Software :: Install Wine Got "Missing Dependency: Wine-gecko Is Needed By Package Wine"?

Mar 19, 2010

when I tried to install wine I got "Missing Dependency: wine-gecko is needed by package wine"so I looked for wine-gecko and download it but also when I tried to install it I got "Missing Dependency: wine-gecko is needed by package wine"it seems that I am in loop each package need the other what to do please?

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Fedora :: Installing Wine - Missing Dependency Error

Feb 1, 2010

When trying to get wine I do got this error.
Missing Dependency: kernel >= is needed by package libdrm-2.4.11-2.fc11.i586 (updates)
As I understand I must update my kernel before I can move on. How do I do that? I would want a RPM package if that's available.

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Server :: Install Wine On Rhel 5 - Send Wine Installtion Command?

May 21, 2010

i want to install wine on rhel 5.plz send me wine installtion command.

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General :: WINE GNOME Menus Won't Show Up After Re-install Of WINE?

Dec 18, 2009

Lot of questions about WINE... When I'm done I'm going to make a HOWTO so that others can do what I did It's hard work, but I'm nearly done.The last problem I'm having is the WINE menu on GNOME won't show up after a install of WINE from a .deb package (it usually does). This was after I compiled WINE from source and removed it with "make uninstall" and "rm -rf /.wine".So now I installed the WINE from a deb package and the Wine menu entry is not showing up.I've tried re-installing Wine and rebooting my PC but nothing seems to work.

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Debian :: Can't Remove Wine - Apt-get Bricked - Could Not Perform Immediate Configuration On 'wine-unstable'

Feb 16, 2011

while trying to get a game to work on wine I was surprised to find out that the wine version that ships with sid is 1.0.1 released in October 2005. So I installed the latest release I found at [URL] like this :

dpkg -i wine_1.1.42~winehq1-1_amd64.deb

The install failed, I think because I hadn't remove the old wine version, and that's when the joy-ride started. Impossible to remove wine to restart properly. (apt-get remove libwine wine and apt-get -f install didn't) After some googling I tried this :

dpkg -i --force-depends wine_1.1.42~winehq1-1_amd64.deb

This did install the wine version I wanted, and the game ran fine after that. However the result was a borked apt-get. Tried to remove wine again with the above commands, resulting in apt-get failing to do so because it tried installing wine-unstable and reported errors similar to these : E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'wine-unstable'. see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)

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Ubuntu :: How To Uninstall / Purge Wine And Any Wine Installed Windows Programs

Apr 15, 2011

How can I uninstall / purge wine and any wine installed windows programs?I've tried deleting .wine (hidden folder)but in /usr/bin/ there are a number of wine related files.And wine sub menu still appears in Applications menu

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Software :: Wine In Virtualbox \ Distro Which Runs In A Virtual Box An Starts Wine?

Mar 29, 2011

maybe my questions sounds funny: i'm looking for a very small (or better as small as necessary) distro which runs in a virtual box an starts wine.The reason is: we have new laptops in my school runnig windows7 64bit home and we have some software which runs only on WinXP. So why not take a virtualbox wich runs wine to start the old Software?

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Slackware :: 64 Wine Running A Game Results In Wine Crash

Jun 24, 2011

I have a problem running a game on a fresh Slackware64 install.

Slack version is 13.37

I've followed alien bobs instructions for a multilib environment from here:[url]

And then used sbopkg to download and compile wine version 1.2.2, which went through just fine.

After that I grabbed cabextract from sbopkg and ran this: wget [url] sh winetricks d3dx9 To get the DX9.

But, when I try to run the game, this is the error I get:


The game it self ran perfectly on the 32 bit version of Slackware, tested with 13.0. So now I think I'm missing some libs or something, but I have no clue which.

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OpenSUSE :: After Applying The Latest Wine Update Mouse Cursor In Wine Windows Is Now Purple/magenta/pink

Oct 19, 2009

I don't know if it's just my system, but after applying the latest Wine update, the mouse cursor in Wine windows is now purple/magenta/pink, whatever. Not a big problem, just annoying. I've looked through the various config files in ~home and /usr/share/wine, and can't find any parameter that might even remotely address this.

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Fedora :: Remove Wine And Wine Installed Program?

Nov 19, 2010

I am new to fedora and installed wine to see if I could get the sony reader software working (required to access sony bookstore from my sony ereader). Well the program did not work though it did create icons on my desktop. wine kept crashing and I said lets just get rid of it. I uninstalled wine via yum remove and nothing appeared to happen so I did rpm -qa |grep wine and saw lots of stuff. So I simply did yum remove wine* and then a rpm -qa |grep wine was empty. however wine is still under applications on my desktop and still has a category for programs--reader. I should also mention that while wine was installed I attempted to remove the reader via the wine uninstalller but a) wine gave a message of a core crash and b) all the uninstaller did was give me the option to reinstall the reader program. so now when I attempt to open an epub it tries with the sony reader software. I know I can just right click to use another program but for now I want wine gone completely from my pc and the sony program gone.

