Server :: Router And File Server On The Same Box?

Feb 17, 2010

Recently I installed Debian on one of my machines to act as a router and file server. I'm pretty comfortable to work from the the command-line (ssh), still I can't shake of the felling of wanting a web GUI for configuration. Since I haven't found anything that can be installed on Debian (don't like webmin), I either need to do my own GUI or go the virtualization way.

I was thinking of running some kind of router distro and virtualize a file server distro or just a regular distro. I don't know maybe this virtualization path is just a bad idea, I dunno, so I ask for your advice and comments.

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Server :: Access Ubuntu File Server If It's Connected To A Router?

Feb 13, 2011

I want to access files on my ubuntu server wireless. Is there a way I can do that? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm kind of new at this whole server thing.

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Networking :: Network Configuration: Server - Router Vs Router-server

Aug 14, 2010

I am thinking of moving the router behind a server and connecting the server directly to the internet via a modem. Are there any security issues related to doing this? or other things I should be aware of. Iptables are implemented on the server blocking access on unused ports.

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Server :: Configure Redhat Enterprise Server 4 As Router And Proxy Server

May 18, 2010

Im new in linux i want to configure my redhat machine as both router and transparent proxy!

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Server :: Setup Home (1 Computer) FTP Server Using DSL Connection No Router?

Jan 21, 2010

I'm going to start a new thread because previous searches have not totally satisfied my question. I've read all day about doing this but each inquiry leads to discussion of configuring the router. I am also not network savy. I would like to set up an FTP server on my home computer (presently Ubuntu 8.10). I have only one computer. I am using DSL with my telephone line for internet connection. I do not use a router.

Is it possible to do this with no router and only a DSL ISP connection?

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Server :: Best Option - Modem Or Server As The Router Of My Network ?

Sep 30, 2010

What is the best option: leave the ADSL modem as the router of my network, or use a Debian Linux server in place?

* there is high traffic on my network (at work time);
* 7 PCs on the network;
* Debian Linux server: PC - Intel Pentium IV 3.06 Ghz - 2 GB RAM.

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Server :: Make A Ftp Server Behind Wifi Router?

May 25, 2011

Can you make a ftp server behind wifi router?802.11g

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Server :: Sync File Server Data Into Backup Server Machine By Command- Rsync -avu?

Jun 21, 2011

iam trying to sync file server data into backup server machine by command- rsync -avu path/of/data ipaddress-of-backup-server:/path/where/to/save after running it ask for root password and manually it is successful.but i want to make it automatic.for that i also tried cronjob and also generated authentication key but iam not successful in login automatically..anybody know how to authenticate root to login for storing data in backup server.

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Server :: Server Status Command Output Getting Dumped To Smtp Server Instead Of A File?

May 24, 2010

I am working on linux server with below specifications.Linux EDT 2008 i686 i686 i386 GNU/LinuxWhile checking the status of the server using the command 'opmnctl status' and when server is down the output is not getting redirected to file.I m using the command as,opmnctl status > abc.txt.

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Server :: What's The Best Router To Use With A Web

Jun 2, 2010

I have a LAMP server in work with five different web sites on it. All the sites are below average traffic and page upload time seem OK but I want to tweak my hardware anyway. I have tweaked Apache already.

Occasionally (more often recently) my Internet speeds when I use the same WAN connection myself for general surfing the speed is extremely slow. When I look in the logs I can "Access Denied to *.*.*.*" over and over. It's a robot I know but I think it causes a kind of DoS on my Standard router, generally slow everything down. I think a professional router would be better able to deal with that sort of traffic.

What router or device would be good for a web connection when the primary purpose is a web server connection? How much money should I be thinking of spending on the router?

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Server :: File Server For Windows - Mount More Than One Samba Shares As Network Disk

Jun 17, 2011

I want to setup a Linux File Server for a small windows network (around 50 users). I do know that I am gona need Smb service/pkg for that. I haven't used Samba for a while now and as per the best of my knowledge, entire communication (including usernames and passwords) between a samba server & windows client machines will be plain text. Is there any way to secure all this communication??

