Slackware :: Building Mumble 1.2.2 On Slackware - Current 64?

Jan 10, 2011

I'm very keen on getting Mumble installed on my slackware -current 64 bit install. I found a slackbuild script for 12.2 here, but changing the version number resulted in failure. I also tried following the build instructions on the Mumble website, which failed with the following.

neil@slackbox:~/Downloads/mumble/mumble-1.2.2$ qmake -recursive
Reading /home/neil/Downloads/mumble/mumble-1.2.2/src/mumble11x/
WARNING: /home/neil/Downloads/mumble/mumble-1.2.2/src/mumble11x/ Variable LIBPATH is deprecated; use QMAKE_LIBDIR instead.
WARNING: /home/neil/Downloads/mumble/mumble-1.2.2/src/mumble11x/ Variable LIBPATH is deprecated; use QMAKE_LIBDIR instead.


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Slackware :: Errors Building Mjpegtools Slackbuildj On Mulilib-current

Jan 10, 2010

I've been trying to build mjpegtools 1.9.0 on multilib current and it fails everytime with: PHP Code:


I've searched for maybe a newer version than 1.9.0 and it doesn't seem to exist. I'm not sure what direction to go with this.

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Slackware :: ORBit2 Slackbuild Fails When Building 32 Bit Package On Current Multilib

Apr 10, 2010

I am trying to build ORBit2 as a dependency for GConf and then google-chrome.

This is a multilib system and I want 32 bit chrome.

Both my 64 bit and compat32 packages are all current as of today per

I have edited the Slackbuild as follows:


The build fails each time with:


I am using the newest version of ORBit2 as the above indicates, but this is just to see if the newer package would build. The X.X.17 version failed with the same output.

I have run:


I've had no problems building this package with current in a pure 64 bit environment.

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Slackware :: Using Mumble 1.2.2 - No Sound And Microphone Not Working

Mar 28, 2011

I used Mumble 1.2.2 for a while on my Slackware 13.1 system without any problems. After some time (before 1.2.3 was released) it suddenly stopped working. A few days ago, I wiped my disk and re-installed Slackware 13.1. Compiling 1.2.3 worked. Running it just stopped with a "FUTEX"-Error. I searched the source code for futex (with "-i" parameter) and didn't found anything. There were matches in the compiled object files. So, it's probably something with Qt.

Then I compiled Mumble 1.2.2 and run it. Worked. But it didn't find my microphone. I can hear everybody else but I cannot talk. I tried every device but there is no sound. If I activate the microphone in alsaconfig I can hear myself, so the microphone seems to work. A few minutes ago, I compiled Mumble 1.2.3. You know what? It runs without any "FUTEX_WAIT" error. But, the microphone does not work.

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Slackware :: Install Mumble 1.2 On 13 - Missing Dependencies?

Feb 1, 2010

who to install mumble 1.2 on slackware 13 i can't install, missing dependencies, tx. hola alguien sabe como instalar mumble 1.2 en slackware 13? no encuentro las dependencias, gracias

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Slackware :: HDMI Sound After Building A New Kernel ( Slackware 13.1 )?

Aug 21, 2010

I'm currently trying to install unRaid on Slackware following this tutorial :[URL].. I'm new to Linux and after many hours, i finally managed to build the new kernel for unRAID ( But audio on HDMI port doesn't work I tried alsaconf without success. HDMI sound works when i boot into the old kernel.

My codecs are :

root@unraid:~# cat /proc/asound/Intel/code* | grep Codec
Codec: Realtek ALC888
Codec: Intel G45 DEVIBX
lspci -v:


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Slackware :: Lost Wireless Keybord And Mouse Upgrading Slackware Current

Oct 24, 2010

Lost my wireless keyboard and mouse upgrading slackware current.Boot seems to be normal.I just can't login, cause have no keyboard.

