Software :: Open Documents In Libreoffice From Chromium

Mar 1, 2011

I am running fluxbox on Arch Linux. When using chromium, I would like associate .doc(x), .ppt(x), etc. with libreoffice by default. If I try to click on the file once it has downloaded in chromium (on bar at bottom) if i add "libreoffice:" to the end of the list of browsers it works like I would like it to.This is obviously not the best method (I am not even certain why it is trying to open the file from other browsers, xdg-open file is quite intimidating)

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Software :: LibreOffice Forgetting Recent Documents

Apr 22, 2011

My LibreOffice has started to forget "recently opened" documents.

It will remember them for several sessions, then, when I open it, the list is empty. Rinse and repeat.

Rebooting seems to have nothing to do with it.

Sometimes it happens after a reboot. Sometimes it just happens after shutting down and restarting LO without rebooting or logging out. (I seldom logout or shutdown unless forced to by an update or by Pulse Audio fail--current uptime is almost four days.)

I do not consider this a serious problem, but I am curious as to whether anyone else has encountered it.

This has started within the last two weeks, and, so far as I know, there have been no changes to my LibreOffice since I installed the current release several months ago.

LibreOffice 3.3.0, OOO330m19 (Build:6), tag libreoffice-

Edit: This is on my Dell 1545n with Ubuntu 10.10.

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General :: Why Dose VLC Player Open When Open Documents

Feb 19, 2011

I have Ubuntu 10.10. I have installed VLC video player. When I go to places, and then hit Documents, or(music, pictures, downloads). It will open the VLC player with a pop up error.

Error Message when I hit Documents:
No suitable decoder module:
VLC does not support the audio or video format "undf". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.

Error Message when I hit pictures:
No suitable decoder module:
VLC does not support the audio or video format "undf". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.

No error message when I hit music:
But it open's up the same song all the time.

No error message when I hit video:
I just opens up like it's suppose to!

I was trying to make it my default player. All I did was right mouse click on my folders, but I remember selecting anything!

When I un-install VLC player everything works fine.

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Ubuntu :: LibreOffice 3 "General Network Error Has Occurred" While Opening Ubuntu One Documents

May 1, 2011

I cannot open documents (.odt, .doc etc) synchronized through Ubuntu One in LibreOffice 3 on my laptop running Ubuntu 11.04 (network upgrade from 10.10). LibreOffice quits by throwing an error message: "General network error has occurred". However, if I copy the same files outside the Ubuntu One synced directory (e.g. to ~/Desktop), I can open them without any errors. I just can't open them within the synced directory.

FYI, I have synchronized an existing folder on Ubuntu One after the upgrade and the synchronization has been smooth. The synced folder is a sub-directory of ~/Documents and has local sync enabled. what's going on? Let me know what more info can I provide? EDIT: I can open other files like .pdf, .mp3, .php, shared in the same directory. I'm having problem with LibreOffice in particular.

System info:
Ubuntu 11.04
LibreOffice 3

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OpenSUSE :: LibreOffice Can't Open DBF From Smb/cifs In 11.4

Apr 13, 2011

OpenSuse 11.4. LibreOffice any versions and Infra Resource OpenOffice can not open any DBF files from smb/cifs shares. At the same time he can write DBF to smb/cifs normally, but after saving it he can't open it!

Any other documents - no problem! odt, xls - any! but not DBF.. And this problem is only on OpenSUSE 11.4 and only in Libre/Open Office! Any other programms can open and write DBF files to smb/cifs shares.

