Server :: When Executed Last Command Its Showing System Ip Logged In Time And Logged Out Time The Output?

Feb 27, 2011

logging in a server through putty in the same network when i executed last command its showing system ip logged in time and logged out time the output as followsthis is my system
oot pts1 xx.xx.xx day month date time in time out timeand similarly am geeting other than this likeroot :0day month date time still logged in this is from more than 3 days its logged in

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Ubuntu :: Increasing The Time Of The Logged In Timeout?

Jan 4, 2011

I seem to be entering my password far to often. Every time I just turn my back I have been logged out!! It would be nice to increase this time out time by a couple of minutes.

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Applications :: Get Last Logged In Date / Time For Vsftpd Users?

Aug 27, 2010

I can't seem to get last logged in dat/time for vsftpd users. They are linux users maintained within passwd groups ect ... i think this is because ftp doesn't actually give them a real session. That being true, how do i get the last logged in time for my ftp users?

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Programming :: Get Real Time Information About How Many User Are Logged In And Their Ips

Jan 20, 2009

I use tomcat as my server platform in Ubuntu for a war file. I know in order to get real time information about how many user are logged in, we can count how many active sessions exist by a SessionCounter code. However, I have to permit HttpSessionListener in web.xml of tomcat. From other users' experiences, the configuration is complexed and has some errors.

Here's the link:


In order to get users'ip, in jsp, use request.getremotehost() or request.getremoteaddress() by editing the jsp file. I wonder if there's some open source software to use for these two purposes.

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OpenSUSE :: When Logged In With Gnome 3 Preview / Screen Blincked 3-4 Time And There Was No Panel?

Jul 18, 2010

I have installed edu life suse 11.3 and when I logged in with GNOME 3 preview .. screen blincked 3-4 time and there was no panel after that I automatically logout from gnome3 environment. How to fix it ?

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Software :: Can Apache Send Error Messages By Email Each Time They Get Logged

Nov 24, 2009

Can Apache send error messages (crit, warn & such) by email each time they get logged?

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General :: Which Commands To Use To Output The Current Users Logged Into The System

Apr 27, 2010

Which commands do you use to output the current users logged into the system and accessing a specific file?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Every Time Logged In Via SSH Got A Message Telling There Where Packages To Update Including A Security Update?

Feb 11, 2011

I was running 10.04 LTS and had decided to stick to the LTS versions as I'm now running my machine as a server and don't want to be updating regularly.Every time I logged in via SSH I got a message telling me there where packages to update including a security update. So I did a search to find out how to perform an update on Ubuntu server from the command line.What I found was to do this:sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get dist-upgradeAfter doing that I rebooted but now my machine gives me this message:

init: ureadahead-other main process (794) terminated with status 4Your disk drives are being checked for errors, this may take some timePress C to cancel all checks currently inprogressI'm not pressing C yet and leaving it alone to finish, but I noticed when the machine booted that one of the options for booting talked about Ubuntu 10.10, so I'm worried that I've updated from 10.04 LTS to 10.10 by accident?

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Ubuntu :: Find Out When A User Last Logged In And Last Logged Out?

Jul 12, 2010

How can I (as admin) find out when a certain user e.g. "karl" most recently logged in and most recently logged out of a system?

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Ubuntu :: Command For Logged On Users ?

Sep 30, 2010

Just wondering is there a command that would show me the details of whose currently logged on and how their logged on i.e. ssh/samba etc?

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Networking :: Print AND Real-time Output Of PING Command ?

May 3, 2011

Let's say I am pinging a host, and want to output to a file each reply and its timestamp of when this started.

I know that it can be done with a loop and a shell script. Something like this


echo "$(date)" >> results.txt ###includes the time and outputs results to txt###
ping -c 4 HOST >> results.txt ###a total of 4 pings at a rate of 1 per second###


Now, my first issue is that I need to be able to see results real-time as well.

Is there a way one can print to BOTH a screen and output? If one uses the ">>" command, it is essentially sending everything to the file. Running another ping command in parallel is not an option.

