Slackware :: Intel Graphics / Vertical Lines From Xpdf/gv Under Xterm Stick To Xterm Window Making It Unreadable?

Jun 13, 2011

Start xpdf or gv. Click an xterm to be active and slide it over xpdf/gv. Vertical lines from xpdf/gv under the xterm stick to the xterm window above and make it unreadable.

The problem does NOT show with KDE default settings with display effects on but does show in fvwm, xfce etc, and in KDE without effects.

On a system with a Sandy Bridge integrated graphics (i5-2400) the problem went away by downgrading to xf86-video-intel-2.13.0. But it was not enough for another system with 945G which needed downgrading to xf86-video-intel-2.12.0.

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General :: Xterm And Nedit Have Unreadable Font When Running On Bare X?

Apr 1, 2011

Title says it all.The font is unreadably garbled and missing pieces of text.I will try to post a picture but I do not know if I can since I am posting from links2.

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General :: How To Copy Things In Xterm And Paste Them Outside Of Xterm

May 2, 2011

i have fluxbox and i need to know how to copy things in xterm and paste them outside of xterm.

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Ubuntu :: Xterm XT Error: Can't Open Display: Xterm: Display Is Not Set

Aug 20, 2010

I've just installed xterm, ant trying to run it from my windows machine using ssh. I have X11Forwarding yes on /etc/ssh/sshd_config when I use, MobaXterm, np, I can use xterm after I log ssh -X xxx

but when I use Cygwin, and do ssh -X xxx, and then xterm, I have: xterm XT error : Can't open display: xterm: Display is not set

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Software :: Configure Xterm Colors If Xterm Can Support 256 Colors?

Jul 3, 2009

I have a xterm which can have 256 colors. How can I configure the prompt colors and ls output colors to take advantages of the 256 color values?

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General :: TWM - Bring Xterm To Front On Clicking Anywhere In Window

Jan 12, 2011

What should I put in my .twmrc, so that an xterm window is brought to front (raised) when I click anywhere in the window. Currently, I have to click on the title bar to bring it to front. Presently, I don't have any .twmrc in my Home folder.

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General :: Kill A Xterm Instance In Tiny Window Manager Using Mouse Pointer?

Aug 10, 2010

The only way I know is to use exit command to come out.

Is there some way to close the Xterm windows using the GUI (the mouse pointer)? Killing a lot of windows would be easier that way.

I am using Tiny Window Manager.

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Slackware :: Cyrillic Fonts In Xterm?

Apr 1, 2011

I have RAR archive including some files using Russian file names and I?m unable to display them properly in xterm window in my Slackware 13.1. Instead of the Cyrillic letters I see questions marks, for example ??.txt?.I tried four methods:

xterm -en iso-8859-5 -fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-iso8859-5
xterm -en koi8-r -fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-koi8-r


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Slackware :: 12.2 - Firefox 3.5.6 - Go Into A KDE Konsole Xterm

Jan 1, 2010

I'd try here first, since I am running slackware, though it's a firefox problem ... To verify bug, just go into a KDE konsole xterm, and do

[13:35 ~]$ mkdir ~/ffbug
[13:35 ~]$ touch ~/ffbug/_$'31'_
[13:35 ~]$ firefox file://$(echo ~)/ffbug &

(This assumes you didn't already have a ~/ffbug directory, and you have firefox 3.5.6 installed -- the prior firefox id not have this problem) What you will probably see is firefox trying to display a listing of the ~/ffbug directory, but instead showing an error message: XML Parsing Error: not well-formed. I posted this in the mozillazine forum, where it got read 20 times, but no response.

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Slackware :: Get Jump And Scan Option For Xterm?

Jan 21, 2010

xterm is scanning lines one by one.It takes time.I did jumpScroll: true ,but it results same. But rxvt is better comparing this. Where would i get the global configuration file for rxvt and xterm?

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Slackware :: Resize The Windows Such As Xterm And Firefox?

Jan 11, 2011

Just can't resize xterm or any windows such as firefox. In xterm it seems using the button in the up-right corner could resize the window's width, not height.

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Slackware :: How To Turn On System Bell In XTerm

Apr 11, 2010

I'm trying to turn on the system bell (pc speaker) in xterm. I have the bell working in console (text mode, not under X), and with X running, even firefox can use the pc speaker (it beeps, when I enter a search term which is not found). Only xterm doesn't seem to work.

Here is my xterm config, and the xset command I'm trying to use to turn the bell on:
xterm*renderFont: true
xterm*faceName: Terminus
xterm*faceSize: 12

xterm*loginShell: true
!xterm*Geometry: 102x48+0+0
xterm*Geometry: 102x48
xterm*scrollBar: false

xterm*background: black
xterm*foreground: white
!xterm*highlightColor: red
xterm*charClass: 46-47:48

xterm*visualBell: false
xset b on
xset bell 100 1000 1000

If I run xterm with the +vb option, it doesn't help either (I'm testing it with printf "a"). What am I missing? How can I make xterm use my pc speaker as bell?