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OpenSUSE :: Libreoffice Won't Open Files

Aug 9, 2011

I've had a problem with libreoffice - it won't open files. That is,File/Open doesn't bring up a dialog box. File/New works and so does using a filename on the command line when starting libreoffice.Now there's good news and bad news. The good news is that with help from some libreoffice-users folks, I now know what caused this and I have a workaround. The bad news is that it's a bug in Libreoffice and I need some help testing other versions, please. So here's the steps to reproduce:

(1) Login to a Gnome session (KDE may also work, dunno)
(2) Start libreoffice
(3) Select Tools/Options/LibreOffice/General
(4) Observe in that page a checkbox 'Use LibreOffice dialogue boxes'
(5) Ensure the checkbox is blank (not selected)
(6) Save settings and check that File/Open pops up a dialog box.
(7) Quit libreoffice and log out of the session
(8) Login to an LXDE session
(9) Start libreoffice
(10) Select File/Open
*(11) Check whether a dialog box appears
(12) If not, select Tools/Options/LibreOffice/General
*(13) Check whether there is a checkbox 'Use LibreOffice dialogue boxes'

If your system does NOT open a dialog box in step 11 and does NOT have a checkbox in step 13, you are seeing the same bug as me.I'm using opensuse 11.3.

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Fedora :: Trying To Install Libreoffice But Cannot Open With Terminal

Feb 13, 2011

I'm trying to install libreoffice following these instructions URL.. on F14.When I get to the bit 'right with termial' I get stuck because I don't see open with terminal.Please can someone tell me how to open with terminal to complete the installation.I tried using rawhide to get libreoffice but it seems unavailable.

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OpenSUSE :: Libreoffice Impress Cannot Open Ppt Files

Mar 4, 2011

I received some M$ Power Points files and cannot open then. One file was from Power Points 2010, and another saved with the option 2000-2010. These were rejected by Impress with the failure report "Version Incompatibility. Incorrect file version". When a file was saved with the option Power Point 95, Impress tried to open it but when RAM useable ramped up to > 1GB, Impress automatically shut down. The only other information wrt the files is that its highly likely they contain graphics generated with M$Visio. Has anyone had similar experiences? Are there any work arounds?


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Ubuntu :: How To Set LibreOffice To Open MS Office Downloads In FireFox

May 23, 2011

I have a very quick question (and I can't believe I can't figure this one out myself: sorry). I installed 11.04 this weekend. Now, when I download, say, a word doc using FireFox, LibreOffice doesn't by default open the file (instead, Wine tries to open it; but, alas, fails). Now, when I try to open with another application, when prompted by the Firefox download window, I have no idea how to allocate LibreOffice as the programme to open the download. I can navigate to the .libreoffice folder, for example, but then I'm presented with many other folders, with many files, etc, and I have no idea how to set LibreOffice to open the file.

I know I can save file to hard-drive, then open manually. However, I would like to be able to simply open the file directly with LibreOffice.

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Ubuntu :: Set Firefox To Not Open Pdf Documents?

Dec 21, 2010

I want to let xpdf handle it in its own window, and not firefox. in the firefox preferences tab, I have set pdf content to always ask, yet still firefox opens pdf itself.

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Debian :: Why Chromium Can't Open From Shell

Sep 2, 2015

Why chromium can't open from shell ?

appears [3354:3354:0902/] Gtk: cannot open display:

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Ubuntu :: How To Open Chromium From Terminal

Jul 24, 2011

In a terminal type this:


I looked all over the internet on how to figure this out and I couldn't find it.

How did I figure it out? I'm running Xubuntu 10.04 and it doesn't seem to let you just drag and drop the shortcut into a panel from the applications menu. You have to add the panel shortcut manually. To do this, right-click a panel and select Add New Items > Launcher. Then right-click the launcher click properties...

Here's where I got stuck. To make a good launcher/shortcut you need to know the command and put in an icon. I couldn't find the command at first so I put in the icon first instead by clicking on the icon icon (not a typo) in the launcher's properties. Select All Icons from the drop-down menu at the top of the icon selection window. Arbitrarily click on any icon and type chromium. Here's where you find your chromium icon and guess what the name of it is? "chromium-browser" This is how I figured out what the heck the command was to open the stupid thing.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can No Longer Open Documents After Upgrade

Mar 10, 2010

gedit has not been able to detect the character coding.Please check that you are not trying to open a binary file.Select a character coding from the menu and try again.If I open OpenOffice first and then the document it works fine. If I use the shortcut directly, it won't open.Not overly impressed with 9.10 so far; things seem much slower, and it's certainly not as simple to find things as the old layout was.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Open Documents From Command Line?

