Software :: Preventing Network Manager From Saving Vpn User Password

Jun 22, 2011

we're using Network Manager with vpnc plugin (cisco vpn).According to our IT policy, we'd like to prevent the users from saving the password.I've been trying to set the value via gconf as mandatory, but the setting is blatantly ignored:system/networking/connections/1/vpn/ipsec-secret-type...I set it on "ask" and mandatory.I'm quite sure that's the wrong key.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Manager Requires To Enter Password Every Time - Login To Unlock Password Keyring?

Jan 29, 2009

I've tried Ubuntu, Arch, and most recently Fedora but the SUSE GNOME environment blows everything else away!

The only problem (so far) is that Network Manager requires you to enter your password every time you login to unlock the password keyring. I want to disable this.

I think some distros disable the prompt by using the login password to unlock the keyring, but I use auto-login (if that makes a difference).

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General :: Way To Prevent Network Manager From Storing Password For Wireless Network

Sep 27, 2010

Our corporate wireless network uses continuously changing passwords with RSA tokens.So every time we need to connect to the wireless we need to enter a new password off the RSA token. For extra fun using the wrong password a couple of times in a row causes the users account to be locked.Network manager automatically stores and reuses the password, with the net result that it is constant getting my account locked.Is there some way to prevent it from storing my password for that network?

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Ubuntu :: Network Manager Password Problem.

Jan 2, 2010

After forgetting my general password/password lost by Ubuntu (uses @...) I use the Psychocats lost password guide: [url]

This allowed me to reset my password but now after login the Network Manager applet pops up and demands a password.

This password is the original password that has now been changed. Putting this original password works.

I've now changed my password back to the original one to avoid the Network Manager prompt but I can't find where to change the Network Manager password or tell it to use my general password.

If I change my general password Network Manager asks for the old one.

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Debian Multimedia :: Network-manager - Openvpn Does Not Ask For Password ?

Mar 9, 2011

I have setup my laptop to connect to a VPN server running openvpn.

This works fine if I from the client, start OpenVPN from the terminal. /etc/init.d/openvpn start

It then asks for a password for the certificate, which is should.

I have then installed the OpenVPN option for the Gnome network manager (network-manager-openvpn), so I could use the nm-applet for this, instead.

But it seems to be that there is a little bug, so I does not prompt me for the certificate password, OR use the password this is actually set for the certificate. (kinda irritating)

I get the following error on on the client.

nm-openvpn[2936]: ERROR: could not read Private Key username/password/ok/string from management interface

It seems like an very old bug, I tried the following without any luck (Yes I noticed it was for Ubuntu). [url]

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Manager Forgetting WPA Password

Jan 23, 2010

Booted up my laptop with wireless disabled (using the little switch on the laptop). I flipped the switch, network manager showed all the wireless networks, but didn't connect to any. So I picked mine, and it asked for the WPA key. Now normally (if I had booted with wireless enabled) it would connect without asking for the WPA key. So I rebooted again with wireless enabled this time, and same deal. It seems that it's just forgotten the key altogether.

I put in the key and it's all back to normal, but I'd like to know where/how network manager is storing the WPA key, and why it forgot it.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Manager Won't Accept Password?

Apr 7, 2010

I'm using 9.10 most recent updates. I want to connect to a wireless network and get a dialog box offering "WPA & WPA2 personal" as the only choice. The passphrase I was given is 6 letters but the "Connect" button does not light up until I get to 8 when entering wpa/wpa2.

Do I need to convert the passphrase somehow?

Atheros 9k and Linksys "Wirelss G router with SRX200".

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Manager Refuses To Remember Password

Jan 20, 2010

I routinely use somewhat spotty wireless hotspots, and Network Manager is driving me insane. Whenever there's a momentary drop, NM will prompt me for my password. I enter it, and it connects perfectly. And then 5 minutes later, it'll prompt me again. How do you instruct NM to remember a password, and stop prompting?

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Ubuntu :: Network Manager Only Appears For First User?

Jun 27, 2011

I am trying to work out if the network manager (the icon in the top right) can be enabled for all users logged on, not just the first.

Sometimes my router drops the connection and it is nescesary to click OK to the password re-entry prompt, however if I have logged on, then someone else is using the system and this happens, I need to log back on, press OK, log back out then let them log back in again.

