Ubuntu :: 10.10 Moving Home Directory - Sound Stops Working?

Oct 28, 2010

So when I try to move the home directory to another point, the sound stops working magically. Well actually the sound still works, but the controls don't work. Here is what I am trying to do.

My home directory is currently at /home/user I want it in another independent partition so I copy all the contents from /home/user to /dev/sda5 and then I mount /dev/sda5 to /home/user with rw permissions. Everything works perfectly, even my mozilla profile is copied and such, but the sound somehow disappears. When I comment out the line from fstab that mounts the the filesystem at /home/user, naturally things go back to normal because my folder at /home/user that was earlier becomes my home again. Things are working again. I can go back and forth, doesn't help.

Here are the specs, though they are irrelevant as everything including the sound works as long as I don't try to change my home dir. I'm using a Thinkpad T410. The destination filesystem btw is ntfs for my home directory, I know it's not suggested and most of you here will feel like lecturing me on how i shouldn't be using ntfs, but the point is I want to have my "Desktop" "Documents" "Pictures" "Videos" "Downloads" and everything in the same place for both windows and linux. So if moving the home directory to NTFS is strongly unadvisable, let me know how to move each of these folders to a desirable location. Here's what lspci has to say about audio device.


00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06)

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Fedora :: Sound Stops When Not Moving Mouse?

Apr 12, 2011

I have the strange problem that my sound and video stops sometimes when I'm not moving the mouse. As long as I keep moving the mouse there is no problem.

I am using

- Fedora 14

- 2 Sound cards (Internal Audio and Audio device on my Radeon HD 3600 video card, however this sound is not working)

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Stops Working After A Few Seconds Of Moving?

Sep 11, 2010

I boot up Ubuntu 10.04 just fine. The mouse works, but after about 2 seconds or so, it stops moving. Of course, the keyboard keeps working fine. It's like Ubuntu stops getting the signals that the mouse is moving. The mouse is in fine working condition. It works fine on my Windows partition. The mouse just had fresh batteries installed, and the laser light doesn't turn off.

I did just remove an ATI card and go back to my GeForce 8200 onboard graphics card. So I thought it might be a wierd driver problem, so I managed to remove the NVIDIA drivers. Didn't help at all. I also was able to log into a console and update the OS. No help there either. I did try to boot my 10.04 live cd, but my computer hates live cd's for some reason. It wouldn't boot, and I can't remember what I did to make it work when I installed Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Home Directory To New Partition?

Jul 16, 2010

I am trying to move my home directory from my install partition to a new partition. I cloned my installation from a previous ~78 gb HD using g4l to a new 250 GB drive. Now that I am using the new drive i created a new partition to used for files called "files". New partition is sda3 and the boot partition is sd1. I am trying to follow this guide [URL] but I am having no success.

The output of:
find . -depth -print0 | cpio --null --sparse -pvd /media/sda3

pio: /dev/sda3//./.jungledisk/cache/jd2-a114b643324c576f1c36e3f17a9043f4-us/Files/cf-1381.tmp: Cannot open: Not a directory
cpio: `/dev/sda3' exists but is not a directory
cpio: /dev/sda3//./.jungledisk/cache/jd2-a114b643324c576f1c36e3f17a9043f4-us/Files/cf-1336.tmp: Cannot open: Not a directory
cpio: `/dev/sda3' exists but is not a directory
cpio: /dev/sda3//./.jungledisk/cache/jd2-a114b643324c576f1c36e3f17a9043f4-us/Files/cf-1387.tmp: Cannot open: Not a directory
cpio: `/dev/sda3' exists but is not a directory .....

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Stops Working After 1-5 Mins Of Playing Sound?

Dec 14, 2010

Playing a song works at first; then it quits after 1-5 minutes. If you select a different output device, it will work for another 1-5 minutes, but switching back to an already used up device will not play sound. Running 'sudo killall pulseaudio' resets everything and each output device works for another 1-5 minutes. This is on on 9.10.


lspci -v
00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE/PE DRAM Controller/Host-Hub Interface (rev 02)
Subsystem: EPoX Computer Co., Ltd. Device 4002


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Ubuntu :: Sound Just Randomly Stops Working?

