Server :: Proper Way To Sync Debian Mirror But Preserve Sarge?

Aug 21, 2010

I have been tooling around with different way of getting our local Debian network mirror back up and running with different various scripts. I have tried apt-mirror which was a breeze to setup and run, anonftpsync again super easy to get rolling.

My question is there a way to make sure our Sarge distro doesn't get deleted from the mirror? A filtering command for rsync possibly?

I started to go over the script for the ftpsync (debian recommended!) and to be honest it seems way over my head due to lack of documentation that I have been able to find.

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General :: Proper Way To 'sync' Branches And Keep Them Separate?

Jul 26, 2010

So I created a new branch from master and eventually merge the changes back, only some changes seemed to merge and it would seem I merged in one direction. Eventually I just decided to be sure master received all the 'experimental' changes then I deleted the experimental branch and made a new one. So this question is turning into a few questions suddenly:

1) How do I match up branches but keep them separate?

1a) Is that bad practice to not just make a new branch?

2) Why were the branches not the same after after one merge?

2a) Am I only supposed to call a merge on the one that I want to have all of the changes?

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Debian :: Sources.list For Sarge?

Sep 21, 2010

I tried using sarge release for debian and I don't know what sources.list to use because in all the generators I can only choose Lenny, Sid, Squeeze or Etch release. What release should I use with Sarge? Or where do I get sources.list especially for it?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Best Way To Keep FLAC & Mp3 Mirror Collection In Sync?

Jul 13, 2010

I have all my CDs in FLAC format for playback in my home but like most folks I have a portable.Now, converting my collection to Mp3 fits on my player but its a pain to manually convert each new album. It would be cool to script something that could be run on cron or manually to keep them synced.

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Debian Installation :: Upgrade Sarge To Etch To Lenny?

Mar 29, 2010

<Big Red Flashing Sign that reads, "NEWBIE with two Linux books and very little brain"> I just installed Sarge from a CD onto an old PC and ended up with Debian Linux 3.1, Kernel 2.4.

PC Specs:
Spacewalker Mainboard (AK31V3.1) SocketA AMD Athlon/Duron Processor based DDR Main Board
2x 256MG DDR DIM Q
350w power supply
NVIDIA GeForce AGP8X 6200 Graphics Card 256 MB RAM
Award Modular Bios v6.00PG 12/05/2003
LG Monitor
USB Mouse, Standard keyboard

I did not configure any servers or do any package selections but did manage to get the internet connection working (actually Debian managed that all by itself). I'd like to "upgrade" to Lenny.

Do I need to upgrade to Etch first or can I go straight to Lenny? At what point do I "upgrade" the kernel (before upgrading to Etch/Lenny? After?)

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Debian :: Upgrade From Sarge To Lenny (via Etch) Has Broken Cron?

Sep 20, 2010

I've been upgrading a bunch of our servers from sarge to etch and then to lenny, on two of these servers, cron has broken, cronjobs will not run. On another two (that have no significant differences from the others) cron is unaffected I created a simple job to run while I was testing

*/1 * * * * root /usr/local/mailtest-1 in the script is echo test mail from busted server | mail -s "test mail from your busted server" [URL]. and that runs fine if I run it manually, I've added it into /etc/crontab and crontab -e but haven't got a single mail from it. The cron service is running

I tried apt-get remove --purge and then a re-install but it doesn't seem to have worked. All the logs have stopped rotating as well so I'm starting to think that maybe it's not a fault with cron but with some other service that it depends on. However, I've not been able to figure out what that might be.

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Debian :: Get Errors In That It Cannot Reach The Proper Url Or Connection To The Server?

Sep 16, 2010

I'm unable to install this package, tuxpaint.I get errors in that it cannot reach the proper url or connection to the server?Not sure what I'm doing wrong.I figure the repo is correct and I thought I had the proper source since I've installed other packages.What could be wrong?

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Debian :: Creating Mirror Back-up Hot Swap Server?

Mar 20, 2011

I am currently running Debian on a system with 3 scsi hard drives with Raid and have an identical back up server. I want to schedule a daily "mirror" copy of the server operating system and data so that if the primary server drops I can move the network plug to the next server and be back in business. Can someone let me know what would be the best solutions for this? I am new to linux so this may be an obvious question so if it is I applogize but I have been searching through the forums and have not found an adeqate solution.

