Server :: Database Table Doesn't Exist [error Code: 1146]

Jun 18, 2010

Recently I got a very rare database issue, it says: Error: Couldn't read status information for table clients_copy () mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show create table `clients_copy`': Table 'adm_retail.clients_copy' doesn't exist (1146) Error: Couldn't read status information for table dt_mx_emp ()


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Server :: ERROR 1146: Table 'information_schema.tables' Doesn't Exist

Jul 13, 2010

Does anyone know how to write this command for mysql version 4? (The command is for mysql version 5, I guess since when I check database in mysql server version4 there is no database name information_schema ) command:select concat(table_schema,'.',table_name) as table_name,table_rows from information_schema.tables where table_rows > 1000000 order by table_rows desc; meaning:show all database,table name and row count from all databases that has table row more than 1000000

Run result with mysql version 5: mysql> select concat(table_schema,'.',table_name) as table_name,table_rows from information_schema.tables where table_rows > 1000000 order by table_rows desc;


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Server :: Mysql 'Table 'mysql.user' Doesn't Exist'?

Aug 2, 2010

I'm trying to setup wordpress on my server, which of course I need mysql for. I setup a database the other day, which worked perfectly, but I had to start again as I put some information in wrong. Now, I can create a database fine, but when I run

GRANT ALL ON wordpress.* TO wordpress@localhost IDENTIFIED BY "password";
I get the output:


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CentOS 5 Networking :: Proxy - Error "can't Initialize Iptables Table `nat': Table Does Not Exist"

Aug 19, 2011

We purchased a virtual server from GoDaddy (1 month trial) to set up as a proxy for our networks (24 of them). I am having 2 separate issues. The first is I can't configure/install NAT and support is telling me the only way I can is to purchase a dedicated server. Here's the error:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 3128 iptables v1.3.5: can't initialize iptables table `nat': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?) Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded. Here's the fix: [URL] So, what I am hoping to do is configure this by just opening port 3128 directly, and only allowing access from our networks. As a test I did this and allowed only from our office and it did not work. However I can't connect, so I am wondering what I am doing wrong? Here's my squid configuration:


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Server :: Keep Getting "ERROR 1146 (42S02)?

Jan 12, 2010

Im trying to migrate mysql to a new server, the first server is FreeBSD 6.2 and the second server is ubuntu, so I used rsync for that, on ubuntu:show database; works successfully and shows the database imported from the FreeBSD box, show tables; also works, but select data from any didn't work, I keep getting "ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'DATABASE.TABLENAME' doesn't exist", although .frm .MYI .MYD are available in /var/lib/mysql/databasename

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General :: Query Died: Fusername: Table 'rsmembers.User' Doesn't Exist

Nov 5, 2010

I just purchased a new server and loaded it with Ubunut server 10. I installed apache2, php5, and mysql5. apache needs a little bit of configuration left (I need to tell it to accept index.php in addition to index.html), but other than that, all the php is working. MySQL is working as well, at least on the server. If I do a "show databases;", it shows all the databases properly. I loaded phpmyadmin on the server for testing, but I'll be removing it once everything works - this is my production server. phpMyAdmin can find all the tables, perform successful queries, and do everything I want it to, HOWEVER If I try to use the login page, I get the error mentioned in the title of this thread.

The database is a carbon copy from my development server, which works flawlessly. All the php and html pages are exactly as they are on the development server too, yet I still get that error. I've reloaded all pertinent programs (apparmor, apache2, and mysql). Apparmor was because I had to declare some new lines for mysql to access a different location for the DBs I resolved the "can't load InnoDB issue", but this one is stumping me.

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Slackware :: Kdestartupconfig4 Does Not Exist Or Fails - Error Code Is 127?

Nov 21, 2010

I got a problem with my Slackware installation after upgrading to slackware-current. I made a clean 13.1 install on my laptop, then I logged in as root, connected to the net and upgraded to slackware-current. Then, after rebooting, I try to log in to kde as root but I get this error:
kdestartupconfig4 does not exist or fails. The error code is 127. Check your installation. After getting these errors, I made a completely new fresh installation but I got the same errors again.

I even added another user with the adduser command just in case that was the problem but that didn't help. I can't log in to KDE.

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Server :: Can't Insert A Record In A Table On Postgresql Database?

Sep 2, 2010

my database (PostgreSQL) has ever funtioned OK, but today don't let me insert a new row in a table and the record itsn't duplicated. I did a vacuum full and reindex the database and the problem continue. I don't know what the fuck is happening

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OpenSUSE Install :: Kstartupconfig4 Does Not Exist Or Fails (Error Code 1)

Nov 27, 2009

OS 11.2. When I try to log in my account I get the message {kstartupconfig4 does not exist or fails. The error code is 1. check}. I can only log in as root. As root, I check the file system and my files are there in /home/Myname. I can run all my programmes. The executable kstartupconfig4 is there.

