Server :: Design An Inexpensive Large Scale DNS Server But Fail To Find Any Metrics Or Methods To Base Scalabilty?

Nov 28, 2010

I'm trying to design an inexpensive large scale DNS server but fail to find any metrics or methods to base scalabilty.Can anyone offer information on building a stable dedicated DNS server? That might be able to scale well.

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Server :: Error: Cannot Find A Valid Baseurl For Repo: Base

Apr 18, 2011

When trying to run 'yum update' or 'yum install' i get the following message:


# yum update
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, kmod
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
YumRepo Error: All mirror URLs are not using ftp, http[s] or file.


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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Find Networkpath And Fail To Retrieve Sharelist From Server?

May 2, 2010

I have 2 computer 1 with a ubuntu 10, one with windows 7. I can access the windows 7 computer from Ubuntu, and see all the documents. However I can't access \SAMBA24 which I assume is the Ubuntu. What do i have to do ? I'm a complete beginner at this.Windows 7 can't find networkpath, and Ubuntu says fail to retrieve sharelist from server.

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Server :: NFS Large File Copies Fail - Error Writing To File: Input/output Error?

Jun 27, 2009

I recently upgraded my file/media server to Fedora 11. After doing so, I can no longer copy large files to the server. The files begin to transfer, but typically after about 1gb of the file has transferred, the transfer stalls and ultimately fails with the message:

"Error writing to file: Input/output error"

I've run out of ideas as to what could cause this problem. I have tried the following:

1. Different NFS versions: NFS3 and NFS4
2. Tried copying the files to different physical drives on the server.
3. Tried copying the files from different physical drives on the client.
4. Tried different rsize and wsize block sizes when mounting the NFS share
5. Tried copying the files via a different protocol. SSH in this case. The file transfers are always successful when I use SSH.

Regardless of what I do, the result is the same. The file transfers always fail after approximately 1gb.

Some other notes.

1. Both the client and the server are running Fedora 11 kernel

I am out of ideas. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Samba In Large Scale Environment.

Mar 31, 2011

The Linux samba server would be part of the Windows domain.What's the best way to add shares for all of the students, assuming there is 200 students per folder? Is there a way to add a wildcard like $(USER) (that's logged in)//fileserver/ students/classof2011/Bill_Gates? Or would a directory path have to be created for each student?Either way is fine. I'm just curious what the proper protocol is for completing that task.

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Programming :: Find Logarithm To Base 10 Instead Of Base 2 On Shell Script?

Apr 20, 2010

can we find logarithm to base 10 instead of base 2 on shell script??i can do it with 'l(1000)/l(10)' | bc -l

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Ubuntu :: Software Sources Broken - All Methods Fail ?

Jan 19, 2011

Quickly the software sources are broken apparently. the apt.... -f failed to fix it, the synaptic version of fix broken.... fails here is the output in terminal.


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Ubuntu Servers :: Performance For Large Scale Website Or Critical Mission?

Aug 6, 2011

anyone of you could share if you have been using ubuntu for large scale website or critical mission project, say for 500.0000 secure transaction per 3 hours with 4 million users accessing server. how does ubuntu perform?

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Ubuntu :: Killing Caps Lock (standard Methods Fail)

Oct 17, 2010

I'd like to make a few changes to the keymap; disabling caps lock and a few other changes. First I tried what has worked before:

editing /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc
and commenting out a line there:
// key <CAPS> { [ Caps_Lock ] };

But changes in the xkb-files apparently only takes effect after login, and this particular system is set to autologin (i.e. it only works after I log out and log in again, not right after a reboot). I also tried putting

xmodmap -e "clear Lock" in one of the shell's startup-files (/etc/zsh/zshrc) No luck with that either. The above command works fine if I manually type it at the prompt, but for some strange reason it won't work in the shell startup script (and I know it has been executed since the lines before and after it in the script work fine).

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Ubuntu Servers :: Best Way To Scale Up Server Set Up?

Sep 1, 2011

what is the best way to scale up server set up for a high growth site? without getting a heart attack, where you can just open up a beer and watch tv as you push a red button to scale the server. lets assume the site is getting 100,000 people a day.And, in thirty days, it will be getting 9 million people a month, and in a few months it will get 9 million people a day. (I know it is a bit crazy)How would you structure a roll out?

two load balancers, two front end app servers, two database servers, and a cdn.And as traffic builds up, you would up the front end app servers, and maybe add two slave database servers? and maybe replicate the servers to east and the west to serve different parts of the world.What kind of hardware? I know it is a bit weird question, and it matters a lot on app, server hardware, server set up, style, class, lifestyle etc - I just want to see if there are any aha moments and awesome set ups that I am not aware of.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Find US Source For Inexpensive PCI Video Card

Feb 12, 2010

I'm trying to find a US source for an inexpensive PCI video card, most bang for the buck.It must be a standard PCI card.

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Server :: Remote MySQL Server Connection Dies After Wget Large File

Feb 3, 2011

We have 2 servers, 1 is the webserver and the other is the Mysql server.

When transfering a 2GB file from the webserver to the Mysql server.

