Software :: Making Online Flash-like Demos And Interactive Graphics Using Open Source?

May 31, 2010

I've just been looking at a simple but well done flash based graphic on the bbc. [URL] is about supercomputing (btw, isn't it great to see that linux is uber alles in that area of computing). My question is simple: How would one make some interactive online graphic like this on linux using open-source tools? ideally, I would also like it to work on the client side using only open-source tools. I've heard a little about openlazlo, but I don't really know what it does.

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Debian Hardware :: Switchable Graphics And Open Source Drivers

Sep 10, 2014

My questions is about switching graphics card on a Intel/AMD hybrid system using open source drivers (Envy 15 with HD4000 and AMD 7690M). I was waiting for an proprietary driver from AMD but apparently it will not be released in the near future and I need to use AMD chip for my 3D intense applications.

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Debian Hardware :: ATI R7 Graphics Card - Open Source Radeon Or Fglrx Catalyst?

Jul 11, 2014

I've set up this new PC, the graphic card I picked is the ATI R7 260X, pretty good card with lots of core processors, high clock and 2GB memory. I'm now currently using the 14.4 catalyst drive, it works actually alright, though, there are some mishaps with this driver:

First my hdmi screen had scale down, leaving black borders around, even though the catalyst control said the correct native resolution, this turned out to be a underscan that fglrx does and I've finally managed to fix it. Other caveat is that the screen simply won't suspend or turn off( via software), DPMS actually works, forcing it turns the screen blank for some seconds but something does not allow the screen to sleep.

Performance wise it seems pretty good though, everything is pretty smooth, being able to play games maxed out on resolution and ultra settings, though, I still haven't tested out that many games.

The open-source radeon on the other hand, well its open-source, fully xorg and linux compatible, which is a major plus point. It seem it has come a long way, supporting lot of features and providing better performance in some cases.

Before installing Catalyst I had issues with mesa and steam, steam would complain about not finding the 32bit libraries, this is however a steam runtime issue, maybe it could already be fixed.

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General :: Making Sh Shell Interactive?

Mar 24, 2011

how can I make my sh interactive by default. That I don't have to always type --interactive everytime I log in. I want it to be always interactive. #2- how also do I turn of --posix mode parmanently ? Is there a line I need to drop somewhere or what do i do.

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Ubuntu :: Open Source Alternatives To Flash For PPC Chips?

Feb 13, 2010

I have an older iBook G4, which suffers to do anything remotely productive despite it's 1.2ghz PPC proc and 1gb of RAM. I was considering on putting the community version of Ubuntu on it just for funsies, but I want to be able to watch flash videos. Is there any sort of gnash or something that can play ..... videos on PPC chips, or am I better off just sticking with OSX 10.4 on it?

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Ubuntu :: Get Open Source Alternative To Flash And Java?

Jun 17, 2010

Is there a good open source alternative to flash and/or java out there? I really don't want to support adobe and java irritates me because for some reason I can't install it without also installing firefox (why are they dependent?) so I'd like to try something else.

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Ubuntu :: Looking For An Open Source Alternative To Adobe Flash Pro?

Feb 15, 2011

As a newbie, I have found may alternatives to the programs I usually used in Windows, with the exception of Flash pro. I liked using it for making small apps or fun animations. Does anyone know of an alternative?

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Debian Multimedia :: Lightspark - New Open Source Flash Player

Jul 28, 2010

With the current sad state for flash on 64 bits linux I have googled and found this:
Lightspark, the modern, efficient, open source Flash player
Version 0.4.2 of Lightspark, the modern, efficient, open source Flash player is now officially released, with a couple of last moment fixes and improvements.

The main features of this new release are:
Use fontconfig to select fontsGreater compatibility with ..... videoSound synchronizationChrome/Chromium supportFirefox's OOPP support

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Ubuntu :: Making Interactive Command Line Apps More Friendly (bash Feature)?

May 21, 2011

I'm using a java application that runs as an interactive command line (in a terminal). My problem is that it's rather unfriendly as an interaction mode as it's minimalistic: it doesn't allow going to and fro with arrows, there's no history and so on. So I have to type all commands every time and have to retype it if I missed something at the beginning of the line, or I have to copy and paste from a txt editor. The strange thing is that I have seen the same application running on a Windows box and allowing for all the sugar. So I'm not sure if it's because of the shell script I run (as opposed to the .bat) or whether it has to do with system or profile settings in my shell.

