Server :: Upgrading Kernel 2.6.18-128.7.1.el5xen To Current Non Xen Release

Feb 18, 2011

I currently have a server that is running on the Linux kernel 2.6.18-128.7.1.el5xen and I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade it to a new official Red Hat non-xen kernel(currently is unique about this kernel is that it is NOT a virtual system kernel but an older XEN kernel with proprietary material removed.If it is possible I was wondering about any repercussions that may occur as a result of said update. This would include, any issues with potential data/driver losses as well as recovery procedures that may be used if something would happen to it during the upgrade.

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Slackware :: Kernel Panic After Upgrading Slackware64-current To 2.6.32.x Kernel?

Jan 20, 2010

I have one machine where I have several versions installed on different partitions. The base partition (/dev/hda1) is Slack 12.1. On a spare partition (/dev/hdc4) I had installed Slackware64-current. Last week I slackpkg upgraded and installed the kernel, and now that partition will not boot. I know that with the new kernels the hd* designation has been removed, and have already redone that fstab (accessing it from a different boot) to reflect the sd*. Here is the slack64 section of my lilo.conf:

# Linux bootable partition config begins
image = /other/spare4/boot/vmlinuz


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CentOS 5 :: Where To Download An Iso With 2.6.18-128.1.14.el5xen Kernel

Jul 7, 2009

I have problem with kernel of centos 5.3 kernel has been updated incompletely so I need to update kernel manualy does anyone has centos with kernel 2.6.18-128.1.14.el5xen or knows that where I can download an centos iso with 2.6.18-128.1.14.el5xen kernel?

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Slackware :: How Long After Release Until -current Kicks Up Usually

Jun 11, 2010

I know, I know Pat and crew deserve a break after a long dev cycle, but I got hooked on -current moving, so sue me . I was just wondering how long does it usually take before current starts moving again after a release?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrading 10.04 Lucid To A Newer Release?

Jan 17, 2011

I have problem upgrading my ubuntu 10.04 lucid to a newer release of Ubuntu. I have done updates regularly but nothing prompt regarding upgrading Ubuntu. as mentioned in Ubuntu website, updating must result in a notification of upgrading. I want to know if there is any way to do this manually?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading From Beta To Release Recommended?

Apr 1, 2010

I'm fed up with Gentoo and would like to migrate to Ubuntu. I just installed 10.04 Beta, but I'm wondering if I should continue configuring my system. Is it possible/easy/painless to upgrade to the release version when it comes out? Or should I stop investing any work into the beta right now and wait for the release?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Change All Repos Used In Yast When Upgrading To A New Release?

Mar 7, 2011

As I have 15 repo's enabled in Yast it a bit tedious changing them in the package manager, is there an easier way to bulk change them? Something like doing a kfilereplace on the /etc/zypp/repos.d/ folder and changing all occurances of 11.3 to 11.4 (in all *repo, which are all the files in the folder). Will this work?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing Beta Then Upgrading To Full Release?

Apr 7, 2010

If I went ahead and installed the Ubuntu 10.04 BETA version, would I be able to update it to the release version from within Ubuntu without having to boot from CD again (so just by the software updater)?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Errors Upgrading Release From Local Mirror

Apr 17, 2010

Release upgrade ends up with error:
"Error during update. A problem occurred during the update. This is usually some sort of network problem, please check your network connection and retry. The server may be overloaded. Restoring original system state".
When doing do-release-upgrade -d to upgrade from karmik to lucid. I using local mirror (also have http that works but not browseable). When I change lines in /etc/apt/sources.list from local mirror to official [URL] all works fine. I don't want to download 1Gb from internet (because of traffic cost). What is wrong with local mirror ? I can communicate with its owner, but what he needs to change on the mirror ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading To Latest Alpha Release Of Natty

Feb 13, 2011

and type
update-manager -d

This should show the option to upgrade to the latest alpha release of natty. Through the terminal this can be done using the same command but you need use.

sudo -s
to do this.

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Ubuntu :: Update Manager Will Upgrade My Current Beta Version To The Final Release?

