Slackware :: Complete Backup Solution Ike 'Acronis True Image Backup And Recovery

Jun 12, 2010

I have been looking for a complete backup solution like "Acronis True Image Backup and Recovery" on Windows for Slackware a while.

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General :: Backup Linux From Acronis True Image Home?

May 19, 2011

I have a a software "Acronis True Image Home".Is it possible to backup CentOS Linux?on Windows do I need to create a bootdisk from Acronis and then boot it up on linux server?I wanted to copy all the files from Server to External USB Hard Drive or via FTP

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Fedora :: Backup-image Solution For F14?

Jul 25, 2011

Can anybody please suggest a backup-image solution for Fedora 14?I made some tests with Clonezilla: it works fine but, please correct if I am wrong, it requires booting from a Clonezilla CD and cannot be used to take an image backup while the computer is running.

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Software :: Drive Image For Backup & Recovery?

Jul 22, 2009

I have a new HP ML150 G6 Server. I had some trouble getting CentOS to recognise the RAID array, but with some help from a LQ user, I got it sorted :-)Now I need to make an exact copy of the system. Normally I would use Acronis Echo Workstation, or the newer Acronis Backup and Recovery 10. However, this software doesn't recognise the RAID array eitherAcronis tell me that they can't help as HP won't supply the source code for the driver, and a quick phone call to HP Support confirms this.So, finally you might say, I come to my question: Is there a Linux based tool that can perform the same action as Acronis? Or... does anyone know of alternative software that would do the trick

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General :: Image Hard Drive Ubuntu Operating System 9.10 Complete Backup And Restore?

Jan 4, 2010

Image Hard drive Ubuntu Operating system 9.10 Complete back up and restore. Changing over Hard Drives need a complete back up not just save files. So the image can be restored on any hard drive that restores the computer to its original state before it was imaged.

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Ubuntu :: Ghost Or Acronis True Image Equivalent For Ubuntu?

Feb 15, 2010

I use Ghost 12.0 or Acronis True Image 10.0 for system backup of WinXP -> so any equivalent application for Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make A Full Disk Backup Using Acronis And Try Out 11.04 Beta?

Apr 1, 2011

Firstly I've never (successfully) upgraded before using update manager -d but I've only tried once. I'm on 10.10 at the moment but I want to make a full disk backup using Acronis and try out 11.04 beta 1 so if I can't boot (like with the 11.04 Alpha 3) I'm ok.

What I want to know is if I upgrade to beta 1 it will install new things and settings, if beta 2 is released and I upgrade to that (after having beta 1 installed) will it overwrite all the settings again? Or will I be able to spend time set beta 1 up nice how I want it (if it works) and just smoothly upgrade gradually to final 11.04 keeping it pretty much exactly how I want it?

Also with the software sources, I understand I need to disable the ones I manually added before updating from 10.10 then to re-enable them, but how do I re-enable them for Natty as they are currently for Maverick? Do I just change the word Maverick to Natty, or is it better to remove and re-add them for natty? And do the authentication keys need updating or are they ok? I don't really know a lot about the keys.

1 more thing (sorry) will an upgrade overwrite any settings I have e.g. etc/fstab, sudoers, things like that? I know when you upgrade it gives you an option for some things e.g. keep or replace, if I keep old settings from maverick does it matter? Or does 11.04 add new lines/things to these files if I choose replace?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm pretty new been using ubuntu as my only OS for couple months now and most of my time has been spent tweaking settings and I don't want to lose them, or do a clean install when 11.04 final is released as I won't ever be able to remember them all.

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Fedora :: Looking For Backup Solution

Aug 30, 2010

I have fedora 13. Is there online based automatic backup solution that satisfy these requirements.Any file that I modify or create new in /home is automatically backup online and also encrypted on regular intervals such as 5 times a day. The backup system only uploads what was changed and not the whole file again. Any other folders that I specify are backed up in the same way as /home. /home also contains disk images of virtual operating systems. When I startup those VM and create or edit some files within VM, these should also become part of the online backup. Since these disk images are typically 20 GB in size so the online backup simply cannot upload the whole disk image over the wire on a regular basis.