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Slackware :: Alfa Awus036h Slackware Current Dhcpcd Won't Connect

Feb 5, 2011

slackware-current kernel for instance if i just want to connect to wep ap. i done


it says waiting for carrier and it just time out, im wondering why i read somwhere that its not working good with slackware 13.1

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Slackware :: Image / Icon Trouble After Slackware-current Upgrade

Jan 22, 2010

I recently upgraded to slackware-current from Slackware 13 via slackroll, and have only encountered one problem. My file manager no longer thumbnails images, and icons (mostly PNG) aren't appearing no matter what GTK theme is set. Running from the command line produces no errors, and when brought up in something else (say feh /path/to/icon.png) it works perfectly. This is the only hitch I have encountered so far. The same thing happens with emoticons in Pidgin. Does anyone know of a fix?

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Slackware :: Slackware Current Installpkg Line 59 Rev Command Not Found

Feb 28, 2011

First time I've done this in awhile Upgrading my Slackware64 -current VM, following the standard routine that has always worked in the past -


slackpkg clean-system
slackpkg install-new
The clean-system removed 2 packages -

Installpkg will no longer work, complaining that the rev command is not found. The problem hit with the removal of util-linux-ng. I cp'd util-linux to ~/. Extracted with tar and executed the doinstall. Fixed.

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Slackware :: Slackware Current 64 Bit Wine Sound - Error: Alsa:ALSA_CheckSetVolume Could Not Find '{PCM,Line} Playback Volume' Element

Mar 22, 2011

after update to slackware current 4 days ago i cant get sound working in wine in starcraf 2 i mean i got sound in instalation but not in game and i get error when i wanna configure sound in winecfg

err:alsa:ALSA_CheckSetVolume Could not find '{PCM,Line} Playback Volume' element
err:alsa:ALSA_CheckSetVolume Could not find '{PCM,Line} Playback Volume' element
err:alsa:wine_snd_pcm_recover underrun occurred
err:alsa:wine_snd_pcm_recover underrun occurred

in game i dont got that error but sound dont work btw my sound card is asus xonar essence stx

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Slackware :: Can't Boot Updated Kernel Slackware Current

Jan 5, 2010

I updated my kernel in slackware current but can't install lilo, when i was with my old kernel it gave an error about not finding the sda drives (they were named hda before the upgrade).I booted into the slackware 13.0 dvd and modified fstab and lilo.conf replacing hda with sda but lilo still gives an error of not finding sda drives.How can i install lilo so i can boot into my sistem??

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Slackware :: Graphics Not Loading After Upgrading To Slackware-Current

Feb 26, 2011

I've upgraded Slackware-13.1 I had installed to Slackware-Current using a local tree I had download with script, but when I rebooted I could not get the graphics to load. I think it's because I've also modified /etc/groups and add an username after audio: and video: group, but I forgot that and had to remove slackware from the machine.

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Slackware :: How Should Proprietary ATI Driver Be Installed On Slackware Current 64-bit?

May 15, 2010

I've tried a few different ways to install the ATI graphics driver "fglrx" to get 3D acceleration.If I try to install using the standard file "" from the ATI web site it appears to work but then I discover it actually got an error.I saw a reference to ATI requiring 32-bit libraries to install their 64-bit driver. Is there a link or post that explains how to add the 32-bit libraries. Will that solve the problem, or will I just waste more time trying that?

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Slackware :: Unable To Excludes.txt And

Feb 1, 2011

I use Alien Bob's with an excludes.txt to only download the parts of current that I want. Unfortunately it is not working for part of the exclude.txt file and I am at a loss to know why.

The excludes.txt is




This ignores e/ f/ y/ testing/ pasture/ source/ and usb-and-pxe-installers/ It also ignores most of kdei/ and /extra It is meant to ignore most of extra/source and just download the source for flash-player-plugin, but it is ignoring all of extra/source/, however the same syntax is working for kdei/ and extra/.

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Slackware :: Slackware Current Freezes At Splash Screen / Fix It?

Mar 16, 2011

I have been using slackware since version 10.1 and really like it. I have never had a problem until lately, version 13.1 has been stable as a rock for me. The first 2 or 3 updates to current ran well but then the problem started. After installation Slackware would get to the splash screen and bring up the first picture of a disk drive then just hang and never go any further. I do have a good burn on the dvd, have checked the md5 and burned at 4x. then slack 13.37 does the same thing. this is on 4 different computers with several different video boards.