May 26, 2010

It has to be an update or something that cause this. I've done nothing differently from the other days I use this laptop. I have to keep relogging every now and then because the sound stopped working. I can turn the volume up but pidginrhythmbox, nothing makes noise anymore. it's random...it just started happening today and this is the second time the music went out. anyone have any idea of how to stop this from happening in the future?

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General :: Sound Stops Working?

Jan 30, 2010

v been trying to fix this for a few days now, and the stress has been building up. I have searched for hours on end trying to fix my sound, and If i can't fix it soon ill have to spend another few hours going back to Windows XP even though i wiped my harddrive for Linux Ubuntu 9.1.My issue is, that my sound changes from what it should be, to a dummy stereo output sound. Which i dont know how to fix. I'd be incredibly happy if someone could give me a link to a tutorial for dummys,

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Suddenly Stops Working?

Feb 5, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 on an HP dc5100MT workstation. Sound works nearly all the time, but once in a while, the sound stops and I have no idea why. The channel is not muted, the volume is 100%, and not even rebooting fixes it. It will just start working on its own.Under the Sound Preferences panel, the output volume is 100%. The channel is not muted. I can get sound out of the internal speaker by changing the connector to "Analog Output (LFE) / No Amplifier", but not out of the "Analog Output / Amplifier" which is the green sound cable plugged into the sound card.I only use this machine as a video player using VLCNothing else.I would like to know some tricks to isolate and troubleshoot this when it happens.

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Ubuntu :: Sound Stops Working After Idle For A Few Hours?

Jun 30, 2010

Running ubuntu 10.04.The sound works perfectly when I first boot the computer.hen when I go idle and come back a few hours later, it stops working.Not sure why. Also, another side effect I noticed is that video sometimes fails to play after the sound has stopped working.Killing pulseaudio will restore video playback, but restarting does not restore sound.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Stops Working After Suspend?

Aug 6, 2011

My problem is this: when I suspend, sound disappears, and I have to reboot to get it back, which is, needless to say, rather annoying. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, with a low-latency kernel.

I have three sound cards:
1) Delta 1010LT, which uses snd_ice1712
2) Sound Blaster Audigy 2, which uses snd_emu10k1
3) Some on-board Realtek thingy, which I guess uses snd_hda_codec_realtek

I use jack on the Delta1010LT, and I run pulseaudio through jack.

When, after a suspend, I try to restart jack via qjackct, it gives up and prompt the following:

Acquire audio card Audio1
creating alsa driver ... hw:M1010LT|hw:M1010LT|128|2|44100|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit
Using ALSA driver ICE1712 running on card 1 - M Audio Delta 1010LT at 0xec00, irq 16
configuring for 44100Hz, period = 128 frames (2.9 ms), buffer = 2 periods

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Stops Working Playing Stopping?

Mar 4, 2011

As the title implies, the sound on my rig stops working after a while. Annoying as hell: I have to reboot my machine to get it to work again, which means that I have to reset my entire programming environment (with five full workspaces). I'm running 9.10 Karmic.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Stops Working In 10.10 And Firefox Randomly Stops Working?

Nov 13, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat 64-bit on my desktop with a wired internet connection (with no firewall). For the past 2 days, I have observed that1. Firefox randomly throws up errors like "Problem loading page" whenever I click on a hyperlink. When I click on Reload, the page loads up just fine. This has been happening a lot recently..and I do not remember updating anything consciously. By the way, ipv6 is disabled in Firefox.2. The network stops working all of a sudden (usually indicated by the Firefox error). The Autho Eth0 indication is active, but I am unable to connect to any external machine.

3. Needless to say, this error is manifesting itself in apt-get as well. I get "something wicked happened" errors all the time, and am unable to download or install anything.That this is not a problem with the ISP is obvious because I also have Windows (from which I'm typing this, ironically), which is able to access the internet.Is this a bug in Ubuntu 10.10?

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Ubuntu :: PHP Not Working In Home Directory After Upgrade?

