Slackware :: Installed The Latest Changes To Current - X Crashes And Reports A Segmentation Fault, Address Nil

Nov 14, 2010

X crashes and reports a segmentation fault, address nil. I've been using the generic Radeon driver without any problems, until now.

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Slackware :: Xgames Current 13.37 Segmentation Fault

Mar 20, 2011

After and before upgrading xgames i can caught segmentation fault on xsnow:

root@darkstar:/home/init# xsnow -santa
Segmentation fault
From the user account same bug.

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OpenSUSE :: Kaffeine Crashes In 11.3 - Segmentation Fault

Aug 14, 2010

After installing 11.3 as an update from 11.2 Kaffeine was working but Skype was not. Following various suggestions on this site I eventually got Skype working but now Kaffeine crashes every time I try to start it, this is the message I get:

Application: Kaffeine (kaffeine-xbu), signal: Segmentation fault
[Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x7f37268a1760 (LWP 26052))]
Thread 4 (Thread 0x7f37158fb710 (LWP 26054)):
#0 0x00007f3725043709 in pthread_cond_timedwait@@GLIBC_2.3.2 () from /lib64/
#1 0x00007f372612b951 in metronom_sync_loop () from /usr/lib64/
#2 0x00007f372503ea4f in start_thread () from /lib64/
#3 0x00007f3723e2e82d in clone () from /lib64/
#4 0x0000000000000000 in ?? () .....

What it all means in very simple English and what an ignoramus can do to put it right? I should perhaps explain that although I have been using SuSE since version 9 I am totally incapable of understanding terminal work. I have so far managed, to a large extent, by trial and error but it seems that as versions get better it gets more and more difficult to fix problems. The help provided by OpenSUSE is very good but as one gets older it gets more and more difficult to remember instructions so that they can be followed - you need two pc's one being fixed and a working one to provide the instuctions side by side!

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Ubuntu :: Pidgin Crashes With Segmentation Fault

Feb 19, 2010

Using Ubuntu 9.10 & Pidgin 2.5.5 (upgraded from 2.5.2 while writing this post, but it did not fix the problem)This problem appeared after closing pidgin and trying to run it again i.e. restarting it (I have to restart it at some point after a long runtime, but that is another issue), it fully loads up (at least, it looks like it) and then instantly crashes with segmentation fault message. Judging from the first glance on the log, the crash has something to do with the windows live protocol.Of course, I have tried searching the web and this forum for an answer, but could not find any suitable one. There is one solution I have found, that is: (re)moving the .purple folder, but that "solution" is not really an option.

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Software :: Amarok Crashes With Segmentation Fault

Jun 24, 2010

When I try to start amarok, I get a splash screen, and then it crashes with a segmentation fault. I have tried removing the amarok rpm's, and reinstalling it, but that didn't work out. I don't get enough information from the backtrace, but I also can't figure out which packages I need to get more debugging information. I have been subscribed to development repositories, so I guess I have some unstable packages on my system, but don't know which ones. So this is what I get: After starting amarok from Konsole, I get the following output:


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Debian :: Some Apps Suddenly Crashes With Segmentation Fault

Feb 16, 2016

I noticed weird behavior with some of the installed applications. It all started with Guake when I wanted to use it. My shortcut key is F4, I hit F4 and nothing showed up. So I run Guake in terminal, everything fine. Then I hit F4 key and after few seconds Guake crashes with message "Segmentation fault". Nothing more, just that. Then I noticed that Audacity does the same, Gdebi too and even Reportbug app does that (I'm not sure about "segmentation fault", but the app crashes). I don't remember doing anything special or installing any app. All I can think of is this message when booting the system

Code: Select allsystemd[1]: Job rpcbind.service/start deleted to break ordering cycle starting with

No idea, if there is any connection. Is there anyway, how I can maybe see more behind that "Segmentation fault" error? I found history.log in /var/log/apt/, so I'm thinking about looking into it and see if I really did not installed anything. I have a little feeling that it might have started after some update, but I'm not sure about that..

