Server :: Php Not Working On One Vhost, But Works On All Others?

Dec 18, 2010

I just added a ssl vhost.php files are not running on it, they just get downloaded when I click them. All my non-ssl vhosts were added by the admin software of my hosting company, but I had to manually add the vhost entry for my ssl vhost.Here is the entry I added for my ssl vhost:

DocumentRoot "/var/www/vhosts/"


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Server :: Add A Second Vhost To Once Working Apache Config

Mar 17, 2011

I am trying to add a second vhost to my once working apache config. Now I have things really bollixed up and cannot access anything. I am getting a error 400. The access log shows this: - - [17/Mar/2011:11:24:41 -0400] "GET /" 400 951 - - [17/Mar/2011:11:24:41 -0400] "GET /" 400 951 "-" "-"

I have a default (I think) httpd.conf file and put all my config stuff in files in vhosts.d. I have 3 files there:


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Software :: Apache2 Multiple SSL Vhost In Different Vhost Files, Does Not Work

Sep 24, 2010

I have two sites (actually more) configured in apache2. All sites have their own vhost file, which I enable or disable with a2enmod or a2dismod.

This works fine.

I have configured some SSL sites inside the vhost files, where I have created two different certificates. One for each site.

BUT, if I enable, it will always load the certificate from when i go to the ssl site, nomather what (because it comes first in the alphabet maybe) ?.

If I then uncomment the SSL site for if will work fine with, but of course then the site for is not working since it is uncommented.

So for some reason, it "falls back" to this site everytime, which I have absolutely no idea why it does this. All the other vhost running on port 80 configurations, works fine, but just not the SSL (port 443 ones).

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /home/example1com/wwwroot/


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Ubuntu :: Apache And VHost Not Working After Upgrade

Jun 25, 2010

After Ubuntu autoupgraded my Apache, some VHosts are nor working anymore and PHP Code is not oarsed any longer. I think the apache2.conf was overwritten. I do not have a clue how ti fix that, I tried some things but now I am stuck. I have only three hosts: the default, an svn (over port 443) and one called "imcar" which has PHP scripts to be parsed.

So, in my apache2.conf I have this:
DocumentRoot /var/www
ServerName localhost

The imcar host is set up like this:
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName imcar
ServerAdmin webmaster@imcar
DocumentRoot /var/www/imcar

<Directory /var/www/imcar>
Options FollowSymLinks Indexes
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
allow from all

ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/imcar-error.log
LogLevel warn
CustomLog /var/log/apache2/access.log combined
ServerSignature On

If I go to imcar in the browser, the default DocumentRoot is shown. If I remove the default DocumentRoot, I get a 404 on imcar.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache2 Vhost Stopped Working After Changing Routers Internal Ip

Apr 8, 2011

I run ubuntu 10.10 with apache2 and have 2 virtual hosts set up

here is an example of one of the virtual hosts

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www/blah


Everything was working perfectly until i changed the internal ip of my router from 192.168.1 to 192.168.192 and now virtual hosting no longer works. As far as I can tell everything is setup correctly. I made no changes to the configuration files. Vhosts just literally stopped working. I've tried clearing dns cache not sure what to do at this point. I have tried to a2dissite and then a2ensite and reload the configurations but it literally just seems like apache is not looking for the vhosts in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled even though my apache2.conf still includes them

#Include the virtual host configurations:
Include sites-enabled/
From the apache error log:
[Sun Apr 03 16:41:50 2011] [error] [client] script '/var/www/index.php' not found or unable to stat


It looks like it's just not trying to use the vhost document root because when i go to it just takes me to the default site.

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Server :: VHost And Configuring VPS - Importance Of Hostname?

Jan 23, 2010

During a request of a VPS, the provider asks me for a hostname and for the VPS I have requested which will run on a Debian. I entered 'dryaf' as hostname. What I want to do with this VPS is to point a website to its IP. I learn that I can create a vhost and configure VPS to redirect each domain name to its folder using vhost but I didn't learn any importance for hostname I don't think it should be mandatory localhost or has the form so during request I just tipped dryaf for the hostname of the VPS. Should the hostname follows a special rule for giving it a name or no?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Vhost Under Separate UID With Apache?