May 10, 2010

I am having a problem with my PHP installation. After I upgrade to 10.04 (64 bit), the PHP quit working in my home directory... that is:/home/username/public_html/orhttp://localhost/~username/When the PHP is called, the dialogue comes up to download and I am able to download the intact PHP file. The *.html files work normally in the home directory.The /var/www/ directory with PHP works normally (phpMyAdmin, etc.)

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General :: Testing Home Directory Scripts By Setting $HOME To The Location Of The Test Directory

Apr 20, 2010

I have an interdependent collection of scripts in my ~/bin directory as well as a developed ~/.vim directory and some other libraries and such in other subdirectories. I've been versioning all of this using git, and have realized that it would be potentially very easy and useful to do development and testing of new and existing scripts, vim plugins, etc. using a cloned repo, and then pull the working code into my actual home directory with a merge.

The easiest way to do this would seem to be to just change & export $HOME, eg

cd ~/testing; git clone ~ home
export HOME=~/testing/home
cd ~
screen -S testing-home
# start vim, write/revise plugins, edit scripts, etc.
# test revisions

However since I've never tried this before I'm concerned that some programs, environment variables, etc., may end up using my actual home directory instead of the exported one. Is this a viable strategy? Are there just a few outliers that I should be careful about?

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Installation :: Which File Stops A Red Hat (or Fedora) From Moving To Another Partition

May 1, 2010

I have an obsession of packing a large number of distros into one hard disk. Many distro installers do not like it even though their kernels can support higher number partitions. Typically an installer, say from a Debian family, would freeze when checking a hard disk that has more than 15 partitions. However if I put the same distro on a hard disk with less than 16 partition the installer will be very happy to install. I then copy the distro back to the original disk to a different partition, change the boot loader setting and fstab and the new distro will be happily working in the next hard disk that has 57 partitions.

This scheme works for any distro until recently Fedora refuses the move. I didn't investigate the cause then but I have just come up against a brick wall with the Red Hat Enterrise Linux 6. It was one out of the 4 I just moved. The others are operating happily. The RHEL will boot to a Grub screen. When I select the user account and type in the password it just refreshes the screen as though the password could not be accepted. I can boot up another Linux, mount the RHEL partition, change root to it and change my normal user password. Better still why don't I create a new user and another password.

Same result. I could not pass the log in screen with revised password or from a new account which got displayed. How about a little trick told by Justlinux library file --> to alter the run level. So I mounted the RHEL partition, changed root to it, edited the /etc/inittab and amended the run level from 5 (for X desktop) to 1 (single user - terminal mode). RHEL now boots to a root terminal! Success in a sense that my RHEL boots as expected and there was never a problem with booting. However newer Linux do not permit root log on to the desktop so I cannot check the log in with the ordinary user account to X. After I fiddled with the various files/parameters related to the gdm and X still no joy so I cut my loss and post the question here.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Old Home To New Pc?

Aug 5, 2010

Just finished building a new Ubuntu box and have been getting things setup. I have a new SATA 500 gig drive in the new system. My old IDE drive from the previous system is in and mounted. I can currently boot to either by flipping the BIOS info. Not sure if I can mount the SATA while booted to the old IDE tho, get mount errors at startup.

So, my plan is to move the essential bits of my /home into a storage area, and take ownership of them, so I can import my old mail and other essential stuff. When I try to copy from the SATA drives new install I get permission errors, and all the files are owned by #1002. Seeing how my brain is toast due to heat and working on this build for about the past 8 hours, can anyone give me a simple way to copy over the info from the IDE drive (which will be going away) to the SATA drive and have the data usable for import into my home folder.

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Ubuntu :: Moving /home To Another Partition?