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Slackware :: Building Erlang-otp In Slackware 13.37?

May 21, 2011

I'm trying to build erlang-otp using slackbuild script from I've got these errors while building:

checking lex output file root... configure: error: cannot find output from flex; giving up
configure: error: /bin/sh '/tmp/SBo/otp_src_R14B01/lib/megaco/./configure' failed for megaco/.
configure: error: /bin/sh '/tmp/SBo/otp_src_R14B01/lib/configure' failed for lib
GNU flex is in system, so I have no idea what has goes wrong. Maybe someone know the issue?

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Slackware :: Chatzilla Add-on In Seamonkey In Slackware-current?

Mar 22, 2011

This is not an earth-shattering issue, but, something I've recently noticed with the Chatzilla add-on for Seamonkey in Slackware-current. Maybe it is just my problem.If I add Chatzilla to FF 4.0 everything works as expected, that is, when I launch Chatzilla the default start-up window shows up with a list of IRC servers to click on (freenode being my favourite).

However,when I click on Chatzilla in Seamonkey I get a blank window that shows up, there is no server list. I noticed that the window in Chatzilla went blank for Seamonkey recently after a -current update (maybe a library issue?)

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Slackware :: How To Do A 'fresh Install' Using Slackware -current

Mar 25, 2011

I wish to do a fresh install of Slackware without KDE. I could use my Slackware 13.1 DVD but I thought, why not give -current at try? Is there a -current ISO or must I install 13.1, without KDE, and then upgrade to -current? Or, is it possible to remove 'all things KDE' and then upgrade to -current?

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Slackware :: Slackware Current KDE 4.5.5 Desktop Upside Down?

Feb 21, 2011

i just updated my slackware to current, and every time i try to log in in my kde session my desktop is upside down.i mean literally everything is upside down, the only way i can have a usable desktop is with the "fail-safe session" of kde option on kdm which is what i'm using right now.does anybody know how can i solve this?i would post a snapshot of the upside down desktop but i can't do anything when i'm using it. fonts, windows, panels, icons everything is upside down..i solved this, just reinstalled the nvidia drivers and everything is goood again

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Slackware :: X11 Mouse Frozen In Slackware-current?

Feb 25, 2011

I'm running slackware-current in a virtual machine on virtualbox 4, 512 mb ram, 1gb swap.Everything works fine, except the x11 mouse. Xfce will start up fine, and show the 'tips and tricks' dialog, and then freeze. I can't change to a TTY, or click. The mouse moves, but doesn't click.

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Slackware :: Take Current Windows7 (x64) Setup And Make It Into A Dual-boot Setup With Slackware 13.0?

Jan 24, 2010

I'm trying to take my current windows7 (x64) setup and make it into a dual-boot setup with slackware 13.0 (x32) and am hitting a brickwall. I guess I would like to know if I can salvage the situation without formating my windows drive. I fully intend to, but I had hoped to not do it this month. I'd like to get dual boot going so I can master it and acquire all the files/drivers I'll want and then format and do it 100% right next time.

Currently I have windows setup on a 3x 500gb Raid0 onboard array which itself has been flawless. After I shrunk my current partition size to give me about 25gb of free space I proceeded to setup Linux, and I was unable to perform the cfdisk portion for partitioning the array for Linux.

I tried using cfdisk:
/dev/hdx (a1-a3,b1-b3)
/dev/sdx (a1-a3,b1-b3)

I even attempted to locate with: cat proc/partition and tried using cfdisk on every device it located. It always said it was either an unknown partition table and should I start at zero, or bad partition. I was of course too concerned over my windows setup (which has almost 1tb of stuff I have not backed up) to go any further into the unknown.

PS: I have used Slackware before, back at 8.1, 10, and even a very brief interlude at 12.0, this is my first attempt on this computer however with 13.0, it is currently running fine on my laptop and my PS3 (Laptop is even dual booting 7/Slack13. Albeit without raid)

Phenom 9850
M2N-SLI Deluxe (Nvidia AM2)
4x1gb of 1066 kingston hyperX
3x500gb WD Caviar Black Sata2 3.0

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Slackware :: Building A Guest OS In Xen?