Apr 19, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 beta a couple of days back.This is the first time I am using a beta release.Some programs are crashing, although not frequently.

My question is - WHEN THE FINAL VERSION OF UBUNTU 10.04 IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD, IS IT MANDATORY TO DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ? OR WILL UPDATING OR UPGRADING VIA THE system ---- administration --- update manager will upgrade my current beta version to the final release ???

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Ubuntu :: Upgrading Netatalk Past The Official Meerkat Release Version?

Jan 8, 2011

Shortly after upgrading to Meerkat I discovered that my macbook timemachine backups became unreliable to the point of uselessness. After a bit of googling it appears that Meerkat's version of Netatalk (2.1.2) has some issues that bust timemachine. These issues are supposedly fixed in version 2.1.3. So... what is the best way for me to go about upgrading Netatalk past the official Meerkat release version?

The Netatalk project is at version 2.1.5. I could uninstall the Meerkat packages and just try to build Netatalk directly from source. However I'm a little leary about losing all of my existing AFPD filesystem meta-data. The Natty Narwhal repository appears to have version 2.1.4 which I've read should solve my problem. Is there any way to install the binaries from the Natty repositories? Can I download the source package from the Natty repositories and rebuild the package with Meerkat libraries/dependencies?

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Slackware :: Upgrading To -current And Multi-lib From 13.1?

Nov 16, 2010

I'm looking at running -current instead of 13.1, and wondering about 'upgrading' to -current, as well as running multi-lib. I found the following procedures from another post of about a year ago, but I'm not sure from what directory to run such a script:


# Upgrade to Slackware64-current
upgradepkg --install-new slackware64-current/slackware64/*.t?z
# Download compat32 stuff


Should the procedures above work for me? and although I know that things may occasionally break here and there (and get fixed too), are there any known issues right now that would break things on my machine?

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Ubuntu :: Saving Current Programming Before Upgrading?

Jun 7, 2011

I am writing this because I want to keep all of the things that I have now on my ubuntu 10.
4 computer and do not want to upgrade until I have some way of keeping all of the things that I currently have on it.Sohow so I make this happen? Should I try to load these program settings on a flash drive?

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Slackware :: Partition Cannot Be Mounted After Upgrading To -current

Aug 30, 2010

after i update to -current a few days ago. my slack partition cannot be mounted...and after that it's show 'kernel panic'.before i experience that problem, i have encounter an odd problem after i update my slack to -current, after i lock my screen and i want to unlock it, i cannot unlock it, it says 'i must kill kscreenlocker manually'. After that i reboot using root account. then i cannot enter my slackware again.kernel panic in boot screen.Kernel panic: VFS : Unable to mount root fs (8,2)

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Fedora :: Install Kernel Headers - Current Kernel Only

Feb 22, 2010

What's the command for installing kernel headers for the currently installed kernel?

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Red Hat :: Upgrading Athlon Kernel To I686 Kernel - Work Around For 4Gb Memory

Apr 29, 2009

I'm fairly new to linux Red Hat. We are running Rhel 3 on our VM's. We ran into a issue, (Bug 121801 - athlon-smp kernel does not support >4GB of RAM. what the stepos are to upgrade the existing kernel to the new i686? .

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Software :: Upgrading Fuse In Order To Use Current Version Of S3fs

Feb 24, 2011

I'm trying to install s3fs but get a configuration warning saying that the current version of s3fs requires fuse 2.8.4 or greater. when I run pkg-config I see that fuse is 2.7.x.I downloaded the source for 2.8.5, configured, make, make installed and it appears to have correctly built the 2.8.5 libraries in /usr/local/lib but after running 'modprobe fuse' and ldconfig with the correct directory settings, pkg-config still says that 2.7.x is the active version and the s3fs configuration see barks about needing 2.8.4 or higher

How do I get the newly compiled version of fuse to be the one the system uses?I want to use s3fs to rsync my sever to Amazon S3.I'm running CENTOS 5.5 i686 standard and have cPanel installed on the machine.