Secondly, if i remember correctly, MS windows wont let me mount more than one samba shares as network disk when all my shares can be accessed by different smb users with different passwords?? is there a solution to this problem? OR may be if there is any other package available for this purpose so that i wont have to use samba?

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Server :: Log File Monitoring Script On Server But After An Auto Update Recently It Seems To Have Disapperaed?

Jun 28, 2010

I used to have a log file monitoring script on my server but after an auto update recently it seems to have disapperaed.Can anyone think of some log file analyzers that send outputs of ssh, amount of disk space used etc. as I cannot remember the name of the program at all.

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Server :: Remote MySQL Server Connection Dies After Wget Large File

Feb 3, 2011

We have 2 servers, 1 is the webserver and the other is the Mysql server.

When transfering a 2GB file from the webserver to the Mysql server.

The webserver's connection to the mysql DB server dies completely.

Need to restart the MYSQL process in order for it to come back online.

During this connection downtime, when using phpmyadmin on the mysql server shows no problem running queries etc.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Server As A Router?

Jan 13, 2011

I'm getting my first server in a few weeks. I hear a lot about people using their server as a router. That sounds like an interesting prospect, as I think it would increase security and control, with all web traffic going through one central hub so to speak.If I do this, how do I handle wireless? Do I just hook my wireless router to my server, basically making the internet connection go through the server before it gets to the router?

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Networking :: OLD Server Tower As A Router

Oct 5, 2010

i had a very old server given to me. it's a Compaq Prosignia 200. it has a 166 pentium, more than 64 mb of ram(unkown because i see 2 32mb sticks and there are 2 more smaller sized sticks), a cd drive, a 6 gb hdd, and enough pci slots for 3 nic. i'd like to use it for a router for my 2 home pc's. i have no idea what im doing or if the hardware itself will run as a router. i do have a 25mb connection and dont really want to lose my bandwidth.probably too much to ask but i thought i'd give it a go.

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General :: Apache Server Behind A Router?

May 1, 2011

I am running an apache2 server in ubuntu. When I connect my laptop directly to my modem, I can access my web page (from any computer or phone) without any problems.I start getting weird issues when I try running my web server behind my DLink 524 router. It will run perfectly for about an hour or so then the web page will become inaccessible from any computer except the one which I am running my server on. I have made sure to forward and requests to port 80 on my machine and I have also set the router firewall to allow access through port 80 and port 443. I don't get any error messages in my apache2 log when my site goes down.Since the site worked perfectly when my computer was connected directly to my modem, I figure it has to be a router problem.

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General :: Router And Server Don't Seem To Be Talking?

Mar 21, 2010

Mm sorry for the silly questions but I dont seem to be able to get my server to listen to my router or the other way around. when i httpd i get the error (99)Cannot assign requested address: make_sock: could not bind to address am using a Billion 5200G router I have also been trying all night with my BELKIN router but no success.

1) I have a nameserver I set up at Enom days ago the site has been registered for about 9 months now

2) When I try to access I get through to my routers administartion area so the nameserver seems to direct to the right place.

3) I have a PPoE LLC connection from my ISP with one static IP but like i said the nameserver seems to direct to my router but no further.

4) I have set up the server in the System/Administration/server settings/http area servername ns1.startweb with an ip of on port 8080

5) In the NAT router area I have DMZ set as which should be my servers ip address

6) In the NAT Virtual Server I have: RuleApplicationProtocolStart PortEnd Port Local IP Address1 HTTP_Server TCP 8080 8080

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Server :: Turning Ubuntu Into A Router?

Aug 6, 2010

i would like to know whats the minimal iptables config for turning my ubuntu box into a router
i just tryed this one and works:

echo "1" > /proc/sys/ipv4/ip_forwarding
sudo iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE


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Networking :: Pug Server File Server No Longer Shares Drive To Windows?