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Fedora Servers :: Looking For Backup Solution

Aug 8, 2011

I need to install a backup server in my work environment.We have a Windows 2008 server and an old DELL PowerEdge 1750 server that has no OS on it yet.I would like to install Fedora on it and then backup the Windows Server data on the Fedora server using rsync or something else to do the backups.Do you think it's a good idea ? If not what would you use to backup the Windows server data, preferably on a linux system.

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Ubuntu :: How To Backup Complete System

Sep 9, 2010

I removed windows completely from my Dell Inspiron N5010 and installed Ubuntu 10.04.1 64bit. In windows I have the option to create the system image of system's current state so that if something goes wrong I could easily restore my system using that image( I am not talking about windows Restore facility). I wanted to know that if there is something available in Ubuntu also. I cant use Dell recovery media creator as I have deleted recovery partition. I have already used Remastersys and it also did its job well but after restoring my Graphics card driver did not work well.

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General :: How To Get Complete Backup Of Whole Computer

Mar 5, 2010

It's about creating a complete backup of my machine. What I want to do is completely backup my whole computer, everything!, because I've got it just right. If something were to go wrong then I want to restore right back to the way the system is right now (from a rescue disk). I know that using dd to do a byte level backup would be best but I read that it's not all that great for restoring the system (HDD's sizes must be the same).

Rsync looks favorite but can it copy the root directory. i.e. "rsync -a / /media/backup/" and all the partitions. I just not sure whether it can do the whole computer. Dump is another tool but it seems to have dependencies to tool versions. And again I don't know if it will do the whole system and how easy it is to restore. There is a tool called FSArchiver that looks to do what I want and it comes part of SystemRescueCd (a bootable CD used to fix computers). It turns out that the backup I'm looking to do is at the file system level where the tools above are really file level backups.

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Debian :: Recommended Backup Solution For Laptop?

Mar 7, 2010

I'm running Debian Squeeze on my laptop and have a large usb drive to do backups to. Any recommendations on a good backup software? I know I can do tar or rsync but I'm hoping to have a bit more complete option that keeps permissions/symlinks/etc in case a restore is needed.

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Debian :: Best Backup Solution For Dial-up Users

Jun 22, 2011

i'm searching for an encrypted backup solution for dial-up users. I'm already using duply (duplicity), but it's not really the right software for a large backup and a slow connection. Every x month a new full backup is needed, and that's really slow.Is there better system for that? A file based encrypted system would be nice, so it's not needed to reupload every large file.

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Software :: Code & Database Backup Solution?

Jul 6, 2011

I'm looking for a backup solution for multiple web applications that exist in code (flat files) and an associated mysql database. I'd like the code backups to be grouped with the DB backups by name/location. I'd also like redundancy, with backups going to a local drive and a remote network drive.I'm just about done writing a bash script that does a combination of tar/gz and mysqldump per application. Once it's done, I'll throw it in a cron job, and enable/disable sites by name in the script.Before I go further down this path, does anyone recommend a solid package that already exists?

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Software :: Backup Solution With A Specific Set Of Features

Jan 1, 2010

I am looking for a home back up solution. Here are the requirements Free Capability of a Full Backup at the beginning of every month Capability of either differential or incremental backups nightly Server/Client setup Must work on both Windows and Linux Need to be able to setup Policies/Backup sets Must have logging

I wouldn't mind if it supported duplication, but it is not something I need at the moment.

I would be nice if I could find a free solution similar to Symantec Netbackup.

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Software :: Multi-tenant Backup Solution

Dec 7, 2009

Is there an open-source multi-tenant backup solution so I can set up a backup-server somewhere in a data centre and let multiple customers make use of it..So they have there own space and can control there own documents.

