Slackware :: How To Stop Starting Daemons At Boot Time

Dec 28, 2009

How to stop starting daemons at boot time? For example:rc.bluetooth

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Slackware :: Stop At Boot Time To Increase Booting Time?

Mar 5, 2010

It looks,slackware is taking too much time to boot. It's starting daemons at boot time.

What are those daemons that i can stop at boot time to increase booting time?

What's the best way to stop starting daemons at boot time?

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Slackware :: Stop Wicd Daemon At Boot Time?

Feb 20, 2010

If i do

cd /etc/rc.d
chmod 644 rc.wicd
chmod 644 rc.wireless
will it do the job?

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Slackware :: : Automatic START Of 3 Daemons At Boot?

May 17, 2010

I'm loging my slackware as a simple user After each reboot I need to start cupsd for my printer nfsd and mountd to export my shared directories I use init 4 for my desktop I would like these services to start always without the konsol and the command lines.

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Fedora :: 11 Boot Time / System Hangs For A Very Long Time On Starting Udev?

Sep 25, 2009

When booting Fedora 11, my system hangs for a very long time on starting udev. Sometimes I get an I/O error. However, my hardware is fine. I do eventually get in to the system.

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Ubuntu :: Stop A Program From Automatically Starting At Boot?

Jul 10, 2011

A server like Lighttpd or Apache starts automatically at boot after you install it. How do I stop it from auto starting? I'd prefer to manually start it when I need it.

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Ubuntu :: Stop The X Server From Starting Automatically At Boot?

Jul 18, 2011

Running Ubuntu Server, installed xubuntu-desktop, but I don't want it to start up every time. How can I stop X from starting automatically?

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Debian Configuration :: Stop Eth0 From Starting Up When Boot / Login?

Mar 16, 2010

how do i stop eth0 from starting up when i boot/login ??

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Ubuntu Networking :: Stop Network Manager From Starting On Boot?

Jul 10, 2011

I would like to stop network manager from starting up on boot. I have tried moving

/etc/init.d/network-manager stop
to rc.local and it did nothing but boot me into the CLI

I have also tried to put

sudo service network-manager stop and that did nothing also.

After I get network manager to stop on boot up. How do I make it so it will not auto connect to networks? My computer keeps on joining a different network on boot up. And I don't like this as some times I go to my banks website and I am on there network with out realizing it (because of the auto connect) Is there a way to stop this also?

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General :: Starting Up A Script Or A Program At Boot Time?

May 8, 2010

i wanted to know how can I make my programs or script automatically start at boot time ,for example if I restart my server at any time they start at boot time automatically with no need to any body to start them.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Starting Wireless At Boot Time On SSH Box

Dec 31, 2010

I have a SSH box which is command line only and no X, this will be used remote and i'm trying to get the wireless network configured to start at boot. I'm using wpa_supplicant as the access point is secure with WPA2 At present if I send the following commands the machine will connect to the wifi and be reachable via ssh

ifup wlan0
/usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf -D wext -dd -i wlan0 -B
dhclient wlan0

This does not start at boot but requires manual input of the above commands. I've just come to a complete blank on geting this to start at boot time. Also I would like to set a fixed IP for this box.

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Ubuntu :: How To Stop Disk Check Every Time On Boot Up

Dec 19, 2010

Every time I boot up I have to go through a disk check and then restart, how do I stop it from happening? When the disk checks happening I press escape and it usually says its deleted inode something because it has zero Dtime or some thing similar and also a paragraph of repeated lines saying something like all system files need alsa base.cnfg it will be ignored in a future release then the disk check completes and it restarts and is fine then, also sometimes it says dev/sda5 (my ubuntu partition) was not cleanly unmounted check forces. Is their a way to stop this happening as it ends up taking ages just to login.

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Server :: Start Or Stop Jboss At Boot Time?

Jan 3, 2011

how to start or stop Jboss at boot time?

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Ubuntu :: Starting Processes At Boot Time - Don't Start Privoxy?