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Server :: Soft RAID (mirror) On Debian With Different HDDs Size?

Apr 18, 2010

I would like to build a NAS from PC (D510MO) running Debian. I have two HDDs (one 3.5 1T and one 2.5 500G).
On 3.5 HDD I have already two partitions 100M+40G dedicated for Win7-64. Now, I want to install Debian (second OS) on this PC and to have some kind of soft RAID or disk mirror of 500G space. I am planning to create a third partition on 3.5 HDD of 500G (identical as 2.5 HDD size) in order to have a mirror 500G space.

Please send my some suggestions on where I have to install Debian; on 500G 2.5HDD or 500G 3.5HDD!Will Debian boot from both HDDs 3.5 or 2.5 after I create the mirror? What Linux soft I have to use for mirroring (mdadm)?

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Debian :: Ubuntu Local Mirror Setup For FAI Server Setup?

Apr 24, 2011

I want to setup a FAI server for which I was looking for the best method of mirroring the Debian Lenny. I want to setup a local mirror with the best method available for mirroring. If it is ftpsync, please provide me some best ways of doing it. I tried ftpsync mirroring but that was not getting properly working due to insufficient I want this mirror to be accessible in my FAI setup so that I can start the installation on multiple machines and start the updates and package installation to be done from the same local mirror.

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Debian :: Preserve Long File Names (>37) In Genisoimage?

Dec 2, 2010

I need to make an ISO9660 file from a directory, but some of the files have names that are logner than 37 characters. I could not find a way to get the long names preserved.
I've tried various ways but in vain. "genisoimage -J -R -U -max-iso9660-names -o tst.iso cdroot" gets most close to the end, but not close enough!

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Debian Multimedia :: Way To Rotate Videos But Preserve Quality

May 17, 2015

i am trying to rotate some mp4 videos taken from my mobile phone. i do need to rotate them by 90 degrees.i have tried mencoder VIDEO0029.mp4 -o output.mp4 -vf rotate=1 -oac pcm copy -ovc lavc but it drops the quality A there a way to rotate the videos but preserve the quality?

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Server :: Preserve All Server Configurations?

Sep 14, 2010

What is the best method to preserve all my server configurations ? Everything from users, groups, samba configurations, fstab, BIND ...

To take it a step further, can I preload this configuration in my own custom build ?

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Server :: Monitoring Tool (like Ntop) To Preserve Statistics For Http Traffic?

Jun 17, 2010

I'm looking for a monitoring tool like ntop, but can preserve statistics for http traffic.

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Debian :: Preserve / Merge Config File Information During Software Upgrades?

Mar 21, 2011

How does Debian preserve/merge config file information during software upgrades? My google searches left me a little unclear on this point. Also (if you happen to know) does Ubuntu use the same method?

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Server :: Make Two Storage Server Mirror Data In Real Time?

Jan 15, 2011

I have 2 servers each one with a RAID and I want them mirror they data so if one of them goes down the other one take the job with out disruption. I've heard of multipath by I want to know it in detail or learn of more options.

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CentOS 5 :: Easiest Way To Mirror Existing Server Setup On A New Server?

Jan 13, 2011

We have two CentOS 5 servers in production (web and database). We are setting up a single staging server that will mirror the configurations of these servers as closely as possible. What is the easiest way to ensure the exact same software and configs as the production servers are setup on the new staging server. Our contracted data center provider has already informed us that they do not perform images and NO we do not have physical access to the machines. It is undetermined whether we will be virtualizing the staging server into two virtual servers yet, so for the purposes of this post lets assume we are not. I'm seeking a faster/more precise method than doing this by eye and hand.

Some information on our web server code...

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General :: Mirror Microsoft Server 2008 To A Server?

May 17, 2011

We are using Linux as our database server and Microsoft Sever 2008 as our file server. Both are on independent servers. We would like to be able to mirror each server on the other for disaster recovery purposes. I am completely new to Linux.

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Server :: Sync File Server Data Into Backup Server Machine By Command- Rsync -avu?

