Server :: Squid Hang Until Reload Service?

Jun 9, 2010

frist i want to thank all who worked on this website i was install squid and other service in my office network server and install the same services with same configration on biger network about 150 machines every thing well on office network but the other network have problem squid hang and stoped serve any request and squidclient command return "alarm clock " message after many time but the service still run at port 3128 and status is started when i run /etc/init.d/squid reload its run again sometime and hang again squid log file have not any problem on it i install my server on gentoo with flags


net-proxy/squid-3.0.19 USE="zero-penalty-hit -caps -epoll* -icap-client (-ipf-transparent) -kerberos -kqueue -ldap -logrotate* -mysql -nis -pam (-pf-transparent) -postgres -radius -samba -sasl (-selinux) -snmp -sqlite -ssl"
my squid.conf


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Server :: Start Squid Service Automatically?

Mar 14, 2011

When ever I reboot my server I always turn on the squid service. Is there any way that without giving command

#service squid start
my squid service should automatically start ?

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Server :: When Rndc Reload Or /etc/init.d/bind9 Reload Got This: Rndc: Connection To Remote Host Closed?

Nov 30, 2010

We have ubuntu server and bind9 installed and setup.When I issue rndc reload or /etc/init.d/bind9 reload I got this:rndc: connection to remote host closedThis may indicate that* the remote server is using an older version of the command protocol,* this host is not authorized to connect,* the clocks are not syncronized, or* the key is invalid.If I issue named-checkconf /etc/bind/named.conf I got this:/etc/bind/named.conf.local:165: unknown key 'rndc-key'I got the key files in the right location but I'm not sure if we even need to use them.

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Networking :: How To Enable Squid Service

Apr 5, 2011

I have installed squid 2.6 in my cent os 5 machine. The installation location was


# ./configure@--prefix=/usr/local/squid
Normally with RPM base squid,to start and stop squid we use
# service squid start
# service squid stop

Now with source code based installation the start and stop services are not working.

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Networking :: Start And Stop Squid Service?

Feb 9, 2011

I have installed squid 2.7 in my red hat Linux box.I need some guidance regarding to start and stop squid service. Normally when squid configuration file is n /etc/squid/squid.conf and we want to start the service we use # service squid startand to stop the service we use# service squid stopNow squid is inCode:# /usr/local/squid/etc/squid.confhere the default # service squid start and # service squid stop does not work.

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Programming :: How To Start/stop Squid Service Using PHP

Oct 21, 2009

Im using PHP and Sun Solaris to do something for Squid Proxy Server. im using......

- Linux / Solaris 10
- Squid Server

actually i need to know that someone knows about how to start/stop Squid Service using PHP code.

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Server :: Tools - Squid Accounts - To Create - Change - Modify Users Of Squid And To View Their Logs

May 23, 2010

My squid server works fine in fedora 11 system . Is there any web like interface for admins to create,change,modify users of squid and to view their logs.

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CentOS 5 Server :: Squid Proxy Configuration SQUID 2.6.STABLE21

Jan 17, 2011

I would like to ask some help and tutorial for setting up and how to configure squid proxy server in my (Home PC Server). I am a newbie in Linux Centos. I already installed in my system the CentOS 5.5 . Now, I want to configure it as my internet server, all of my 4 system running in Windows including the laptop I want to connect through my CentOS pc with username authentication. I assign all IP address by static. see tthe attachement in my set up. [url] I just want to know what I need to change and add in my squid config file. And how can I configure properly my CentOS with 2 LAN card as internet server.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Server - Apache Reload SSL Passphrase

Jul 2, 2010

I have written a shell script which amongst a heap of other stuff creates virtual hosts, and consequently also reloads apache, however my problem is that unless I include a restart in the shell script, the reload is causing the server to stop, yet restarting everytime a new vhost is created is not really an option since it will disrupt the service for other users. I know this is directly to do with the SSL passphrase as simply restarting gets everything running again with no errors.

I have configured mods-available/ssl.conf so the SSLPassPhraseDialog directive uses the passphrase file instead of bulletin, hence the restart can work fine from within the shell script, but obviously reload and force-reload must be running some sort of background process which involves reloading the SSL certs or something?? so my question is can I over ride this and if so what directive / params do I use? Im on ubuntu lucid 10.04 server and apache v2.2.14.

