Software :: Process Crashing With No Core File?

May 14, 2011

A process from some software I am running keeps crashing with seemingly no real pattern. I ahve tried using ddd/gdb to run the process in question but everytime it crashes no useful information is returned. I also tried getting a core file with the same result. It seems as though according to linux the program has exited normally.

This obviously points towards the process itself having a bug but there are other instances of the same program running on other machines in the network with no problems at all.

I have made comaprisons of hardware/drivers (lspci etc) installed on various machines and all are exactly the same as the machine in question so my question is (at long last): What else should I be looking for?

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Programming :: Get Process Running CPU Core And The Utilization On That Core?

Apr 27, 2010

Assume someone bind a particular process to a particular CPU core(In multi core machine) by using sched_setaffinity() like functions. Then how we can get that process running core id and CPU core utilisation of that process on that running CPU core(Pragmatically or by a Linux command)?.

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Fedora Hardware :: Crashing On Install On Athlon 8 Core Processor

Jul 30, 2010

I am attempting to install a custom fedora build but it crashed, I then attempted the standard fedora build (.iso) burned on a CD and I got to the boot window but at some point following the colored lines going across the bottom of the screen it froze. symptom - monitor still on not hibernating, num key works caps lock doesn't , hard drive is spinning and so is CD drive. Has anyone had issue loading this build onto similar hardware?

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Ubuntu :: STD Process Keeps Crashing Network?

Apr 14, 2011

There is a process called STD that uses 90 plus percent of the cpu. If its running when I plug into the network the network crashes. Also can't watch movies our do anything requiring the processor while its running.

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General :: SIGABRT Crashing A Process

Jan 19, 2011

I have an application where multiple processes talk to each other.One of the process is crashing repeatedly via a SIG ABRT signal, I have tried to put in a gdb on that process and tried to figure out what the stack is at the point of the crash.the stack.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Identify A Process Id On A Cpu Core?

Jun 11, 2010

To see if an application is using all the cores in a system, I wanted to identify which process is running on a core at a given time. Is there any way to get that information?

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General :: How To Run The Process On Multiple Core

Oct 26, 2009

How can we run the linux process like tar on multiple core? For example if we want to build the kernel we can use -j4 to distribute process of 4 different core. Is it possible to run long time consuming process on mulitple core?

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Server :: Possible To Run Process On 1 Core In UNIX?

Jan 24, 2011

I`m looking for solution. Is it possible to run process on 1 core in UNIX ? From time to time I must start some very CPU consuming process and unfortunately this process is running on all cores... so at this time working on PC is very hard.

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Programming :: Prevent Process Crashing On Thread Crash?

Mar 24, 2011

I want to know, is there any way to prevent the multi-thread process from crashing if some errors (say, segmentation faults) occur in one of its child threads? I've found pthread_sigmask() function, but that does not seem to work:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>


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Programming :: Allocate A Cpu Core For Kernel Process?

Aug 3, 2010

My system has Intel Xeon 4-core cpu(hyperthreading 8-core) and run 64-bit linux. I want to allocate one core for general process(kernel process & other processes). And then, I want to allocate the rest of core for the specific multi-thread program.

Q1: I know that I can pthread_setaffinity() for user-mode thread and mpstat for monitoring. So, how can I allocate a core for kernel process and monitor it?

Q2: How can I restrict use of the cores for the multi-thread program? I don't want kernel process to use the cores for the multi-thread program.

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General :: Child Process Does Not Core Dump

Jul 27, 2011

In my program, I fork() to get a child process. Because of some problem, child process terminates by a segmentation fault. Parent process is still running. I have compiled my code with -g option. I have done: ulimit -c unlimited. I am not getting core dump of the child process. How can I get the core dump of child process?

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Programming :: Core Dump Issues. Program Crashes But Does Not Generate Core Dump File?

