Slackware :: Undefined Video Mode Number ?

Jul 15, 2011

I run both slackware and the stupid OS "windows " on my laptop, after choosing Slackware -> Loading tux Read BIOS data check succesfull. Undefined video mode number:? Press enter to view a list or space to ...... (actually i don't remember " or wait 30 seconds.

I press enter and select a video mode then continue loading , but i dont want to do that every time so i edited lilo.conf and changed vga = ? to different numbers but it did not work.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Undefined Video Mode 346 ?

Aug 16, 2009

While booting SUSE 11.1 64-bit I get these messages:

Probing EDD (edd off to disable)
Undefined video mode 346
Press Enter to see video modes available
And then a 30-second wait.

Is it advisable to set edd off? If so, how?

Would that get rid of the 30-second wait?

The video card (NVidia GeForce 6150 LE) and the monitor (ViewSonic VA2216W-4) seem to work fine with SUSE, so I don't understand the "Undefined video mode" message.

Having said that, I've seen much better text-rendering than, for instance, this messageboard. See attached image. Could that be a card/monitor problem? It looks better in Vista with the same hardware. So does Firefox in general.

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Debian Installation :: Error On Dell Dimension 8110 - Undefined Video Mode

Mar 30, 2011

When I try to install on a Dell Dimension 8110, After I hit enter to install, very small green text appears up top that says "undefined video mode" than a number that I can't make out, and another line that says something about hitting <SPACE> to continue. However, hitting space does nothing and the installation hangs indefinitely.

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SUSE :: Nvidia Drivers And Dual Monitor Setup - Message Undefined Video Mode 31a

Jan 1, 2010

I have activated dual screen monitors using the Nvidia driver GUI as Sax2 would not correctly configure it. Now at every boot I get the message "undefined video mode 31a, press [enter] for a list of video modes or [space] to continue. After pressing space the system boots to my liking, how can I get rid of the message at every boot up?

I am using Suse 11.2 and KDE4.3.1 My video card is an Nvidia Geforce 7100 GS I thought I was using the Nvidia drivers as I have a GUI from Nvidia in my launch menu if I search "Nvidia" and I have completed the one-click installation. Although when I go into "My Computer" it says driver unknown.

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Slackware :: How To Set Video Mode At Boot

Oct 13, 2010

How can I set a video mode when slackware starts? Instead of having to select one each time or wait 30sec.

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Slackware :: Disabling High Intensity At The Video Card Level (text Mode)?

Jun 17, 2011

Kernel, slackware 12.0

When you do 'man bash', you'll see some words are highlighted. I'll say that the video card has used high intesity in these instances. How do I disable this video card capability? Can this only be done by recompiling the kernel? Of course, I am talking about the text consoles, i.e., the video card in text mode.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Boot Error - Undefined Video Nurmber 375 ?

Dec 24, 2009

Since i have bought a new monitor, i get a boot error (opensuse 11.2). It tells me "undefined video number 375".

Then I can choose between "enter" or "scan". When I choose "enter" everything works perfectly.

My hardware:
ViewSonicVX2260 (full hd) connected with a hdmi cable
Video card: ATI 4670hd


This is the "menu.lst" file:

The xorg.conf file:

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Slackware :: Update Gtk+ - Undefined Reference

Apr 5, 2010

I am trying to update gtk+. I have installed pango-1.26.2 and glib 2.22.5. I see some error information, from google i know that it is old glib library fault. Ichecked. pkg-config --modversion glib shows 1.2.*** and pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0 shows 2.22.5. It looks like gtk+ using older 1.2.**.


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Slackware :: Set The Journaling Mode Into Data=journal Mode Of Ext3

Jan 12, 2011

I was reading about ext3 feature and I have read about its journaling modes. I would like to ask what is the default journaling mode of ext3 fs in slackware(or is it in all distro using ext3)? I'll install slackware when my new pc arrive and the fs I will use will be ext3 and I like it to have data=journal mode for its journaling. I have read in some wiki how to set the journaling mode into data=journal mode.

Code: # tune2fs -O has_journal -o journal_data /dev/sdXY Do i need to issue this command or is this the default mode in ext3 in slackware?

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Slackware :: Fatal Error - Call To Undefined Function Imagecreatefromjpeg()

May 17, 2011

I am having a problem with my slackware version 12 server. I tried installing a new joomla theme from the rockettheme and its giving me the following error while loading the site.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg()in /home/www/verticaltest/modules/mod_rokstories/ on line 167

Thought it was a problem with gd library modules, but in info.php, its showing that gd is installed in the server. Pasting the result form info.php below..

If gd is installed, what should be the problem?