Apr 27, 2010

I installed and configured privoxy - everything worked nicely when I run it manually by

/etc/init.d/privoxy start

After restarting the computer privoxy wasn't start automatically. I checked the links in /etc/rcX.d - are o.k. I installed sysv-rc-conf - shows that for runlevel 2 - 5 privoxy is running. I changed /etc/rc2.d/S20privoxy to /etc/rc2.d/S99privoxy - to start that process at the end. I installed Boot-Up Manager. Privoxy is marked for start automatically. I added in /etc/rc.local line: /etc/init.d/privoxy start

Privoxy still doesn't turn on at boot time and every time I must start it manually. Could you tell me how could I repair this ?

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Ubuntu :: Stop Upstart Services From Staring At Boot Time?

Sep 18, 2010

What is the correct way to stop upstart services from staring at boot time ? I'm doing something like this example in /etc/init/mysql.conf:

#start on (net-device-up
# and local-filesystems
# and runlevel [2345])
start on runlevel [!0123456] # I ADDED THIS LINE (and commented the above ones)
stop on runlevel [016]

1. Is this the correct way ?

2. Is there no way of doing something like we do with update-rc.d -f apache2 remove ?

3. When will ubuntu ship a gui to add or remove services from boot ?

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Slackware :: Udev Rule Not Starting Gpsd During Boot?

May 29, 2011

I'm trying to configure gpsd 2.96 to start automatically from udev rule on a Slack 13.37 box.1. I've compiled and installed gpsd from sources and made sure it starts manually.2. I've copied the /lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug and /lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug.wrapper scripts in their places from the source tree and made them executable.3. I've copied the gpsd.rules file from sources into /etc/udev/rules.d4. I renamed it 99-persistent-gpsd.rules to run late in the bootup process.5. I've copied the /etc/default/gpsd file from sources and made sure it has the right settings inside.

Now, for the results. If I plug the gps usb dongle in while the system runs, it starts gpsd if it is not started, and it connects to it just as it should. But if I start the system with the dongle in, gpsd doesn't get started during boot. I can't find any relevant message in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages for boot time. There is stuff there from when I plug the dongle in while the system is running though. It's like udev ignores the rules for it at boot time.Is there something in the Slackware boot scripts that would prevent running those scriptssd.hotplug.wrapper which in turn runs /lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug which is a Python script)?Here is the contents of 99-persistent-gpsd.rules (ignore the comments referring to Debian, it was meant for a Debian box). My usb gps adapter is the first one - the Prolific chipset one:

# udev rules for gpsd
# $Id: gpsd.rules 5861 2009-08-03 13:41:01Z bzed $


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Slackware :: How To Stop Message Asking To Select Vga Setting On Every Boot?

May 27, 2010

How do I stop the message asking me to select a vga setting on every boot or press enter or space to see the various settings available? running slackware 13.1 on an aspire one netbook

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Fedora :: 10 Show Daemons Loading At Boot?

Feb 2, 2009

Just installed FC10. I edited the /etc/inittab to start FC at the command prompt. However, how can I change the boot so that I can see the daemons loading not just that graphical bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Fedora :: Slow Boot Time / "Starting System Message Bus"?

Dec 14, 2009

My fedora 11 (2.6.30-102) spends a long time while initializing services on

"Starting system message bus:"

---------- Post added at 08:47 PM CST ---------- Previous post was at 06:33 PM CST ----------

Auth is LDAP.

There's a 3.5 years old bug in redhat bugs database, that's still not resolved,regarding dbus trying to use ldap auth, before ldap service is started.Workaround is to change ldap config to soft binding.

3.5 years for a bug that affect enterprise users - are you there redhat?

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Ubuntu :: System Hangs On Boot When Stating Samba Daemons

Feb 7, 2010

My system was working fine. I followed a thread online to try to get samba to share better, installed "winbind" and now I can't get passed "Checking System Files" on boot up.