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OpenSUSE :: Thunderbird 3 Crashes Wit A Segmentation Fault Due To Ldap

Dec 29, 2009

I am using openSuse 11.0 and have installed Thunderbird 3 (MozillaThunderbird-3.0.0-15.1) from the mozilla/openSUSE_11.0 repository of the build service. Thunderbird does not start, upon invoking it I get an instant crash with /usr/bin/thunderbird: line 130: 12025 Speicherzugriffsfehler $MOZ_PROGRAM "$@" (Speicherzugriffsfehler is the german equivalent of "segmentation fault"). I do believe, that this problem is somehow caused by some failed LDAP access.

I am using an LDAP-based user account which causes the behaviour described. For testing purposes I created a local user account, which could start thunderbird 3 without a problem. Starting and stopping nscd did not work, neither did the removal of .thunderbird and .mozilla. Here are the final lines of an strace dump:


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OpenSUSE :: 11.4 - Choqok Crashes With Signal 11 Segmentation Fault

Apr 9, 2011

Choqok has been working fine until today. Now, every time I start my computer and boot into openSUSE 11.4 x86-64 Choqok loads asks for the KWallet password which I enter, it then loads, but within seconds it crashes with a signal 11 Segmentation Fault. How do I fix this? It was working the last time my computer was on which was yesterday. I have not changed anything since then.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Totem Crashes With Segmentation Fault

Jul 15, 2010

Yesterday Totem started crashing - the window shows for a second and then dissapears. Reinstalling via synaptic didnt help.Invalid column number 6 added to iter (remember to end your list of columns with a -1)Segmentation fault.I removed all installed gstreamer codecs, and it still crashes, and I now I have no clue why I cant use the app.I`m using a fresh install of Karmik Koala (over my ubuntu 10.04 without a format )

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Crashes On Startup - Segmentation Fault?

Nov 4, 2010

I've been having a bit of trouble with Nautilus for the past few days; as soon as I log in, Nautilus starts opening "Starting file manager" windows uncontrollably, and I have to 'killall nautilus' to stop it.

If I try and run nautilus from the terminal, I'm merely given the output code...

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OpenSUSE :: Okular Crashes - Error Executable PID 4927 Signal: Segmentation Fault(11)

Aug 31, 2011

I got a problem with Okular crashing. This is the error message i get

Excutable okular PID 4927 Signal: Segmentation fault(11)

The PID is a different number each time i try to open a file. What could be causing this.

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CentOS 5 :: Inkscape Installed By Yum - Segmentation Fault

Apr 23, 2010

Inkscape installed by yum. Next is The Xine player. I tried to install it by yum, but it reported depsolving problems with libavcodec52 and libtheora_enc and refused.

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Slackware :: Xfontsel - Segmentation Fault In 13.37

Mar 10, 2011

Upgraded to 13.37 on two machines and both fail to start xfontsel as a user.


~$ xfontsel
Segmentation fault

No problems as root.

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Slackware :: Xorg Segmentation Fault?

Jul 3, 2010

I am using Slackware 13.1 and recently Xorg servercaused segmentation fault under KDE 4.4.3 twice. Here are listings from Xorg.log files

0: X (xorg_backtrace+0x3b) [0x80a1e6b]


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Slackware :: Cannot Print Out Of Thunderbird; Getting A Segmentation Fault Instead?

Jul 9, 2010

Everytime when I click on print, print preview or page setup, thunderbird disappears and I get this error:

/usr/lib64/thunderbird-3.0.5/ line 131: 6569 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"$@"}
Because I very rarely print emails out of thunderbird, I just recognized the error now, but I don't know how


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Slackware :: Rtorrent On RC1 - Caught Segmentation Fault

Mar 11, 2011

After the last batch of upgrades, rtorrent spits the following error:

Caught Segmentation fault, dumping stack:
0 rtorrent(_Z8do_panici+0xc4) [0x439d64]
1 rtorrent(_ZN13SignalHandler6caughtEi+0x32) [0x4726a2]
2 /lib64/ [0x7fe901c380b0]
3 /usr/lib64/ [0x7fe901fb97f6]
4 rtorrent() [0x500041]

I removed rtorrent, libtorrent, libsigc++ and reinstalled them from Ponce's -current repository, but it hasn't helped.

