: Accessing NTFS-encrypted Files And Folders?

May 14, 2010

After trying Truecrypt, LUKS, and Ecryptfs I decided to try NTFS encryption. Now, on a dual boot computer from Ubuntu I can browse the encrypted folders but can not open the encrypted files. All attempts produce access denials yet the Unix file permissions appear to be "0777" (owner, group, and world readable-writable).

Is there someway to get Ubuntu's NTFS software to recognize and decrypt the encrypted files? Would a different NTFS package work such as NTFS-3g?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Accessing NTFS Drives Without Being Propted For A Password?

Apr 25, 2010

I use OpenSuse 11.2 and Windows XP. After booting to OpenSuse, I can see NTFS drives are mounted but I am always being asked for a password to access them. Is it possible to access NTFS drives without typing a password? The reason is I created links referring to folders and files stored on the NTFS drives.

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General :: How To Change Partitions To NTFS In Kubuntu

Aug 11, 2011

Whenever I try to install W7 it says the partitions aren't NTFS.My question, how do you change the partitions to NTFS in Kubuntu?

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Software :: Kubuntu Install Corrupts NTFS Partition

Feb 5, 2010

I convinced my sister into trying linux instead of windows. When she agreed, I messed things up for her in the install and now her files are gone. I was trying to install Kubuntu. I had backed up all of the data into one partition (hda7 ... which is the last partition) and restructured the other partitions. When applying changes, it crashed in the middle so I had to start again and redo things.

Finally when everything was installed, I tried mounting the NTFS hda7 partition but to no success. Upon checking in fdisk, it was listed as ext3 but even could not mount it with ext3. I checked in windows and the partition is marked as "unknown". what has changed is that instead of hda7 being logical, it is now marked as primary. I have checked testdisk and I am not able to recover any files from it. Any ideas?

1. Testdisk ... did not find any files from that partition
2. Partition magic ... got some messages that something wrong with the partition table, it fixed that, but get Error 17 and partition magic cannot start
3. chkdsk ... did not find anything

I read something about DD but I have never tried it and I am worried I might mess up things.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Kubuntu Nor Opensuse Detect Ntfs Partition

Feb 21, 2010

so i have a main drive (320gb) which currently has kubuntu 9.04 installed.i also have a side drive (60gb) on which i made a backup of all my windows files (i wanted to migrate to new windows OS but messed up, long stupid story...) and also had opensuse 11.0 installed.now when i open either 2 linux versions, the ntfs partition isnt recognised anymore.there are files on it that i need, including the iso of the windows version i want to install next to opensuse (just like my old windows version)

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Ubuntu :: Priority To Hard Disk Containing Kubuntu Login To Kubuntu But Can't Get In To Windows7?

Sep 15, 2010

I have two OS in my system. Windows& and Kubuntu. Both are in separate hard disks. I was using both. In between i have upgraded my system. now when i am giving priority to hard disk containing kubuntu, i can login to kubuntu, but cant get in to windows7. i have upgraded grub but not working. when i am giving priority to hard disk containig windows7 it enters and work properly. but not working in the previous.

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Ubuntu :: XP / Kubuntu - If Delete Kubuntu What's Happen To My Boot Cycle

Mar 31, 2010

XP Pro SP3
Ubuntu 9.10
Kubuntu 9.10

Tri-booting. They were installed in the order I listed above. I ran into a few bugs with Kubuntu, so I no longer want to use it. I want to use GParted on a LiveCD to format Kubuntu and expand my Ubuntu home partition to sit on top of Kubuntu's space right now. If I nuke Kubuntu, will Grub still exist with my Ubuntu/XP entries to boot?

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Ubuntu :: Data From Windows Raid0

Oct 21, 2010

I had windows and ubuntu for some time, the other day I had an issue with (msconfig). The easiest way to fix it is to fresh install windows. So I wanted to boot into ubuntu, take my windows files and toss them onto a external drive. So this is were I need help. I have 3 hard drives, 2 internal and 1 external. The 2 internal drives are 2 500 gig WD's in raid0. I can not find out how to retrieve my data from these drives at all. I can get the partition manager to tell me I have them, but I can not find them anywhere let alone get data off. And I have my work for my 10 page research paper on there and I should be working on it but have not been able to retrieve the work and put it on my laptop.

