Software :: Downloaded A Book With Djvu Compression / Extract It?

Nov 30, 2008

I've downloaded a book with djvu will I extract it .I'm using RHEL5 SERVER.

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Software :: When Try To Open Djvu Files, It Says That Djvu Image Is Not Supported?

Mar 22, 2011

when i compile evince-dbg from source, it can open pdf very well, but when i try to open djvu files, it says that djvu image is not supported?? what do i have to do to address this?

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Debian :: Downloaded Utorrent Server - Extract A Tar.gz File?

Sep 9, 2011

I just downloaded Utorrent server for Linux but I don,t know what to use to extract a tar.gz file..?! Or where to extract it to...

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Ubuntu :: How To Convert PDF To DJVU?

Jul 7, 2010

i have one big pdf file that i made from 272 Photos. Heard that djvu format is better at compression than pdf. But have no clue how to use it. I have in synaptic installed pdf2djvu package, and it is in /usr/bin, but have no idea how to use it

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CentOS 5 :: Can't Open Djvu Files?

Jan 15, 2011

I need to open a text file which is stored in (file.djvu) format. How could I open this file?

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Ubuntu :: DJVU Converted (Slowly) To (Massive) PDF

Mar 7, 2010

There are quite a few threads in this forum on how to convert a DJVU file into a PDF (among which this thread the instruction of which I followed.) I converted a DJVU file by printing it to a PS file from the Document Viewer. Then I printed again the PS to file into a PDF from that same application. The second phase took more than 24 hours and resulted in a scanned PDF of less than 500 pages with a size of 315 MB! I have many books of more pages which come down to 1 MB only. What happened in the process to make it so damn slow and so inefficient? Is there a good alternative (not ps2pdf because it provides the same result)?

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Ubuntu :: How To Make A Bookmark In A Djvu File

Jul 2, 2010

What happens is that I like the djvu format (a lot!), and I'd like to export all my pdf books (I'm studying the university and I have a lot of pdf books) to djvu format.The problem is that I found very uncomfortable to read a djvu book (with hundreds of pages) without the help of bookmarks or index.I have found some djvu files with bookmarks and that's why I believe that there is a way to do this.I found an application called djvubookmarker on , but this application only works on Windows OS (and doesn't work really good, it has some bugs) so I haven't used wine to use this application with my Ubuntu.

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Debian Installation :: All Packages Downloaded Gone - Use Package Downloaded?

Mar 1, 2010

after the netinst finished to download the last package, one hour later the process never continues, I checked the log file and I didn't find anything suspecious, also dmesg and nothing, in fact, in the log file before checked I found that the last line was registered just a minute ago - DHCP renew IP-, so my questions are:

1. all the packages downloaded are gone?, can I restart the installation using all those packages downloaded?

2. where I can find the error or problem that cause that the installation was freezed?

3. in the case that installation needs to start from the beginning, can I use the package downloaded?

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General :: Remove Background Layer Of Djvu File?

Jan 11, 2011

I've downloaded some files from the Internet Archive. They come in different file formats and most of the time I use pdf. However, sometimes the scans are saves in colour instead of b/w. This makes it difficult/impossible to read on a dedicated ebook reader. In that case I downloaded the djvu files as on the PC you can select which layer (color, bw,fore,back) one would like to see. Selecting the bw gives excellent results. However, the ebook reader does not has this option.

The question is, how can I remove /extract a layer from the djvu file and save only this layer.

So far I've tried the following two approaches:

1) select bw in the djvu viewer on the PC and printed to postscript file. Followed by a ps2pdf conversion. This works, but generates a fairly large pdf file. Sure, I can again upload it to any2djvu but it just seems to much manual work for each file.

2) I tried the shared annotation feature and said (mode bw). This works on the PC as desired but is ignored on the ebook reader as the other layers are still present.

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General :: Convert A DjVu Document To PDF - Using Only Command Line Tools?

Jan 26, 2010

I've got some documents in DjVu which I'll like convert to PDF. Is there a way to do this using command line OSS tools?

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Ubuntu :: How To Set The Compression Level

Jan 14, 2010

You right click on a file and choose Compress. How do you select the compression level for algorithms that support different levels? If you can't, what compression level does it use?

