Slackware :: Thunderbird Links No Longer Working

Dec 24, 2010

So, approx 2 weeks ago, clicking on links in Thunderbird stopped working. There is no response in the browser whether it is open or not. I am able to paste the links to the browser just fine. Being congenitally lazy, I would rather just click them. I have upgraded to the latest version of Thunderbird and have the same issue. I have tried using Swiftfox, Firefox and Opera - all give the same non-response.

Am not getting any error messages, the links just do not open. Can't find any settings relevant to this issue.Any bright ideas out there?

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OpenSUSE :: Thunderbird Links Is Not Working

Mar 10, 2010

All of a sudden, when I click on a link in Thunderbird, nothing happens, where it used to open a tab in Firefox. Left clicking and selecting "open in browser" also doesn't work.I checked in Firefox to make sure I had it set as my default browser, but when I click on an html file it opens in Konquerer. Is there another setting I should change?

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OpenSUSE :: 11.2 - Thunderbird Version 3 Update Links Not Working

Feb 7, 2010

When the update on Open Suse 11.2 is going to happen for Thunderbird version 3. The current version (links don't work to open on default browser.
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:
Gecko/20091130 SUSE/3.0.0-1.1.1 Thunderbird/3.0

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Slackware :: Get Lightening Working With Thunderbird On A 13.1 Multilib System?

Sep 26, 2010

how to get Lightening working with Thunderbird on a 13.1 multilib system.

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Slackware :: Auto Mount Is No Longer Working On -current?

Mar 5, 2011

I stuck a flash drive into a usb port this morning, and the device notifier failed to show. I opened Dolphin, and I noticed that nothing that should be mounted was showing up in the left pane. I always have seen my Windows install, as well as another partition that has Slackware. I can navigate to /mnt/vista and its all there. I can also go to /mnt/Slackware and its all there. However, the flash drive does not show.I can manually mount the drive and all is well as root. I can't even tell you when this started. I am using Alien's 4.6 KDE packages with all the deps. I just opened mc and checked everything. HAL is disabled and has been for a long time. All did work after disabling HAL.Its not just the flash drive, it effects anything - music cds, blank media, nothing works automagically. Google hasn't

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Slackware :: Printer No Longer Working With Latest CUPS Package

Mar 7, 2010

after looking at this thread [URL]... i found out that my printer is no longer working with the latest CUPS package (in -Current). I tried to delete the printer and re-adding it again with the same driver, but it failed with an error message: Bad device-uri "cnij_usb:/dev/usb/lp0"! I have tried to use the driver provided by Canon or by the automatic detection by CUPS, but it ended with the same results

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OpenSUSE :: Cannot Open Links From Thunderbird In Firefox 4

Mar 27, 2011

I cannot open links from thunderbird in firefox 4. In kde I have set firefox 4 as default browser. OpenSuse 11.4 KDE 4.6.0.

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OpenSUSE :: Thunderbird Does Not Open Links In Firefox / Fix It?

Aug 6, 2011

After upgrading my TB to 5.0 it does not open links in Firefox anymore.
I have check all my settings and they seem to be fine. Firefox is default browser, clicking a link should open a new tab in Firefox
but id does not work.
What happens is that when I click a link it starts/opens Firefox but with empty address bar.
I need to manually copy link location and paste it manually in Firefox.

What to do to fix it?

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Not Opening Links In Firefox?

Mar 30, 2010

I have been having trouble getting Thunderbird to open links within my emails. When a link is clicked there is no response at all. I am running firefox version 3.6.2 and Thunderbird 3.0.3. After surfing the interweb and the forums I have tried setting the default browser through Firefox itself and through the preferred applications GUI in Ubuntu with no luck. I have gone into the about:config for Thunderbird and added the following lines: /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

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Ubuntu :: Getting Thunderbird To Open Links With Chromium?

Jan 19, 2011

I'm having trouble getting Thunderbird to open links using Chromium (chromium-browser).

The default browser is now set to chromium-browser in KDE system settings. I've also tweaked the Thunderbird config and https settings to use chromium-browser or /usr/bin/chromium-browser.

Despite this, Thunderbird keeps opening links in Firefox. I'm bewildered as to why.