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Slackware :: Undefined Symbol: XESetWireToEventCookie Error (-current)

Mar 3, 2010

I just installed the latest updates from Slackware-Current, The update went fine, did a reboot, installed the nvidia driver (NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-195.36.08-pkg2), started X successfully. Now, whenever i open an X dependent application it gives me the following error:


symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: XESetWireToEventCookie

I am running a Multilib setup, i have the latest toolchains from AlienBob installed. the ldd output goes like this:

Code: => (0x00007fff9ebd2000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f8daef94000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f8daec5b000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f8daea3f000)


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Slackware :: Undefined Symbol: Mysql_select_db When Reloading Httpd With INCLUDE

Feb 18, 2011

I have Slackware r13.0 32 bit installed, and I'm interested in getting SNORT installed with Barnyard and BASE to learn about IDS using my own home network. I'm following a guide found here:


I'm having trouble getting past the "create the BASE tables" section. Everything up to that point seems to have been functioning properly. When I attempt to login with my username/password, I get rejected.

The httpd error log reports the following:

[DATE] [error] [client] user snort not found: /frontend

I can manually get into the mysql database with this username/password combination. I've been working on this on and off again for the past few days, and I forgot what led me to the module, but I remember reading some posts elsewhere that pointed to this module. I found the source, and used apxs to compile and install it. However, when I insert the "LoadModule mysql_auth_module modules/" line into the httpd.conf file, I can't restart the httpd service, and I'm given this error:

httpd: Syntax error on line 117 of /etc/httpd/httpd.conf: Cannot load /usr/modules/ into server: /usr/modules/ undefined symbol: mysql_select_db It seems that the frontend URL on my server is attempting to use php to authenticate to the mysql database. Am I on the right track here? I've seen other posts with similar problems, but they recommend re-installing either mysql or php from the slackware site, but the Slackware package browser site ( is down until a new one is written from scratch.

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Programming :: Change Complex Number Display Mode (like -123.45e67 In To Real)?

May 9, 2011

How to change the complex number like -123.45e67 in to real number.
with command of awk print

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Loop A Video A Number Of Times In Ffmpeg Or Mencoder?

Jun 5, 2010

How do you loop a video a number of times in ffmpeg or mencoder? I made a ogv out of a gif. It loops 1 time, so it's less than a second.

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Slackware :: Getting The Volume Serial Number Of A Disk?

Dec 21, 2010

Kernel, Slackware 12.0


root@darkstar:~# blkid
/dev/sda: LABEL="MAESTRO!" UUID="4730-D359" TYPE="vfat"
/dev/hdc: LABEL="STORE1 ver. 2 (overrules ver. 1)" TYPE="iso9660"


As you can see, the first command gives numbers like C841-0655. But for the optical disks (iso9660) it gives them not. Neither does the second one. This number is known as 'Volume serial number' in MS-DOS, and is printed on console with the command 'dir' not only for the HDD partitions but for the optical disks too. how to get an optical disk Volume serial number? Notice that this number is inherent to the media (is a property of the media, under any O.S.).

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Slackware :: My Eth Number Keep Changing After Follow - Current

Apr 8, 2011

I have a problem about my eth. i have 2 network cards. my problem is after i boot my computer with -current my eth0 keep changing number, why this happen? im not using dhcp and i assign an static ip in my eth0.


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Slackware :: SSL Version Number Typo In Repository

Mar 31, 2010

There seems to be a typo on security advisory webpage for the updated ssl packages (but not for the actual packages on The webpage says this:

The package in the repository is:
I am guessing its a typo on the webpage because I already have an 'm' installed.

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Slackware :: What Controls Number Of Tuxes When Starting

Jul 19, 2011

Everytime my system boots, it displays 4 tux penguins above the text... however; on one of my older systems, it only displays 1 tux penguin... and on another it displays 2...So each time I boot, I have curiosity about this trivial issue, and now I can't take it anymore; I need to find out: what controls the number of tuxes when booting?

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Slackware :: X11 - Maximum Number Of Clients Reached

Feb 21, 2011

I have done nothing with the system, but starting this morning, i experienced a strange condition on my desktop. I'm unable to open any applications at all. It will close instantly.

When i tried to run from terminal, it will give me an error like this:


I checked using


And i got around 234 which is too much that it takes almost all of the open files allowed. Logging out to text and brings back X will solve the problem, but it's only a temporary solution until X opens more sockets again. I'm running -Current (32 bit)

It seems that there's a hackish solution in here: [url]. Dunno whether it's a nice solution or not, but i'm willing to try it.

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Ubuntu :: Video Mode Not Supported ?

Aug 7, 2010

I have windows 7 64 bits and i'm trying to install ubuntu 10.04 amd64. The installation was good but when i'm trying to boot on ubuntu i have a black screen with a message "mode not supported".