For information, the shell script starts with:
I've replaced it with:

In hope I would have something closer to my normal terminal. The app runs but it doesn't change anything to the interactive mode. I'm rather clueless regarding sh/bash and so on. I've seen the manuals but I'm not entirely at home understanding and using their options. I know that there's a .bashrc and perhaps something like a profile somewhere, but I don't really know how to do things with these without risking messing up.

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Debian Multimedia :: Skype Starting Every Time When Open Interactive Root Shell

Jan 20, 2015

I recently "upgraded" to the latest skype and now every time I open an interactive root shell, up pops skype. I can close skype then control-C in the terminal window to get the shell I want, but this is annoying to say the least. Maybe my google-foo is off, but all I can find is articles on how to run skype as root, which is no use. I've tried searching the startup files for "skype" (case independant), but so far all I can find is "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/bin/skype" in the root .bashrc which shouldn't be starting the app.

what could be causing this?

(Running Wheezy)

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Debian Configuration :: Put Source ISOs Online ?

Feb 21, 2010

Is it possible to put the ISO images for Debian on your system and point the APT config at them with some sort of driver to read them like disks? That would sure save a lot of disk swapping.

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Ubuntu :: Open Source Virtual Machine - Study The Source In Order To Create My Own?

Jun 28, 2011

Is there any open source virtual machine so i can study the source in order to create my own? i'm gonna write my own, so it doesNT matter if license does not allow further development of the code.

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Software :: Where Is The Source Codes For The Open Source Drivers For Each Distros

Jan 2, 2009

We all know we can install a linux system such as Fedora 10 and use it. Being linux, one should in principle get the source codes for everything that has been precompiled (except the proprietary drivers such as nvidia) in the installation DVDs/CDs. Where are the source codes ? Is there a place I can download them ?
To avoid confusion, I am not referring to the kernel source that can be compiled to give a linux kernel, but that does not include the drivers, such as

To be more specific, the intel graphic i810 driver has been built into any linux system, but where is the exact source? One answer may be that primary source However, if anyone tries to download the every changing (i.e., keep updated almost every single day) driver source codes from, it is almost certain that the source codes will not be the same as the one that is finalized in Fedora 10.

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Ubuntu :: How To See Source Code Of Open Source Software

Sep 12, 2010

I want to see the source code of smplayer software.from where i can see source code of open source softwares?

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Software :: Running Mesa Demos ?

Apr 3, 2010

I successfully installed Mesa with "yum install Mesa*" and downloaded MesaDemos-7.8.tar.gz archive. Now I try follow instructions from " -> Download / Insall -> Compiling and Installing -> 1.5 Running the demos", but in progs/demos there is only *.c files, when I try to compile them, I get many similar errors like:

In beggining of the file there are all necessary #includes:

So I have some questions:

Is there some Mesa forum on the web?
Is there some compiled demos?
Is there some site with well described examples of Mesa using?
What I need for compile those examples?

I have CentOS 5

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General :: Good Online Source For Tutorial To Use System Shell / Terminal?

Jul 18, 2010

I have recently loaded Linux Mint on an old IBM Laptop and am very happy with the GUI; however, I would like to learn how to use the Linux shell/terminal. I don't know any of the commands. Is there a good online source for this information--a tutorial or list?

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Programming :: Making A Debian Source Package?

Jan 14, 2011

I'm building a debian source package to upload on my launchpad PPA. Does anyone know what file I should create or edit to make a menu entry for the app? Or a link to some *specific* doc? (The debian doc is quite overwhelming...)

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Ubuntu :: Making Leap - Will ATI HD5730 Graphics Card Be Supported

Nov 18, 2010

I can't believe you guys are on 10.10 Already that's amazing been so many changes since I last joined in 2007. I have a few questions regarding my new laptop and Ubuntu I was hoping to get answered before I make the switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 10.10 Small tidbit: Using 64x Ubuntu Question #1: Will my ATI HD5730 Graphics Card be Supported?

- When I say supported I also mean some of the features, I Currently use a 62" LCD 1080p HDTV as my Monitor using an HDMI Output to my Surround Sound Receiver. Will I still be able to do this? and will my 5.1 audio output still work? Noticed when I googled it some people were having troubles with 5730

Question #2: Is the Core i7 840qm Supported?

Question #3: Has any large scale break troughs happened with Ubuntu and Gaming? Back when it was Gusty and Hardy there was little high end game choice, wondering if that has made any progress?