Can't the network icon be enabled for all users?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Manager - Enter A Password - Unlock Keyring

Apr 25, 2010

I am new to linux and ubuntu. I am using ubuntu Hardy Heron release 8.04 I have not used it in a long time and then when I did fire up the laptop. I get a message asking me to enter a password for keyring. The message is as follows; Unlock Keyring "The application 'Network Manager Applet' (/usr/bin/nm-applet) wants access tot he default keyring, but it is locked.' Password: _______________

Then I can Deny or OK it. How can I disable that and keep it from popping up. Also, it there a way to figure out/change the administrator password if you don't remember it as well?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Getting Bad Password Error From Wicd Network Manager On Encryption

Jan 1, 2011

Running ubuntu 10.10 here, brand new install/machine.USB wireless based on a realtek chipset. I spent a few days trying ndiswrapper, and now have the native driver up and running. I can see the network(s) but can't connect. If I encrypt the network, i get a bad password error from wicd network manager (All encypt. methods- Weps, WPA etc) If I open my wireless up with no encryption, i receive a "can't obtain IP" error.

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Debian Configuration :: User Login And Run Network-manager?

Feb 16, 2016

After fossicking around I can not find anything around that I can invoke in a terminal to configure settings in network-manager. The applet(?) on the task bar doesn't ask for a login, so options are grey/grayed out. The "program" in the applications menu is similarly grey/grayed out.

If it was a once off, then I suspect that it would be simple as login as root to start X, but I have a series of config files to edited each time of their initial use. also, there is the ongoing problem of vpn target switching.

woops; wheezy with xfce4 and everything is uptodate.

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Debian Configuration :: Preventing Multiple Instances Of User?

Sep 6, 2010

Currently, a user is able to log into multiple terminals simultaneously, creating a copy of their roaming profile on each, and potentially causing problems if the instances are logged out in the wrong order. Is there any way to prevent this, so that if a user has logged in on a machine and not logged out (and perhaps some timeout has not yet expired) then their login attempts on another machine will be rejected.

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Ubuntu Security :: Preventing User From Accessing Command Line

May 8, 2011

I'm trying to set up an unprivileged user on some field systems running 11.04 with the standard Gnome shell (rather than Unity), and ideally that user would not have access to the command line. The user can log in through GDM (but not the text consoles) with no password, so I need to provide the absolute minimum of privileges; basically the user should only be able to run one program.

I've already set the /desktop/gnome/lockdown/disable_command_line key with gconf-editor for that user, which successfully disabled the "Run Command" dialog. Unfortunately, even though the description of the key in gconf-editor says "prevents the user from accessing the terminal...", the terminal emulator is still accessible from the Applications menu, and I haven't been able to find a good way of disabling the terminal or removing it from the menu. The only thing that occurs to me is an ugly hack: replace the gnome-terminal binary with another that checks to make sure the user is not the unprivileged one and then starts gnome-terminal.

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OpenSUSE Network :: User Password Being Saved In Clear Text?

Mar 25, 2011

I have set up my box to use ldap and I enter a users details in YaST and for the sake of simplicity I make the password 123456 The user gets created on the ldap server and everything seems Ok However I can't log in as that user and if I go to the ldap browser the password is in plain text Instead of saying {ssha}i345y9345yr34 or whatever is says {exop}123456

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Ubuntu :: Multi-user Network Manager Applet Icon Not Showing

May 11, 2010

My family uses a computer running Ubuntu 10.04. We each have a separate login. This computer connects to the internet via wifi.

A behaviour which I have noticed is as follows - the first user to log in gets the network manager applet icon. So they can control the network connection. Any other user that subsequently logs in does not.

Now this is a real pain in the butt as sometimes our wifi connection drops and I might have left my wife logged in and used the 'switch user' function to get access to my login. The only way I can access the applet is by switching back to her login.

Is there any way to make this appear in everyone's login's at the same time?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Firefox - "saving Image As" It Fails To Offer "saving Window"?

Feb 4, 2010

Having openSUSE 11.2, Firefox (latest release) is having some issues when comes to "saving image as", it fails to offer "saving window"? Konqueror works normal, what could be the problem with Firefox?

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Ubuntu :: Setup Citrix ICA Client 9 On 9.04 Server - Error In Network Connection Network Or Dialup Connection May Be Preventing

May 14, 2010

I am trying to Setup citrix ICA client 9 on Ubuntu 9.04 Server. I installed it very easily and I am not getting any lib error also. But when I try to connect to the citrix server, it fails with a pop up saying "Error in Network Connection Network or Dialup connection may be preventing ......" This is driving me crazy from 3 days. My project is to check the feasiblity of a Linux desktop

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Networking :: Saving WPA (or WEP) Password In KNetworkManager

Apr 1, 2009

In KNetworkManager, can I save the WPA password so I never have to reenter it? I don't see any such option.

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Fedora Security :: Preventing Application From Using Network?

Jun 4, 2011

is it possible to block an application from using the network? If yes, how? I read it's possible with iptables and with selinux... Also, what about creating a user who can't connect and run the application with that user?

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Networking :: Preventing Internal Network Traffic With Firewall

Jul 3, 2010

Does anyone know if it is possible to filter/block network traffic between internal hosts on a lan?

