Server :: Increasing HDD Size While Keeping Data Intact

Jun 15, 2010

I'm currently setting up a server with 2x 1TB disks in raid1. (Centos 5.5)In the future, if the storage is insufficient and I decide to upgrade the disks to 2x 2TB, could I just:

- dump ghost image of the array on usb drive
- replace hdd's and build new array
- ghost array with image created previously

Would the above work, will the new partition automatically resize to 2TB or do I need to partition right now with LVM? would it work with LVM?

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Software :: Keeping Configuration Intact After Reboot

Oct 6, 2010

I'm using BackTrack4 in my office to run a MySql server for internal testing purposes and it's working fairly well till now with 1 inconvenience that it doesn't autostart. Sometimes I have to shutdown the server and after booting again certain parameters like ip address, mounting a separate HDD partition etc. get reset and I have to manually assign IP, mount partition, start required services like Mysql, SSH again.Is there any way to avoid that ? That is, to assign the same network configuration, starting of certain services and auto-mounting the partition?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Re-partitioning Keeping Vista Windows Intact

Sep 29, 2010

I'm currently running ubuntu on my netbook, and vista on my desktop. Earlier i had an ubuntu installation alongside my vista, this has resaulted in my desktop making a countdown at booting. After the countdown it boots up vista. So i'm aware that there still are som leftovers from my earlier umuntu adventures.... here is my objective: I want to keep my vista installation intact, BUT i need to clear all earlier grub and ubuntu installations...and finally I want to install a fresh ubuntu 10.04.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Dual Booting 11.2 And W7 While Keeping W7's Boot Manager Intact

Jun 2, 2010

my Windows partition and the future Suse partition will be on different HDDs, so this should ease things a bit. Suse is on HDD 2 and Windows on HDD 1 HDD 2 will be the default Master drive, so I want GRUB to give me to option to boot either on Suse, either on Windows 7 I want to keep Windows 7 boot manager intact. I.E. If I switch HDD 1 to the Master drive, it will boot directly into Win 7.

What I wanted to do is:

Unplugg Windows drive
Install Suse
Replugg Windows drive and manually add the entry to GRUB

if I keep them both plugged, Linux will not touch HDD 1 MBR?

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Server :: Squid Servers Cache Size On Disk Automatically Increasing And Decreasing?

Jun 24, 2010

Squid servers cache size ondisk automatically increasing and decreasing,how I would resolve this issue

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SUSE :: Installation SUSE With Keeping Windows Partition Intact

Jun 8, 2010

i have windows 7 installed on my laptop and working fine..i want to install Open Suse 11.2 along side. I tried installing by booting with DVD for Suse. But it gave me warning to delete the windows partition.I would like to keep the partition intact with windows 7 and install Suse. Any suggestions ?I can create partition on my laptop but i do not want to modify the current windows structure.

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Server :: Increasing Size Of Extended Partition To Allow Creation Of New Partition

May 18, 2010

I've got a server that needs more space. To achieve this we added space (by extending the VMware disk attached to it).Normally this isn't an issue, because we just add an new partition and LVM it from there, but this host predates our deployment of LVM everywhere.

Our current theory is that the unallocated sectors can not be assigned because they aren't part of the extended partition, and thus ... we go in a circle.So what i believe the way forward is to extend sda4 so that i can then create an sda10 inside of it. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I was thinking gparted may do the trick ... but being a server i'm in runlevel3, with no X...

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Server :: Increasing Size Of /var Folder Or Mount To Another Folder?

Nov 16, 2010

I'm installing things in a new Red Hat server and saw that the /var folder is full (100%). I need this folder to have more space or another kind of solution because this server is going to be used as a print server.

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General :: Increasing Size Of A Folder?

Jul 28, 2010

As I have a opt/sybase folder in Linxs I want to increase the size of this folder how can I increase it? For example the size we mention at the time of installation Sybase is 2gb now I want to increase by 4gb how can I increase it.

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Fedora :: Increasing Size Of System Partition?

