Slackware :: Script Which Delivers A Version Of Digikam More Recent That 1.2?

Apr 10, 2011

Does anybody have a Slackbuild script which delivers a version of Digikam more recent that 1.2 (which is what is on offer in ? I have had that installed for some time and it works well (apart from geotagging which seems to be only partially developed) but the Digikam website has released 1.9 (stable) and 2.0 (quite advanced beta).

If anybody has successfully packaged any later versions for Slackware I would be grateful for information. Otherwise I will start building myself.

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OpenSUSE :: Install The Latest Version Of Digikam?

Dec 4, 2010

I attempted to install the latest version of Digikam, v1.6, by connecting the Factory repository , then an upgrade via YAST. It automagically included upgrade of certain kde4 packages to v2.5.80.

System ran OK for a while, then I got a Plasma Desktop Shell crash notice and now cannot restart X. I can boot to level 3. I upgraded all the kde components to 2.5.80, but that did not help.

Has anyone successfully done this? Was there a hidden secret to success?

If all else fails, am I correct that
zypper dist-upgrade --from #kde45 repository
will return my system to kde 4.5.4 ?

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Slackware :: Digikam From SBo Does Not Compile On 64-current Of 2010-03-09

Mar 10, 2010

I just used sbopkg to download and compile Digikam 1.0.0 from But compilation stops with an error regarding "png loader". I guess this has to do with the libpng issue mentioned in the changelog.

Nevertheless: Has anyone been able to compile Digikam on the latest Slackware64-current?

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Ubuntu :: Install More Recent Version Of A Certain Software?

Sep 1, 2010

I am quite new to linux. I would like to install more recent version of a certain software, but before that, I have to remove the old version. This software is not obtained through repositories (well, you know, you download the package, ./configure, ./make etc.), so I'm not sure how to remove it.

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Slackware :: Digikam 1.2.0 On 64-current Of 31st March, 2010?

Apr 1, 2010

I just tried to build Digikam 1.2.0 using the SlackBuild script from for version 1.0.0. While Lensfun 0.2.5 and Kipi-Plugins 1.2.0 compiled and installed without problems, the Digikam build stops at 97%. Here's the log:


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Slackware :: Lensfun-0.2.5 Causing Segfaults In Digikam And Ufraw?

Jan 2, 2011

Running slackware-current 32bit. I use digikam-1.7.0, kipi-plugins-1.7.0, and ufraw-0.17 which are all built using the sbo scripts from 13.1 repo. All the above work fine with lensfun-0.2.3 built from sbo, but trying to update lensfun to 0.2.5 causes segfaults in digiKam and ufraw.

Anyone else seen this and is there a fix? Seems to be caused by a change in lensfun between versions, but I think it's beyond me to sort on my own. Lensfun-0.2.5 seems to build fine without errors, but I believe there were warnings with respect to makedep. Digikam and ufraw locate the lensfun libraries during the build. Ufraw segfaults on startup and digikam segfaults when the auto lens correction tool is selected from the menu. I know none of these versions are officially supported either alone or in -current,

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OpenSUSE Install :: Upgrading Xen Guest From 11.0 To Recent Version?

Oct 5, 2010

I have been trying for the last couple of days to upgrade a Xen guest running on Xen Server 5.5 from 11.0 to a more recent version. I have tried both 11.3 and 11.1. The upgrade seems to take, but it fails on the initial boot. It seems that it is expecting the root partition to be on /dev/sda2 - however I believe it is supposed to be /dev/xvda2. Initially when fstab had /dev/xvda2 I had a warning, so I changed fstab through yast to use the drives uuid. I've also tried zypper dup - but that gave all sorts of dependency errors. For kicks, I thought I might try 11.4 next. Am I out of luck and should just go with a fresh install?

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Ubuntu :: Themes Gone From Most Recent Version Of Cairo-dock?

Jan 27, 2010

I'd read there was some work being done on cairo-dock this weekend (and noticed it absent from the Package Manager) and upon installing earlier today, I didn't find any of the previously available dock themes.

Were they removed for some reason or am I doing something wrong?

(Oh, and I'm looking within the 'Manage Themes' submenu within cairo-dock for reference.)

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General :: Install More Recent WM Version Than The 1 In Debian's Repositories?

Apr 24, 2010

1. I'm trying out ratpoison (a windows manager). It's cool, but a few commands weren't working - I now think that it's because Debian delivered ratpoison 1.4.3 (Feb 2008), while development has issued two more releases (the latest being 1.4.5). Should I (or should I not) install the later release?

2. IF I do, I need to figure out how to convert the tar.gz to a debian package

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Debian :: Getting A Recent Version Of Wine Anymore On Squeeze 64bit

Aug 10, 2011

since lamaresh is not being updated anymore and the wine packages from the official Debian repository are quite old there isn't really much choice for getting a recent version of wine anymore. Since I don't want to use the carbon project or the Mempis repository, as stated here, (at least yet) I have decided to build the package myself. Unfortunately I would like to have a 32bit version but am running a 64bit version of Debian Squeeze. When I run ./configure I get the following message at the end.