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General :: Ip Of The Box - Logged Into Sometimes - Bash: Ifconfig: Command Not Found

Aug 23, 2010

I am usually sshed into different boxes and i forgot what ip I am logged into sometimes. Is there a command I can type to give me the ip on the box I am on.

cat /etc/*release
CentOS release 5 (Final)

this failed

ifconfig | more
bash: ifconfig: command not found

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General :: Bash Command To List Users Logged In At 5pm

Jun 7, 2010

I need to figure out a bash command to list all users logged in at or after 5pm - 5pm being the specifier in the command.


Command seems to be the easiest way to display users but it specifies all users log times.

I've also fiddled with the lastlog command to no avail.

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Red Hat :: Receive A Mail If Someone Logged To My System ?

Apr 1, 2010

I have some simple practical requirement to receive a mail if someone logged to my system.

I think we can see who are logged into our system using the command who or finger or w.

But I want to get a mail as soon as a guy logged into my system.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Able To Vnc Into The Computer Without Having Logged Into The System Physically

Nov 6, 2010

I've used linux systems before, but the last time I actually set up a server was when fedora core 4 came out, which was, to say the least, quite a while ago. here's my core dilemma: atm, I have fedora 13 set up, and i'm looking to be able to vnc into it WITHOUT already having logged on as a user. I've tried various things and I'm having little to no luck. I uninstalled tigervnc and installed the original vnc package (With server) from I've also installed xinetd and tried to get it to incorporate vncserver as a startup service, to no avail.

I have not been able to connect to the vncserver regardless of how I try. I AM able to connect to the base remote desktop functionality provided by fedora (Also vnc based). However, as soon as I disable that, I am not able to vnc into it at all. Long story short, here are the current goals:

1) be able to vnc into the computer without having logged into the system physically
2) have those logins be un / passworded. i.e., be able to login as whatever user
3) complete disable the normal graphical startup that fedora provides, since I don't think there's ever going to be a person physically at the computer and I'd like to maximize system resources

Also, if VNC is NOT the easiest way to do something like this, please let me know, I'm completely amenable to taking another route. In short, I'd like non-physical per-user graphical access to the server. I'd also like it to be more than one single vnc session, as I may have it open from either multiple locations or multiple users.

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General :: Folder In Window Its Not Showing The Folder Time Created Time Stamp?

May 20, 2011

I was created one folder in linux with current time was 1978(For example). I was moved this folder to usb(FAT32 file format).While seeing this folder in window its not showing the folder time created time stamp, because the USB file system only support the year after 1980 . But again i am putting the same folder in linux ,its showing the correct time stamp.How is it possible? Because FAT32 only supports timestamp after 1980, but still its showing 1978 in linux system

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General :: Showing "Invalid Time" Error For A Particular Time In SuSE?

Jun 14, 2011

I was working with timezones when I came across a very strange error. Date command showed Invalid date/time when I set the date/time to 27 Mar 2011, 02:00:00. On further analysis, I observed that the time was jumping to 03:00:00 after 01:59:59 when the date is 27th Mar, 2011.

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Ubuntu :: System Freezes After Log Off With Multiple Users Logged In

Oct 16, 2010

On Ubuntu 10.04 when there are more than just one user logged in, if one of users logs off system hangs with a black screen.

After I reboot the machine and log in again, just after GDM login screen I get a window with a message about PowerMeter crash, with suggestion to 'cancel' and 'log off'. Only 'Log off' works, i.e. I'm successfully logged in.

Last entries from system.log before system freeze are:


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Fedora :: 11 Boot Time / System Hangs For A Very Long Time On Starting Udev?

Sep 25, 2009

When booting Fedora 11, my system hangs for a very long time on starting udev. Sometimes I get an I/O error. However, my hardware is fine. I do eventually get in to the system.

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Fedora Installation :: Set The Time In The System Tray To The Standard AM/PM Setting Instead Of Military Time?