Jul 29, 2011

I am running Fedora 15 along with Windows 7 on my Dell laptop. Yesterday, when I was trying to install TeX Live, it stopped in between saying that there is no space left in File System. Even though I have space in my hard drive volumes, space seems to be running out of my system partition which is only 9GB in size (I guess!).I am posting a few results that might help you guys. I have an unformatted 15GB partition. How can I add it to my system partition? And is my var folder too big (1.5GB)? If yes, how do I backup its contents and then delete them? Additionally, the File System shows a folder 'media' (89GB) which links the C: drive that contains Windows 7 and my personal files. Should it remain that way or should I separate it? If the latter, how? I just couldn't find any.

#df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on


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Ubuntu :: Increasing Home Folder Size?

May 17, 2010

i got low space left on my home folder .. i installed ubuntu and set home folder's size to 20 gbs and 70 gbs for my "/" partition , 2gbs for swap.Is there a way to increse those 20 gbs ? maybe take a lil from my "/" partition?

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General :: Increasing Font Size In Console

Feb 26, 2011

I am using ubuntu a desktop and don't run a server. The editor I use is vim so increasing font by edit > profile preferences. What I need to know is how to increase the size in console ie. when I use Ctrl +Alt + F1 to F6. On running xrandr I get this :


I know that,the graphical user interface ( using X windows , I think ) sits on top of the base system ie F1 to F6. In the Fs , xrandr replies "Can't open display ". The question is am I right in thinking that "gui" is totally independant of the base ( is that the correct word ?). I have read that messing about with resolution can wreck a monitor ( I'm using a laptop) , is there a safe way to proceed?

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General :: Increasing The Swap Partition Size?

Jun 21, 2010

ecently I tried to increase the size of my swap partition using GParted, but it wouldn't let me. I wondering if there was another way? Currently it's 795 MB but I want it to be 1GB

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Programming :: Increasing Thread Stack Size?

Jan 23, 2011

I seem to only be able to set my stack size on my linux server to 15000. If I increase it to 20000 I get a Segmentation Fault. how I can get the linux OS to increase the stack size? Code: threadRet |= pthread_attr_setstacksize( &m_ThreadAttributes, 15000 );

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Programming :: Resident Set Size Increasing Continuously

Jun 13, 2010

I am working on a C++ application, using the latest Slax as distro and CodeBlocks 8.02 as IDE.

I have a problem that is really biting me hard... And i'm sorry if my questions will sound trivial: i'm still a C++ noob...
Basically,looking with KSysGuard i can notice a constant increment of the VmRss parameter,i.e. the resident set size of my program.

While stepping with the debugger i noticed that the VmRss parameter increases by 4 (KB?) when i push_back into some STL vectors (i have this problem in various parts of the code).

While i analyze the problem with KSysGuard i'm also looking at the /proc/statm file of my process. When KSysGuard shows a VmRss increment by 4, i can actually see an increment (by 1) in the 2nd parameter of that file (which is the resident set size) but not in the 1st parameter (which is the total program size).

What surprises me most is that the VmRss is reported in KB and i really am not pushing 4 KB inside the vector all at once...

So i ask:

1)Is this a memory leak?

2)Why the total program size doesn't increase?

3)To me, it looks like VmRss increases "cumulatively" only after several insertions in the various vectors.

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Ubuntu Servers :: RAID 5 Failure While Increasing Size?

Sep 6, 2010

Based on the reading I've done over the past 48 hours I think I'm in serious trouble here with my RAID 5 array. I got another 1 TB drive and added to my other 3 to increase my space to 3 problem.

While the array was got to about 40%, I had a power failure. So I'm pretty sure it failed while it was growing the array...not the partition. Next time I booted mdadm didn't even detect the array. I fiddled around trying to get mdadm to recognize my array, but no luck.

I finally got desperate enough to just create the array again...I knew the settings of my and had seen some people have success with this method. When creating it, it asked me if I was sure because the disks appeared to belong to an array already, but I said yes. The problem is when I created it, it created a clean array and this is what I'm left with.