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Slackware :: Xterm Variants - Configuring Widgets

Apr 10, 2010

Just upgrading to 13.0, and one thing I had in KDE 3.5 was a larger (normal) sized xterm, and a smaller sized one. The small sized ones are handy for CL scripts and don't chew up as much screen-estate.

I know I can change defaults in .xinitrc, but I don't know how to make a widget for the small xterm.

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Ubuntu :: Graphics / GUI 10.04 - Skin Flickered Black / Green A Few Times Then White Vertical Lines Started Appearing Down From The Top Of The Screen

Aug 3, 2010

Ever since the problem with Flash started up a few days ago, (Videos Lagging/jumpy/jerky horridly.) I decided to finally switch from 9.10 to 10.04...all was going well until a few minutes ago while I was browsing themes and running Konversation, the skin flickered black/green a few times then white vertical lines started appearing down from the top of the screen to about the middle, (Almost looked like the teeth on a haircomb). I had to then shutdown and restart. What id like to know is are the two connected (My earlier flash problem and this) or how I can fix it, so far it hasn't happened again but I'm starting to worry, I've never had problems with Ubuntu until a few weeks ago.

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Slackware :: Vim Colours Change Slightly In Xterm When A Key Is Pressed?

May 4, 2011

I'm having a problem with vim and xterm. When I open a file and press any key, the colour scheme changes slightly. This doesn't happen if I run a 256-colour xterm (export TERM='xterm-256color') but if TERM is set to 'xterm' (the default) I see the colour change. Setting TERM='xterm-256color' in my ~/.bashrc is a "solution", but I'd rather not have to do that since it's never been necessary in the past (e.g., on 13.1) and I don't use any 256-color schemes for vim (usually just the default or possibly "delek"). It doesn't happen with rxvt or with Xfce's terminal. I've tried compiling some other versions of xterm but they either exhibit the same behaviour or don't build. I have tried running without any ~/.vimrc file just to be sure it wasn't one of my settings and I've also tried the sample file at /usr/share/vim/vimrc; the effect is the same.

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Slackware :: XTerm*reverseVideo: True Doesn't Work In KDE?

May 18, 2011

I have the following line in my .Xresources, and it only works when I'm not running KDE:

XTerm*reverseVideo: true When I start up XTerm in Xfce, TWM, or any other window manager, I get the expected black background. When I launch XTerm in KDE, I get a white background, meaning that the reverseVideo setting is not taking effect. When I'm in KDE, launching XTerm with -rv does give me an XTerm with a black background. Obviously, having to add this switch every time I launch an XTerm in KDE is suboptimal, no matter how you try to automate it. Manually running xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources and then launching XTerm immediately afterwards does not make a difference.

If you're wondering why this is a concern, it's because all 256-color vim color schemes (xoria256, desert256, inkpot) require reverseVideo to be set so that XTerm launches with a black background. You get a black-on-black cursor otherwise.

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Slackware :: Vertical Flashing Lines At Start - Not Booting

Apr 24, 2010

I installed the slack 13 in an old Toshiba Qosmio F10, and everything was ok...but then,like 2 or 3 days after,I got a display problem at boot time: the screen is flashing, in vertical lines,so I read 2 letters,and then the next 2 are flashing. And it can't boot. 'Loading the kernel' is the last message.

I tried booting from the slack cd, the huge.s, but I got the same.

The strange is that if I use an old (very old) live cd, Kurumim 4.0, a dead Debian-based Brazilian live-cd, it boots. And then I have the vertical lines in graphic mode, but the notebook works.

I think that this is a hardware problem, but since it works with an old debian livecd,I suppose it should also be bootable with Slack.

EDITED: Ok,I tried Ubuntu and it couldn't boot,but eith the 'grapfical safe mode' it booted.

Since I can't believe that even Ubuntu would boot, but not the Slack, I tried


# VESA frame buffer console @ 640x480x256

and it is the problem must be really hardware, the graphic card..Now I will try some others graphic definitions to see which one is the best

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Software :: Can't Set Xterm Background/foreground Colors Properly Using Slackware?

Aug 19, 2009

I've read about this. Everyone says to use ~/.Xresources or ~/.Xdefaults, and it doesn't work for me. It doesn't do anything at all, in fact. I'm trying to use this:


XTerm*background: black
XTerm*foreground: white

In the ~/.X* files, it won't work. I read that another way of doing it is using


xrdb -merge .x_settings_file

This will work for me. It's the only thing I can get to work. But when I restart, it will have to be done again. I'm using Slackware 12.2.

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Slackware :: How To Change Light Text Color To Dark Green Of Xterm

Jan 3, 2010

How to change light green text color to dark green of xterm? The xterm background is white. Light green texts are not good for white background. I don't want to change the xterm background.

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General :: Close A Remote Disconnected "xterm" Window?

Jun 1, 2010

Using a xterm window to remotely log in and reboot a Redhat server causes the window to "hang" once the remote server reboots and I cannot close the window using Ctrl-D.

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Fedora :: "find" Lockup \ Opening Another Xterm Window And Killing The Listing Command?