Sep 14, 2010

I would request for a step by step procedure for building a slackware 13 guest OS in xenserver 5.6

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Slackware :: How To Update The Aaa_elflibs "slackware-current"

Apr 22, 2011

better to be ignorant now, than a lifetime ...What better way to update the aaa_elflibs "slackware-current" now?

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Software :: Building Nspluginwrapper On Slackware 13.1?

Jan 2, 2011

I did some research and located a nice packaging script "nspluginwrapper.SlackBuild" so I decided to go that route and build a Slackware package for nspluginwrapper. The error I get is the inability to find /usr/include/gnu-32.h when it is building the nspluginviewer. Not realizing that the viewer is what is used by the Browser I edited the configure script to not build that piece and it worked fine after that but of course that defeated what I was trying to do. What it looks like is that I need to have 32 bit headers or both headers and libraries installed to be able to build the viewer. I just want to use the acrobat reader plugin in Firefox. Would someone please provide an explanation of what I need to do to build nsplguinwrapper viewer?

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Slackware :: Error Building Gtk+-2.22.0 From Source

Jan 5, 2011

I tried building but got errors at the end.

make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

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Slackware :: Lilypond Error When Building

Oct 1, 2009

I've just tried to compile lilypond using a fresh SlackBuild from site.

I have all deps and I use current Slackware that was gradually upgraded using all current packages since version 12.2. So I call it "version 13".

After a minute or so I got this ugly sentence:

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Slackware :: Src2pkg - Building Xorgxserver 1.8 ?

May 10, 2010

Im having problem building xorg-xserver 1.8 with src2pkg

Heres src2pkg build script:


error that im getting is :


What am i doing wrong? sysconfdir=/etc directive is inside the script.

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OpenSUSE :: Install Mumble And Create A Mumble-server On Computer

Apr 10, 2011

A few days ago I decided to install mumble and create a mumble-server on my computer. So far the network requirements have been met, I have forwarded the necessary ports, etc.. etc... The only problem is mumble-server. As soon as I install it, if I restart my computer and run the terminal command

Code: $ murmurd The servers starts and the database (murmur.sqlite) and log (murmur.log) files are created. As for the ini file, I am able to specify an ini file found in my /home/MYUSERNAME directory, it will use that ini file. The server will be up, and me and my friends will be able to use it. I can kill the server and restart it without a problem. As soon as my computer is restarted, if i run the murmurd command this appears, whereas before nothing appeared unless i forced the server to stay attached to the terminal.


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Slackware :: Building Mesa-7.8.1 With Osmesa Support?

May 28, 2011

I'm using Slackware 13.1, just messing around with some stuff before I upgrade to 13.37. I really want to get a decent build of Desmume working, but the 3D engine for it requires OSMesa to be enabled. I've removed the initial Mesa package that I installed from the Slackware DVD and I'm trying to recompile mesa-7.8.1 so that OSMesa is available for the system. However, I keep running into problems.


./configure --enable-gl-osmesa

When I run those options for the configure command and compile it, Mesa builds alright and gives me a working libGL just fine. It also gives me libOSMesa. Yet, when I compile Desmume to specifically use OSMesa, its configure script says that it can't find OSMesa at all. But running ldconfig -p, the output shows in /usr/lib. The symlink is up to date too, and I've recreated it several times.


./configure --with-driver=osmesa

When I build Mesa using these configure options, I don't get libGL (well, that's expected, the manual says as much will happen). But apparently libOSMesa is installed just fine. When I went to compile Desmume, no gripes about OSMesa, but Desmume needs both libGL and OSMesa to work properly.

So my question is, how can I install Mesa so that I have OpenGL and OSMesa working together? I've been able to get one working, but not both. I don't know how to get OpenGL on Slackware without using the Mesa package, but the package isn't cooperating. I'm on Intel graphics too.

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