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Server :: How To Reload Sysctl.conf In Centos

Jan 20, 2010

Like in the subject. Does anyone knows how to do it without restart

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General :: Squid Service Is Dead - Error "no Running Copy"

May 4, 2010

i have squid running in my network the problem i am facing is that once a week the squid service is dead, i checked the log files bu could not figure out what the problem is it gives me the error squid dead but pid file exist squid error no running copy i have written a script that just moves the compressed log files from the /var/log/squid files to /media/usbdisk the script is as follows i suspect that this problem arises because of the script coz the script runs every week and the next day i get this problem


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Server :: Server Hang How To Check Reason?

Sep 8, 2010

My server OS CentOS release 5.4 (Final). Using Plesk panel 9.2..Server getting down frequently, how to check the log on server. how to find out the reason.

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CentOS 5 :: Server Hang / Why Is So?

Mar 26, 2009

I have Cent OS 5.1

I also have

I have asterisk running .

Now when I look at System Information ,

I see that "Physical Memory" keep increasing and at one point it reaches 96%. Then my sever get hang and then I have to restart it.

I have 4 GB RAM.

Processors 2
Model Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7200 @ 2.53GHz
CPU Speed 2.53 GHz
Cache Size 3.00 MB
System Bogomips 10135.71

Kernel Version 2.6.18-53.el5 (SMP)
Distro Name CentOS release 5 (Final)
Load Averages 0.27 0.35 0.31

What could be the reason ?

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Ubuntu :: Server Installation Via USB Hang?

Oct 29, 2010

Trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 Server via a usb flash drive. Can't use a cd-rom as the server doesn't have a cd-drive! lol! It boots up and then hangs at the loading stage where the ubuntu symbol is displayed.

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General :: Proxy Server Gets Hang?

Jul 23, 2010

We are using squid proxy server in Linux and server is getting hang often, during this time when see the log file it will show like below

Jul 23 11:52:26 Linux-GW avahi-daemon[2028]: Invalid response packet from host
Jul 23 11:54:55 Linux-GW avahi-daemon[2028]: Invalid response packet from host


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Server :: Overloading In Mailserver - Get Hang ?

Jun 23, 2011

Iam handling mail server in redhat.MTA using is qmail.since last 1 month it get overload and get hang...since in morning its time for user to loging into mail through web interface.though suddenly login in to mail it get overload and server got hang.we need to restart the server...did not get time to kill https also some time MP port work to save us...still didnot get command to overcome the over load in server...

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Red Hat :: RHEL5.5 Server Installation - Hang

Oct 11, 2010

I am trying to install RHEL5.5 server on Dell Optiplex 360. When its reached at "checking dependencies in packages selected for Installation" its hang. What should I do, I checked cables hardware etc... every thing looks ok.

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SUSE :: Apache2 Reload Error Cannot Load /usr/lib64/apache2/ Into Server?

Nov 19, 2010

I have suse10 64 bit installed. I am setting up a svn server on it. After installation and adding the modules ,while reloading the apache2 it's throwing the error as: HTML Code: httpd2-prefork: Syntax error on line 113 of /etc/apache2/httpd.conf: Syntax error on line 31 of /etc/apache2/sysconfig.d/loadmodule.conf: Cannot load /usr/lib64/apache2/ into server: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: apr_memcache_add_server

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Make A Server Hang On Shutdown?

Feb 10, 2010

How do I make a server wait on shutdown for a set amount of time?I tried making a service that just does Code: sleep 7m and made it first priority on shutdown but it seems to ignore itI'm pretty sure it runs... I'm currently testing that to make sure

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Server :: Listing Files Hang On Redhat Over VPN?

Jan 25, 2011

I have a newly built Redhat 5.5 box. When connecting over VPN and executing either "ls -al" or "df -h", the command prompt hangs without returning any output. Have got same result with TeraTerm and Putty clients. However, other commands run fine. Also,local users are able to run "ls -al" or "df -h" successfully.Storage is local disk. Any idea what could be mis-configured.

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Server :: "Could Not Reload FOP Server" On Asterisk

Apr 29, 2010

why I got "Could not reload FOP Server" on Asterisk?

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Server :: Phone System Reload Backup System?

Oct 7, 2010

At work we have a linux based ip phone system. Now this system was buggy for a bit but we now have it working perfectly. As it is we clone this hard drive and on backup I clone it back. This works but if for whatever I'm not in the office the backup can't go through because apparently no one can read the VERY simple instructions. What i would like to do is burn a cd with a copy of the hard drive (this configuration will change once every 6-12 months at maximum) as well as a VERY minimal linux install.

The goal is they stick the cd in and reboot. The system loads the super minimal linux then it runs a batch file that clones the portion of the CD that has the hard drive onto the system then it asks the nice remove the cd and reboot All I need is a a bootable system to a bash script that will run live from cd. I can make the nice bash script that puts to the screen a nice ascii graphic telling the lucky sap it's running and to come back in a little bit to make sure it's done.