Aug 23, 2009

I'v multi v-host . need to make each V-Host work under separate user (not apache user).

There is one module/patch call " mpm-itk " . In Debian/Ubuntu every thing is sweet
just do

apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork libapache2-mod-php5 or aptitude install apache2-mpm-itk

that is all

But in CentOS 5.3 , there is always some difficult different (Why ? I do not know)

Kindly, Look to this solutions : [URL]

Is there possibility to avoid this complications ?

- I need solution without compiling + patching the apache , Is this possible ?

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Server :: Apache Vhost With Reverse Proxy And Redirection

Jan 6, 2010

Here my setup of Apache :
I have two virtual hosts on separate IP and on both I am using port :80 one is main website and another And to get full link path I am using index.html with redirection derectives. My question how I can setup each Vhost to he is own redirection directive to set two full link like:
when type webmail.domainname -----> redirect to webmail.domainname/horde/imp/file.php
and www.domainname ------> redirect to www.domainname/csr/
Right now working only one of this Vhosts, just problem to separate them when I type www.domainname -----> apache redirect to webmail.domainname.

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="1;url=http://www.domainname/csr/"></HEAD>
</HTML> .....

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Server :: LDAP Resources / Tips / Tricks For Small Vhost Setup

Apr 14, 2010

I have looked around a while for the answer, but nothing really fits. Here is the scenario. I have one server and a few openvz VE's running. I want to be able to auth whatever possible with LDAP. I have an LDAP server setup on the host and auth works for the server users. The tricky part for me is that every VE has their own domain. and if I can do that, they will also have the same login for their VE on said domain. I can setup users and the required software on the hosts and guest, but I guess I am confused at how to manage the multiple domain part of things.

not sure if proftp can do 'name based' stuff like apache, but if it can, we can point to the main server and handle it that way.

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Server :: Throw "Options -Indexes" On Every Single Vhost?

Jan 18, 2011

I have a lot virtual hosts running on Apache. Directory browsing is enabled on every single vhost (by default), and I want to disable this globally. Been searching and struggling with this for some time now, but can't seem to get it right. I have tried following in my apache2.conf

<Directory /var/www/>
Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Also tried following in /sites-available/default


I know I can throw "Options -Indexes" on every single vhost, but it must be possible to do this globally.What am I doing wrong?

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Server :: Nis Client On Centos Not Working With Suse Server / But Works With Suse Nis Client

Jun 25, 2009

I have a Nis server on Suse 11 which is configured using Yast and nis clients on Suse and CentOs .All clients which is on the Suse Os is working fine. But on CentOs , users couldn't login using nis username.I have mounted home directory using nfs in fstab . I can switch to nis users homedirectory only when i am root. But nis users could'nt login on reboot.' ypcat passwd username ' is showing the output . No selinux is enabled in the client .Is there is any problem with Suse server to Centos Client in nis ??

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Debian Programming :: Vhost Listing Script?

Sep 23, 2015

I run a small shellserver for my friends, and added a few IP's for vhosts. I tried google, but found nothing so I wonder if vhost listing script for IPv4 and IPv6?

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Ubuntu :: Vhost - Only Shows One Site Correct?

Apr 15, 2010

I got my VPS last day and i deside to setup everything myself, but i just came to virtualhost in apache when i got stuck.

i have Ubuntu Server 9.10 whit Apache2

Let me begin to show my config files.


#NameVirtualHost *:80
Listen 80
<IfModule mod_ssl.c>
# SSL name based virtual hosts are not yet supported, therefore no
# NameVirtualHost statement here


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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache Multiple SSL VHost On One IP

Jul 21, 2010

I read that since httpd 2.2.12 (I run 2.2.15), it is now possible to run multiple SSL certs on multiple vhosts on one ip. I didn't find a procedure to do it. Do you know how to?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache Vhost With IP And Domainnames?

Mar 18, 2011

I would like to set up apache so that:


Is it possible with only 1 IP or do i need 2 IPs? I have tried several configurations, but they always seem to lead to a dead end with either the IP-site or the domain-sites not working. There has to be a right way to do this.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Adding Multiple Websites To Vhost?