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Slackware :: Firefox Crashed If Want To Print - Segmentation Fault

Nov 4, 2010

I get this segmentation fault if I want to print.
/ line 131: 27751 Segmentation fault
"$prog" ${1+"$@"
I tried firefox 3.6.x .3.5.x 4.x, perhaps it's necessary to know that I've GSB installed. I didn't understand this.

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Slackware :: Program Segmentation Fault When Building With A Slackbuild?

Nov 25, 2010

So I've wanting to try out the new development branch of compiz (0.9). I made some slackbuilds a while back and installed all of the necessary packages for the compiz window manager. However when ever I tried to launch the program using "compiz --replace ccp &" I would get a segmentation fault. I forgot about it but today I decided to give it another go and after a few hours I decided to try and see what would happen if I just built compiz-core from source with out using a slackbuild, and sure enough it now works. I have hacked the script trying different combinations to try and make it work but no matter what I try unless I install from scratch (directly into the tree) it will not work. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this so I can make an actual slack package please let me know. Also I used the main developers forum post as a referencem you can view his instructions here [URL]..

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Slackware :: Exaile Not Starting After Update - Segmentation Fault

Aug 27, 2010

I just installed today's updates (apart from XFCE, which I had installed from Robby's website) and get the following error when I try to start exaile:

INFO : Loading Exaile
INFO : Loading settings...
INFO : Setting up deferred idle manager function...
INFO : Loading plugins...
INFO : Loading collection...
INFO : Loading devices...
INFO : HAL Providers: [<cd.CDHandler object at 0x15c2e50>]
INFO : Loading interface...
/usr/lib64/exaile/xlgui/ GtkWarning: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "thinice", 'ExaileWindow', 'exaile')
Segmentation fault

I'm looking at the changelogs and can't figure out which one is the culprit.

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Slackware :: GFTP Segmentation Fault On Slack 13.0 - No Such File Or Directory

Jan 12, 2011

Does gFTP have any prerequisites other than those listed in its README file?I have a situation similar to this thread from a year ago - Using the gftp package distributed with Slack 13.0, I receive a segmentation fault when trying to launch it.strace reported a truckload of "no such file or directory" errors, generally involving locale files, however the presence (or absence) of the glibc-i18n package has no effect.

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Slackware :: Getting A Segmentation Fault And Cannot Configure A Working Xorg.conf?

Mar 1, 2011

I did fresh install of Slackware64 ver. 13.0 and immediately updated it to slackware-current by following the directions here: far all is normal and functional except for xorg-server.When I did Xorg -configure under ver.13.0, it worked perfectly and detected my nvidia 8800 GTS vidcard and 1440 x 900 lcd monitor.However, after upgrading to "current" and xorg-server-1.9.4, I'm getting a segmentation fault and cannot configure a working xorg.conf.I've been searching xorg seg errors, but haven't found a solution yet.My /var/log/Xorg.0.log:

[ 234.357]
X.Org X Server 1.9.4
Release Date: 2011-02-04


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Ubuntu :: Lbreakout2 Crashes With "segmentation Fault"?

Feb 1, 2011

Wasting too much time with this game the other day, the whole system froze up and I had to do a hard shutdown. Ever since then, the program won't load. No other programs seem to be affected. Tried uninstalling then reinstalling lbreakout2, to no avail.

~$ lbreakout2
LBreakout2 2.6.1
Copyright 2001-2005 Michael Speck
Published under GNU GPL


Of course, this could be nature's little way of telling me I should be doing less nostalgic arcade games and more homework, but still, would love to know if there's a fix for this.

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Slackware :: Latest Updates To -current Broke Alt-tab In Kde

Feb 2, 2011

After applying the 31st Jan and 1st Feb updates to -current (32 bit), alt-tab to switch between windows is no longer working in kde. It seems to lock the desktop and then after a few seconds kde goes back to the login screen. If I disable all desktop effects then alt-tab works again.