Question #4: Have people had Success with Ubuntu and Dell Studio XPS?

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Debian :: Making A Package From Orginal Wine Source?

Jan 23, 2011

i got a question about making a package from orginal wine source. I keep getting a error on the last part (will post the errro later in post )

What i do is this .
apt-get install devscripts cdbs dh-make
apt-get build-dep wine
cd to the directory
dh_make -n -b -s


When i remove the ati drivers it builds fine but with every build of wine to remove my ati drivers is not a option. I also asked on the wine forums but the told me to ask here . And the person also sayed it looks like you install the ati drivers from the one of the ati site but i installed them from the debian repos.

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General :: Cannot Get Online / Flash Drives Not Recognized

Jan 30, 2010

I cannot access the web/ wireless internet...not my flash drives are being recognized.

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Fedora :: Flash Performs With Bad Fluency When Watching Online?

Apr 19, 2011

My flash player performs no fluency when watching online after I updated my fedora14 kernel three days ago.

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Fedora :: Online Flash Games - Audio Late With Actions

Jul 2, 2010

I just got fedora 13 today and put it on a slightly older computer to mess around with it, and two things I realized.

1. I installed Flash player through a program called easyLiving, but when i play flash games online like on armorgames, everything will play fine, but sound will play about 2 seconds late with actions.

2. I can't play .wmv files from my MP3 player, I found some codes online and installed them, but now it just looks like I have 3 different audio players in mozilla and I'm not sure which kind to enable, and I still can't play .wmv movies. (I actually believe that problem 1 is unrelated, because I noticed it before I started downloading different audio players.)

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Ubuntu :: Flash Crash System When Watching A Video Online?

May 13, 2010

Why does flash crash my system when I'm watching a video online? I'm fairly certain that it's flash.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audio Cuts Off In Online Flash Video

Aug 17, 2010

This happens nearly anytime I watch any relatively lengthy flash video on ..... or other online flash players. I watch the video, and the audio is fine for a few seconds, but then the audio cuts off as the video continues to play. Sometimes, when I move the scrollbar of the screen/pause and replay the movie, it starts back up again for a few seconds then shuts off or plays the audio I just heard.

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General :: Pick A Flash Player Use Online Content (facebook Games)?

Dec 6, 2010

I just started using Linux today on an inherited acer aspire one laptop. got myself tied into my home's wifi, but now i need a flash player so I can play games and watch video. Adobe has 5 different options for linux and I don't have any idea which one to pick.


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Ubuntu :: Making A Boot Flash Drive?

Apr 30, 2010

i am trying to make a windows XP boot flash drive for one of my copmputers. i delete all the partitions on my flash drive and run "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/dev/sdb" and ubuntu can read it and its got all the contents of the CD but windows machines say i need to format it and no computer can boot off of it. did i do something wrong?

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Ubuntu :: Which Application Could Use For Making Flash Animations

Nov 25, 2010

Which application could I use in ubuntu for making flash animations?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play Streaming Flash Videos Online - Sound Does Not Work

Apr 25, 2010

running kubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, and my sound settings -at first glance- seem to be in order... a strange thing is occurring, is my machine haunted? my sound works when:

a. the machine boots up
b. files are played in dragon player
c. the machine shuts down

my sound does not work when:

1. i try to play streaming flash videos online (e.g. videos videos show the image but no sound will play)
2. the same goes for vlc media player: images yes, sound no.
3. i use skype *edit: additional problem*

i made no changes, that i know of, to my machine before this started happening. one day everything was working fine and i turned off my machine to go to sleep. the next day, i turn on my machine, and surprise, the sound doesn't work in some instances.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Player - Online Video Clips Runs Slowly

Jul 7, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 and I've been having problems with flash player. The problem occurs when I'm trying to play a video clip on You Tube or on similar sites. Video clips do not play properly, videos run slowly and with many interruptions, while on the other hand the sound is excellent and my internet connection is OK, only the quality of the video is poor.
I am using:
intel celeron 1800MHz
512 SD ram
ATI Radeon 9550
Hardware Drivers displays no drivers for my graphic card...

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General :: Suse 11.2 - Network Is Online But Can't Open Pages?

Jun 27, 2010

I have problem with network on my laptop. Networks status is Active and Online but i cant open any pages. (was working until installation openSUSE on ext HDD)I already try both wireless/wired connection but nothing.

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