Oct 7, 2009

I want to generate core dump files from my program when it crashes. Its a pretty big process and has about 10-11 threads in it.I have followed the documentation to enable core dump by setting ulimit to unlimited etc. I quickly tried "A demo program creating a core dump" from the following webpage, which succeeds in Segfault and dumping a core file in the directory that I configured.However, I tried running my original program and caused it to crash. I did this by making calls to kill(), raise() or the same null pointer access as shown in the webpage above. In each case, my program crashed but did not generate a core dump file. Am I missing something?My program is in C++ and my environment is Redhat 9.0 (kernel 2.4.20)

Going through the "Why do I NOT get a core dump?" section on the same webpage as above, I can see two potential problems. One - there are issues with the suid/sgid (bullet # 6). I am not able to change any settings with suid because my system does not contain either /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable or /proc/sys/kernel/suid_dumpableTwo, my program has threads in it and the bullet # 8 is the problem.

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General :: Unix Command That Allows To Know Which Process Is Running On Processor Core?

Mar 16, 2011

Unix command that allows to know which process is running on processor core?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Command To Stop That File/process Or Is It Just Kill The Process To Stop The Process?

Nov 11, 2010

I've some file with .sh extensions that runs some softwares.Now,how do I stop running that filesI know we run the command ./ to start the apache.Is there any command to stop that file/process or is it just kill the process to stop the process

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General :: Kills A Process Internally Or From Where It Picks File To Continue Its Process?

Jan 8, 2010

one tell me the internal working of kill command. that is how it kills a process internally or from where it picks file to continue its process.

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Ubuntu :: File Transfer Crashing 10.10?

Oct 16, 2010

I have recently fresh installed ubuntu 10.10 on my Acer Aspire 5940G laptop. and everything seems to be going great apart from i keep on getting random system lockups when i am transfering files from my ipod or usb disk or copying large files on my hard disk.

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General :: Unlinking An Open File Then Crashing

Jan 23, 2010

I want to start by stating that I don't have any issues that I'm trying to resolve other than a hypothesis. And I could RTFC, but there's a lot of filesystem code that I'd have to familiarize myself with ;) I'm curious what would happen if I were to open a file and then unlink it in the filesystem (but still have the open handle). Then the system crashes.

Specifically: I'm curious as to whether the files inode will still indicate that it has references, but nothing in the filesystem points to it anymore, or whether it's up to the OS to know that it can't write to the space, but as far as the inode is concerned it's free.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 With Crashing File System \ Run Fsck?

Aug 9, 2011

I've got a system that has given me problems since day one. It's my oldest kids computer and she seems to open about twenty tabs in Firefox. The computer will freeze and she'll manually hold down the switch to reset. I've instructed her to please stop shutting it down manually but kids never listen.So anyway the thing reboots into initramfs. Seems unable to do anything with the hard disk. Now heres where I run into problems. In the past I've removed the drive and put it into one of my other Ubuntu boxes then ran fsck. fsck always recovers the journel quickly and I pop it back in and all is well.First question or situation if you will. I have tried left and right to get fsck to work from the livecd. If I let the livecd boot up and open a terminal fsck /dev/sda1 comes back with device or resource busy. Apparently the livecd get stuck automounting and causes problems.

I'm really tired of putting this thing in another box. I tried downloading knoppix but it wouldn't burn off for some reason. I've tried booting into rescue mode, but that seems to be missing from the livecd these days?Can I boot into single user mode somehow? Kill off some process that is causing the resource to be busy? I'm thinking once I maybe flagged the drive as dirty and had it clean itself on reboot.. will the livecd pick up on that?ok.. so thats the first situation.. second is upon recently fsck doesn't fix the problem. The drive recovers just fine, but after using the computer for a short while the drive will somehow magically mount as read only.. and then programs will freeze and shutting down is hard to do.

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Ubuntu :: Run Dual Core - Crash - Single Core Runs Perfect

Apr 1, 2011

i am running gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P and AMD sempron 2.7. the problem is when i try to run dual core. it will boot and run for 2mins then it crashes. single core runs perfect.

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Software :: Set Core File Size?

Jul 27, 2010

I am getting a segmentation fault with a core dump,running a new C program, but the core file size is set to zero ("ulimit -a") so no core file to use with gdb. I tried "ulimit -c unlimited" both as me and as root, but it doesn't change. Still zero..