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General :: Encrypted Backup Solution To USB HD (Open Source)

Mar 26, 2011

There are a lot of backup solutions, many scripts based of rsync. The problem is not a lot of them encrypt your data before syncing it. I have a USB hard drive and I want to backup my user folder /home/myuser/ to the external drive What software will allow me to create incremental backups which are encrypted with relative ease

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Ubuntu :: Solution For Soho Offsite Backup Server?

Apr 7, 2010

I would like to make a server in my home that could be used to backup old job files at a print shop that I work at, creating a low cost offsite backup for our backup server. It would only backup 30-200mb a night, depending on what size the various jobs are.

There are 4 workstations that backup to a network share hosted on a fileserver(tower). It only has a single TB drive, and now people are offloading files to this server to free there computer of disk space. This is going to be a problem once the "server" disk fails. The managment there will not pay a monthly fee for 500+GB of files we prob will never need, but cant delete. I was hoping I could create some sort of "online" backup hosted at my house. ( like amazon, carbonite but without the fancy gui)

After researching a while I can't seem to come up with a great solution (partly due to my lack of networking knowledge i'm sure!). I have a pfSense router, with VPN capabilities, and the router at work (Cisco/Linksys RVS4000) also can VPN. I would like to use linux as the server, I am in the process of learning Ubuntu. Also freeNAS via FTP is another thought, might be easier?

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Ubuntu :: Any Option To Built Solution To Make Backup

Apr 20, 2011

As I checked some online backup solutions I have found information that all of this which I checked have only clients for Win or Mac. But I'm looking for solution with Linux client.As I have read some info on one of the Googled page Linux probably is ready for being an online backup solution as is.So my idea is to create automatic (in the background) backup of my files (photos and docs) with my outside hosting server. I have unlimited shared hosting server with ftp access. Is there any option to built such solution to make backup synchronisation between my Linux comp and shared hosting? What should I get to know to start with such option?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Creating Complete Hard Drive Backup?

Jul 29, 2010

What is the best way to create a complete hard drive backup to restore and boot Ubuntu in case of a crash? Only Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop is installed on this Dell Hard Drive. I searched the forums but no info and now that my install is running so good I want to protect it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Backup And Restore Complete System?

Aug 14, 2010

I would like to find out how to back up a complete Ubuntu system, and then restore it on a clean harddisk.I have been running dual booting with Win XP until now. I am running Ubuntu 10.04, but have installed quite few add-on. I would like to make an Ubuntu-only machine now, with all the same apps still there, but dont want to go and download everything again. I am looking for a way I can back this entire Ubuntu installation up, and then restore it to a clean drive.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Best Solution For Backup / Home / User To Datacenter

Aug 23, 2010

I am looking for the best solution for backup, I want to backup the /home/user.I know about rdiff, and rsync but is there a better solution for backup these folder.And the security must be good, The backup I want to make is from a server to a server in a datacenter.Both servers are running on UBUNTU 9.10.

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General :: Setting Up Backup And Recovery On RHEL5?

Feb 16, 2010

I am finishing up setting up my LINUX workstation and have configured an external hard drive to use for full and incremental backups.Can someone point me in the right direction on how and what to use to do the backup that would allow me a warm to hot recovery.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Open Source Solution To Backup Windows Environment

Feb 17, 2010

I am mainly a Windows admin, but I do *NIX administration from time to time, for now I need to use an open source solution for backup windows environment mainly, I spent last days playing with bacula and backupPC, and I then chose backupPC, I built a solution with it seems working not bad, but before i go on deeper, I thought asking geeks here better, my main experience with back was with Vertias/Symantec Backup Exec, what do you recommend as most similar backup solution in Ubuntu offer a close level (I don't backup to tapes I back to hard disks), also a gui is preferred, while backupPC do a nice work and i handled its client config file (, but I still do mistakes sometimes and troubleshooting is annoying, I have to backup files from users machines some of these files are running (like PST files), and I could need to backup a database or something from time to time. so whats your opinion all?

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Ubuntu :: Full System Backup For Disaster Recovery Use In Ver. 10.4?