Upon boot, "Checking System Files":
Starting Firestarter firewall .... fails.
Starting samba daemons _ .... Just hangs there forever

Is there a way to get back into my system so that I can uninstall winbind, firestarter, or samba if need be?

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General :: Debian Lenny Won't Startup Koha Daemons At Boot

Oct 11, 2009

I have installed Koha on Debian Lenny. It does work well, but I have to manually start the by entering /usr/share/koha/bin/ start The is, however, that this starts at boot from /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon. Like /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start (does not work now) In the koha-zebra-daemon file I have:

# Quick start-stop-daemon example, derived from Debian /etc/init.d/ssh
set -e
# Must be a valid filename


I have made a symbolic link;

ln -s /usr/share/koha/bin/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon

I have tried checking whether the symbolic link exists with readlink, but this never seems to return anything anywhere.

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Ubuntu :: Tried To Copy Include Directory From G++ - After Few Minutes All Daemons Crashed - Now Can't Boot Normally

Nov 13, 2010

I have a little problem here. I tried to copy include directory from g++ to a place where it suppose to be and when i couldn't because of the rights i wrote something like this in the bash:



cause i hate when I can't do what I want without tiping command

After few minutes all daemons crashed and now I can't boot normally

in console i've tried


And that stopped on /prc/756 directory

Well now i can boot normally but most of programs are not working, i can't get to the internet? and it looks like there is no way to become a root cause there is no sudo/

Can i reinstall ubuntu and keep all packages and files on its places?

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Slackware :: Tmp Not Clearing Out At Boot Time

Dec 27, 2010

I've been using cron to clear /tmp at boot time but thought I'd try another method. After doing a little research I added the following line:

( cd /tmp && rm -rf -- * .* 2>/dev/null )
to /etc/rc.d/rc.S immediately after:

# Done checking root filesystem

And /tmp is not clearing out at boot time. This method seems to work for others.

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Slackware :: 13.1 Speeding Up Boot Time?

Jul 19, 2010

Just some things I changed to speed up the boot time.

In '/etc/rc.d/'

echo "Starting ACPI daemon: /usr/sbin/acpid &"
/usr/sbin/acpid &


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Slackware :: Modules Being Loaded At Boot Time?

Jun 1, 2011

I just installed slack 13.37. I was poking around a little and I noticed that I have all these modules loaded... yet when I open up /etc/rc.d/rc.modules almost everything is commented out. how are these modules being loaded at boot time?

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Ubuntu :: Stop X11 Starting Up In Karmic?

Mar 23, 2010

I have a Ubuntu desktop install I would like to stop X11 from starting up on bootup. I want to do this to try to set up stand alone xbmc and Mythtv without X running since it is a low spec machine. (appleTV)

Is it just a rc file I need to edit ?

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Slackware :: Fsck Not Checking Non-root File System At Boot Time

Apr 21, 2011

Fsck is not check any file system which are not root file system at boot time.

Normally it run: /sbin/fsck -A -R -C -a

But this command doesn't do anything.

I've tried to strace it, and looks like this:


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Fedora :: Cannot Completely Stop Wicd Starting?

Dec 4, 2009

After experimenting with wicd I've gone back to network manager. All is well on the networking front however I am having trouble stopping wicd completely.I've stopped it starting up the daemonchkconfig --list | grep wicdreturns emptybut when my kde windows starts up the wicd try icon start up.

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Ubuntu :: Stop Skype From Automatically Starting Up In U9.10?

Feb 4, 2010

My question is, how do I stop Skype from automatically starting up in Ubuntu 9.10 (Kernel 2.6.31-17-generic).

Skype is not in "System" "Startup Applications". If placed there two sessions Start.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Stop Tftpd From Starting Up?

Dec 8, 2010

What is the proper way to stop tftpd from starting up? There is no numbered rc script symlink for it so I can't use update-rc.d. I don't want to just hack a file unless that is considered "the way".

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