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Fedora :: Conky 1.7.2 Compiled Tue Aug 25 10:34:53 EDT 2009 For 2.6.18-128.4.1.el5xen?

Jan 12, 2010

I use: Fedora12 x86_64 and

conky --version
Conky 1.7.2 compiled Tue Aug 25 10:34:53 EDT 2009 for Linux 2.6.18-128.4.1.el5xen


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Debian :: Install A Previous Kernel Release ?

Jun 13, 2010

I want to install (or compile myself) a previous kernel release ( Where can I get it?
I mean a Debian Kernel with all your patches etc.

I'm using Debian Unstable. I just noticed that it was the quickest kernel (well, maybe for me only and my hardware).

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General :: Find All Debian Release Iso Images With Kernel 2.4.x?

Jun 9, 2010

where can I find all Debian release iso images with Linux kernel 2.4.x?

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Ubuntu :: The UTS Release Version Error Kernel Compile?

Mar 5, 2010

I get the error

make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.33'
test ! -e scripts/package/builddeb || mv -f scripts/package/builddeb scripts/package/builddeb.kpkg-dist


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Fedora Installation :: How To Install Kernel Source Tree Of Fedora 14's Current Kernel?

Feb 23, 2011

I have installed the fedora 14, but there is no kernel source tree.I read the doc "building a custom kernel".But I don't want to rebuild a new kernel.I just want to install the source tree of current kernel.Could someone tell me the way?

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General :: Setup Remote Access Server On Red Hat Enterprise Server Release 5.1?

Aug 30, 2009

how i have a machine installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.1 with 2 modem (usb & com port) still i want to configure RAS server so some pple able to connect my server and send me some files.

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Slackware :: Lost Wireless Keybord And Mouse Upgrading Slackware Current

Oct 24, 2010

Lost my wireless keyboard and mouse upgrading slackware current.Boot seems to be normal.I just can't login, cause have no keyboard.

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Fedora :: Want To Keep Current Kernel?

Aug 19, 2011

I want to keep my current Kernel (I wanted to keep the last one but read on... lol) Why? Fedora is stable as a rock right now and so is GNOME

Now: 2 updates ago I thought I was cool and I did this:
nano /etc/yum.conf
and I added.... this: exclude=kernel* nvidia*

But right after the next update.... all hell broke loose.... X errors and more... no need for details since I used tty2 to uncomment the "exclude" in yum.conf... updated and ALL is well and VERY stable (good job to Fedora.... it wasn't your fault... I just know I didn't exclude enough )

"What do I need to exclude in yum.conf if I want to keep the current Kernel as well as Nvidia driver while keeping everything updated besides "kernel* and besides "nvidia* packages"? I know I missed a dependency and that upgrade broke the "old"

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General :: Upgrade From Current Kernel Of 2.6.17-2 To At Least 2.6.18?

Dec 8, 2010

I am attempting to bring my server up from etch to lenny and during that process I need to upgrade my kernel to at least 2.6.18. I am currently on 2.6.17-2 and get the following error for my sources.list file:

W: Couldn't stat source package list [URL].. stat (2 No such file or directory)

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Slackware :: Graphics Not Loading After Upgrading To Slackware-Current

Feb 26, 2011

I've upgraded Slackware-13.1 I had installed to Slackware-Current using a local tree I had download with script, but when I rebooted I could not get the graphics to load. I think it's because I've also modified /etc/groups and add an username after audio: and video: group, but I forgot that and had to remove slackware from the machine.

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Fedora :: Upgrading Kernel On The 12?

Oct 13, 2010

we want to upgrade the kernel on Fedora 12 .but problem is , while doing 'make install' , it gives error as 'mkinitrd' is not available .which is required during 'make install'how to run 'make install' command on Fedora 12 without 'mkinitrd' utility.

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Software :: Upgrading Kernel Via RPM?

Jul 16, 2011

When upgrading kernel via RPM, do I just need to download the RPM, and then do:
rpm -ivh file.rpm ?

Is kernel-headers needed?

Do I want to use force on either?

# wget
# rpm -ivh kernel-2.6.18-238.12.1.el5.i686.rpm

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