Ubuntu :: 10.4 - Video Playback Color Comes Wrong

Sep 27, 2010

I have installed Ubuntu 10.4 in my PC , my PC comes with NVIDIA, GeForce 9400 GT. Now every thing is okay except my video, colors come wrong, SMplayer, VLC, ... etc.

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Printing Wrong Color / Fix This?

Apr 1, 2010

The update manager recently installed a new version of CUPS on my 9.10.

Now when I print a simple Open Office document it comes out in magenta instead of black. Same applies to printing from gedit.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: HD Video Playback - Video And Sound Frequently Get Out Of Sync

Oct 17, 2010

When I play large HD videos in mplayer, the video and sound frequently get out of sync, and the video plays a little strangely (occasionally speeding up and occasionally slowing down).

I think it's because mplayer is only running on a single core. As I've got a quad-core processor, it seems inefficient. I've seen that there is theoretically a way to get mplayer to work with multicore setups, but it requires compiling with different options. That'd take me a little while to work through.

Ideally there would be a pre-compiled version in the software centre, or a player which has support built in (again, ideally in the software centre). Is there such a thing available?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Messy Video Playback Also Appears When Use Cheese To Capture Video With My Webcam

Feb 26, 2010

video playback is like I have applied a blueish sepia filter over it. And this is just the playback from totem player or mplayer, and not the playback from ..... (and generally online streaming) - this works just fine. this messy video playback also appears when I use cheese to capture video with my webcam. Note that the preview picture of the video file on nautilus has the natural colours it should have.

at first when I installed the os this particular problem didn't exist, but it came up the time I decided to follow the "comprehensive multimedia guide". So now I have all the pros of following the guide, but this is a major con...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Resolution Seems To Change During Video Playback

Apr 11, 2011

I am setting up a MythTV environment to switch from Windows based MediaPortal (with a high number of disturbing bugs). Yet, I have three difficulties, which I want to discuss with you. They are:

- No audio via HDMI see [URL]
- Video resolution seems to change during video playback
- Channels cannot be found via DVB-S [URL]

As you can see, I have created three posts to keep discussions focused.

Alltogether I have the following setup:

- AMD 5050e CPU
- 8 GByte RAM
- Biostar TA890GXE
- Samsung LE40M86BD, connected via HDMI (and only HDMI)
- Mythbuntu 10.10 with proprietary drivers installed
- Technisat Skystar HD2 DVB-S card (two times)

Now, here is the problem:

Whenever I playback any video material using e.g. VLC, the screen resolution changes. This also applies when playback the video in a window and not fullscreen. The problem is that whenever the screen resolution changes, short time later the TV set blanks screen and show the TV set specific information "unsupported video mode".

How can I enforce to stay in the configured video mode?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cannot Playback Commercial DVDs On External DVD (Wrong Region/mounting ?

Jan 19, 2011

Having issues getting my external dvd drive to play nice with 10.10. The usual horses have been beaten thoroughly.

1.) I've installed Medibuntu

2.) I've grabbed libdvdcss2, libdvdread, run the install script, etc., etc.

3.) I've attempted to check the region, with no avail.

When I try a regionset, it offers the following complaint:

ERROR: Could not open disc "(null)"! Please ensure there is a readable CD or DVD in the drive.

4.) The drive and disc(s) are all operational, as they work on different partitions and/or machines fine.

VLC/Totem will, briefly, open the menu for a given DVD. The menu video will briefly play, sputter, then die, which sounds like a region issue.

Any idea why the regionset isn't working? Perhaps it's not mounting right?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Distorted Video During Video Playback?

Mar 11, 2011

When I play a video in Totem, MPlayer, VLC or whatever, my displayed windows will look transparent in a funny way. Letters are not readable, colours get distorted and images with a black background (colour 0) will display the partial video in it.

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Ubuntu :: Video Playback Very Fast With Gtk-recordmydesktop

Aug 28, 2010

I've been hunting around for some screen capture software in Ubuntu, for future screencasts and out of the handful I've tried I've gone with gtk-recordmydesktop. After initial problems with recording quality, I have managed to get everything working but have noticed that on playback of any captured video, is played back at a crazy speed, the frame rate is not the issue as it is on the default 15 FPS setting but still the play back is very fast.

I noticed before my tweaking that playback was normal speed, but the quality was garbage, and I found that this was because of Compiz being enabled, and I have to run gtk-recordmydesktop with "Encode on the fly" and "Full shots at every frame" enabled in order for the video playback to not be all cut up, however ever since encoding on the fly has been enabled, this has caused playback to be hilariously fast.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 with Compiz enabled. With an nVidia GPU (8200 M)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: AVI Video Playback Tearing?