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Software :: Free Arc For Compression - How To Get GUI

Nov 8, 2010

I have just installed Free Arc utility for compression from : [URL] and it works smoothly but in command Line mode.

a add files to archive
c add comment to archive
ch modify archive (recompress, encrypt and so on)
create create new archive
cw write archive comment to file
d delete files from archive
e extract files from archive ignoring pathnames
f freshen archive
j join archives
k lock archive
l list files in archive
lb bare list of files in archive
lt technical archive listing
m move files and dirs to archive
mf move files to archive
r recover archive using recovery record
rr add recovery record to archive
s convert archive to SFX
t test archive integrity
u update files in archive
v verbosely list files in archive
x extract files from archive

-- stop processing options
-ad --adddir add arcname to extraction path
-aeALGORITHM --encryption=ALGORITHM encryption ALGORITHM (aes, blowfish, serpent, twofish)
-agFMT --autogenerate=FMT autogenerate archive name with FMT
-apDIR --arcpath=DIR base DIR in archive
-baMODE --BrokenArchive=MODE deal with badly broken archive using MODE
-cfgFILE --config=FILE use config FILE (default: arc.ini)
-d --delete delete files & dirs after successful archiving
-df --delfiles delete only files after successful archiving
-diAMOUNT --display=AMOUNT control AMOUNT of information displayed: [hoacmnwrfdtske]*
-dmMETHOD --dirmethod=METHOD compression METHOD for archive directory
-dpDIR --diskpath=DIR base DIR on disk
-dsORDER --sort=ORDER sort files in ORDER
-ed --nodirs don't add empty dirs to archive
-envVAR read default options from environment VAR (default: FREEARC)
-epMODE --ExcludePath=MODE Exclude/expand path MODE
-f --freshen freshen files
-fn --fullnames match with full names
-hpPASSWORD --HeadersPassword=PASSWORD encrypt/decrypt archive headers and data using PASSWORD
-iTYPE --indicator=TYPE select progress indicator TYPE (0/1/2)
-ioff --shutdown shutdown computer when operation completed
-k --lock lock archive
-kb --keepbroken keep broken extracted files
-kfKEYFILE --keyfile=KEYFILE encrypt/decrypt using KEYFILE
-lcN --LimitCompMem=N limit memory usage for compression to N mbytes
-ldN --LimitDecompMem=N limit memory usage for decompression to N mbytes
-mMETHOD --method=METHOD compression METHOD (-m0..-m9, -m1x..-m9x)
-maLEVEL set filetype detection LEVEL (+/-/1..9)
-max maximum compression using external precomp, ecm, .....

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Fedora :: Evince In Fedora Doesn't Support Djvu

Dec 4, 2009

In the Description of Evince, the document viewer supports pdf, tiff, rtf and djvu, but when I want to open a djvu file in Evince, I got the yellow frame saying that Evince does not support djvu files.I searched for a librairy or a plugin for Evince to help it support djvu but I didn't find anything.How to teach Evince to read djvu ?

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Debian :: Get Good Compression Rates On Pdf?

Aug 29, 2011

Does anybody how to get good compression rates on pdf?

The default gzip somefilename.pdf gives hardly 10% in the pdf. Any ideas anybody ?

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Fedora :: Best Compression Software PAQ8?

Jul 5, 2010

Is there any compression software that supports PAQ8 and its variants with a graphical interface for Fedora (i'm using x86_64)? What's the best compression algorithm known to man? Time taken to compress is not a problem, just need to have the best compression available. Is there any program for linux?

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Fedora :: File Roller Compression With 7z?

Jun 9, 2011

hy I can't make a 7z archive with file roller? I have already installed p7zip, p7zip-plugins, and 7za. I don't understand what the problem is. I can make a 7z archive from the command line with no problems. I keep getting this message but it doesn't tell me what the error is. Quote:An error occurred while adding files to the archive.

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General :: Windows - Program Which Uses LZW Compression

Oct 4, 2010

how to do Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression using pen and paper for my algorithms and data structures class. Unfortunately we have only a couple of examples in our book of how it is done. I'd like to practice compressing and decompressing text using it, but I need to find a way to check if I'm right doing it right or wrong.

So I'm looking for some preferably free/open source program which can compress and decompress LZW for Windows or GNU/Linux. Programs without binary distributions are fine too.

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General :: How To Know Gzip Compression Level

Apr 12, 2011

Given a gzip compressed file, how do I know what compression level (1-9) was used for it?

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General :: Specify Level Of Compression When Using Tar -zcvf?

Jul 1, 2011

I gzip directories very often at work. What I normally do is

tar -zcvf file.tar.gz /path/to/directory

Is there a way to specify the compression level here? I want to use the best compression possible even if it takes more time to compress.