Oct 12, 2009

I have a problem that I'm not sure how best to debug. About every other time when I boot my system, I get a condition where listing the files in /root locks up that xterm session.This can be cleared by opening another xterm window and killing the listing command. This happens on "ls -a", "find", "tar" and I think "stat" also. The locked up xterm echo's chararcters but does not respond to any control sequences. This is new with FC11.This has only been seen to happen for root. And once a system is booted with this problem it seems to persist until you get it booted without the problem.

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Slackware :: Terminal Xterm Title Is Too Dynamic (title Doesn't Change Manually)

Aug 21, 2010

So when I upgraded to Slack64 13.1 on my asus MB homebrewed desktop and Slack 13.1 on my compaq presario a900 laptop, I started having issues with the xterm title (in Terminal--not Konsole) being too dynamic. By "too dynamic" I mean that I can't actually change the title. The dynamic title (from my .bashrc) is basically just pwd. Whenever I try to set the title (via terminal->set title (menu)), I changes it for a split second, and then reverts back to the dynamic title.

This is merely a petty annoyance, so to get around it, I added an xtitle function that I grabed somewhere online (just echos "�33]0;$*�07"). So for nano-ing some file, I'd type:xtitle some_file.txt; nano some_file.txt

That works just fine (kind of annoying to type though). running xtitle alone won't actually change the name either though (I'm pretty sure it's the same command as what terminal does anyway). That is, running: xtitle some_file.txt

changes the title for a split second, and the reverts back to my old pwd.What I really want is to have it dynamically name it "some_file.txt" whenever I use nano, but that appears to be a functionality of zsh (with the preexec() fxn).I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if you have a fix for it.

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General :: What Is Xterm And How To Use It

May 14, 2010

I am beginner for linux. I wanted to ask something about xterm.
1. what is xterm?
2. what is the use of xterm and how can we use it.

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Fedora :: No Sound With Xterm

Apr 28, 2011

I have a normal computer installed (F14, 32 bits) with a sound card correctly installed. In a normal configuration into runlevel 5, I can play sound and the sound card is visible from the gnome-volume-control window.
I should modify the computer running a naked X server (without window manager and other stuff) and two applications (an xterm and a special application managing sounds). The last application is a text based application and could run on a text console. I have the X server running because I display picture sent from another computer. Currently the computer boots on runlevel 3 and logs in automatically. If I start manually my special application, it runs fine. I create a .xinitrc script with the xterm command and I change the .bashrc calling xinit. Each application runs well independently. My problem is when I try running my special sound application from the xterm window. I have no sound. If a run the gnome-volume-control command, the program shows that no sound card is available.

I suppose the X server removes the original sound configuration of the text mode during its initialization and could not initialize correctly after that the sound card.

how it is possible to initialize the sound card manually into the X server? Do I need running some gnome command before I can call my application?

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Fedora :: Cant Run As Root From Xterm

May 14, 2011

I am running Fedora 14 and have run into a new problem. If I do either "su -" and enter password, or, "sudo su -" the terminal stops. I put a set -x in roots .bashrc and nothing. Login from a vt works and loging in as root from gdm produces nothing.

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OpenSUSE :: Xterm: DISPLAY Is Not Set

Mar 25, 2010

I use Putty from my machine (named host1) to ssh into an OpenSUSE box (named box1) and would like to have a gui to use. I am trying to issue xterm and am getting the following error:

xterm Xt error: Can't open display:
xterm: DISPLAY is not set

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Ubuntu :: Need Alternative For Xterm

Nov 10, 2010

I'm using Lucid 10.04 and usually ssh to many unix server. I have created aliases with server name, that executes xterm command as below.

I'm getting frustrated by inability to copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts, always have to use middle button. Is there any alternative out there?

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Ubuntu :: Xterm Not Refreshing ?

May 17, 2011

I recently upgraded from xubuntu 9.04 to 11.04, and it seems xterm is either incorrectly configured for the new desktop or not working right. After a bit of typing, xterm stops refreshing, and only the first few chars or words are shown until I manually refresh xterm (then, whatever I'd written shows up correctly).

Steps to reproduce
1. Open xterm, basic command prompt shows up
2. Type "hello, this is a test", xterm only shows "hello, th"
3. Press 'ctrl-l' or click outside the xterm window, xterm updates with full "hello, this is a test"

Already tried dpkg-reconfigure with no success.

Attached is the output from "appres XTerm" and "infocmp"

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General :: Cannot Get Rid Of Xterm Processes

Jul 26, 2010

I had this error when installing and running a vncserver before, which I have now removed. However, the xterm's seem to remain in the system and are regenerating themselves. Should the pid IDs stay the same each time I run this?

[root nxserver]# pidof xterm
15034 15033 15032 15031 15030 15029 15028 15027 15026
[root nxserver]# pidof xterm
15044 15043 15042 15041 15040 15039 15038 15037 15036


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General :: How To Find Out What Xterm Is In Use

Jul 28, 2010

Is there a command to find out on what xterm I am (gnome, kdm, etc)? I currently have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

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