Oct 23, 2010

I'm sorry if this was asked before (i know it was but never worked for me) 2 days ago I installed ubuntu 10.10, my very first linux OS and I immediately fell in love with it.The only problem now, is tearing during video playback (I'm a perfectionist with a thing for fine details, so this is literally killing me)

I have nVidia 9200M GS (HP laptop)
I've set nVidia setting to sync vblank and disabled it in compiz
I've also disabled PowerMizer..

I love the system to give up some vsync issues in moving windows, but i just can't get over video tearing. I'm ready to install anything, change anything, even do a new clean install to get it working. UPDATE: Installed SMPlayer, works fine but drops couple of frames every 5 secs or so (more annoying than tearing lol) is there any specific settings that can fix that?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Ogv And Mp4 Video Playback Looks Scrambled?

Apr 8, 2011

Both MP4 and OGV playback completely weird on my Ubuntu 10.04.2 laptop:

The resolution/length/etc is correct, but the picture is all weird. Webm doesn't work at all.

I tried mplayer, kmplayer, smplayer, gxine, totem and kplayer. All the same.

However, the exact same video's play back normally in HTML5 pages with a bunch of browsers on the same machine. They also play back normally on a Windows machine. There is no DRM involved.

Aren't these gstreamer en mplayer based players supposed to handle this correctly?

This is an Intel Core i3 machine with Intel HD graphics.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Poor Video Playback?

May 18, 2011

i am loving the ubuntu 10.10 interface.my laptop is a toshiba satellite l450 (3gb ram + 2.10ghz amd proc essor. i use a ati radeon hd 3200 graphics card.i have to manually adjust the sound settings if i plug in a headphone or a hdmi cable to suit the necessary output. windows did this automatically.my video quality is very very poor. if i run videos on any browser or watch a movie (avi file) on totem or vlc it is very jumpy and the sound is often out of sync.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Color Is Very Blue?

Aug 16, 2010

I must have inadvertently changed a color setting in Ubuntu. Suddenly, the color in all video that I play is distinctly blue (human skin is shades of blue and green). This happens to multiple videos in both VLC and Movie Player. It does not happen when I play the same videos on VLC in Windows. Pictures and all other graphics appear completely normal. I am still quite new to Ubuntu and I've never encountered anything like this before. I have no idea where to start

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Ubuntu Networking :: Playback Video Over Local FTP On Karmic

Jan 13, 2010

I recently just installed Ubuntu on this laptop and I have a issue with playing back videos on my LAN server.

Thing is, I've got another computer too where it works flawlessly so I was wondering what causes this on my laptop...

I mount the FTP location and I get access to all the files on the server. On my other computer, I can basically just click any video file and it would act as it would if it was on my HDD already, but when I try to do that on my laptop it will not play the video file at all.

I've tried several media players too, but I usually just use VLC so here is the VLC error:


And then ask if I want to repair it. However, once I drag the file over to my desktop it works.

So why won't my media players read video files over FTP?

And the whole "Connect to server" is acting a little weird. If I try to use the DNS of the server instead of the local IP I will not get any response. However, using the DNS in other applictions do work.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Playback On Dell Laptop?

Jan 15, 2010

I have a Dell Latitude CPi that has 400MHz Intel Processor and 256 MB of ram. It has a Neomagic Corporation NM2360 [MagicMedia 256ZX]. I have it set to 16 bit color depth and it is using the neomagic driver. My problem is that it cannot play any video of any size flash, or saved to hard drive. It has a fps so low that I can see it rendering each frame going across the screen. It doesn't seem to have a problem with animated pictures, just actual video files. I don't know whether or not this matters but the card set is known to not support 3d acceleration. I can run any commands in terminal and have a good understanding of the linux environment. This problem has occurred under Ubuntu and Xubuntu and still happens if I use a light weight WM like fluxbox.

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Ubuntu :: Video Playback Fine But None Of Buttons Working / Fix It?