I've looked for the problem on google. The solution is to change the frequency of the monitor. Mine supports only 75htz max and on the error message I have 77htz, what's why it's not supported.

The problem that to change the frequency for lunux i have to be logged in linux in order to type commands in the terminal.

But I can't see a thing, only the message about the mode not supported, so I can't type anything.

I found some solutions here but i can't do what they ask, because I can't boot and the message doesn't disappear. [url]

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Debian :: Cannot Display Video In This Mode

Mar 14, 2010

I just installed Debian stable on my desktop computer and when I start it up I get a blank screen that says cannot display video in this mode.

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Ubuntu :: Video Mode Not Supported / Get It To Work?

May 28, 2010

Tried to install the ATI proprietary drivers (fglrx), but when I boot up, all I get is "Video Mode Not Supported". I suspect my refresh rate or resolution is the problem, but I don't know how to change it from the terminal (ctrl-alt-f1)

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Display Video Mode (after Update)

May 8, 2011

I am running a dual boot system. I have XP on one HD and Ubuntu 10.04 on the other. No problems. I boot back and forth all the time. Then came along Natty. Now I tried to boot over, and I get "Cannot display this video mode". I have it set up that when I restart, if im away from the computer, Ubuntu starts by default. So it eventually starts in ubuntu. But the screen where I used to be able to choose which operating system to boot into is now replaced with "Cannot display this video mode".

I am not wireless, and nothing has changed as far as hard wear. The monitor is some old Dell that worked perfectly fine with 10.04. I tried changing my resolution and settings to every different one, and restart, and still no dice.

To sum it up, after my update to Natty, when I reboot, my OS selection screen is no longer visible. Its now replaced by "Cannot display this video mode".

So now it seems, what ever setting this screen is running on, XP dont like it..... because of Natty?

I gotta get some work done in XP, so right now im screwed. My CRT is currently sitting outside in the rain. Or I would try it.

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Fedora :: Copying CDs / DVDs (Video And Data) In Raw Mode

Dec 10, 2009

I'm trying to find out which application will copy DVD discs (video and data) in raw mode. Something that works for DVDs like cdrdao works for CDs. I tried using cdrdao but it errors out because the DVD disc is too big for it. I tried looking at Brasero but I can't tell if it offers a raw option. I see that Brasero lets you copy a DVD to a RAW image, then burn the RAW image back to a DVD-R. If Brasero uses RAW mode to do a direct copy, this would essentially do the same thing, but I can't tell if that is what it does. But, I think this will work.

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Fedora :: Music /Video Always In Fast Forward Mode On Kde?

Sep 1, 2010

I can play mp3, ..... etc. fine on gnome. However on kde, they always play at 3x or 4x speed. In fact, they just run through, not producing any sound. I can see the video zipping past on ...... Is there a setting for this on kde, that needs to be fixed?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Video Playback Lag In Fullscreen Mode

Apr 3, 2011

Whenever I play a video via vlc or kaffeine and I switch to full screen I get lag. If I move my mouse to show the controls it plays perfectly. How can I fix my full screen playback issues?

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Ubuntu :: Running On Low Video Mode After Fresh Install 9.04?

Jan 28, 2010

i get this message both when booting from the live usb and once installed (i am asked to chose low graphics mode, or to reconfigure X):

Ubuntu is running in Low graphics mode. error: update configuration to solve

(EE) intel(0): output LVDS enabled but has no modes
(EE) intel(0): no valid modes
(EE) screen(s) found, but none have usable configuration.

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Ubuntu :: Vlc Wont Save Video Deinterlacing Mode?

Mar 10, 2010

vlc wont save video deinterlacing mode?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Wrong Video Mode After 1st Install

Jun 16, 2010

I just received a band new DELL laptop with a blank disk and installed Kubuntu Lucid Alternate 64 on it. No problem during install (the only option I specified was for an encrypted LVM), but when I try to boot all I can see are colored lines scrolling/blinking on the screen. If I press any key it changes to white text (unreadable) scrolling/blinking.

If I press a key during the boot and get into grub, I cannot edit the boot options, cannot go to command line, cannot use MemTest86 (maybe because the partition is encrypted). Booting with the recovery mode shows the same lines. Edit: if I try to boot with the standard LiveCD, I get the same mess, so it's abviously a video card problem. Damn, I had checked beforehand that Ubuntu could run smoothly on it.

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Ubuntu :: Choppy Video In Full Screen Mode

Oct 3, 2010

Just one little issue. I have noticed the video is choppy in full screen mode. I have found this problem discussed on other forums but have had no luck. I installed wubi over top of windows xp. My computer is a P4 3 Ghz with 1.5 G of ram. 80 Gig hard drive. I currently do not have a video card installed.

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