Jun 21, 2011

iam trying to sync file server data into backup server machine by command- rsync -avu path/of/data ipaddress-of-backup-server:/path/where/to/save after running it ask for root password and manually it is successful.but i want to make it automatic.for that i also tried cronjob and also generated authentication key but iam not successful in login automatically..anybody know how to authenticate root to login for storing data in backup server.

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Server :: Splitting A Mirror With LVM?

Feb 22, 2010

I'm running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 6).

I've created a mirror of a Logical Volume with this command:

# lvconvert -m1 --corelog /dev/datavg/data /dev/dm-16

Now I've this:

# lvs -a -o name,copy_percent,devices
LV Copy% Devices
data 100.00 data_mimage_0(0),data_mimage_1(0)
[data_mimage_0] /dev/dm-11(0)


My goal was to remove devices dm-10, dm-11 and dm-14 from my VG, so I decided to extend the VG with dm-16 and mirror my data LV to that device, then split that mirror from the other devices. The FS is mounted and need to stay online...

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Ubuntu :: Proper Way To Start A New X-server?

Jul 3, 2011

how to properly start a new x-server(duh!), but i have few a couple questions to be more direct. The main purpose is to play games and such, also other utilities such as connect through ssh to another pc.

Now to the questions: -Does the use of a new x-server really improves game perfomance? In my tries i couldn't notice, but the obvious advantage of return to regular desktop without quiting the game seems not that great when switching between servers lagged a lot( in the tries).


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Server :: What's The Proper Way To Change Domains

Mar 18, 2010

how would i move from to whilst making it so people can still use the old domain if they wanted to?

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Debian :: Cannot Connect To Any Mirror ?

May 7, 2011

I am install debian in virtualbox on my mac using the net install. when i get to the part where it asks me to choose a mirror, none od them work. i always get an error that i can not connect. it tried pinging the mirrors but it did not work. I also have no firewall at all.

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Ubuntu :: CRM Solo Use Without Server BCM Mirror?

Oct 12, 2010

Im using Ubuntu 10.4 LTS. New user. Looking for a CRM that is comparable to ACT, BCM that is in MS Office, or Sugar like that does not require a server. Need something light for stand alone CRM.

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Server :: Mirror Software Packages From One To Another?

Jan 3, 2011

Server A is running Centos 5.5, Server B is running Centos 5.5.What is the simplest way to grab the package list from Server A, and use yum/rpm to make sure that the same packages are installed on server B, and if not -- install them?

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Server :: Mirror A Mac - View The Software In The ISO's

Apr 26, 2011

I am building a new server to replace a MAc server. I want to use CentOS. I don't know how to view the software in the ISO's; I don't know what version I will need to get these versions:

Apache 2.2.8
MySQL 5/0.45
PHP 5.2.5

I have posted this in the CentOS forums. But I need an answer ASAP.

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CentOS 5 :: How To Mirror Current Server

Jun 26, 2009

I have a server, running Centos 5 and it is working fine. Now I want to have another server (server2), mirror of my current server (server 1) if any time my (sever 1) stopped responding, (server 2) should start working until I fix server 1.

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General :: Proper Way To Organize File Server ?

Mar 7, 2011

I am setting up a file server using Ubuntu and want to make sure I set up a folder structure that will last. Where should I be placing everything that I am sharing (Music, Pictures, Videos, etc)? In theory, if I was setting this up on Windows, I would create a folder directly under C: and set up the different areas of sharing under that (not that that approach would be best either).

Based on constructive criticism, the question is rather ambiguous. My question could be restated to ask "Where shouldn't I set this up? Would /usr be an appropriate place to start? Or would /opt be better?

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Debian Installation :: Apt-get Can't Find Mirror?

Jul 2, 2010

As Debian on the mirrors page [URL].../etch/all/koffice/download, I added this line to my sources.list:[URL]..


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Debian Installation :: LiveCD - No Proper Display

Dec 15, 2014

I intend to switch to Debian form PCLinuxOS. I am not an experienced Linux user. But I intend to switch all my machines to Linux. I have used Antix as well on an older machine. I am a bit familiar with the basic Linux CLI commands.

I intend to switch to Debian as I think the support (Forums and probably mailinglist) are more active then PCLoS and Antix. Sadly enough though the live cd gives a problem which no distro gave on the same machine. And I really do not know what to do about it.

When starting the first line that prints is:

Umount: can't mount /live overlay: Device or resource busy

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