Apr 23, 2010

I know there is a lot of tutorials about this but I`m kind a new in Ubuntu and Linux. I know that it is good to set different partition for /home. But when I installed my ubuntu 9.10 I made 4 partitions

/ - 40GB
/usr - 200GB


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Ubuntu :: Home Folder Icons Don't Update When Change The Home Directory

Sep 22, 2010

I have a dual-boot macbook with an OS X partition and an ubuntu partition. When I first installed ubuntu, I changed my home folder to my OS X home directory to synchronize all my files from both. My home directory is now /media/sda2/Users/username/. In a regular home folder, the icons for Documents, Music, Pictures, Movies, etc. are different (not just with emblems, but actually different icons). But when I changed my home folder, these subfolders' icons stayed the same as regular folder icons and I can't figure out a way to change that default setting. I know how to change the icons for each folder manually, but these changes don't appear everywhere (i.e. nautilus, places, etc). Furthermore, every time I change my icon theme, I would have to manually reassign icons for these folders. Is there a way to globally change the folder icons for these folders?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Set Home Directory Path Different From LDAP's Home?

May 24, 2011

I need to specify a different path to home directories on a particular server than what LDAP contains for the users, besides using a symlink. E.g. "/Users/jdoe" vs "/home/jdoe" I don't want to change the actual LDAP attributes, just want a particular server to point them in the right direction (Ubuntu 10.04).

I'm assuming it's something I could probably set in pam configurations?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Vsftpd - Working With NFS Server As Home Directory

Aug 31, 2009

OS: CentOS 5.3
vsftpd ver: vsftpd-2.0.5-12.el5_3.1

I installed vsftpd server in one of my servers using "yum install vsftpd" command. NFS server is running in the other server and mounted as "/data" in this FTP server. root in FTP server has also root authority in NFS server. All the files and sub-folders under "/data" in FTP server have 755 or 766 mode. Even I modified vsftpd setting to allow root login.

When I login as root to FTP server with FileZilla client, I can see all the file list in root home directory and move to /data directory. I can download any file in a local HDD but I can not download any file in /data directory.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Moving Over Root And Home Into New 9.10

Jan 17, 2010

I have a IBM T42 (using it now to write this) and a newer Lenovo T500 (with a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 on it). I want to take all of my programs and config of those programs, plus all my /home directory information/files/hidden files all over onto the new machine. There may be other stuff I need to take over to, and don't know enough about to comment here.

But basically I want my new system to look and work like my old system, with all the same programs and user data, all configured in the same way. Is there a way to do this over the network or another way? I can't even get the two systems to see each other over the network, even though Folder Sharing is enabled and (I think) all the right components are installed. I even checked to see if my user had permission to share files on both machines, and I do.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Encrypted / Home Directroy 10.04

Aug 5, 2011

I did some minor upgrades to my 10.04 box which grew and grew and grew until I'd hosed xorg, and after some unwise choices about uninstalling X11 as a means to rebuild the system I now have a drive I was using for 10.04 that basically doesn't have an O/S any more... don't ask! First class stupid.Anyhow, I've cracked open a new drive, installed 11.04 and was planning to mount the old /home/me folder as a symbolic link from 11.04. All that was fine until I remembered that 1) I no longer have an OS on my 10.04 drive and I've encrypted my home folder on the 10.04 machine. That home folder is still intact, but obviously not much use right now.

So, have I just hosed myself completely (as I suspect) hosed myself or is there a way to capture the cleartext data from the encrypted folder and move it into the 11.04 machine, either with rsync, restoring the O/S to the formerly 10.04 drive and restoring the encryptied /home to that drive?

Goal 1) recovery contents of encrypted folder to plaintext, but lacking ability to log into O/S that generated the /home folder

2) move data to 11.04

3) attach the cleartext verison of home to my 11.04 account and get to work.

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Fedora :: Using SSH - Could Not Chdir To Home Directory /home/adahaj: Permission Denied

Jul 21, 2009

I have a strange problem when I do SSH to a FEDORA9 based Linux Server.