The webserver's connection to the mysql DB server dies completely.

Need to restart the MYSQL process in order for it to come back online.

During this connection downtime, when using phpmyadmin on the mysql server shows no problem running queries etc.

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Server :: Windows 7 To Linux Server Print Job Size Very Large

Jan 21, 2011

I'm new to setting up Linux Servers. I've setup a Ubuntu 10.10 Server along with CUPS and I'm using Webmin to talk to the server. I have a HP PSC 1315 Multifunction printer connected via usb to the server. Using the CUPS web interface I am able to get the server to detect the connected printer and it identified the HP PSC 1310 Series drivers.

When I printer a test page from the server's screen the print job goes through ok and the size was about 5k.

I then setup a samba share to allow my Windows 7 machine to share the printer. Windows 7 is able to pick up the shared printer correctly and I used the default HP 1310 Series drivers. When I tried to send a test page to the printer, that single page ended up being 3887kb and I also tried printing out a single paged word document which ended up being over 7MB.

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Server :: No Supported Authentication Methods Available When Using A Private Key For Login?

Mar 1, 2011

I keep getting the above message when trying to login to my server using a private key,is there something I am missing from the configs here?Quote:

#$OpenBSD: sshd_config,v 1.73 2005/12/06 22:38:28 reyk Exp $
# This is the sshd server system-wide configuration file. See
# sshd_config(5) for more information.


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Server :: DNS Fail: Can't Resolve Subdomains, Server Giving Wrong Response?

Jul 13, 2010

I've got a DNS problem I cannot figure out. I've been digging and pinging all day and I've waited for caches to expire and I'm not having much luck.From my desktop mac, I can't seem to resolve

My-Mac:~ sneakyimp$ ping
ping: cannot resolve Unknown host


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Debian :: Select Web Server, Email Server, The Installation Fail?

Jan 1, 2011

Have anyone try the latest Debian 5 iso CD? I got installation problem. It is the select and install software stage. If I select only

[*]Desktop Environment[*]Standard

I want to select web server, email server, the installation fail.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setting Up Web Design Test Server?

Dec 19, 2010

I do not know much at all when it comes to setting up hardware--servers, switches, etc.

I have a 1701HG 2Wire wireless router that I use for my home network. I have an old pentium 3 tower that is just laying around, and I want to be able to host my projects on it for testing. Basically, I just want to be able to do everything on my laptop and then upload it to the server for testing.

I have set up an Ubuntu LAMP server on the desktop and am able to do everything I want via SFTP; however, I want to be able to type in "projectx.local" in a browser on my laptop to go to one test site, "projectz.local" to go to another, etc.

Is this possible, since I do not have the server set up as my gateway? It is merely connected to the router like everything else.

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Programming :: Daemon Process Design Which Acts As A Tcp Proxy Server?

Mar 8, 2010

know abt daemon process and how it is used for acting as proxy server if nay tutorial is there for it .

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Server :: Error - Server Can't Find - SERVFAIL - In Dns Server

Jan 9, 2011

uslookup command is giving me an error.otherwise dns is working ok.when i try to look for server from client using.


I got the following error :-




Is working fine.

I think there should be problem in reverse zone file so i am posting my reverse zone file.


What is meaning of this error?

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Debian Programming :: Emacs And ECB Missing Python Methods In Methods Window

May 12, 2014

I work with python and I use emacs as my IDE tool. I have been running Debian Squeeze (6.0.9) for some time now with emacs 23.2.1 and ecb 2.32. I am able to access my python methods in the ecb-methods window with no problems. However I recently upgraded my desktop to Debian Wheezy (7.5) running emacs 23.4.1 and ecb 2.40 but I have lost access to the methods in the ecb-methods window. The window is just empty while the others (directories, sources and history) are all populated. I have a second laptop which I decided to upgrade to Debian Jessie, however Jessie recommends emacs 23.4.1 which is running with ecb 2.40 also. The result is the same as on Wheezy.

I have used the ecb menus and googled for a solution or even just a mention that such a problem exists but have come up with nothing. Either I have a unique situation here or am doing something really dumb.

I would like to upgrade to Wheezy or Jessie but I need access to methods in the ecb methods window. How to keep my upgrade and see the methods in the methods window of the ecb system ....

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Server :: Import Base.ldif Into Database?

Sep 9, 2010

i have configured ldap server on a Debian5. But Am failing to import base.ldif, mygroup.ldif and myuser.ldif into my ldap database. How can i do that?

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Server :: Finding A Web-base Music Organizer

Apr 7, 2011

I use a Ubuntu headless home server to store the family data (docs, photo, mp3, movies, ...). Since it's a headless server I'm using mainly webbased admin tools. Now I'm looking for a tool to organize my mp3's. Functionality should include tag editing and renaming of mp3's. Playlist management or mp3 player is not needed.

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Server :: Slave DNS Server - To Act As Fail Over?