Jan 23, 2010

I'm having some problems with flash in mozilla and chrome. video playback is fine but none of the buttons are working.for example i cant pause or change the volume. pretty sure my flash is up to date. i have ubuntu netbook remix on another pc without this same problem.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: X11 Video Playback Blue Saturation

Feb 21, 2010

When trying to playback DVDs in VLC media player, I have to switch the video output driver to get any playback.If I leave it on "Default" (which I think is defaulting to "XVideo Extension Video Output"), I get a solid green or blue screen (which I also get with "Xvideo Extension Video Output")If I switch it to "OpenGL Video Output", I get proper DVD playback but it is kind of pixelated and ugly.If I switch it to "X11 Video Output", I get DVD playback that is very crisp and sharp, the image quality is great.unfortunately, the colors are completely messed up and the blue is completely saturated.I've played with the color settings (especially the Hue setting), but I can't get the colors to look right.

I'd really like to use the x11 video output since the quality is the best, but I can't get the colors right.the first one (Screenshot.png) is OpenGL output, and the second (Screenshot-1.png) is X11 output.It's also worth noting that I am on an IBM ThinkPad R32 with an ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 (or M6, or M6 LE, whatever you wanna call it).I'm running a fully updated 9.04 Jaunty installation.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Line Flicker During Video Playback?

Apr 3, 2010

I've installed Ubuntu 9.10 and the prime reason for giving it a go is due to the media center capability with apps such as Moovida and LinuxMce.

Unfortunately during video playback [either divx or flash] there appears to be a random line or lines which flickers on the screen when the video is in fullscreen mode.

I'm using an ATI x1900 video card and have tried using both Tote and VLC, and I have also tried installing the fglrx.

But, both with and without flgrx installed, under the section 'Device' in xorg.conf it says that the driver is 'vesa'.

I don't know how to disable the default ATI driver to enable fglrx, or whether I am going off on completely the wrong tanget and should be looking at something else.

Or is there better support for my type of card in Ubuntu 10 as I don't want to go back to Ubuntu 8 which is the last supported version of the os that ATI developed a driver for my card.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Playback Beyond 2048 Pixels?

Apr 26, 2010

I have a 30" LCD with 2560x1600 pixel resolution. I would like to make and play videos at this resolution, but software decode is too slow, and the GPU accelerated decode (VDPAU) maxes out at 2048 pixels. It might be possible to decode 2Kx2K and cut-and-paste and reorganize the rectangles to fill 2560x1600. But someday I plan on getting a 4K screen (4096x2160 pixels) and I would like to support that too. For that it seems two video streams decoded by two GPUs and exactly synchronized would work.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Playback Slow In 10.04 But Fast In 9.04?

May 14, 2010

I have two Ubuntus installed. A 10.04 and a 9.04. In 9.04 if I watch a video in Firefox, it works very smoothly and nicely. Using the "top" command, totem-plugin-vi is using the most cpu time at about 16%, and xorg is using about 5%. But in 10.04, totem is using 72% and xorg is using 26%, and it looks really choppy. I think watching DVDs is the same way. I checked "Hardware Drivers" in the System->Administration menu (in 10.04) and it said "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system." I'm guessing maybe I'm using different video drivers on each system, but I don't even know how to check. and here is an excerpt from lspci:

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Choppy Flash Video Playback ?

May 26, 2010

Im running Xubuntu 9.10 on my compaq v2000 laptop. My problem is that the video stream playback is very choppy. I have tried the method found here [url] but when i get to the part where I have to type "echo base....." when i hit enter my terminal replies with "bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument"...How to fix this choppy video streaming playback...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Why Is Local Video Playback Inverted

Sep 30, 2010

I have an Nvidia 8600 GTS 256 MB installed--

Is there a problem with my video driver? Codecs?

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Ubuntu :: Flash Video Playback Choppy And Slow

Oct 1, 2010

AMD Quad Core
HD3200 ATI Graphics (onboard)
1920*1080 resolution via VGA.

Whenever I play flash video or a video in VLC the pictures seems "choppy" and slow as if it was laggy. What could be causing this? I am guessing its a video issue? Maybe something todo with refresh rates and stuff like that.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Improve Video Playback - Thinkpad T41?

Jan 2, 2011

after a recent foray into Ubuntu. Every day is a school day at the moment, so please be gentle! I recently obtained an old IBM Thinkpad T41 which I've made dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu (windows was my backup option - it's installed but with none of the drivers; thankfully I've not yet hit a problem Ubuntu can't handle!) and which is connected up to the TV in our lounge. I have installed XBMC on it, and we're currently enjoying having access to all sorts of multi-media and iPlayer in the lounge. The thinkpad connects to our home network wirelessly, using the Thinkpad's built in wireless hardware - providing a whopping 11Mbps connection. Our media is all stored on NAS on the network, and I thought that even full 54Mbps wireless would not be fast enough to stream videos smoothly onto another machine.