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Ubuntu :: Point To Kubuntu CD Instead Of Kubuntu Repository?

Mar 7, 2011

I would like to apply KDE on my Kubuntu because the current one blew up. But each time I to sudo get-apt it seems to be fetching from the cloud. Is there a way I can make it to read from my local Kubuntu CD? I have both Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Kubuntu Live CDs.

I believe the local disk read should be faster to translate than to bite the bytes across thousands of miles over the wire right?

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Ubuntu :: Setup A RAID0 Arry Using The Beta Of 10.04?

May 8, 2010

I used Palimpset to set up a RAID0 arry using the beta of 10.04. I, being the neat freak that I am, like to do a clean install between betas and final releases. So I backed up all my photos and such to that RAID array (this is on my home server/desktop, by the way) and reinstalled (using the final Ubuntu Server 10.04 disk). When I was re-installing, I stupidly created (but didn't format) a new RAID array over the one with my data on it. Now I'm back on the final Ubuntu Server 10.04, and palimpset recognizes that theres a RAID array, but says its unformatted.

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Ubuntu :: Btrfs Raid0 Won't Mount At Boot?

Jul 15, 2010

I upgraded my 9.10 installation to 10.04 and decided to try out btrfs on a some spare drives in the system.sudo mkfs.btrfs -m raid0 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sddthe only way the system sees the btrfs array is by running btrfsctl -a and then mounting /dev/sdc. but that has to be done in userland, not at boot. if i try to mount it via fstab, ubuntu won't load because it can't find the mount point./dev/sdc /Images atasum,thread_pool=128,compress,rw,user 0 0so where am i going wrong? I tried mounting via the UUID also but that didn't seem to work for me either.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Wubi On Windows With RAID0

Feb 1, 2011

I am trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 using Wibu inside Windows and installation looks good without any problems but when I select Ubuntu in Boot POST menu after I see Ubuntu Desktop I see error it's saying that Root directory is not specified and there is OK button and if I press it I see same message. only way to get out is to click restart in top right corner. My Windows installation is on RAID0 SSDs and I actually tried to install it on same partition as windows and even tried to install on NEW unallocated and freshly formatted partition. Nothing works. I am thinking to install it from Live CD however in advance formatting on let's say 20gb of space what do i assign ? Like how do I partition it like root directory and swap and other partition i ll need. Like can you specify all I think 3 different partitions I'll need and how much space to allocate for each on let's say 20GB of space.

I remember I had a choice "Use all free space" and it was soo simple I could have windows and some unallocated space on hard drive and Ubuntu would of use it . Now I don't see this option. I see use entire disk ...or advanced where You have to create on unallocated space all parts of partitions needed that's

EDITED: My System info if u need it.

Mobo: Asus P6T Deluxe
CPU: i7 920
RAM: 6GB G.Skill PC1333 cards
BOOT HDD: OCZ Vertex 2 64gb x 2 in RAID0


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Ubuntu :: Create A Raid0 Array Of Drives?

Feb 20, 2011

Just got 3 extra drives for my machine.

2x160Gb sata
1x 165Gb sata

How do i create a raid0 array of these drives? On each drive i have got a partition whose size is 160GB and formatted to type fd (Raid Autodetect) i have tried the following:

mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=0 --raid-devices=3 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sda1
mkfs.ext4 /dev/md0
mount /dev/md0 /media/raid
but for some reason it doesnt work.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Not Detecting Win7 On RAID0?

Mar 26, 2010

Looks like Grub2 on my new installation of Ubuntu 9.10 is not picking up a Windows 7 installation on a RAID0 array (using the built-in RAID software from my Asus P5Q-Deluxe)

Here are the results of the boot info script:

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================
=> Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks for
=> No boot loader is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdb


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Ubuntu Installation :: Getting 10.04 To RAID Drive With Root On RAID0?