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OpenSUSE :: Wine And Glibc Dependency?

Apr 9, 2010

About every other release of wine in the Emulators build service lately seems to require an updated version of glibc that isn't available in any of my repositories, preventing me from upgrading currently I get:

nothing provides needed by wine-1.1.42-31.3.i586 but earlier releases have had similar dependency issues, and this one doesn't seem like a safe one to ignore.

Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? I've been grabbing GLIBC from the opensuse 11.2 Updates repo.

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Ubuntu :: Wine Version Needed To Run The Online Installer Of WoW?

May 14, 2010

Does anyone know the wine version needed to run the online installer of WoW? I get stuck on the End User License Agreement because I cannot click Agree. Oh and if you know, how do I go about getting that version?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Wine - Get Message "wine_gecko Version>= To 1.1 Is Needed"

Apr 2, 2011

I'm trying to install wine. First I'm not a hot shot Linux guy. I tried to follow the download instructions for wine.

1. I downloaded wine_gecko-1.2.0-x86.msi to /usr/share/wine/gecko and downloaded wine-1.3.17-1.1.i586.rpm to /usr/share/wine

When I try to install I get message that wine_gecko version>= to 1.1 is needed.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install Missing Wine ALSA Driver

Aug 6, 2010

Whenever I try to run a windows game under Wine I get an error that depict I have no proper sound driver. I checked the wine config and there was only OSS option that I think it would not help me to get sound working. I think I have to use Alsa Instead but I don't know how to add Alsa support to wine. By the way in need DirectSound as well. should i download it myself and add it to system32 or there is a better way?

I use:
ubuntu (Meerkat) 10.10
wine 1.2

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CentOS 5 :: Error - Missing Dependency: Is Needed By Package Mplayer

Mar 14, 2009

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section. But when i start the Package Updater it get's a (Error resolving dependencies). The Details in the error are: Missing Dependency: is needed by package mplayer Missing Dependency: is needed by package lsdvd Missing Dependency: is needed by package mplayer Missing Dependency: is needed by package gstreamer-plugins-ugly

What do i do? I'm thinking i have to get and install/download these package's but cant find them tried regular searching the web and using Yum. Cant find any of them to install to fix this issue.

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Fedora Installation :: VLC - Error: Missing Dependency: Is Needed By Package Vlc-core

Jan 7, 2009

installing on linux i try to install VLC and get [user@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install vlc Setting up Install Process Parsing package install arguments Resolving Dependencies

--> Running transaction check
---> Package vlc.i386 0:0.8.7-0.8.fc8 set to be updated
--> Processing Dependency: vlc-core = 0.8.7-0.8.fc8 for package: vlc

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CentOS 5 :: Error: Missing Dependency: Rtld(GNU_HASH) Is Needed By Package Htop

Nov 26, 2009

I don't know if this is the right place to do this so I will try. I have noticed a lot of posts around the web with the same problems, so I guess this is something that is common, you think it would be fixed by now but anyways. Almost constantly when I try to install a new package with yum in my system it almost always gives me a dependency error, this is the latest one when I try to install HTOP:

Error: Missing Dependency: rtld(GNU_HASH) is needed by package htop
Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package htop

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CentOS 5 :: Missing Dependency : Perl(LWP::UserAgent) Is Needed By Package Sblim-sfcb?

Aug 25, 2010

I'm trying to install Dell Openmanage, which requires sblim-sfcb.Normally this wouldn't be a problem but it requires LWP::UserAgent to be installed.However there are no RPMs for LWP::UserAgent. There are RPMs for perl-libwww-perl-5.805-1.1.1.noarch.rpm, which people say should work.However yum doesn't see anything with libwww as an option so that won't work either.Running CentOS 5.5

Note: I do have LWP::UserAgent installed via cpan, however the RPM won't compile without the actual LWP::UserAgent RPM installed.

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Ubuntu :: Windows Applications - Install Wine In 8.04 - Error 'No Suitable Package Flex Found'

Jan 7, 2011

I am trying to install wine in ubuntu 8.04. While installation getting the error 'No suitable package flex found'. I tried to find out flex package in adobe as well as other sites. unable to find out.

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CentOS 5 :: Yum Update Error Missing Dependency Is Needed By Package Rhythmbox-0.11.6-4.el5.x86_64 (installed)

May 10, 2011

While i am using yum update am getting an error: Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package rhythmbox-0.11.6-4.el5.x86_64 (installed).