Eg. : Linux firewall/router ( - LAN Default G/W - all internal > external traffic gets filtered.

How would you filter tcp/ICMP/UDP traffic from internal host a ( ) to host b (

All the internal hosts have the linux f/w as the default gateway, and are all on the same /24 subnet.

I would like to know if I can filter traffic between internal hosts.

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SUSE / Novell :: How To Switch Network Manager From YAST Back To Efault Network Manager?

Mar 2, 2010

I had trouble connecting to a wireless network with openSUSE, so I tried the YAST network manager to see if that fixed it. Not only did it not fix it, but now I cannot connect to any network, wired or wireless. I tried to open the default network manager and it said "Network management disabled". How do I re-enable it?I also have set YAST settings back to their originals with no luck.

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Ubuntu :: Slim Login Manager Preventing Computer From Booting To Login Screen

Aug 4, 2011

yesterday i installed slim login manager on my computer (eee pc 1018p, ubuntu 11.04), and now it cannot get passed the ubuntu loading screen (with orange dots underneath) when booting. i tried booting into recovery mode and that didn't work either. i also left the computer trying to boot overnight and that didn't work.
basically, during this loading screen that should eventually bring you to the login screen, i can alt+tab to see the progress of the load. the progress is stuck on

Is there anything I can do from grub to remove slim?or, is there any way I can access my ubuntu partition and save all my files?

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General :: Saving User Account Settings When Reinstalling?

Jul 30, 2010

When I reinstall my distro (MEPIS, for the last 2.5 years), making my new user account preserve all the old account's settings has always been a difficult and very messy process, especially if I have installed a new copy on another partition. (I'm doing that soon, so I have this copy as a backup until I have everything the way I want it on the new copy.) Most of my stuff gets saved, but not everything. The biggest problem is that, even if I select "preserve data in /home" in the MEPIS installer, my keyboard shortcuts become unusable (not completely erased) under odd circumstances. They're still listed in file /home/josh/kde/share/config/khotkeysrc, but they still can't be used, and I have to open hhotkeysrc and manually delete them and then reenter them in the menu editor (the K menu, by the way, gets completely overwritten).

I can't just overwrite the entire new user account with the old one; I've tried, and something goes wrong so that the new account can't be opened (probably because some important files are inaccessible--I can't tell which ones they become inaccessible).Anyway, is there a program that can preserve all the user account settings neatly for a new installation of the distro? I am supposing there is a program or at least a method, because I never hear others complaining about this problem. I probably don't know something I should know.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Manager - Wireless Connection - Dell Laptop Error Wicd States "Wrong Password" Which Is Not True

Jun 11, 2010

These problems just started the last couple of days but I have been using Lucid 10.04 for a month now. My wireless Signal varies in strength wildly. I sitting at home, not 20 feet from my router. I never had these problems before Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04. I am running both Network Manager and Wicd.

1. Wicd states "Wrong Password" which is not true.
2. Dropping off-line for no reason, sometimes 3 or 4 times a minute and sometimes it works fine for hours.
3. Firefox 3.6.3 Automatically Checking "Work Offline"!?


I have the Proper Wireless Drivers. I have not changed my wireless settings, channel or WPA for 8 months now so I know thats not it.

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General :: Saving Current Setup When Switching User On Centos?

Jul 15, 2010

i'm using centos 5 and i want to save my setup when switching the user.when i switched user from user1 to user2 and then i logged in user1 back without shutting down, i couldn't see any working window on user1. But since it's working on the CPU, i guess it's working but i cannot just see the window(such as terminal in my case) i was using. i have been using scientific linux which have "save current setup" when logging out. but centos seems not to have that check box!i want to know whether centos can contain the setup for each user when switching user.

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Fedora :: Non-root User Cannot Launch 'shortcuts' From The File Manager / Plasma Desktop Manager

Aug 3, 2011

Non-root user cannot launch "shortcuts" (sorry I grew up on windows, don't know the right term) from the file manager or plasma desktop manager.They have full permissions to the shortcuts, even ones they create do not work.If I log in with root permissions they work fine

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Ubuntu :: Get A Message That Ur Login Keyring Password And User Password Do Not Match

May 4, 2011

i changed my password and whenever i log in i get a message that ur login keyring password and user password do not match, so how do i change my login keyring password!!

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Password For Password Manager?

Mar 17, 2011

When I login to my laptop, there's a dialog that asks me for a password. When I fill that in, it allows the network manager to access my wifi password and connect to the wifi.How can I change the password that network manager is asking for? It's kinda awkward to ask this question - I am not asking how to change my wifi password, but the password that comes up - Seahorse? I'm not sure what's used on Lubuntu.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Recover User Password And Root Password If Forgotten ?

Oct 24, 2010

How to recover user password and root password in fedora if u forget

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