Sep 11, 2010

im running two name servers using bind9 in my infrastructure. both are identical distros ubuntu 10.04Both are also receiving updates from each other, so no worries there.The issue is, when the master name server goes down, the slave for some reason doesnt take over and act as a primary name server. Can someone please help me on how to enable this feature using bind9?What basically I want to happen is when the master server goes down, slave will take over the primary role till the master comes back online

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Server :: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - RAID 1 Base System Installation

Dec 30, 2010

I'm trying to install a box with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server with a typical LAMP system in order to replace my old Ubuntu 8.04 server I have at my school to have a "backup" system and also trying to replace NIS authentication with LDAP. Well I'm getting stuck on the first step: installation of base system. I want to build a RAID-1 system with the two 320GB SATA HD's the machine has, I have a little experience in installing RAID because I installed my old 8.04 server with RAID-1 aswell. I boot my box from an USB stick with Ubuntu 10.04 Server 64bit, the systems boots well, asks me about language, keyboard and so, finds the two NIC cards and the DHCP configuration of one of the card is done.

Then it starts the partitioner. One of the HD's already contains three partitions with an installation of a regional flavour of Ubuntu, the other HD only contains a partition for backups, I don't want to preserve all this stuff, so the first thing I do is to replace the partition tables of both HD's with a new one. This is done without problems. Then I go to the first disk, by example, and create a new partition, the partitioner ask me for the size, I write 0.5 GB (or 500 MB), then I select that it has to be a Primary partition at the beginning of the disk, all goes OK.

Once created I go to the "Use as: " line, type Enter and select the option "Partition for RAID volume", when I hit Enter the error appears: the screen flickers in black for a second or two, then it shows a progress bar "Starting the partitioner..." That always get stuck at 47%!!! Sometimes the partitioner allows me progress a little further (for ex. lets me activate the boot bit of the partition, or it allows me to make another partiton, even once the error didn't appeared until the first partition of the second HD!!) but it always get stuck with the same progress bar at the 47%.

I've tried a lot of things: I downloaded again the ISO and rebuilt the USB, same result. Downloaded the ISO and rebuilt the USB from another computer, same result. Unplugged all the SATA and IDE drives except the two HD's, same result. Built a CD-ROM instead of an USB, same result. Downloaded the 10.10 server ISO (not an LTS), and the USB stick can't boot, is another error, but only to try.

When the error appears, I hit Ctrl+Alt+F2 and get into a root prompt, there I kill two processes: /bin/partman and /lib...don'tremember/init.d/35... and then when I return to the first console the progress bar has gone and the install process asks me at wich step I want to return, I hit "Partition disk" and then the progress bar reappears and Stucks immediately at 47%!!! Is the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server installer wrong?

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General :: Find The Scope / Definitions Of A Class / Methods?

Feb 13, 2010

In Windows environment when I used Borlan for C/C++ compilation, I was used to find the the scope/definitions of the methods/classes by pressing

ctrl + F1

when the cursor was hovering on that method/class. How can I find the scopes/definitions in the GNU/Linux?

#include <iostream>
main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
float var_float = atof(argv[0]);


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Server :: Ssh A Remote Box From Putty Error "No Supported Authentication Methods Available"

Jun 8, 2011

I am trying to ssh a remote box from putty but I am getting following error. "No supported authentication methods available" I don't have access to the server so I must have make my ssh client compatible to ssh server. This is the trace from another client

[SSH] Protocol Version 2 (OpenSSH_5.3p1 Debian-3ubuntu6)
[SSH] Cipher: aes128-ctr
[SSH] FAIL: Unable to authenticate

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Ubuntu Servers :: Small Scale Online Backup For Ubuntu Server?

Jun 30, 2010

I just finished getting a semi-old desktop computer up and running with ubuntu server edition. It's running subversion and samba for my office of 5 people. I was wondering if there was a simple online/cloud based backup service to automatically back up my subversion repository and samba shares in case of any hardware problems?

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Server - Install Base System (Media Change)

Nov 25, 2010

I am installing server 10.04.1 (non-gui) on an old Dell box. All goes well until it gets to the point of "Install the base system". I get a dialog "Media Change" with asks: Please insert the disk labeled 'Ubuntu-Server 10.04.1 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release i386 (20100816)' in the drive /cdrom/ and press enter. I thought that was the disk I had inserted. I looked at the disk in another machine and it appears to be labeled simply "Ubuntu-Server 10.04.1 LTS i386". I did a check of the media before starting the install and have even tried a different DVD reader in the machine as I thought it might be an issue with the drive failing to read the disk. I again and again get the error shown above.

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Server :: DNS SERVER WITH ERROR - Server Can't Find - SERVRFAIL

Apr 1, 2009

I did a basic installation of Debian, which will be used for a mail server. I Installed the bind9 and did the configuration of the zones and created the files in the directory / etc / bind.
After the process I typed the following command to test my DNS:

nslookup and presented the following error:

Easier to stay I put my files in message: The files named.conf, and db.

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Ubuntu :: Design 1-tier Client-server Architecture Using Ubuntu Edition(s)?

Jan 17, 2011

I want to have 1-tier client/server architecture using ubuntu edition. I have no idea how to proceed. I have many doubts:1. Which Ubuntu edition will be used i.e. desktop or server? 2. Which manual/book(s)/paper will best describe to proceed further?

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