Jul 15, 2010

I'm setting up a server on Ubuntu 10.04 for development. It all seems to work nicely, I just have one thing that's bugging me. I have a project in /var/www/portfolio, which is as you may guess my portfolio. Instead of the link http://localhost/portfolio I'd like to use So I set up a file '' under sites-available and a symlink on sites-enabled containing this: To get this to work on my local machine I set up this in /etc/hosts:


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Networking :: Vhost With Reverse DNS On ADSL2 Connection Not Binding

Mar 22, 2010

I'm working on an ADSL2 connection that connects via PPPoE and it is assigned a static IP. On top of the static, the ISP has assigned a small block of 6 useable IP addresses.

- The primary static IP is on the interface ppp0
- The other 6 IPs are configured as eth0:1, eth0:2, eth0:3 etc.

With the above setup all IPs are reachable and useable on the internet.

- The revers DNS has been updated for a few of these and resolves with no problems. ie: eth0:1 has the IP and resolves to and resolves to the IP address.

- To test this I have tried a program like BNC to bind to the IP address on eth0:1 but for some reason when connecting externally the host address is coming up with the FQDN on ppp0 interface IP, not the vhost IP.

Questions is, is this the normal behaviour since its a PPPoE connection and would only work if the ISP supported a bridged connection? something on the ISP end not allowing this to work?

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Software :: Apache2 Losing Vhost Config After Few Minutes?

Mar 4, 2011

I have some vhosts set up, and they work once apache is restarted. But, as a few minutes go by, all the vhosts end up going to the default apache "It Works!" page.

I don't think it's the vhost config since it does work initially (and I've triple checked it all by now).

I am running htcache (or whatever the disk caching module is called).

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Ubuntu :: Internet Not Working, But Skype Works?

Jul 14, 2011

I have Ubuntu 11.04, and yesterday i make updates by update-manager.When my buntu updates, web pages in firefox and chromium stopped working, but skype works normal.I dont know how to solve this problem.can ping IP adresses in terminal, but cant ping names of the sites, for example if i typed for example ip adress of google in to firefox, it is not working. If i typed name "" in to firefox, not working.What the hell is it? DNS problem? Dont know...The problem is with Acer Aspire One netbook. My internet connection is from ISP to router, from router wifi to my acer aspire one. Before updates everything was working fine. I have PC connected by wire from the router, with WIN XP and it is working fine.

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Ubuntu :: Microphone Not Working, Works Under Windows?

Jul 15, 2011

I have an Acer Aspire One D255E netbook dual-booting Win7 and Kubuntu Natty, and basically the inbuilt microphone works in Windows but not in Kubuntu. I've tried running alsamixer, it's not muted. I installed pavucontrol and under input devices there are 2 options: Analogue Input and Analogue Microphone. Both of them show the volume level hovering round about nothing. But slightly above, so I dunno, noise I guess.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Script To Automatically Create Vhost And Update /etc/hosts?

Jul 9, 2011

Do you have any idea on how to achieve my goal? Here is the scenario. As a requirement on our development process for every ticket we have we need to create a branch(svn) so that we can develop without disturbing other developer. Now for every checkout I made I need to create a vhost so that I can develop first in my local before deploying to the branch.The site I'm working on is based in Drupal. The files I checked out is just the all folder of Drupal. The core files are already in my local. So the script would grab the core files and copy the all folder in my checkout branch then put them in the vhost.So basically I need a script that will do these automatically for me:1. Setup a vhost Ex: My branch name is 1205googleplusone. Inside that branch has two folders, all and default. What I need only is the DocumentRoot should only point to all folder.2. Update the /etc/hosts Ex: The URL should be 3. Create a new database for the new site The script should create a new database and update the configuration.php

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General :: Redirect Apache (mod_rewrite) From Subdomain To Https Directory (vhost)?

May 1, 2011

On one of my servers (Centos 5.5), I have been hosting articularly complex CRM application for one of my clients. Recently they have asked about configuring SSL connections to the CRM. Problem is, SSL is already configured for their main domain but not the sub-domain where the CRM application is accessed. Rather than purchasing another SSL certificate for their sub-domain (and probably another IP address),ld it be possible to setup a redirection from the subdomain to a sub-directory in the SSL directory using mod_rewrite. I have searched online and through the other posts on LinuxQuestions but nothing I have tried works.For example:[URl]

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Ubuntu :: Webcam Not Working With Skype, Works With Cheese?