Mar 21, 2011

I ran into this and found a non-trivial solution so I thought I'd share in case anyone else ran into it.I have two 200GB drives so I thought I'd install my system with RAIDed partitions for /boot, / and /home. I would use RAID1 for /boot and /home because GRUB2 can load the kernel from a RAID1 and I thought the extra reliability for /home would be nice. (I may second guess /home on RAID1 once I get to test performance.) I chose RAID0 for / to provide faster application loading.I prepared the drives using a Live CD because I'm not confident that I can do what needs to be done during installation.First I partitioned the drives as:


hbarta@olive:~$ sudo fdisk -luc /dev/sda
Disk /dev/sda: 200.0 GB, 200049647616 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 24321 cylinders, total 390721968 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes


At this point I could restart and boot from the system hard drives and proceed with configuring my system. I'm not positive that it is necessary to add the modules to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules but I do know that alone is not sufficient. An earlier attempt was to install grub (install-grub /dev/sda; install-grub /dev/sdb) within the chroot and I found that also was not sufficient. I have not listed it above because I think it was not necessary. But on these two issues, I'm not going to reinstall again from scratch just try...


Another possibility is to install using the Alternate CD. I did not try that but it may provide better RAID handling. Last week I installed 10.04.2 LTS Server to a RAID1 and it did not experience this problem. However I do not know if it is RAID in general or RAID0 that led to the issues I encountered.

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Hardware :: Mdadm Raid0 And Ubuntu Server Boot

Mar 27, 2010

I have ubuntu server 8.04 installed. It uses software raid0 (mdadm, two hard disks: sda and sdb). The server crashed after power failure. When trying to boot I get the following messages:


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Ubuntu :: Unable To Install Firefox Extension If Profile Is On NTFS (NTFS-3g) Volume?

Jul 16, 2010

Reproducible with Firefox 3.6.6 (installed from Ubuntu 10.04 repository), on Dell D620, Ubuntu 10.04 Steps to reproduce:

1) start Firefox from command line "firefox -P"

2) create new Firefox profile on NTFS volume (mounted with NTFS-3g)

3) add NoScript extension (through extension manager Get Add-ons), restart Firefox as suggested

4) extension is not added to Firefox In case at step 2) profile is created on Linux volume, at 4) extension is added to firefox.I'm not 100% sure, but I think this bug is related to Firefox 3.6 update (no problems with Firefox 3.5). I did not make proper investigation, but I have feeling same problem applies to Thunderbird 3.1.This issue does not allow to share Firefox/Thunderbird profile on dual boot machine (Ubuntu/WindowsXP).

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Hardware :: Installing RAID0 With Fedora6?

Mar 23, 2010

Im trying to set up two raptors (identical) with RAID-0 using Silicon Image.

The drives arent being detected by linux. I have the linux drivers on USB but unsure on where to install them. There is no option available...

The drives are being detected on computer start up..and were working with windows...

Havent tried a diff distro as can get my hands on one.

Motherboard is a A8N-Sli Deluxe.

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General :: Where Is Uuid Of Partitions Of Raid0

Sep 4, 2010

where is uuid of partitions of raid0?

My box is centos 5.4 x86, and dual booting with windows 7. I need to make a ext3 partition between ntfs partition 2 and 3.

After making this ext prtition, I need uuid of this ext partition.

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Server :: Adding Raid0 To Slackware 13.1

Jul 1, 2011

I'm an experienced PC technician running a slackware 13.1 distro on a server at home. I've currently got 2x 1TB drives in the box allocated as raid1 for the OS and everything I want to run on the machine. I'd like to think my question/needs are fairly straight forward, I am buying 2x 2TB drives to add to this machine as it serves as a NAS box for one of its roles. I'd like these in raid0 as the data that would be going on it is not that important to me. The question is, after adding the new drives to the system, once I boot up, what do I need to do to the system to get the drives added and working sucessfully as a single raid0 volume that I can then samba share out to my network. To clarify, I understand a little of mdadm as I've used it to raid1 my existing setup when I installed, and I'm fine with the samba bit after.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lynx X64 On RAID0 Ich10r (dual Boot)