When I login using "adah" username in TELNET I am automatically directed to my home directory at location "/media/disk-1/home/adah". But when I use SSH to login using the same username I get the following message Code: Could not chdir to home directory /home/adahaj: Permission denied

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General :: 'Could Not Chdir To Home Directory /home/[user]: Permission Denied'

Jan 6, 2010

I have a secondary disk which holds a /home directory structure from a previous install of Linux. I installed a new version on a new primary drive and mounted this secondary drive as the new /home. Problem is, even though the users are the same names and I can access the home directories for the users, I cannot login directly to their home directories, as I get the following error: -


login as: [me]
[me]@[machine]'s password:
Last login: Wed Jan 6 18:34:33 2010 from [machine]
Could not chdir to home directory /home/[me]: Permission denied
[[me]@[machine] /]$

Now, since the usernames are correct and the users are in the passwd file with the correct home directory paths, could it be user ID's that are different or something else? It's not as though I cannot access the home directories for the users, simply that I cannot log directly into them from a login prompt.

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General ::anything Special About Home Directory Before Users' Home Directories Are Stored There

Jun 19, 2010

Is there anything special about a home directory before users' home directories are stored there, or is just as typical as any other "empty" folder?Let me just cut to the chase, but please no ear ringing about the folly of messing around as root, particularly with directories at root level. I know it's considered stupidity, but I deleted my home directory.

Is there an easy way to restore a working home directory? I tried copying /etc/skel under root, but I'm not sure what a home directory should look like once it has been restored. Besides . & .., there were .screenrc & .xsession in my home directory when I copied /etc/skel. Are these files suppose to be in "/home" or "/home/~" or both?

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Ubuntu :: Moving One Users Home Folder To Other Disk?

May 29, 2011

How would you go about moving one users home folder to a different partition, while maintaining other users home folder on the current one. Will simply running "usermod -dm /path/to/new/home username" on one of the users do the trick.

I want to run one of the users of an SSD, while the other runs of a bigger SATA disk.

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Debian :: Moving /home To Second Drive?

Dec 20, 2010

I recently installed Debian (*former Windows user*) with xfce and I only aligned one partition. I have a 80gb SSD where I have the OS and apps. I just now installed a hard drive which I'm going to use for documents, pictures, music etc., but I haven't mounted it yet. I'd like to move /home to it's own partition on the second drive, and I'd like the desktop to be on the HDD also, but I don't really have any idea how to do this and haven't found any information about this (that's why I haven't mounted the HDD yet either). I'd like to keep the SSD purely as a drive for OS and apps so if there's anything else I should consider or if there's a better approach for this?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Mount Unencrypted Directory To Encrypted Home Directory With Fstab

Aug 26, 2010

I have Ubuntu Karmic. I chose to install with an encrypted home directory. Recently I got a warning that I only had 2GB of drive space left. This is mostly because of my videos. So I went and bought a new hard drive and partitioned it and made 1 ext4 partition and copied my videos all to the new hard drive. I added a line in my fstab to mount the new hard drive to ~/videos, but when I reboot the computer, there is a screen saying something like "error mounting /home/me/videos, press S to skip or something else to reboot". If I press S to skip, then when my system comes up there is a video directory but it's empty because my other hard drive didn't get mounted. I can run sudo mount /dev/sdb video/ and it will mount fine and I can see all my videos, so why can't fstab mount it? Does this have something to do with my encrypted home directory?

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Fedora :: Moving /home To Its Own Logical Drive?

Jul 15, 2009

F-10 default installation is /swat /boot and the rest /

Many on this site recommend setting up separate partitions for /home

Does making a separate logical volume and putting /home in it do the same in allowing one to do an install to the original logical volume without affecting /home?

If it does, how does one get the 2nd LV recognized in the file system?

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Ubuntu :: SVN Errors While Moving Files Into New Directory

Jul 14, 2011

I have encountered the following error,
taylor@ubuntu:~/Projects/Slicer4/Applications/CLI/Multiply/Data$ mkdir Baseline
taylor@ubuntu:~/Projects/Slicer4/Applications/CLI/Multiply/Data$ svn mv ~/Projects/Slicer4/Testing/Data/Baseline/CLI/MultiplyTest.nrrd Baseline
svn: 'Baseline' is not a working copy

I am simply trying to move a file (MultiplyTest.nrrd) into a new directory (Baseline) in order to make the program (Slicer4) more organized. I googled my error and found a few like it but they all involved installing SVN so none of the solutions apply to me. And I have tried deleting Baseline and remaking it.

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