Nov 19, 2009

My Pug Server has worked faithfully for many years just sitting in a closet. It is designed wo that you never need to add a monitor or keyboard as it is administered through a web interface. Recently it had a problem with the motherboard and I had to replace it, but the machine is now working. However, it no longer is visible as a network drive on my Windows machine.Unfortunately I have no idea where to start looking to see what the problem is. I did attach a keyboard and monitor and logged on, but everything looks okay (I can see my files, etc.).

This is an old machine (c. 2003), so has an old version of Linux (I have no idea what version, or even how to find out). Since it is never meant to be used directly it doesn't have any GUI installed, so I have to do everything using command line.Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can even start to determine what the problem is or how I can go about trying to fix it? At this point I would be happy just to get the files out and replace it with a newer NAS.

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General :: Mount The File Server Share On Application Server And Execute

Jan 8, 2010

i have purchased sun server for my visualization project. Request you to help me finding the io for disk .I have put storage(disks) on different location (File Server) and on server (Application) i have configured 4 virtual machines.

How would i monitor the io for file server from the Application server where i have configured 4 virtual machine. one way to mount the file server share on application server and execute

dd if=/dev/zero of=/share/test.out bs=1024 count=1024 to check the read and write Is there any other way of doing this.

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Server :: Apache Server In No Starting / Not Strating On Default Configuration File?

Mar 21, 2011

I have install Mandriva 2009 and install apache server but its not strating on default configuration file . What I should do for starting apache . i have tried /etc/init.d/httpd start but apache is not running .

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Server :: CentOS /Samba Server- XP Windows Client File Sharing?

Nov 3, 2009

I have a CentOS + Samba server and Windows XP client machines. Users, passwords and permissions are entered on the server machine.users and passwords ( same as on the server ) are entered in the XP client machine.When attempting to access a public file on the server using a XP client machine and the IP address of my server, I am asked a user name and password and none of the already entered seem to work. I cannot access the server file (prompted again and again to enter user name and password). What did i miss

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Server :: File Created By Application Server On Mounted Drive Is Not Writeable?

Sep 16, 2010

I have a web application(java 5, mysql server) installed on Tomcat on Red Hat 5.Part of the functionality is to allow the upload of files to a windows share. I have mounted the share using theAny file I create here from the terminal gets sions."-rwxrwxrwx"The problem is that when the application server creates the file it gets created with the following."-rw-r--r--"How can I get files created from the server to be "-rwxrwxrwx"

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Server :: Build A Redundant, High-availability File Server System?

Mar 23, 2010

I am kinda stuck while providing solution for the above problem. I have achieved the fail over using keepalived but not sure how can we replicate the data from one server to other seamlessly and have them in sync with each other. My prime requirement for this project is end user should not notice the fail over and replicated copy of data should be available on the secondary as well.

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Server :: In Apache Server, Change Log File Location And Log Format For Access Log Fil?

Aug 19, 2009

I installed Apache server with Debian 5.0.2 Lenny. I am trying to write a script which would analysis web log files. I found the log files on /var/log/apache2. There is an access log file, `access.log`. My question is what configuration file determines the location and the name of the access log file. How can I change them? I used CustomLog in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf like below.LogFormat ": %h %l %u %t "%r" %>s %b" common
CustomLog /home/test/my_log_file common Apache2 generated /home/test/my_log_file. But no logs were written in the file even after I run `/etc/init.d/apache2 restart`. Ichanged the log file location. It still didn't work. However, Apache2 still wrote logs in the file `/var/log/apache2/access.log`

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Server :: Server Offers PHP File For Download On HTTP But Is Fine On HTTPS

Mar 8, 2011

I have a debian box running Apache2 and PHP5.2.6 lenny.

When a request is made via https, php displays the content fine. If the request is made over HTTP the file is offered for download, rather than displaying it.

I know its probably something trivial but I've never seen this issue.