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CentOS 5 :: No Threads In Core File On 5.3?

Jul 8, 2009

I have a multi-threaded application using pthreads. On application crash or when signalling with 'kill -s 6' the core file created by the 2.6.18-128 kernel on CentOS 5.3 shows only one single thread. Core file saved with gcore in gdb shows all running threads properly so the problem is clearly in the kernel. I tested CentOS 5.2 (kernel 2.6.28-92) and it works correctly.

what's wrong with CentOS 5.3 kernels?

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Fedora Installation :: Dual Core Only Showing Single Core On F14?

Nov 3, 2010

I just loaded F14 on an old Dell Dimension 3000 with a dual core processor but only one is showing. Here's the output from top:

processor: 0
vendor_id: GenuineIntel
cpu family: 15
model: 4


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OpenSUSE :: Get Application To Utilize More Than One Core In Multi-core Setup?

Mar 27, 2011

I have a command line OCR program called OCR Shop XTR (Vividata corp) that I am using on a system with a 6-core AMD chip. I changed the bios so that the 6-cores were activated, but htop shows me that while the program is running, I am only getting activity on one core (the program maxes out the one core with consistent usage between 97% and 100%).

I have read that many programs are not written to take advantage of multiple core cpu's. However, I am just hoping that there is some way to get this program to take advantage of the extra cores. Does anyone know of a way to invoke programs from the command line which would spread the workload out among additional cores?

Here is the output of uname -a:Linux linux #1 SMP PREEMPT 2011-02-21 10:34:10 +0100 i686 athlon i386 GNU/LinuxAnd here is the output for one of the cores from cat /proc/cpuinfo:processor : 5

vendor_id : AuthenticAMD
cpu family : 16
model : 10
model name : AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor
stepping : 0


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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Core Support Core 2 E8500 Out Of Box?

Feb 14, 2010

Just a quick question. Does Kubuntu Karmic support core 2 E8500 out of the box or do you need the SMP kernel?

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Programming :: Multi-core Support - Control On What Core Will A Thread Run

Oct 31, 2010

Is there any Linux API that will let me control on what core will a thread run? If not, do I have to use assembly language?

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Software :: How To Extract File *.rar On Fedora Core Ver 13

Jan 22, 2011

I use Fedora Core version 13 on laptop. my friend usually use windows OS, and send to me more *.rar I can't extract file *.rar on FC 13.

If use know, how to install WinRar on FC 13

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Debian :: Wheezy Only Recognizes 1 Core Or Dual Core CPU?

Sep 7, 2011

I have now installed Wheezy on two different hard drives and in each case it seems only one CPU of my dual core CPU computer is recognized. System Monitor, Gkrellm and lscpu show just one when prior to the new install the old Wheezy showed both CPU's. I have put the hard drive into two other computers with dual core CPU's and all show just one CPU.

Interestingly System Profiler and Benchmark (hardinfo?) > Devices > Processors now show a large amount of processor infomation when with the old Wheezy I would only see both CPU's listed and nothing else.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Lynx - Dual Core - One Core Always At 100%

May 15, 2010

I've a Compaq CQ61 laptop, and i noticed that one of the cores is always at 100%.

I didn't check the duration of the battery but surely it will "eat" my battery in a hurry

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General :: Only One Core Of Dual Core Processor Are Working

Mar 14, 2011

I recently read in a forum that by default the Linux kernel only activates one of two cores in a dual core processor. Searching online gave one option to find out and that was the mpstat command. I therefore ran the command and got the following output.As the result says, it shows only 1 cpu. I was wondering what I could do to activate both cores in my machine, and whether doing so was going to cause me any problems.

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OpenSUSE :: Konqurer And File Manager On Video Folder Keeps Crashing?

Dec 4, 2010

I was installing some stuff and now after the install. The look of my kde is now totally changed and konquerer won't load and vlc also changed but its working.
File manager (dolphin) keeps crashing if I try to open the video folder. how to revert back to the old KDE or at least make things right.

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