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CentOS 5 :: Cannot Install Alsa Player - Error "Missing Dependency: Is Needed By Package Alsaplayer"

Mar 23, 2009

I'm trying to install Alsa Player in my CentOS 5.2 using add/remove software. I get the following error:

Missing Dependency: is needed by package alsaplayer
Missing Dependency: is needed by package alsaplayer
Missing Dependency: is needed by package alsaplayer
Missing Dependency: is needed by package alsaplayer
Missing Dependency: is needed by package alsaplayer
Missing Dependency: is needed by package alsaplayer
Missing Dependency: is needed by package alsaplayer

When I try to search the depencies using yum (yum search libsndfile), the result is : No Matches found.

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Software :: Missing Text When Using Wine

Oct 22, 2010

Normally wine works well for me but I'm having trouble with one particular Windows app called Communicator, a voip softphone. The app starts up and the window is put on the screen but there is no text. Check boxes are drawn and filled and input boxes are shown, but still no text. All my system fonts are installed for wine to work. Here is the output if I run from the command line:


I'm suspicious about the line above: err:module:import_dll Library QtSvg4.dll but I'm not sure what to do because the file DOES exist in the referenced directory.

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Software :: Wine Icon Gone Missing

Apr 2, 2010

I'm fairly new to Linux... I deleted the wine Icon from the main menu, because I mistakenly thought it was something left over from my last Wine installation.I installed the latest Wine, because I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE MS Office 2007 for one of my college classes.Now that the new Wine is installed the icon is still gone... How can I replace this.

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Ubuntu :: Wine Programs Menu Missing?

Oct 15, 2010

I'm currently using Ubuntu 10.10 and the version of Wine in the standard repository. In the past, when I've installed wine, it automatically gave me a Programs menu from which I could launch all the Windows programs I installed. That menu is now missing.I tried uninstalling Wine, removing the ~/.wine folder, and removing all references to wine and wine programs in ~/.local/share... with no effect.can't get the Programs menu to come back.

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General :: Add The Wine Rpm Package In Default Packages?

Feb 6, 2010

I am using fedora10. I want add the wine rpm package in default packages.

Default packages means when installing fedora 10 the system display default packages (Servers, Develpment Tools, Cluster, Langauage etc)

How to add in fedora linux 10 DVD.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Wine 1.1.32 Installed But File Missing?

Apr 17, 2010

I downloaded Wine from [URL] and installed Wine 1.1.32 and it stated that I'm missing a file can anyone tell me what the deal is? do I need something more or ignore it?

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Ubuntu :: Wine ... Installing Ableton 8 Says 'file Missing'

May 29, 2010

I got wine installed,.. about 1/4 in to the installation it says 'file missing' or something

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General :: Missing Windows Class In Wine - Fedora 12?

Sep 13, 2010

I am having a problem trying to install KindleForPc with wine in Fedora 12. Wine installs and runs but is missing a class needed by Kindle. Notepad, regedit, etc run but there is a problem when I run the Kindle Installer.Attempting to install Kindle I run

wine KindleForPc-installer.exe it runs to completion two windows appears they have a windows look, as it intiializes. Then it returns to the command line prompt. Shortly after it returns to the command line I get a series of error messages. Perhaps the installer finishes and then tries to start Kindle. I have typed their essence below:

fixme:system:SetProcessDPIAware stub!
class {6e4feb12-510a-4d40-9304-1da10ae9147c} not registered
no class server could be created for context 0x17

Kindle does not show up in the configuration utility and when I try to run it from the command line it complains that some classes are not registered. My understanding is that yum has a list of the component packages required by wine, and the person who prepared the list thought it had loaded all that was needed for wine, but it did not include the package that has the classes that I need. On the web there are a number of postings that tell how well Kindle works under Linux, and none of them deals with doing anything more than installing wine. I assume that in those cases the install procedure loaded the classes I need. My hope is that someone with more knowledge than I can give me a pointer on how to proceed.

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OpenSUSE :: Single Package Of Wine On The "install Programs" Thingamabob?

Jun 25, 2010

I recently installed like every single package of wine on the "install programs" thingamabob. The only thing is that in my applications, it doesn't show wine. I went to the main site to download it and this is what I getIndex of /repositories/Emulators:/Wine/openSUSE_11.2How do I install Wine from this site?

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Ubuntu :: Wine / Rosetta Stone - "Cannot Create Needed Files Of Not Enough Disk Space"

Mar 27, 2010

Running ver 9.10 with Wine installed. Up untill about 2 mos ago Wine loaded 'Rosetta' ok. I tried last week and get Application Error. "Cannot create needed files of not enough disk space". I have over 35 gb unused space. I removed wine (purged) and re-installed -- still no good. It however works on my laptop that has same configuration (9.10)??

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