Jan 29, 2010

Just making one last tweak with my fresh install of F12KDE. I need to . How do I do this

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Ubuntu Servers :: System Time Runs Slow Hareware Time Run Right?

Apr 11, 2011

I am running my Ubuntu 32 bit server on top of Windows 7 64 bit with VirualBox. It's a 2 core Atom. It's been working good for about half a year. But the last about 6 weeks the system time only in Ubuntu is going slow. About -8 per 24 hours! I can only guess because I have more things running in my Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

I can set it right by coping the hareware time to system time with this command:

hwclock --hctosys

I want to run a crontab to have that command run every minute. But it don't seem to run.


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Fedora :: Add Something To Start When Logged In - System - Preferences - Startup Applications ?

Mar 4, 2010

How to add something to start when you are logged in (System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications), but I want to know, where this parameters stored.

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General :: Short A Time Can Time (system Program) Measure?

Apr 15, 2010

I'm just wondering what the limits for time are. I have a program that always takes exactly 20 ms, so I assume this is the lowest it can measure, but I want to see if there's some sort of documentation of this.

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General :: Get The Values For The User Time And System Time For A Process?

Aug 4, 2009

get the values for the user time and system time for a process.i have tried getrusage to get values of ru_utime and ru_stimebut these don't seem to be correct

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Server :: Logged Users Without Processes?

Nov 1, 2010

I try to write a script which would kill processes of users who are not logged in. My approach is to find out what users are logged in and then kill processes of all nonsystem users who fail the test of being logged. I use `w` for finding all logged in users, but apparently there are users on the list which `w` gives me who own absolutely no process in the output of `ps aux`. How do I log off those users, since killing their processes wont work (since they own no processes)?

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CentOS 5 :: VNC Server - Works When Logged In Only

Sep 6, 2010

Been using CentOS for a couple of weeks and have a few quirks I need help with.
This is a fresh install of CentOS 5.5. I'd love for VNC Server to start up as soon as the computer reboots. It seems my VNC Server only works when I log in using the GUI at the computer itself. After a reboot I can remotely SSH into it successfully, but cannot VNC to it. I then have to physically get to the computer and log into the GUI, and wa-la I can VNC to it. I have not edited any conf files - seeing as my last attempt at getting this working got me nowhere. I have only enabled Remote Desktop through the GUI.

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General :: Logged In My System As Root - Run A Simple Shell Script - Permission Denied ?

Jan 27, 2011

I logged in my system as root. but when i run a simple shell script i got an error like . Permission Denied. why m getting this error.

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Fedora :: Can't Ssh Or Vnc Into Server Unless A Local User Is Logged In

Mar 4, 2011

I recently installed FC14 as my server and is able to ssh and vnc into the server when locally logged in. If i logged out (at login screen) then i cant ssh or vnc into the server. It is pointless to have a server if i am not able to remote in via ssh and vnc.

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General :: Connect To Remote X-Server (logged In Via Ssh)

Jul 31, 2010

When I'm logged on to another host (e.g via ssh), how do I connect to the XServer of that machine (same user is logged in and is running a desktop (gnome))?

You may ask way I wish to do that: There are commands that don't open an X-Window, e.g. xinput, xhost, etc.. and there are situations where you want to run them from remote.

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Ubuntu Servers :: FTP Not Responsive Unless Server Logged In?

Feb 1, 2011

I'm a total Linux noob, but I've needed a working development server for a while so I've put together an old celeron box running Ubuntu Server 10.10.The box runs fine, as does the Apache and MySQL servers, even if they did take a little while to fine tune!The problem I have is that vsftpd doesn't respond unless I'm logged on locally or via putty. As long as a local user is logged in, it's fine. If I try to connect when noone is logged in, then the connection times out waiting for the server message, and thereafter I have to login and stop / restart the vsftpd to make it work again.I'm not sure if the vsftpd is set to run on boot or on login and I have no idea how to check. Vsftpd is set to allow only local users, of which there is only one - so I can't check if it would work with any user logged in

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