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Ubuntu :: Hangs On Boot Up After Most Recent Kernel Update To Version 2.6.38-11

Sep 1, 2011

The most recent kernel update, to version 2.6.38-11 has been a horror. It hangs on boot up. Sometimes I can get to the log in screen, then it hangs there as well. However, after 3-5 reboots (which is absolutely annoying to do when I just want to use my computer), it sometimes loads up finally. However, if I go to older Linux version in the Grub menu, then I can select 2.6.38-10 and it runs just fine.

So I am looking for a way to fix this problem, whether it be removing the most recent kernel update, or making 2.6.38-10 boot up by default. I noticed that the kernels are listed in the synaptic package manager, but I am afraid to remove the most recent one via synaptic. Is it as simple as removing the Linux version and headers I don't want, or are there other things I need to do in order to make 2.6.38-10 my default kernel at start-up?

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General :: Find Duplicate Files And Delete All Except Most Recent Version

Aug 17, 2010

I have a directory containing a ton of photos, some of which are duplicates but just with different names. Is there any way in linux to find all the duplicates and remove all of them except the most recent version? I know on Windows there are utilities that will do this through a GUI, but I'm using Linux through the CLI only.

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Slackware :: 13 And The Recent Firefox Vulnerability?

Mar 24, 2010

As you might have heard, a recent critical vulnerability was discovered in Firefox 3.6.Any word on a Slackware patch coming soon? I'd prefer to use a Slackware package rather than the actual Mozilla release, but I also don't like browsing the web with a remote code execution bug in my browser.Or is Slackware unaffected by this?

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Slackware :: Recent Changes - Modify Slackpkg Blacklist?

Jan 9, 2010

With recent changes to Slackware I would like to suggest that /etc/slackpkg/blacklist is modified as follows:

# kernel-ide

This works better than the current entry.

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Slackware :: Recent Openssl Patch Broke Encfs?

Mar 8, 2010

I started up my machine this morning and entered my password to encfs as I do each day and was greeted with a message telling me my password was incorrect. I tried several times, checked caps lock but no joy.

The message (which I didn't copy and paste unfortunately) mentioned ssl and I remembered that openssl was one of the security patches I applied at the weekend. So I removepkg'd the two openssl packages (v0.9.8m) and then installpkg'd the original ones that came with slackware 13.0 (v0.9.8k).

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Ubuntu Servers :: Postfix Delivers Message But Script Not Run?

Jun 5, 2010

I'm trying to get messages sent to an alias to invoke a ruby script.Looking at the postfix log the message is being delivered, but I believe the script isn't being run with sufficient permissions.Quote:

Jun 3 18:31:21 hostname postfix/local[12968]: 340B911A3B4: to=<>, relay=local, delay=0.24, delays=0.2/0.01/0/0.03, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: /var/mailscripts/script)


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Ubuntu :: Get The Version Of GRUB / GRUB-legacy To Boot Any Recent Windows 64 Beyond XP (Vista Or 7)

Dec 20, 2010

I've been using Linux for over a decade, so no need to worry about the obvious. I'm positive that I have my partitions/install correct. What has me baffled is that Fedora 14, which uses GRUB 0.97 (GRUB legacy) - boots Windows flawlessly every single time on the same hardware, but Ubuntu's (or the upstream Debian's) GRUB legacy do not - even though they are based on the same upstream code from the GNU Savannah servers.

No matter what I've tried I cannot get the Debian or Ubuntu version of GRUB/GRUB-legacy to boot any recent Windows 64 beyond XP (Vista or 7). All that it does is resets the computer when Windows attempts to boot, without an error. GRUB is notoriously difficult to compile, so before I try to compile code from RedHat's archives - any thoughts,experiences, similar issues - whatever?

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Software :: Postfix - Delivers Mail To Unix Mailbox But Not IMAP?

Dec 22, 2010

I setup a postfix mail server. Tested it to make sure it was secure and all seemed good.I sent some test messages and see from the logs that mail is being delivered to the recipient. its only delivering mail to my user's local mbox on the linux server. IMAP appears to have its own mailbox and the two boxes are no linked. I was thinking it was an alias issue however I did at one point have the mailboxes to be the same.... now they are different... Here is the config file.... (I changed the domain names for privacy).

command_directory = /usr/sbin
daemon_directory = /usr/libexec/postfix
data_directory = /var/lib/postfix


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Slackware :: 32 Bit Version Of Libglu In /usr/lib?

Feb 5, 2010

why isn't there a 32-bit version of libglu in /usr/lib? I try to run a 32-bit program on my multi-lib Slackware current install but it complains that it can not find This used to work well, don't know what I changed. I have updated mesa from git and mesa-compat32 is installed.

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Slackware :: Update Alsa From Version 1.0.21 To 1.0.24?