Jun 3, 2010

Previously I was able to open any document I wanted in the CLI by typing:

open some_document.txt
Now when I try to do this I get the following:


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Ubuntu :: Open Office Documents Losing Data?

Apr 11, 2011

I am facing a severe problem on many Desktop PC's, whenever an employee is working in document (i.e. Wordprocessor, SpreadSheet, or any other Gnome-office application) and due to power outage after restarting, the previously open document either does not open or it shows a recovery dialogue after clicking on recovery button or clicking on cancel in either case document contain nothing (empty). The file size of the document is either 0kb or within few Kbs range.

Any one have any idea about it ? what to do ?? or any other alternative which is already tested in such environment (i.e. electricity failure )? or any options to be turned on/changed?

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General :: On Kubuntu, Whenever Open The Terminal, Go Straight To ~/Documents?

Jun 29, 2011

Even after changing the file name to Document, Doc, Docs, etc. It always makes it the default directory. It's not a "Deal-Breaker" with me deciding between Ubuntu 11.04 Classic and Kubuntu 11.04, but it's kind of annoying. How do I change it to my home directory *I.E /home/theif519* instead of /home/theif519/Doc* ?

Is there a file I have to edit or something?

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General :: 10.10 Update - Cannot Open Documents From Places Menu

Apr 30, 2011

I just updated to 10.10 and now when I go to places and try to open my documents, etc, nothing happens. I have files there and can access them with open office. Is this fixable or is it the way 10.10 works?

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General :: Unable To Open Documents In OpenOffice Writer

Jan 18, 2010

I have a problem with regards to opening the open office. every time I open a document, I cannot view it. It says the application cannot be started. The user interface language cannot be determined. What's the possible cause on this? How will i correct this error?

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Ubuntu :: Getting Thunderbird To Open Links With Chromium?

Jan 19, 2011

I'm having trouble getting Thunderbird to open links using Chromium (chromium-browser).

The default browser is now set to chromium-browser in KDE system settings. I've also tweaked the Thunderbird config and https settings to use chromium-browser or /usr/bin/chromium-browser.

Despite this, Thunderbird keeps opening links in Firefox. I'm bewildered as to why.

One thought is possibly an old GNOME system setting (there are .gconf and .gnome2 directories in my home directory, though I no longer use GNOME or have it installed on my system). But I don't know and I would have thought the Thunderbird config would have overridden that in any case.

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General :: Open A File Downloaded In Chromium?

May 11, 2010

For some reason when I open a file downloaded in Chromium, it opens it in Firefox!

Similarly GNOME Do opens files in Firefox.

Why is that?

How to make it use the proper program?

Where are the associations stored?

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Software :: Chromium Cannot Open Downloads When Running Without DE

Oct 24, 2010

When I'm running without a desktop environment, whenever I click a download in Chromium to open it it downloads another copy instead of opening it in an appropriate program! How do I stop this? Also, what if I just want to view a PDF and not download it to my home dir?

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Ubuntu :: Office Can't Open Word 2007 Documents / Get It To Work?

Mar 27, 2010

When I open a Word 2007 document using Open Office 3.1, the document is blank. I know OO 3.1 supports Word 2007 format. Any ideas why my document is blank in OO but when I open it in Word 2007 the text is there.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Open Office / Pdf Documents After Upgrade 10.04

May 3, 2010

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04, my Open Office documents take ages to open. Also, the system does not open pdf documents. Both these problems arose immediately after the upgrade. How do I go about sorting these bugs out.

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Ubuntu :: Open Documents In Openoffice 3.2.1 In Tabs Instead Of Multiple Windows

Jan 19, 2011

i have a macbook pro with snow leopard 1.6.6 (its Unix based don't look me like that ). my question is about an linux software so thats why i'm asking here (on mac forums nobody answered me) I wanna know that how i can open documents in openoffice 3.2.1 in tabs instead of multiple windows ... (like firefox ?