May 5, 2010

I want to be able to recover from a disaster by simply inserting a CD of my entire system, boot from it, and reinstall my system back to the way it was before the disaster. After much research here, I feel the need to ask this question directlybut as a new user, I find it somewhat difficult locating information.

I have seen references to all sorts of backup software. I am trying to use Simple ackup.Each time I run this utility, it gives me a process ID and then apparently vanishes. I don't see the process running in System Monitoror see anything recognizable in var/backups.Perhaps, being as new to Linux as I am, I am simply overlooking something. I must say though, that these are the friendliest user groups I have ever seen. It amazes me that so many people are so willing to post long, complicated solutions to someones problem

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CentOS 5 :: Recovery From Crashed Hard Drive With No Backup?

Aug 4, 2010

Recently I built a web server for my clients to host in house. After talking with the web developer they informed me that i needed a CentOS computer with Drupal for them to design the website. This is my first Linux install and after spending hours upon hours configuring the server with FTP, SSH, and configuring our DD-WRT router with proper port forwarding we turned it over to the web designers to start work on the website.

A month goes by and the website is almost done, at this point we go to make a full backup of the hard drive. Due to a hardware problem it fried the circuit board of the hard drive. After attempting to recover the files myself we opted to send it to a HD data recovery facility to recover the information. We have received back a DVD containing the 2GB's worth of data from the CentOS hard drive. It contained 2 folders one for each of the partitions. I can view and see all the files on my windows machine and it appears that all of the data was recovered successfully. I harbored some hope that i could simply reinstall CentOS with the same account information and then just drop the recovered files on top of the new installation and have it start working.

I then reinstalled CentOS on another hard drive in the same computer and used the same credentials for installation. After i successfully booting into CentOS i turned off the machine and connected the hard drive it to my Windows bench machine. After booting into Windows i was unable to browse the hard drive. After doing more research and installing Ext2fsd i was able to see the 2 partitions CentOS had just created, but only able to access the Boot partition. After more research i discovered the default installation of CentOS creates a Raw file type for the 2nd partition and that is why i am having issues reading it inside of Windows.

I then downloaded a copy of Knoppix to see if this would allow me to write the old files over the new ones. After booting up the CD i could only browse to the /boot drive(and im not even sure if this is Knoppix's Virtual /boot or my CentOS /boot).

My question is what would be the best steps to recovery for my scenario? Can the files be placed to the drive and have everything restored? Is the only way to recovery thru reinstalling all applications and reconfiguring from scratch? How difficult is Drupal DB to recover in this type of scenario?

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Ubuntu :: Complete System Backup In Case Of Hard Drive Failure

Jan 29, 2011

I have been researching the web for a program which will allow me to backup my entire hard drive so that I can restore my system if need be. I am however unsure which is the best one to use if I want to achieve this:Somehow I want to back up my hard drive containing my ubuntu system byte for byte so that if the hard drive were to fail I could simply go to the store, get a new hard drive, restore my backup and be up and running again without having to do any re installments of ubuntu or any other programs for that matter.

What is the easiest program that does this? I would like it to support incremental backup.rsync with the "Back in Time interface"?bacula?

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Debian :: Reload Plasma From Backup After Recovery From Disk Crash?

Jan 19, 2016

After recovery from a disk crash, everything seems fine except that I have lost plasma. I have a backup. Is there a way to reload plasma from the backup? I can recover kde by reloading /home/.kde from the backup. But there is no .plasma file.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create Backup Of Laptop Recovery Partition?

Mar 16, 2010

I'm about to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix and my Acer machine has a recovery partition at the beginning of the drive. I've created the eRecovery discs but those will only restore XP - not the actual recovery partition (which I'd like to have in case I sell the laptop later etc).

How can I backup the actual recovery partition, and keep its boot file intact. Then how can I restore this partition at a later time?

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Server :: How To Take Backup(image)

Jul 5, 2011

I have to set at Linux server(i don't know which distribution) to check something ,could some one tell me how can i take the image backup and if that possible with other software like gost image.

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