One thought is possibly an old GNOME system setting (there are .gconf and .gnome2 directories in my home directory, though I no longer use GNOME or have it installed on my system). But I don't know and I would have thought the Thunderbird config would have overridden that in any case.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: HTTP Links In Thunderbird Doesn't Work

Jun 29, 2011

after updating to fedora 15, the http links in Thunderbird doesn't work.I have tried many solutions, but without result.
- in prefs.js add :user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox");
user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox");
user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox");- I have tried it with KDE and GNOME.
- move .thunderbird to .thunderbird.backup and reopen thunderbird. But still same problem.
- When I create a new user it works correctly! So I think it must be related to the update.
- I also change the default application (in System Settings) to google-chrome and Opera. But no result.
- http-links in other application (dolphin, nautilus, ...) works correctly

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Ubuntu :: Resources Links Don't Work Any Longer?

Oct 23, 2010

Since I've moved the /home directory to a new mountpoint

(UUID=160b687f-3e30-472e-97c2-7fd6149ec2a0 /home ext4 nodev,nosuid 0 2 in the fstab menu)

I have troubles with the links on the places menu. all the links there that point to /home or to one of its subdirectories don't work any longer.

The links to usb drivers and other places work just fine.

I've tried reinstalling xdg and gnome-menu, but no success.

if I do cat .xsession-errors right after trying to click on one of the links in the menu this is what I see:

giulio@giulio:~$ cat .xsession-errors
/home/giulio: /home/giulio: is a directory

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Won't Open Http Links In Browser / Only Https

Apr 30, 2010

When I click on an http link in Thunderbird, nothing at all happens. There's no error message on the console, there's no new browser starting, and there's no new tab opening with the browser already running.

I've tried: sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser, choosing firefox.I've also tried: adding a new string value to Thunderbird's warranty-voiding config:, with a value of /usr/bin/firefox. This was recommended in various threads.But no luck.There's an entry for https - firefox on the Attachment tab of the preferences, and https links are indeed opening in Firefox. But not http.KDE 4.4.2 itself has default mail client and browser set to Thunderbird 3.0.4 and Firefox 3.6.3 (both from the repositories, no website downloads).

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird No Longer Starts

May 25, 2010

I have been running thunderbird. successfully for some time now under Hardy. This morning I tried to run it and I get the "wait" indication but then nothing. I looked in my home folder and the folder .mozilla-thunderbird seems to be liked to .thunderbird, but both are listed in red and black. (Doesn't sound good.) I saw a similar bug for a newer version of thunderbird, but the symptoms in my case seem different.

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Slackware :: KDE Takes Longer And Longer To Load

Sep 19, 2010

I experience this since kde 4, but it never really was that bad because once in a while on updating kde I also deleted the .kde folder in my home-folder and everything was fast again.

But I haven't done this for a while now and kde take really long to load. Is there any folder to clean up there without deleting the whole .kde-folder and loosing all my settings again?

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Fedora :: Thunderbird No Longer Switches To Firefox On Embedded Link

Jun 15, 2010

I just recently installed F13 with Thunderbird 3.0.4 and Firefox 3.6.3 and have noticed that when I click on an embedded web link in a message that it no longer switches app windows to FireFox. On F12 if I did the above the focus would switch to Firefox once a new tab was opened and the site was accessed. Now the focus remains on the message and the tab for Firefox on the bottom panel just flashes. Is there a way to get the old behaviour back? I've checked both apps preferences as well as gnome's preferred apps but nothing changes. I am using the same profile folders from F12 as well as all of my app settings in /home.

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Ubuntu :: Printers And Scanners Have Disappeared, And Thunderbird Will No Longer Load?

Jan 14, 2011

Now it seems as though all of my printers and my scanners have disappeared, also thunderbird will not open anymore. I find this very strange.. I can't even think of why this would happen.--When I start thunderbird it says starting thunderbird then does nothing.. if I try to start it again it says that it's already running.. which it is not..I have all of my updates updated.. You are using Ubuntu 11.04 - the Natty Narwhal - released in April 2011 and supported until October 2012.

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Slackware :: Getting Any Links To 13 Iso Image?

Feb 17, 2010

Is there any links to Slackware 13 iso image? At official site there is a folder with subfolders, so I have to download them file by file.

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Slackware :: Opera 10.60 Very Slow To Start New Links

Jul 8, 2010

I've been using Opera 10.11 on two different computer systems, two different locations (work & home), and two different Slackware versions (13 & 13.1 current). Opera 10.11 runs very quickly on both. After upgrading to Opera 10.60, I now find that linking to new web pages takes 5 to 10 seconds, but returning to a previous page is almost instantaneous.

