Server :: How To Stream Live Video From Usb Web-cam That Is Attached Directly To Server?

May 24, 2010

i need to ask how can i stream live video from my usb web-cam that is attached directly to my server.

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General :: Stream Video Directly From Torrent File?

Jul 18, 2011

Is there some way to do live stream video directly from torrent? Are there linux tools like torrent cleint which can do this?

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General :: Setup Media Server To Stream Video Via The Internet?

Nov 27, 2010

setup a media server in Linux which streams video over the internet? Is it easy to do this? I want a server that will actually encode video in real time to allow it to stream over sometimes slow or unreliable networks. Basically, I want a server that works on the internet. I have a directory with a bunch of video files, and want to make this accessible to myself remotely. For other situations, I found great and useful software (such as the PS3 media server). I'd like to find something equally as useful for streaming video over the internet.

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Software :: Zoneminder Won't Stream Live Video?

Jan 26, 2010

This is my first time installing zoneminder, just downloaded the latest version and trying it on my slackware 12 box. I tested the card I ordered with xawtv and was able to see video just fine.

Zoneminder seems to start fine but I can't get it to stream video.


That's what I get when I try to view. I'm not sure if there is a log file I can check to see if there is an error.

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Networking :: Stream German Live Video Feed To The UK?

Jun 3, 2011

Trying to stream a live video feed from Rock am Ring which is available via the German SWR3 TV website. Trouble is, I am in the UK and it seems to only be avaialable to German IP addresses. Have tried various German web proxies, but to no avail. I suspect the service provider knows about them all and is stopping them also. Getting the error from the server, Server Error The connection to the streaming server has been disconnected. Any networking gurus out there who may know a way around this.

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Ubuntu :: Wifi Crashes While Live Stream Video Is Running On 10.04?

May 9, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 running Windows 7 64bits and Ubuntu 10.04 64bits. My problem is that when I'm connected to my wireless router the connection crashes when I watch a live stream video such ..... or something else. It does not happen when I'm connected via cable to the router nor in Windows 7 when I'm connected via wifi.

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Server :: How To Play Live Video From USB Webcam On Webpage

May 29, 2010

We have a Centos 5.4 system with V4L installed. xawtv displays the web cam's output fine, but I need to find a way to embed live video from the web cam in a web page (Apache is also installed). I want to play the video in such a way that the viewers do NOT need any special software other than a standard web browser (Firefox, IE, etc.)

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Software :: Streaming Live Video From Windows To A Server?

May 7, 2010

For the server, I have a VPS runing CentOS, and for in the studio we have several PC`s runing Windows (XP/Vista/7).I want to create the streaming server on my CentOS VPS, and stream live video from a webcam connected to a Windows running PC in the studio, and stream it over our website using a flash player. What software should I use? (looking for something free, like shoutcast is for audio) I`ve found a lot of tutorials on the web but most of them are either for streaming from a linux based PC, or streaming for windows media player and real format.

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Ubuntu :: Saved State Error - Cannot Be Directly Attached To The Virtual Machine 'TinyXP'

Oct 26, 2010

I was trying to create a new saved state when suddenly Virtual Box broke, Upon starting it back up again I've gotten this error.


What all this then?

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Ubuntu Servers :: How Do I Attached IP To Server

May 19, 2010

It's my first time setting a local server up and getting everything to go smoothly, at the moment I have the server running LAMP and I control it using SSH. I like to know how I can get the server online and actually connect a domain to it? I have the ISPConfig setup and it runs perfectly fine, what I like to know is:
How do I attached a IP to the server? (or can I just access it using the IP i have now?)

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General :: Run Vino-server Without A Monitor Attached In 10.04?

May 1, 2010

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 yesterday on a headless home server. I use the server for a variety of purposes, and what I don't know how to do via SSH I've alway been able to do through VNC. However, since the upgrade vino-server will no longer run if there isn't a monitor attached. Before it used to start up without a problem. Even by attempting to run the server via SSH gives me a "could not load display" error. Summary: I need to get vino-server running at boot time on a server with Ubuntu 10.04, without a monitor attached.

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Ubuntu :: Set A Home Server To Be A Network Attached Drive?

Feb 14, 2011

I am trying to set a Ubuntu home server to be a Network Attached Drive, a Media server, and Backup server.All of the computers (mostly windows 7 machines) can see and connect with the shared ubuntu folders, and read write and execute files into the folders. The problem is when programs are installed onto the server they operating systems cannot have "Full control", or change the owner of a file.

This is an issue when using the Ubuntu shared folders as remote hard drive locations because when Windows goes to run the files it keeps popping up with the "Open file - Security Warning" preventing files from being natively run.

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Server :: GRUB2 Doesn't See OS Drive When Too Many Drives Are Attached

Mar 31, 2010

After much struggling with the server (the one referenced in "shifty, shifty drive letters"), I realized that the problem has nothing to do with drive letters at all. The problem is GRUB2, or some way in which it is misconfigured.