Jun 9, 2010

I've planed to install Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 x64 on my rig. dual boot setup windows 7 preinstalled Intel ICH10R RAID0 manual partition setup 200mb ext3 /boot 2gb swap 100gb ext4 / GUI installer can see my RAID and allows me to create this partitions manually. But when install begins i'm getting error :

Quote: The ext3 file system creation in partition #5 of Serial ATA RAID isw_dgaehbbiig_RAID_0 (stripe) failed


fdisk -l from Live cd shows me separated HDDs without RAID0 wrap (sda and sdb) Also in advanced section where i can configure boot loader default is /dev/sda, which is part of RAId_0. I'm checking isw_dgaehbbiig_RAID_0 as location for loader, assuming that this would be MBR. am i doing this step right?

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Ubuntu :: Udevd-work Random Error On Boot On Raid0

Oct 12, 2010

I have a Raid0 setup (see below for details) connected to the ICH10R raid chip on my Gigabyte EX58-UD4P motherboard. On every second og third boot I get the following error:

udevd-work[157]: inotify_add_watch(6, /dev/dm-1, 10) failed: no such file or directory
udevd-work[179]: inotify_add_watch(6, /dev/dm-1, 10) failed: no such file or directory
The system halts for a seconds or two and then boots on like nothing has happend.

My setup is as follows:

Two 500gb discs in Raid0 on the ICH10R. The first partition 100 mb is a Windows 7 system partition (gaming etc.) and then a 300gb partition for the actual Windos install. Then Ubuntu 10.10 with /, /home, /swap and then five data partitions. Grub is on the Windows system partition.

Ubuntu 10.10 x64 installed via USB. No problems during install. Besides that I have 2x300gb dics on the Gigabyte built in raid controller. Installed with a Hackintos setup using Mac software raid.My fstab looks like this:

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier
# for a device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name
# devices that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).


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Ubuntu :: Temporarily Copy Data Before Growing RAID0 Array?

Feb 1, 2011

I currently have two hard drives, with my root partition configured in RAID0. I'd like to add two additional hard drives, and include them in my RAID0 array. I need to recreate the array to do this, so I'd like to copy everything off of the existing array, add the drives, build the new array, and copy everything back. I have an external hard drive with four times the capacity of my current array. What would be the best way to copy this data so that nothing is missed, so I can just copy everything back and boot back up? dd, image the entire root partition, mount it after creating the new array, copy everything back (at the filesystem level) dd, image the entire root partition, write it back out to the new array, I'm not sure how this would work, because the partition will be the wrong size, I don't know much about dd. rsync, just rsync everything on root over to the external something else? I plan on booting to a live CD and mounting my current array there, so I won't be working on a live filesystem.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Read Files On Software Raid0 Mac Drives?

Mar 21, 2011

I have a set of Mac software RAID 0 drives that my friend gave me for spring break. I need to access a file on the drive in the Extra folder on one of the drives. It contains some startup settings that need to be changed before I can boot it properly. I loaded up ubuntu and tried to access the drive but only the top level files are readable and when I try to access the Extra folder it says "permission denied." The info on the folder permissions tab is User ID: 501 and Group ID: dialout. Owner permissions = r/w, all other groups/users = none. How can I make Ubuntu read/write to this Extra folder?

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Debian Hardware :: LVM - Performance Between A Raid1 And A Raid0 The Same

Mar 21, 2010

I just have a few questions about LVM and RAIDs. It seems they are basically the same thing. Is this correct? I can add two drives together on both of them and it appears as a larger drive, along with other setups like raid1 and raid5, etc.. And is there a difference in performance between them?

And my second question.. I know one is stripped and one is not, but is the performance between a raid1 and a raid0 the same? I've been told that raid1 is faster than raid0 because the data is written twice.. and therefore can be read from two different disks which equals faster read speed, but slower write speed since it writes to the two.

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