I've tried installing 10.60 using slackbuilds and Opera's installer - both give the same results. I've since reverted to Opera 10.11. why it is so slow to open web pages? Opera 10.60 for Win7 works great, so what happened to the Linux version?

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Slackware :: Src2pkg Auto Library Links

Apr 1, 2011

auto generated files when using the -A switch.

The file will contain link removal and generation for libraries in the package eg.

When upgrading to a new version of the app, the library name might change eg.

So the links that creates is now incorrect. ie. the link is now dead because it points to a file that does not exist. Does one have to regenerate .src2pkg and resulting when using a new version of the package or is there another way to have regenerated without redoing .src2pkg?

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Fedora :: Links In Evolution Not Working

May 26, 2011

Fedora 15, when I click on a link in Evolution email, Firefox opens OK, but does not go to the link but to the home page.Any work-arounds please or is this a bug?

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Ubuntu :: Links Not Working In Evolution

May 26, 2010

Clicking on a link in an email does not work.Is there a setting I'm missing?TBird seems to work fine.

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Ubuntu :: 3rd Party Links Not Working?

Aug 7, 2010

Links from third party applications do not work any more. When I go to click on links from PDF,s or from Pino or KeePass nothing happens. I've tested different browsers Opera, Chrome, Midori etc same thing links just don't work from third party apps.


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General :: Links Command Not Working

Nov 23, 2010

I read and saw a video that says that typing in 'links' command followed by a website, will open a site in terminal.

However, when I type in the links command, terminal returns the error 'bash: links: command not found'.

What package or library needs to be installed to get this command to work.

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Slackware :: Doesn't Seem To Support Ssl Connections - Links-2.3pre1-x86_64-1 And Ssl?

Mar 15, 2011

I am using slackware64-current. I have installed the package links-2.3pre1-x86_64-1 and I love it. I launch it from the command line with the "links -g" switch and it can display pictures, it's great, but it doesn't seem to support ssl connections.

Am i doing something wrong or do I need another build? I know that in the past there used to be two different binaries, is it still so? Where can I find a ssl-enabled binary for 64 bit without need to recompile?

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Ubuntu Servers :: PHP Relative Links Not Working?

Dec 26, 2010

I just set up LAMP with PHP. PHP is working fine. I set up a folder with the files. Then I modified the config file to this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
DocumentRoot /home/stefano/public_html/
<Directory /home/stefano/public_html/>
Options FollowSymLinks


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Ubuntu :: Links Browser Script - Automatically Fills In The Credentials On The Links Login Page?

Dec 6, 2010

At my Uni, we use a web-based login for our internet connections. Its based off of Cisco, and every Wednesday night every computer on campus must re-enter their credentials to use the network.

Normally on my several computers I simply pull up the Terminal, point links to using


And enter my credentials when Cisco redirects to the login page.

Literally, the process is


Then ENTER to accept the redirect, down arrow to skip over the logo image, USERNAME, ENTER, PASSWORD, ENTER, ENTER.

Naturally, this is EXTREMELY time consuming, as I have about 5 computers located around campus and must physically walk to the machines and login every single week.

My question is, How would I formulate a program that does the following;

1) checks for connectivity (i.e. is able to reach/resolve to the greater part of the internet) and

2) automatically fills in the credentials on the links login page?

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OpenSUSE :: Evolution Mail In KDE 4.3.3 - Email-links Not Working?

Nov 19, 2009

I have switched from Gnome 11.1 to KDE 11.2 but am still using Evolution Mail as I could not figure out a straightforward way to move my large email base to KDE PIM. When I click on a link in emails, I get the message "failed to execute child process epiphany".I am using Opensuse 11.2 64-bit, KDE 4.3.3 Evolution Gnome

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Ubuntu :: Symbolic Links Not Working In Samba From Windows And Mac?

Apr 6, 2010

If you have some directories shared that contain symbolic links that are NOT being resolved by the client machine, try adding these lines to your /etc/samba/smb.conf file:

follow symlinks = yes
wide symlinks = yes
unix extensions = no

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Programming :: Scripting : Change Markdown Links To Wikitext Links?

Feb 3, 2009

I have a personal wiki of notes, with now thousands of links in markdown format:

[link text](

but now that fckeditor is available for mediawiki (very beta), it has become much better to just stick with wikitext format. There are only a few conversions to do: tables, links, and bulleted lists. The lists are a fairly simple regex and fckeditor magically reformats the tables, so all I'm left with is the links. But I'm not a regex master. How do I reformat code...

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