To recap:

Ubuntu Server 9.10
/dev/sda solid-state Sandisk (swap)
/dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2, /dev/sdb3 2 HW RAID0 SCSI (boot, /, tmp)
/dev/sdc - /dev/sdz 24 one-TB SATA drives

I kept getting "device not found" from GRUB2 when trying to boot. The SATA drives are disconnectable from the front of the chassis. So I disconnected each and every one of them and powered the machine up. To my shock, the machine booted into Linux and it was up and running! It seems that when the 24 SATA drives are plugged in, then GRUB2 can NOT see /dev/sdb. Instead, it sees /dev/sda and fifteen of the one-TB drives (and one floppy drive, whatever that is).

I tried deleting /dev/sdc through /dev/sdz from /boot/grub/, but that didn't work. I also tried plugging in only HALF of of the SATA drives. When the system tried to boot in this state, then GRUB2 just hung. I noticed that the blue LEDs on the front of the (plugged-in) SATA drives blinked on and off in sequence, as if GRUB2 was scanning them. I watched this for about 3 minutes before I got impatient.Is there a maximum number of drives in GRUB2? Does GRUB2 hate SCSI if it detects a whiff of SATA? What's going on?

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Fedora Hardware :: Access Printer Attached To Windows 7 Server

Aug 12, 2010

Want to access a printer attached to a windows 7 server. What I did was the following: 1. Installed samba-common, samba-client & samba-winbind. 2. Included Samba & Samba Client as Trusted Services in the Firewall with system-config-firewall. 3. SELinux is Disabled (in System Default Enforcing Mode). 4. Shared the printer in the Windows 7 server. Other Windows hosts in the LAN can print successfully.

In system-config-printer, I selected Add Printer -> Windows Printer via SAMBA -> Browse... The SMB Browser successfully found the Share and the Host, but won't show the printer. Am I missing something here? The samba wiki mentions that I also need to change some windows registries in this page: [URL].... Do I really need to do this? I don't want to needlessly mess with windows registry

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Got A Tape Drive Attached To Server Connected By SAS Card?

May 25, 2010

I've got a Tape drive attached to my server connected by SAS card, and am trying to copy some data across.but it fails to write, in dmesg i seescsi 1:0:1:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 1mptbase: ioc0: LogInfo(0x31120403): Originator={PL}, Code={Abort}, SubCode(0x0403) does this mean faulty hardware/cables?

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Ubuntu :: Current Video Stream Of Oil Leak In The Gulf But Page Of The Video Is Black?

Jul 16, 2010

I wanted to see the current video stream of oil leak in the gulf but when I go to the page the video is black. When I click on the video it give the error message Quote:

An Error Occurred: Could not write to resource. I am not sure what that means or how to fix it.

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Server :: Backup To The FTP Location Directly?

Nov 23, 2009

I have my webserver with cpanel , and I have a FTP location. I wanna backup to the FTP location directly, because I dont have enough space on the server to back up first then rsync over the data, I have this script I need a little help in getting it to backup directly to the ftp location , or is there a simpler way .

# System + MySQL backup script
# Full backup day - Sun (rest of the day do incremental backup)
# Copyright (c) 2005-2006 nixCraft <url>
# This script is licensed under GNU GPL version 2.0 or above

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Server :: Way To Backup A Web Server With One Hard Drive Running Live?

Mar 13, 2011

I currently have a centos 4.4 I believe running with a 250GB hard drive. I want to make an image of that hard drive. I have tried removing the drive and connecting it to my windows pc using an adapter that would allow my windows machine run the hard drive as it was a regular external hard drive. Of course windows doesn't reconize that drive since it is linux partitioned. I am thinking that I need to have the hard drive inthe box I am wanting to copy and put in a blank drive in the box that I want to copy to. And boot from a live CD and use cat or dd to copy it. I have seen the commands before bust I am thinking this is the only way. Basically I am wanting to have a duplicate of the drive and build a whole new server that is already all setup.I will just change the host name and assign it another Public facing UP. Is this correct? Oh, and the new server will have different hardware. Might even be AMD or intel different from source or destination.

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Ubuntu :: Server Versus Desktop (Unable To Boot 9.10 Without Screen Attached )

Mar 14, 2010

I have Ubuntu 9.10 installed on an old Gateway desktop. It is running a system called Jira using a Tomcat web server, so 99% of the time access is thorugh the web browser. For the rest of the time I access it remotely using TightVNC. This works great so far but the system will not boot if I remove the screen (which I need to do since it is in the way). My question is this...

a. If I uninstall and reinstall using Ubuntu Server edition (32-bit) will the system boot without the screen?
b. Assuming the above will work - can I still access the machine directly using TightVNC (I presume not since that needs the graphics setup). If not, how do I connect to the machine remotely?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Headless Server Fails To Load GUI Without Attached Monitor

Jul 25, 2010

I am running a server that is mostly headless, but does run the Gnome environment (I have ubuntu-desktop installed). I usually administer it via VNC over SSH. My problem is that when I reboot the system over SSH, the system fails to fully load the GUI, which prevents me from connecting via VNC (although SSH still works).