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Ubuntu :: Chromium Doesn't Open Embedded Flash Always

Jun 26, 2011

By a fifty fifty chance chromium doesn't open embedded flash elements. Audio works but the embedded flash element shows just black.

Refreshing the page fix this again by %50 chance.

But there's no problem with Firefox because I think it uses the Adobe Flash Player (the one in the repo) but Chromium uses the an built-in flash player.

Is there a way to fix this problem? Or a way to disable Chromium's built-in flash player and use the Adobe's flash player?

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Ubuntu :: Workspace Launcher Messing Up - Cannot Open Multiple Chromium Windows

Jun 16, 2011

I have recently dual booted an Old Toshiba laptop with Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) It was recommended to me by a friend after XP was becoming unstable. To the Problem : I have downloaded Chromium as the web browser as I am not a fan of Firefox, but every time I launch Chromium... It launches into a random work space and not the one I am working in.. So I cannot open multiple Chromium windows.. So to find where it has launched it, I have to click work space switcher and find it.. If I click Maximise, instead of maximizing it to the work space limits... it makes it go over 2 seperate work spaces..

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Ubuntu :: Chromium - Firefox Wouid Readily Open Pdf Files Within The Browser Window Itself

Aug 8, 2010

After finding firefox too slow, i recently shifted full time to chromium. and now i know why it has such a fan following ! its seriously fast, especially as compared to firefox - which at least in my case would appear to have got bogged down because of numerous add-ons etc.

However, there are 2 things that disturb the basic functional of chromium.

- Whenever i click on the browser icon, the window that opens up is never in "maximized" size. so every time i need to double click on the title border to maximize the window. is there some way in which the browser window will open in maximized mode the first time i click the icon ?

- Firefox wouid readily open pdf files within the browser window itself. however, chromium asks me to first save the file at some location, and then only can i open it !

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OpenSUSE Install :: Change Mountpoint Of Partition / Media / Documents To / Documents

Dec 25, 2009

How can I change the mountpoint of my partition /media/documents to /documents.This is a partition of sdb and a fixed disk.The reason is that /media/ sometimes creates ghostdirectories while /Windows/C never does so, programmes writing/reading from this partition therfore don't work if a ghostdir_ exists.(BTW Suse is on sdb5 and sdb6. on sda is windows and used to be Ubuntu, the Suse-swap is sda5. Windows is out of use.)

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Ubuntu :: Mapping Windows My Documents Folder To My Documents Folders

Dec 18, 2010

I can access my windows my documentsmusic by mounting my windows drive and browsing to it. I can then playwatch my movies and pics in Ubuntu.But what I really want to be able to do is re-map the Ubunbu docs folder like so:

Ubuntu Pics = Windows My Documents pics.
Ubuntu Videos = Windows My Documents Videos.

I'm not very unix savy so I've been using Ubuntu tweak PersonalDefault Folder Locations setting and browsing to my Windows folders. But it doesn't work.I have managed to make a desktop 'short cut' and that works but I'd rather set the system wide default document folders.

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Ubuntu :: Chromium Application Shortcuts In Unity - Not Including Most Of Chromium's Toolbars

May 2, 2011

I often use the option in Chromium to create 'application shortcuts'. These are instances of Chromium that make a website look more like an app by not including most of Chromium's toolbars. I use it for gmail and google docs and spreadsheets and calendar. In 11.04 I have set up Desktop launchers and copied them across to the Launcher (what an odd way to add something to the launcher, why no right-click 'add launcher' option?)

The problem is that the launcher thinks all these apps are chromium (which they are really, but I would like them to be seen as separate apps). If I minimize my gmail window, a little triangle appears next to the chromium icon, not the gmail icon. To get the window back, I have to click on the Chromium icon. Clicking on the gmail icon launches a new instance of it (also tied to the Chromium icon).

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