The plot thickens, I can display PHP over HTTP in some directories but not others (which offer the file for download)?

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Server :: Slackware 13.0 DHCP Server - Configuration File Errors Encountered?

Nov 17, 2010

I'm trying to set up a PXE boot server on a PC running Slackware 13.0 using the default apps and info shipped with that Slackware version but to no avail...Carefully reading the Slackware 13.0 README_PXE I've put together this dhcpd.conf file:

# dhcpd.conf
# Configuration file for ISC dhcpd (see 'man dhcpd.conf')


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CentOS 5 Server :: NFS Performance With Files Not Yet Cached By The Server File System?

Feb 25, 2009

I have a weird performance issue with a centos 5 running a nfs server and a rh8 client. I think the fact that it is rh8 client should be downplayed. It is just that with rh8 client the performance degradation seems more clear. See test details below OS in server is Centos 5 x86_64 kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5

1Gb connection between machines File to test over NFS is a 1GB file. First of all I wanted to measure how the network alone performs while using NFS. So in the server side I run a "cat" command on the 1GB file to /dev/null. Please note that the disk read speed is about 98MBs. At this point the file system has the 1GB file cached in memory. In the client side a "cat" on the same file gives me a speed of about 113MBs. It seems then that the bottleneck in this instance is the network and it is very close to nominal speed. So the network performance is really good. (BTW I know that the server got that file from cache because a vmstat or iostat shows no disk activity.)

The second test is reading from disk with no caching involve. In the server I flushed the 1GB file from the memory. For instance by reading another 5GB file and I repeat the same thing as above in the client (a cat on the 1GB file). Now, the server has to go to disk.(vmstat or iostat shows the disk activity). However the performance, now, is about 20MBs, I was expecting something closer so 90MBs. (since the reading speed in the server in the first test showed 98MBs).

This second test was repeated for ext2, ext3, xfs with no significant differences. A similar test using a RH8 NFS server and client gets me close to 60MBs for a 1GB file not cache by the file system in the serverSince network speeds and disk read speeds are not the bottlenecks ... what or where is the limiting factor then?

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Debian :: File Transfer Will Be Constant As The Minecraft Server Will Constantly Updates Files On The Web Server

Aug 27, 2011

I have 2 computers on the same network that i need to link together to transfer files 1 is a web server the other is a minecraft server. the problem is that the file transfer will be constant as the minecraft server will constantly updates files on the web server and I dont want it to go to the router then to come back to the web server. I want to add a second network card to each computer and link them together and use this second connection to transfer the files is it possible?

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Server :: File Server Machine To Store All Data So Being That Have Got Four Identical SATA Hard Drives?

Jan 25, 2011

I've got 4 identical 1 TB drives and would like to use them in a software RAID configuration on my home server. I'm running Debian Linux using 'mdadm' utility to manage the software RAID. I don't know how much I've read is fact or dated or even false so I decided I would ask here to get help from people who know more about this than I do. This is essentially just a file server machine to store all my data so being that I've got four identical SATA hard drives, I was thinking about doing RAID level 5. I guess I'll start here and ask if that is the recommended level of RAID. I think RAID level 5 will be fine for my general server usage. My second issue is partitioning the four individual drives to get maximum performance / space from them. Basically just asking here how would you or you recommend I partition the drives? I was thinking about doing three seperate partitions per drive:

/dev/sda1 = 4 GB (swap)/dev/sda2 = 1 GB (/boot)/dev/sda3 = 995 GB (/)Now from that partition schema above, obviously all the types will be 'fd' for RAID and the partition for /boot is going to be bootable. My confusion is that I read Grub doesn't support booting from RAID 5 since Grub can't handle disk assembly. If /dev/sdx2 (sda2, sdb2, sdc2, sdd2) are partitioned for /boot (bootable), how would you guys configure this RAID to match up equally? I don't think I do a RAID level 1 on 4 identical partitions, right?

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