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Server :: How To Find When Server Goes Down - Whether It Is Hang Or Not

Sep 3, 2009

When i checked my server in today morning,i found server was hang.

How can i find whether it is hang or not?

Where can i find the log from which i can find the exact time?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Server Edition Hang On Booting Screen?

Jan 17, 2010

But when i try the Ubuntu Server Edition, using the same method of burning the iso file i downloaded from ubuntu homepage into a cd, and when i reboot my pc and the screen display the following:ISOLINUX 3.63 Debian 2008-07-15 Copyright (c) 1944-2008 H. Peter Anvin
Loading...Initializing gfx codeand it hang there.Do anyone know what happened? I have verified the file i download and the disc i burnt through MD5SUM.

My Laptop spec:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) M Processor1.86GHZ
1GB Ram, 80Gb Hardisk
OS1: Microsoft XP Home edition SP2
OS2: Ubuntu Desktop Edition

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Server :: Squid Accepts Only HTTP Requests But Speaks FTP On The Server Side?

Apr 26, 2011

Here is my query:

Squid document says that Squid accepts only HTTP requests but speaks FTP on the server side when FTP object are requested.

We call Squid HTTP and FTP caching proxy server. Does it also caches FTP contents? Is it possible to configure FTP clients to use Squid cache? When we make an FTP request to an FTP site via Squid will it be bypassed?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Hang On Reboot When Connected To NFS/ldap Server Via Wireless

Jun 18, 2010

School with linux running on students' laptops, connecting via wlan to a Debian NFS and LDAP server. Every student logs on his/her profile residing on the NFS server.The clients are set up with autofs. Earlier, I had set up the wireless network in /etc/network/interfaces, but this time I decided to configure network manager so as to bring up both wireless and wired network before logon. This setup has been working on for the last fire or five years with only minor changes. Also worked with Karmic Koala, but still with the interfaces file instead of networkmanager. The Vostro is also new here, we've previously used mostly Dell Latitude D505s.

So here is what works:

1: Clients can log on to LDAP and NFS servers both wired and wirelessly. Everything is smooth.

2: While on LAN, shutdown and restart works flawlessly (and quick as a breeze, I'm really impressed by startup/restart/shutdown times, under 25 secs!).

3: Shutdown and restart also works wirelessly when doing it either from a local account or from the GDM chooser.

What doesn't work, however, is shutting down or restarting directly from a networked account connected while only being connected over the wireless network. This is what's being displayed on the terminal after it has tried tho shut down for a while:


The system is going down for halt NOW!

acpid: exiting
init: cron main process (1011) killed by TERM signal.
init: tty1 main process (1365) killed by TERM signal.


If I try ctrl-alt-del at this stage, it says:

"init: rc main process (3030) killed by TERM signal"

"Checking for running unattended-upgrades: "

And then it will hang again, until I hold the powerbutton for some seconds. The unattended-upgrades part is what seems to be the culprit. I suspect it is about the wireless network not being connected any longer or something like that, but I'm not sure about how to go about debugging shutdown scripts here. I'd be grateful for pointers. I will try and see how it goes with the old interfaces file setup, but I'd rather make nm work.

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Server :: Make Squid 2.6 Stable As Transparent Proxy Server?

Dec 22, 2010

I want to make a transparent squid proxy server in centos. The squid proxy version is 2.6 stable. I made a normal squid server but want to make it transparent so that users do not need to enter the proxy settings in web browser. Even i searched about this on google but not getting it properly.I have two lan cards on centos system. ETH1 used for LAN and ETH2 used for WAN. And in this squid.conf i written "http_port transparent" and i also added a rule in iptables which is "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth1 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 3128" but still i have to enter proxy settings at client's web browser to use internet

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Server :: Installing And Configuring Transparent Squid Server On Centos5.4?

Sep 17, 2010

I would like to install and configure Transparent squid proxy on a gateway server ,but i dont have a local OR intranet DNS server.I am facing issues do that ,regard .My IP series is

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Server :: Installing Squid On A CPanel Server - URI::URL Dependency Already Installed?

Jan 12, 2010

I know this seems obvious but i'm stuck. I'm trying to install squid via the command "yum install squid" and here is the output:Quote:

Setting up Install Process
Setting up repositories
update 100% |=========================| 951 B 00:00


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CentOS 5 Server :: A New Service Appears After The Entire Server Was Replaced

Mar 29, 2010

I noticed that my VPS was rebooted recently and a new service appears

[root@localhost ~]# pstree

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