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Ubuntu :: Which File Compression Format To Use

Oct 13, 2010

I notice in Nautilus file manager, if I right click on a directory, I can 'compress' that file or directory. clicking this provides options for different compression formats, but how do I know which one to use?Most of my files are data files, ie text. Though I do have photo/image folders and a music folde

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Ubuntu :: File Compression & Filesystems?

Apr 13, 2011

i have about 22 gb of music (mp3 & ogg) on my laptop harddrive.i also have an unused sony mp3 player with a 20 gb hard drive.what i want to do is back up the 22gb into a 20 gb space the music does not need to be playable on the sony player...just using it as a back up device.ok...2 issues:1. when i've tried compressing (tar.gz) mp3 files, little to no space is saved, i assume that a mp3 is pretty compressed there another way to compress effectively ? i dont want to reduce bit rates of the individual music tracks.2. i formatted the sony hd using ext4, but this leaves me with only 16 gb usable space. tried fat32 and this left me with about 18gb.

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Server :: Disabling Syslog Compression?

Dec 3, 2010

I�m installing fail2ban to improve the security of a home asterisk server which from time to time becomes the target of some sip account cracker and/or ssh brute force attack.For those not familiar with fail2ban, this utility monitors log files to find matches with user specified expressions to identify the presence of a brute force attack. Then configures iptables rules to block the offending IP.Here�s an example:

NOTICE[1734] chan_sip.c: Registration from '"613"<>' failed for 'yyy.yyy.yyyy.yyy' - No matching peer found


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Fedora :: System Support NTFS Compression?

Oct 22, 2009

I haven't seen this addressed anywhere & quite frankly a "google" wasn't any help. So I pose the question here.
If I, under M$, turn on the NTFS compression, will that drive still work under LINUX?
My thought is that it won't as I haven't seen any control in LINUX for it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mplayer Screenshot Png Compression

Sep 13, 2010

I use mplayer to play my media files. Occasionally I want to take screenshots of media I am playing. I use the -vf screenshot option to take screenshots which generates shotxxxx.png. The issue is that all those png are not compressed and usually large. When dealing with Hi-Def media they are extremely large, each is 4-5 MB in size at the least. Is there a way I can set the option for compression of png images. If I use imagemagick the same files get compressed to like 1.5MB of png file.

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Ubuntu :: Compression Excluding Certain Ascii Characters?

Jun 8, 2011

I am working on a project where I am dialing out of a modem!! Old stuff, ya, but the modem allows my device send info from remote sites from my datibase through a phone line so that this IT departments dont have to worry my device being a security issue on their networks.

Any way, the modem I'm using isn't incredibly well designed, and when a certain ascii char is read by the modem, it reads it as an EOF indicator. It is also important that the files I send are compressed.

My question is: Does anyone know of a compression format that allows ME to dissallow IT's use of certain ascii chars?

just as an illustration:

Device --------> Modem ---------> Off-site

and the Modem stops talking to the device when a certain char is passed to it.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: How To Disable Photo Compression In Digikam

Dec 14, 2010

All my photos saved on digikam are subjected to compression. Is there any way to go around this in the program?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Down To ~48kbps Compression On Mp3s Using SoundConverter?

May 8, 2010

some reason it seems like the lowest it goes is ~64kbps (~ implying variable bitrate).So yeah, any thing that'll let me do the compression limbo better? (How low can you go? ) A different program? Unlock bonus stage? What

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Ubuntu :: Printing - SpliX Compression Algorithm 0x0 Does Not Exist

Aug 20, 2010

I have printer whhich work perfectly on ubuntu desktop I shared it into network and trying to print from Mac and I'm getting the following error: "SpliX Compression algorithm 0x0 does not exist" Printer - Samsung SCX-4200

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Ubuntu :: BZ2 Compression Surely Taking Long Time

Dec 8, 2010

I compressed a directory containing many image files. The directory amounted to 5.3gig. Compressed with TAR using .tgz the compression took a couple minutes at most and compressed down to 4.3 gig. Compressed using .bz2 the compression took about 90 minutes and compressed down to 4.2 gig. Hardly worth the extra time. Do these numbers look normal to you?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Editing Flac Compression In Banshee?

Jan 29, 2011

I want to rip all my CDs to flac at the lowest compression (space is not an issue) via Banshee. I have tried a few tracks but the seem to be ripped at a higher compression to the ones I have done via sound juicer (set at compression 0)

How do I adjust the flac settings in Banshee to do this? The option to edit the settings is not available for flac? I guess there is a config file somewhere?

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