Jul 31, 2010

I have used my webcam with skype before in several ocations, but now im not able to do so.The wencam works with cheese, so i dont now where to got form here.On skype video options, it shows only one video/webcam device (CNF7017 (/dev/video0). when i with test on the options shows a gray screen, which is the same that im sending to my contacts when we video chat.

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Networking :: Eth0 Works Great - Eth1 Not Working ?

May 14, 2010

Ok, so eth0 is up and working great. eth1, however, comes up with a link light, however the packet counters in ifconfig remain at 0. Appears that eth1 isn't working.

Here's my setup:

-Dell latitude CPi laptop with 2 PCMCIA network cards and no built-in ethernet.
-Slackware v11
-eth0 is connected inside my router on my 192 network. Static address with good connectivity
-eth1 is connected on the other side of my router in promiscuous mode in order to listen to the traffic coming into my network.

Troubleshooting so far: I have switched the pcmcia cards between slots and regardless of which card is in eth0 or eth1, eth0 works and eth1 does not. I have also switched the card dongle between cards as well as the ethernet cabling between the cards. With any of the combinations eth0 works like a champ but eth1 does not, so I think I've ruled out hardware problems.

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Ubuntu :: Touchpad Is Not Working While It Works Well In Xp / Vista / Window 7

Feb 1, 2011

Laptop Model = HCL ME 45 Operating System = Ubuntu 10.10 (Netbook Edition) Later changed to desktop ..... USB mouse is working but Touchpad is not working while it works well in xp/vista/window 7...

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Server :: PHP Enabled Server Won't Run A Script That Works On Other Servers?

Feb 12, 2010

I have a script that works fine on a commercial server and my CentOs Box at home but doeasn't work with another commercial server (Where we need it to).I have pulled the PHPINFO.PHP from both and wondering if someone could tell me which parameters to compare when the following happens:The script seems to do the HTML/Java and outputs the PHP script on the page , but this site has many other PHP scripts working fine:

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Fedora Networking :: Avahi MDNS Works Then Stops Working?

Jul 8, 2011

F15 current
avahi-daemon installed
nss-mdns installed
firewall totally disabled (for now while testing)
connected to network wirelessly

For perhaps 5 minutes I can either ssh into or from the F15 computer using:

ssh chris@macbook2.local


ssh chris@f15.local

Works fine, no problems. And then in about five minutes it work resolve in either direction: ssh: Could not resolve hostname f15.local: nodename nor servname provided, or not known

I can still ssh in using an IP address. So I do:

[chris@f15 ~]$ service avahi-daemon status
avahi-daemon.service - Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/avahi-daemon.service)


*sigh* No that's not it. I just found no mDNS service in or out of the computer 3 minutes 26 seconds after restarting it, no additional items in messages.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Online Update Not Working, Internet Works?

Feb 19, 2010

I tried to set up my internet connection using the network manager and not the classic iufp method. At first it just didn't work but after deactivating IPv6 I got it working: firefox can connect to the internet. What troubles me is the online update with Update Applet. The following message pops up: "Error: packageKit error repo-not-available: Failed to download /media fromAlso when I go to Yast->Software->Software repositories I get the msg:Systemadministration is blocked by PID 2459 (/usr/sbin/packagekitd). Close the application and try again.Using the command "sudo zypper refresh"eates the same message.I spent already hours trying to figure out the problem without luck

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OpenSUSE Network :: Ping Works But DNS Not Working In Browser / Sort It?

May 30, 2011

Originally after an installation of openSUSE 11.4, I had no internet connection at all, even when connecting with ethernet cable. But then I tried switching back to YaST and then back to Network Manager, and restarted a couple times, and now I have internet connection. DNS is also working, for Ping. The problem is that firefox does not use DNS and cannot resolve host names. I can use Firefox with IP numbers.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wired Network Stopped Working, Works With Win XP?

Oct 22, 2010

It has been a while and many ubuntu updates since i connected the windows laptop, it used to work fine but this ubuntu machine keeps telling me the cable is unplugged. When i boot into windows XP the network works fine and the laptop can connect through the network to use the internet. I have a very simple home network ... 3 pc into one switch. I am by no stretch of the imagination good with networking

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