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Slackware :: X Crashes With Current (3/1/10)

Mar 4, 2010

I just made a current iso and installed current and when I tried to start X the screen was washed out in a rainbow kaleidoscope pattern. I exited out and ran xorgset and Xorg -configure. Both of these hardlocked my system.

BTW Im using a geforce 8800GT. i tried installed the nvidia driver but it still locks when I run xorgsetup.

I have to go to work, so I will post the logs when I get home

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Slackware :: Radeon DRI Lost After Latest Updates From Current 64bit?

Feb 10, 2010

I installed latest 64bit updates from current and it broke direct rendering for my radeon 9550 card using X11 drivers.Xorg.0.log:

(II) [drm] DRM open master succeeded.
(II) RADEON(0): [drm] Using the DRM lock SAREA also for drawables.


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Slackware :: Libgmp And Libpng Not Found In Latest - Current Upgrades Failed

Mar 1, 2010

libgmp If you found slackpkg failed for this upgrade because of libgmp not found you will need to grab the gmp package and install manually. This way ought to work:


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Slackware :: Latest Mdadm Hasn't Escaped The Attention Of The Gurus For -current?

Dec 25, 2010

I just wanted to make sure the latest mdadm hasn't escaped the attention of the Slackware gurus for -current. I bet it hasn't I'm basically in the same situation as described here:[URL]...

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Slackware :: Krusader Compile Crashes In Current

May 2, 2010

Running slackware-current

The krusader slackbuild crashes on my machine with the following error, see attached.

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Slackware :: Upgrade To Current - Crashes After Reboot

Jan 20, 2010

First: I upgraded my slackware 13.0 last night (Philippine time) to -current. I just download the while current tree (except for source) and copied to my home dir, then do the slackpkg commands.

#1 Added a mirror to my home directory pointing the slackware-current tree.
#2 slackpkg update
#3 slackpkg install-new
#4 slackpkg upgrade-all
#5 slackpkg clean-system
#6 lilo was configured
#7 reboot

It successfully upgraded. Although I'm aware that I have installed openchrome driver and drm kernel module when it was slackware 13.0.

After a reboot, it crashes in between the boot time, if I was not mistaken, I read ACPI something on the bottom of the console, then the screen flickers and goes blank. It locks up there.

By the way, it is a laptop with VIA chipset on it.

(Using the Slackware 13.0 DVD, I booted using hugesmp.s root=/dev/sda3 rdinit= ro for the rescue.)

Trying to fix it by myself (no internet at home) I tried to look at /var/log/messages and cannot find what is the cause (newbie mode). I also tried to disable some services such as hald, httpd, mysqld, bluetooth, wicd, wireless, the old kernel and some others at /etc/rc.d/ by removing the execute bit.

After a restart, still the problem exists.

Now, I finally backup the whole home dir, moved to home-bak and decided to install the fresh slackware-current instead.

Second: I used the 13.0 installer, then setup slackware using the pre-mounted directory containing the slackware-current tree. I only deleted the files except for home-bak and not reformat the drive.

It actually installs, but after the reboot (using the new kernel), still the problem persists.

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Slackware :: X Crashes After Update To -current / Resolve This?

Dec 17, 2010

I recently upgraded to -current from 13.0 on my Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop. It seems to have strange problems since then. The X crashes after sometime if I am running a video in firefox (flash based, say .....) in the full-screen mode. When I am not in the full-screen, it seems to run just fine. A similar thread was posted a few days back ( and I thought I had overcome the problem using one of the suggestions provided, but apparently, I just had not run full-screen videos ever since (and I thought it was solved!). code...

I should mention that, the crash happened when I was running a video chat on gmail in full-screen mode too. I have the Xorg.0.log for that too, if it is going to be helpful. Also, one thing I noticed was that even Ctrl+Alt+b_space does not work when this crash happens!! (so, I have to go ahead and reboot the system using the power button everytime) This I find very strange, since if at all, I should have been able to kill the process and restart X.

This seems to be an extraordinarily long thread, but I have put in whatever I thought could be useful info I should give. I will appreciate any help in resolving this issue.

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