Mar 18, 2011

[URL] I am trying to update alsa from version 1.0.21 to 1.0.24 and am having some issues. While trying to build the alsa until I get an error. I've been googling around and so far have found nothing. I was getting more errors earlier but that was solved by installing xmlto.


root@Jacob:/home/ethan/Downloads/alsa-utils- make
Making all in include
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/ethan/Downloads/alsa-utils-'
make all-am
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/ethan/Downloads/alsa-utils-'


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Slackware :: Audacity: Is It A Part Of Some Version?

Nov 6, 2010

Slackware 12.0 I have installed only CDs one and two of the set of slack 12.0 CDs. According to Slack, it's all I need to make the system work. Now I've done

bash-3.1$ locate -i audacity

and I am wondering where these two files can have come from. I get the same output if I run locate as root. May be the whole audacity package is somewhere in the rest of the disk set. But I have no way to find out, except downloading them one by one and reading throu the PACKAGES.TXT files. Unfortunately, the no longer supports its package browser.

EDIT: there is only one PACKAGES.TXT file in the distro, and it is on disc 1. And audacity is nowhere mentioned in it. Corollary: My slack distro does not include audacity. But then, what are those two files doing in my system?

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Slackware :: 13.0 - BCM4318 Driver For 64 Bit Version

Jan 23, 2010

I have just installed Slackware 13.0 64 bit on my laptop. I am trying to get my wireless card (Broadcom BCM4318) to work. It is dual boot with Windows XP 32 bit. I tried the ndiswrapper and everything seemed to go okay but when I ran ndiswrapper -l it said it was the wrong driver. Then I realized I was using the 32 bit driver from my windows install. Is there a 64 bit driver available. I can't seem to find one. I have searched the broadcom site but I guess this is too old for them to support. I previously used Zenwalk 32 bit on the laptop and ndiswrapper worked great. Should I be able to find a 64 bit driver or can I get the 32 bit to work? Do I need to go back to a 32 bit OS? I found the proper driver using google, downloaded, installed with ndiswrapper, rebooted and everything works. It connected automatically.

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Slackware :: Possible To Downgrade Version Of Python To 2.5?

Oct 26, 2009

This may sound a bit of an awkward question, but I have this app, Salome-Platform, [URL], It requires Python 2.5 at most to be able to run. (Compiling it is way to complex.) Since the Python of Slackware is 2.6, can it be downgraded to 2.5...? If it can, how do I do it...?

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Slackware :: How Does Patcher Know What Is Installed Version?

Jun 24, 2011

I have, installed in my machine, Firefox and, wishing to add certain feature , I went to /pub/os/Linux/distr/slackware/slackware-12.0/patches/source/mozilla-firefox/. Firefox has that feature. But, despite teh presence of the .SlackBild, threre is no compilation here. It's a patch realized over the binaries already installed in my machine. The question is: How does the .SlackBuild know he is in the presence of That is, he cannot update if he does not know from where it is starting.

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Slackware :: How To Update 12.0 System To 13.1 Version

Feb 23, 2011

I installed slackware 12.0 on one partition of my pc. but slackware 13.1 has been released, how should i update my system to 13.1?

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Slackware :: /usr/lib/ No Version Information Available?

Feb 15, 2010

I'm trying to install bibble5pro. The only packages they provide are binaries:x86_64.deb, i386.deb and i386.rpmI converted the rpm binary to tgz and installed it on my slackware-current (works fine).Then I tried to install it on slack64-current and slack64 13 (both multilib). I tried both rpm2tgz and deb2tgz. The .tgz package gets converted and then installs without any errors. When I run bibble5pro I get the following:

Install Path: /opt/bibble5pro
LD_PATH: /opt/bibble5pro/lib:


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General :: Find Current Slackware Version?

Dec 18, 2010

I just installed SLACKWARE from ISO image, but don't know the version, the release is

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Slackware :: Beware Thunderbird Update If You Do Not Like Version 3

Dec 16, 2010

So I installed the latest Thunderbird security update without bothering to check what version it was and found that I had "up"graded from 2 to 3. Despite selecting 'no synchronization' on all my archived Gmail labels it still started downloading many gigabytes of archived email. In Thunderbird 2 I had just the headers of the archive and that suited me fine. So a warning about installing the latest updates without checking and a question: Is there a Thunderbird 2 package for slackware 13.1?

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Slackware :: Is There GnomeSlackBuild Version That Runs Stable Under 13.37?

Jul 8, 2011

It seems that the edition of GnomeSlackBuild for Slackware 13.37 has not been published yet ?Does the current run stable ? or the old version ?

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Slackware :: Sample Driver Incompatibility With GCC Version

Mar 18, 2010

I am trying to install a SDK into my linux machine...but the GCC version used to build the kernel for that particular SDK on the target machine is different from the GCC version I am using. How to overcome this problem without any need for me to change my GCC version?

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