When I connected a monitor and rebooted, the system booted up fine. It appears that the GUI will not load without an attached monitor, which never happened before in previous Ubuntu versions. I do use many commands but prefer a GUI for certain tasks and visualization of my work since my system has the resources to spare. Running Lucid Lynx

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Server :: Use The SAN Directly WITHOUT FibreChannel HBA Mapping / Mounting

May 9, 2011

recently we got a Dell/EMC DX300 storage I want to use it on a HP g4 with CentOS 5.6 and an Emulex LP HBA

* on the storage side the server is logged in, and registered with a RAID6 LUN (0)
* on the server side, the HBA driver (lpfc) is loaded & working

how can I use the SAN directly (WITHOUT multipath/powerpath/... -for first step/testing-)??? I don't have any associated device:

[5:0:0:0] disk DGC VRAID 0226 -
nor in the /dev/disk/by-path or ../* folders

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Server :: Convert WMA To MP3 Stream On-the-fly

Sep 30, 2009

For converting a WMA to a MP3 stream 24h by day, I consider to lease a virtual server.

Is this basically possible in linux (ubuntu server 8.04), maybe with Video LAN Client software?

In windows my command line is for my network


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Server :: Backup Live System - Home Server

Sep 11, 2009

I'd like to know what solutions do you, people, use to backup a live system that acts as a small home mail/file/irc/web server and some other purposes. For example, right now, to backup the mail, I have to stop fetchmail, kill vixie-cron to avoid any problem and then do the backup. Then restart vixie-cron.I wonder if there's any solution that will leave me do the backup without all this hassle.

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Server :: Mount Fiber Attached Volume Read/write On Windows And Readonly?

Sep 2, 2010

I have a Windows 2003 server with fiber attached volumes (NTFS) that I would like to mount readonly on a linux system to back it up to tape. The fiber device will allow me to present the volume R/W to one host and R/O to another, however, the R/O system doesn't see any of the changes made by the R/W server. In other words, how can I make a readonly volume refresh, scan for changes, or update without un/re-mounting it?

Is the "mount -o --bind" option what I want? From the MAN is doesn't seem right... the option "sync" seems slightly more promising but I think I'm just grasping at straws here. The best I have come up with is a cron job to unmount then mount the volume periodically.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Download Directly To SSH Server Via SOCKS?

Feb 17, 2011

Here's the setup:

- SSH server on Maverick
- Connecting from Windows XP via putty
- XP Firefox using SOCKS proxy over SSH tunnel

What I would like to do is use XP Firefox to download large files from various file-hosters (Rapidshare, Hotfile...), but download them straight to Maverick instead of forwarding the download to XP. Right now, my only option is to remote desktop into Maverick and download it using Ubuntu's Firefox. And simply using wget did not prove to be simple.

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Server :: BIND Directly Resolve Hostname To Internet

Feb 1, 2011

Is there away to resolve the hostname after creating a new subdomain. So we don't need to wait internet need some times to able to resolve the hostname. For example, if I add new subdomain to "", I can directly ping to this hostname from internet.

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Server :: Directly Mount Raid Array Member?

Apr 8, 2010

Is there a way for me to mount a raid array member directly without using any of the raid tools? For instance, I have a raid 1 array that contains /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1. How can I mount /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb1 directly? Doing mount /dev/sda1 <mnt point> does not work. If I try specifying the filesystem type with -t this doesn't work either.

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Server :: PHP - Put Uploaded File Directly To Mysql Blob

Sep 30, 2010

I am trying to read a file uploaded by a simple <input type="file"> form and directly write it to a mysql blob - without saving it to the filesystem.
I tryed something like:


It writes some few Bytes to the DB and there is no error, but it's not the actual file that is being written.

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Server :: Setup VSFTPD On Centos 5 To Access /var/www/ Directly

Sep 26, 2010

Trying to set up VSFTPD on the CentOS 5 box at work, which is an internal web development server. I'm leaving soon, and all knowledge of or desire to learn SSH is going with me so the other employees will need to be able to access the web root using FTP clients.

Essentially there is no need for special user accounts or privileges, it's an internal server in a tiny company. I've got the LocalRoot set to /var/www/ which I can log in to and read all files via FTP, however despite setting everything to 777 in /var/www/ and below, I still can't get any write privileges on the FTP server.

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Debian :: DLNA Server Get Stream

Jul 7, 2015

i have a PC (debian wheezy) in my LAN that serves as dlna server, especially for my TV. it runs minidlna from the repository and the system is nice.i have a stream that comes from the Internet and i can see it in URl... i can see that stream to my PC or to my mobile through a browser or it possible to get that stream in DLNA to serve it in my LAN for devices that cannot see it directly, such as my TV?

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