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General :: Error: Cannot Connect To The Database Because: INSERT Command Denied To User 'webuser'@'localhost' For Table 'visitor'

May 6, 2011

Error: Cannot connect to the database because: INSERT command denied to user 'webuser'@'localhost' for table 'visitor'


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Ubuntu :: When Attempting That Code, Got An Error That "initrd.gz" Did Not Exist?

Jan 3, 2010

I'll try and give you as much info as I know. I have a live USB of 9.10 "Karmic".I downloaded the live cd, booted it and used the live USB creator inside Ubuntu to make it.Then I found that my computer is too old to boot from USB, and so after googling some, ran into this guide: attempting to follow the instructions found in the "Booting the kernel from a bootable CD" section, I realized that they had been written for Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty".As they are not completely current, I ran into the following three problems (please keep in mind that I am doing all of this from a live CD):1. The second step commands you to copy "initrd.gz" to the boot folder with

cp /cdrom/casper/initrd.gz iso/boot/


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Server :: Change The Webroot Of The Httpd Server - Directory Doesn't Exist - CentOS 5

Jun 1, 2009

I have just configured CentOS server my new office. This is the first time I am using CentOS.

Whenever I am trying to change the webroot of the httpd server, it usually say "directory doesn't exist". whereas which can't be the case as it is home directory of the user.

To achieve this, what Do I need to do?

The second issue, I am facing that whenever I am adding new directories to public_html folder, it is not accessible. as the error page 404 is shown. I have changed the permissions to 0705 and ownership is also transferred to other user. What else is required to make new directories accessible by the web?

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Slackware :: Error 1146 - Basic MySQL Configuration / Initialization

Oct 22, 2010

Do I have to do a basic configuration / initialization of mysql, like described in the following link, before I can use it? [URL] The background is, that I want to use mythtv and therefore I need a working mysql. When I tried to create the needed database, as described in the file README.SLACKWARE (included in mythtv.Slackbuild package from with the following command, I got an error:
# mysql -u root -p < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql

The error message was:
ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 3: Table 'mysql.servers' doesn't exist
-- integrale

I don't remember that I ever did a basic configuration but mysql was already used by joomla, and it worked right out of the box.

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Server :: Edited The Config Files Because Xx.xx.xx.xx Doesn't Exist?

Aug 25, 2010

I'm taking over as a Linux admin where they use sendmail last week. I've done very little with email on linux, and haven;'t touched sendmail since 2000 so I am really out of my element.Basically the sendmail server for many months has had performance problems, disk, and load.Looking into it I found this doing a tail on /var/log/MaillogAug 25 17:11:49 web8 sendmail[1531]: o7OGF2VH002566: to=postmaster, delay=1+01:58:10, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=relay, pri=2388694, relay=[xx.xx.xx.xx], dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: []:No route to hostAnd that was all it was spewing, I edited the config files because xx.xx.xx.xx doesn't exist. And running m4, then restarting sendmail.It is still spewing out that message, but I do see some things connecting to the new yy.yy.yy.yy address. I even greped the entire /etc looking for the old machine.

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Red Hat :: RPM Database Exist For EL5.2 ?

Oct 16, 2010

This is my first question, I am not a linux expert. I found an interesting thread about this but it is related to RH 9 ( I'm wondering if this database exists for RH EL5 too and in case if someone can point me to the right path to get it and how to install it. the system where I'd need to apply it is 2.6.18-92.el5 x86_64 GNU/Linux. The system is not connected to Internet.

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Server :: MySQL Move Database / Server Doesn't Start

Nov 3, 2010

I'm trying to move a mysql 5.1.50-community InnoDB database from one location to another.When starting the service I get:Starting MySQL.Manager of pid-file quit without updating file [FAILED]I've searched for a way to do this but I can only find people who describe what I've just done.

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Server :: Mysql MyISAM Table Doesn't Have .MYD And MYI Files

Jan 26, 2011

We have a MyISAM table without .MYD and .MYI files for storing data and index but we can select data from the table. We can't use mysqlhotcopy for backup the table. Each time,we execute mysqlhotcopy, we have the following error: 'dbs.table: is not base table'. How do we repair the table to re-create .MYD and .MYI files?

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Ubuntu :: Password Protect A Table In A Database?

Oct 3, 2010

For my IPT assignment i need to make a database for a company and basically my only problem is i can't work out how to password protect a single table in the database.

I tried clicking encrypt with password but that encrypts the entire database.

I am using MS office 2007.

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Server :: Apache Document Not Exist Error

Jan 31, 2011

I am in the process of migrating my old server into new Linux new server. As part of the , apache configuraton is one of the process . i have installed http with yum. i added some test dir like /date/test underwhich i created one test.html. When i start apache , it says Starting httpd: Warning: DocumentRoot [/data/test] does not exist.i am not sure about it. I have directory exists. however it shows the error message.