Version : 00.90
Creation Time : Sun Sep 5 20:01:08 2010
Raid Level : raid5
Array Size : 2930279808 (2794.53 GiB 3000.61 GB)


I tried looking for backup superblock locations using e2fsck and every other tool I could find, but nothing worked. I tried testdisk which says it found my partition on /dev/md0, so I let it create the partition. Now I have a /dev/md0p1, which won't let me mount it either. What's interesting is gparted reports /dev/md0p1 as the old partition size (1.82 TB)...the data has to still be there, right?

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CentOS 5 :: Slab-cache Increasing Size-2048?

Jun 28, 2010

On a full update centos 5.5 64 bit every day increases slab cache , specialy size-2048 eat a lot of memory ..

how can change this ? maybe a kernel bug ?

cat /proc/slabinfo
slabinfo - version: 2.1
# name <active_objs> <num_objs> <objsize> <objperslab> <pagesperslab> : tunables <limit> <batchcount> <sharedfactor> : slabdata <active_slabs> <num_slabs> <sharedavail>


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Networking :: SO_RCVBUF Does Not Reflect Increasing Listen Queue Size

Jul 9, 2010

In my Solaris tcp client server program, In server side I am checking the size of recv buffer, based on different listen queue size.

I was expecting this size to be increased due to the increase in receive queue size. why the value is same ?

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SUSE / Novell :: Increasing Size Of A Mirrored Volume In Vxvm?

Apr 6, 2010

is it possible to extend a mirrored veritas volume which has two SAN LUNs each one in a seperate EMC storage box.

i need to add diska -> EMC box1

and diskb -> EMC box 2

then i need to increase the size of the mirrored volume.

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Ubuntu :: Increasing Harddisk Size Allocated For 10.10 Installed Inside Windows

Jan 27, 2011

I have installed ubuntu 10.10 inside windows 7. I have allocated 15 GB hard disc size for it which is almost filled. So I want to increase the size of hard disc partition allocated for ubuntu 10.10. Can i do that? If yes then how?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Increasing Size Of Hard Disk Space Allocated For Filesystem?

Jan 4, 2010

I recently installed Bio-Linux 5.0 as a dual boot system with XP for some bioinformatics applications, but Im having some problems with the amount of disk space which can be allocated specifically for the Ubuntu install.

I partitioned a 250 GB portable hard drive into:

/dev/sdb1: 154.76 GiB (with 30 GiB allocated for Ubuntu)
/dev/sdb2 : 78.13 GiB

Ive been using blastclust to analyse some very large data sets, which keeps on crashing due to filesystem running out of disk space.

When I installed Bio-Linux 5.0 from the live cd, the maximum size I could allocate to the install was 30 GiB, and I havent been able to find a way to change this.

Ive tried using System->Administration->Partition Editor using the live cd, and can view / delete the partitions, but I cant find a way to specifically alter the disk space allocation for Ubuntu.

How do I increase the filesystem size to larger than the current 30 GiB?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Over The Top Of Broken 10.04 - Keeping Data

Dec 6, 2010

I had 10.04 in my netbok but something happened, packages failed to install, all sorts of errors when shutting it down, kernel panic when switching on again so I've decided to just install it again. I've got 10.10 running from a LiveUSB drive right now and I'm going through the installer. I want to just tell it to use the exsting partitions, dont bother formatting, just install the new OS on top of the old one so I can keep the user documents etc How do I do this? I picked advanced partition management in the installer, pressed Change on sda1 and gave it a mount point of / but now the "format partition" is ticked and greyed out.. i dont want to format this partition, I just want to install to it

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General :: Keeping All Data Off The Hard Drive?

Oct 4, 2010

My friend just got a gaming laptop that he won't let anyone else use (his last one got infected when his girlfriend surfed on it for just one hour -- he refuses to use antivirus since he claims he knows how to keep clean, but he doesn't trust others).