However we have two windows laptops (one windows 7, one windows xp) which have 54Mbps connections and they can stream the videos smoothly from the NAS, so clearly I was wrong (wer'e not talking High def or blue ray rips here or anything). So my first question. Does anyone have an recommendations of a 54Mbps wireless card (PCMCIA preferably) that is compatible with both Ubuntu and the Thinkpad so that I can improve it's connection speed to the network? I have a "Max Value" branded card in the windows xp laptop (bought cheaply from Amazon) that I tried to but failed miserably to get working in the Thinkpad with Ubuntu last night. All hints and tips welcome....

Second question: Improving video playback on the thinkpad. Some of the videos were a bit choppy, which I thought was just to do with video quality. However having been playing them on the windows xp laptop - Sony Vaio PCG-FR215S, so similar in age and processor speed to the thinkpad - they play absolutely perfectly. So what are my options for improving the video playback on the Thinkpad running Ubuntu? - Upgrade memory to 1GB from 512MB? Will this make much difference? The sony has been upgraded to 1GB, which is why I ask the question. Do I have any options on the dedicated graphics processing hardware front? I'm guessing they are severely restricted as it's a laptop, but thought I'd ask as obviously I'd only be interested in something that is supported by Ubuntu.

Nvidia acceleration is enabled in Ubuntu, and in XBMC. The playback quality in XBMC is comparable with using VLC so I don't think there is anything XBMC specific to be concerned with at the moment.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Choppy (flickers) On Playback?

Feb 10, 2011

I just upgraded to Ubuntu Maverick v 10.10 and loving it. However, I have encountered a problem with playing any type of video whether it be Xvid, AVI, h264, MKV or AAC. I have tried many players from smplayer, mplayer, kmplayer, vlc, etc. but I am still having the problems. I have read some posts on here and I've disabled compiz, tried the X11 tweak and updated my Nvidia drivers. I don't know if I am missing some type of codec or restricted plugin because I have ample space and resources are readily available while playing the video.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: All Video Playback Looks To Be In Fast Forward?

Mar 4, 2011

After working properly for over a year my videos started playing in fast forward. This can be on the internet (as in wwww.wimp.com) or my video clips located on my hard drive.

Also, on a different note my volume control stopped working. My keyboard has a volume control wheel that I used to use to control the volume of music and videos. First it gave out on my side and continued to work on my wife's side and now it doesn't work on ether. (the volume level bar pops up on the screen but doesn't affect the output) (The volume can still be controlled with the mouse though by clicking on the volume bar on whatever web page I am looking at.)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: System Logs Out On Video Playback?

Apr 29, 2011

i just updated to 11.04 and now my system logs out every time i play a video file.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Playback Restarts Gdm Everytime?

May 20, 2011

I recently upgraded from 10.04-11.04 using the 11.04 CD I don't use any effects, I log on the sessions using Ubuntu classic (no effects). Whenever I try to play a video, the gdm restarts and puts me back at the login screen. I installed vlc thinking it might help but no deal.

*edit* I tried all different types of video outputs in vlc, the default seems to work the best, but as soon as I click the vlc window, try to resize it, or access any menu on vlc or try to fullscreen the video gdm crashes and restarts.

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Fedora Installation :: No Way To Get A Video Playback / Need That

Jun 3, 2009

It should never be this hard. no way to get a video playback. at least msn comes with a complete workable system.

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Fedora :: No Video Playback - Only Audio?

Oct 8, 2010

I recently installed Fedora 13 in my laptop, installed the audio codecs(mp3..and etc) and worked just like a dream. But every time I try to play a mpeg, avi, mov file in a player (vlc, xine, mplayer) I get no video, just a black screen. But I get the audio from the video.

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Slackware :: HD Video Playback On 2nd Gen Core I3 With Vlc?

Jul 17, 2011

I have a weird HD video in wmv and mkf files playback problem. Every HD video i attempt to play using vlc with vaapi hardware acceleration looks like this: My hardware configuration is i3 cpu, and i am using it's integrated HD2000 video card, which has DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs, which all i am using (not at the same time). However, the problem is present in every combination (DVI only. DVI+HDMI. DVI+VGA. DVI+HDMI+VGA).

As for software, I am using stock 32bit Slackware 13.37, with stock 2.37.6 kernel. And for HD video playback I have installed VLC-1.1.10. libva-0.32.0 and MPlayer-20110624 all these packages came from Alien pastures, so they are quality packages And my vlc settings are also stock :/


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