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Server :: Error - 550 Localhost.localdomain Does Not Exist

Jan 22, 2010

We've had this server running before but two hours ago there are some domains outside which we cannot send email to. this is a sample of the message we get


The original message was received at Fri, 22 Jan 2010 14:31:59 +0800 from []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

<> (reason: 550 localhost.localdomain does not exist)

----- Transcript of session follows -----

... while talking to

>>> DATA
<<< 550 localhost.localdomain does not exist
550 5.1.1 <>... User unknown
451 4.4.1 reply: read error from

Our server's been running smoothly before but i dunno what happened. I can send mails to gmail and yahoo as well... but there are like 3 domains which we cannot send mails to.

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General :: Compare Oracle Database Table Contains Using Scripts?

Dec 26, 2010

How to compare oracle database table contains using (Perl/Shell)scripts.

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General :: Scp - Error "file Doesn't Exist"

Feb 18, 2010

I'm trying to use scp to get a file from my desktop onto the server for my school. I'm connected via VPN and using PuTTy to try to do this. I've tried every single combination/permutation/help site on the web that I can think of and I still can't get this thing working. This is what I get:

[palermo@matrix hw2]$ scp palermo@matrix:/rhome/palermo/ats652/hw2
palermo@matrix's password: No such file or directory

Yet the file sits, in all it's glory, on my desktop. What have I missed here? This is for a homework due next week, so the urgency is kind of on.

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Server :: Error : Asr : Invalid Raid Config Table

Nov 11, 2010

I had a RAID controller in a system that would not load Virtuozzo. So I deleted the array created by the 3Ware 9550SX controller before removing it and one drive from the CentOS 4.8 server. Even though I deleted the array when the server boots it shows an error:

ERROR : asr : invalid RAID config table

How can I clear and remove the table without having to reload the OS? Can I? Di I need to run the Seagate Tools and reset the drive?

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Ubuntu :: Crawling Online Database And Placing Specific Data Into A Table?

Jun 12, 2010

I want to download some specific information(age of the building, value, square feet, etc.) from a county auditor's website:[url]

For every property in the county and ultimately match it to a .dbf file I already have containing geographic information for each parcel.

The website only displays information for a single address at a time in response to a query form asking for either the parcel ID# or street address. I have a table of all the county's parcel ID#'s and valid addresses-about 350,000 or so of them.

I imagine there must be some way to automatically crawl the website inputting the information from my tables into the form and gathering specific information in some sort of format that could then be matched to corresponding information in my .dbf file.

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Programming :: Make Shell Script To Use Sqlplus To Update Some Database Table?

Feb 8, 2010

How can I make shell script to use sqlplus to update some database table? This is what I'd like to make:

- login to db server (I have create ssh-keygen to bypass the login session)
- login sqlplus / as sysdba
- update status set status='END' where status='BEGIN';
- commit;
- quit;

I'm using oracle 10g database and SLES 9.0

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Server :: Mysql Error While Creating Database?

Jul 28, 2011

while creating a new database iam facing the below problem

mysql> create database auto-download-gta; ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-download-gta' at line 1

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Server :: Error During Bootup: Mount: Special Device LABEL- San_data Does Not Exist

Dec 9, 2010

why I'd be receiving this error. I have created a partition and filesystem and put the label in fstab. Everytime I reboot the server it is unable to mount the filesystem. However I am able to mount it manually.

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Server :: Creating Domain Form Vadddomain-domain Doesn't Exist

Apr 12, 2011

iam using centos5.2.configured qmail,vpopmail. while adding domain form vadddomain<> At first time domain folder get created in domains directory.and also postmaster user also get created by default.And also in mysql. Now the problem is after some times or rebooting system domain get erased automatic.also in /var/qmail/users/assign file domain name get erased.

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Server :: Setup A Database Using Mysql - Always Get A Connection Refused Error

Mar 2, 2010

I'm try to setup a database server using mysql, the server starts fine, and I can access it using the built in mysql client via console (adding databases and tables works fine), but the problem is... I always get a connection refused error whenever I access the database outside the built in mysql client (example, if I write a code that connects to mysql). So, I tried execute an nmap command and the only ports open are these ports:


there's no 3306 for mysql... I'm thinking that the firewall is just blocking the port that mysql is using, but my question is, how could the built in client connect to the server if there's no open port for mysql server? Don't clients usually access a servers through ports?

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Server :: Open A Database File In Sqlitebrowser Returns An Error?

Oct 31, 2010

kenny_strawn@kenny-AOA110:~$ sqlite3 -html -line /var/www/fluxbb/ProprietarySuckware 'select o_base_url from memos'

Error: unable to open database "/var/www/fluxbb/ProprietarySuckware": unable to open database file

This database was automatically generated by FluxBB, so I am wondering just why it isn't opening.

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