Because I used Linux a bit once, I said to him what if I could promise not to make any changes to your hard drive, and I told him that I was pretty sure I could boot to a live cd and then only write files to a usb key. He's actually willing to let me try (I showed him some linux sites I was looking at, and he believes me that we can do this).

1) Is there anything I either MUST do or else must NOT do to make sure I make no changes to his laptop's hard drive? And so that any changes are only going to go on the usb drive I hook up?

2) Since he's got an i7 processor, I assume I should get a version of ubuntu that supports 64 bits, right?

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Server :: Mdadm & Raid6: Does Re-create(with Different Chunk Size)+resync Destroy Orig. Data?

Oct 14, 2010

I'm having issue with raid6. I already created a thread in the "Linux -General" forum, but it seems, there is no right audience


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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing & Keeping Windows Data?

Jul 28, 2010

I've finally had enough of Windows and have decided to go with Ubuntu. However I hope someone can help me with this query... I currently have a single hard drive which I have partitioned under Windows into two. The old C:drive holds software & the windows O/S and the D: drive is where I stored photos, documents, etc. Can you tell me if it is possible to install Ubuntu into the old C: partition and leave the d: partition in tact (for a few weeks to ensure I have backups of everything on here). Alternatively, if I add a new drive and install Ubuntu onto there, will I still be able to access the old D: partition (or would I need some kind of dual boot config)?

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Ubuntu Security :: Protecting My Privacy - Measures To Prevent My ISP From Keeping Data

Jun 12, 2010

Intrepid Ibex (U8.10) is what I am using presently and I would like to know if there are measures that I can take to prevent my ISP from keeping data that flows between my PC and it.

I am living in Australia, I am wanting to keep the bastards (read: Australian Government) ignorant about what I use my PC for.

Its them storing any of my personal information that I am worried about, but if I can keep my history from them completely, even better...

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Ubuntu Networking :: Keeping Track Of Mobile Broadband Data Usage Across Computers?

Jun 6, 2010

the data usage information from the carrier is often several hours old and is accessed in some arcane ways (logging into their website, sending a specific SMS message at best). Here's my idea: single-session data usage is perfectly reported by ifconfig ppp0. The problem is, how tokeep track of previous sessions accumulate the numbers rollover to zero at specified date To be able to do this across computers means that one needs to store it on the modem/SIM card itself. (As a specially crafted SMS message, or a contact).

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Server :: Committed Memory Keep On Increasing

Aug 23, 2010

I got a legacy server, and through munin I notice that periodically commited memory keep on increasing. The chart looks like a spiky sine graph, but every cycle it increase both max and minimum. After few days it will go over my physical memory it will keep on growing until the machine crash... Usually I reset the memory by rebooting the machine which is not a solution at all. Is there any way to know what process(es) that took the committed memory? Is there any way to release the committed memory without rebooting the machine? Is there any way to cure my machine from this disease? as an information, I'm using CENTOS 5.5 i686, AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ this is what I get from /proc/meminfo

MemTotal: 3499776 kB
CommitLimit: 10023760 kB


Committed_AS: 3972804 kB
which is bigger than my MemTotal

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Debian Configuration :: Keeping The Dns Server Running With Current Server Information?

Jun 26, 2010

I'm running the current release of Debian with the 2.6.26-2 kernel. This is an upgrade from an older (2.4 kernel) series redhat release. One of the things I had working in the older system was a dns server with accompanying monthly update of the root hints file. I tried working through a dns how-to to set this up again, but it seems much has moved around since I last played with this. All of the files listed in the how-to are not where it says they should be. I am looking for a better reference on keeping the dns server running with current server information.

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Server :: Bind Memory Usage Keeps Increasing?

Jun 14, 2011

I'm running a recursive DNS server on Ubuntu Server 10.04 64bits and Bind 9.7.0-p1 and having issues with memory usage. The named process memory usage keeps increasing from about 500Mb to 4Gig inside of a couple of weeks. If I don't restart Bind in the mean time the swap fills and performance gets very bad.

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